Liberty Health Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Bonita Springs, FL

24611 Production Circle
Bonita Springs, FL 34135

Hours of Operation:

MON-FRI: 10:00AM-7:00PM
SAT: 10:00AM-5:00PM
SUN: 12:00PM – 5:00PM

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site

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Bonita Springs – A Liberty Health Sciences dispensary is open at 24611 Production Circle in Bonita Springs is open to service Estero, Cape Coral, Naples and Lee County in general.

Liberty Health menu products in Bonita Springs include Aphria, Mary’s Medicinals, Incredibles, Papas Herb, RIFF for PAX, and Solei. Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients with a Qualifying Condition who need non-euphoric CBD care. 

Only registered Florida MedCard patients are granted access to legal cannabis products. You will need to have a medical cannabis recommendation from a local certified doctor in Bonita Springs.

Liberty Health Products

Liberty Health Marijuana Deliveries RX – AVAILABLE NOW!

Lee County – Liberty Health Sciences medical cannabis products can be ordered online and delivered to your door or business in Bonita Springs, Estero, Cape Coral, Naples and throughout Lee County from their Cannabis Education Centers (CEC) locations. 

Liberty has scheduled delivery runs throughout the state. Please call 833.254.4877 or email to schedule a delivery for Aphria, Mary’s Medicinals, Incredibles, Papas Herb, RIFF for PAX, and Solei products.

Free delivery statewide with no minimum order!

Liberty Health Aphria CEC

What People Are Saying

Cinthia Core
Cinthia C.
20:48 01 Aug 21
Awesome, friendly and courteous staff. Logan, Ryan and Christie have been awesome and so helpful!!!! Highly recommend LHS!read more
Carrie Blackford
Carrie B.
18:49 31 Jul 21
Friendly & helpful staff.I usually order online & pickup in store.There was a wait but it was due to them being short staffed.Highly recommend their PAX pods…read more
20:29 12 Jul 21
Best dispensary in town!! Never a long line no wait!! In and out and great products!!! Super friendly staff too!!
Nicole Vento Limoge
Nicole Vento L.
00:48 02 Jul 21
Diandra is the BEST!!! Always has a smile and makes the experience of shopping here delightful. The entire staff is friendly and helpful. Good prices more
Shane Baumann
Shane B.
18:49 07 May 21
I had 2 awesome visits to liberty.Would be my favorite place to go.I brought my wife there and she purchased their excellent products..It took a really long time and the person helping us had a issue with the computer and for some reason wrote a list of her purchase.. We left with no receipt and not thrilled…The next time she went to a different dispensary and was denied her intended purchase because her monthly allocationn was used.. After much confusion and aggravation it was discovered that liberty charged her card twice and that was the problem..Not that big of a deal..I called liberty a spoke to a guy that was rude and very hard to talk to. He did fix our problem and acted like we caused the problem and when he hung up the phone he screamed Jesus Christ not knowing I heard him..Now it gets worse.A other employee that works there sent my wife’s boss a text message slandering both of us and caused a problem..I feel terrible about this and will not go back more
Wayne Romano
Wayne R.
01:15 05 Apr 21
Sweet as silk they get u in and out quickly tire staff are very helpful and knowledgeable and the tweed is top of the line, give them a try see what you think…read more
Tyler Keelor
Tyler K.
14:31 06 Mar 21
Always wonderful service, everyone here is very knowledgeable and happy to teach. The prices used to be excellent, but have started to slack. Decent product at somewhat reasonable more
Albert Einstein
Albert E.
17:20 19 Feb 21
Any citizen who throws me a free birthday gift, never stress. Shine the Cat Signal and I will protect you! 😻🦹‍♂️🙋‍♂️3 little (?) words, I love you. I am on a budget so the full spectrum of options really make obtaining my medicine possible.Trust me, you dont want to be around me if I haven’t smoked my blunt. Maybe even if I have…🎅🤡I am Cat Man 😎”Perception is only one reality “read more
katelyn bush
katelyn B.
19:49 14 Feb 21
Haven’t even tried any of the items I purchased yet but 5 stars for the staff and experience at this location! Friendly, knowledgeable, welcoming & comforting are all words I could accurately use to describe the employees. Emma in particular was a huge help and made me feel calm immediately. Which is very important to me, especially in a medical setting. Thanks so much LHS!read more
Enida Santana
Enida S.
18:52 12 Dec 20
Was told I can use my discount on flower after I drive 40 minutes for the dispensary to tell me on flower I can’t, every other dispensary does they even stack, for a 1st time my impression of your dispensary is more
John Leonard
John L.
02:47 08 Dec 20
I get all of my heart and meds for Liberty since day one. Best deals and Military discount I’ve found so far. 80 present of the time they have want I need in stock. Great deliveryread more
Sophia Evans
Sophia E.
20:43 07 Dec 20
Best customer service & price in town!!!! Best bang for your buck and always a pleasure to visit. A young woman helped me pick out my products and gave great recommendations. She is was so friendly!! The pineapple coast Disposable is amazing!! Give her a promotion!! Other dispensaries roll their eyes at me when i ask for help but she was more than happy to assist me. trulieve SUCKS and I will GLADLY drive 40 minutes to get my product at liberty health science in Bonita!!!! THANK YOUread more
Stephen Costales
Stephen C.
17:05 10 Oct 20
Hey I stopped at this location I literally had 25$ and Anthony took great care of me and made sure I got the most bang for my buck…. he was helpful,well mannered and just all around helpful and nice he hooked me up I recommend this location for all your thc needsread more
Nicholas Cadieux
Nicholas C.
20:06 06 Oct 20
Not everything was in stock, but what I did get was good quality. The staff was a little awkward at first. When I came in the didn’t say anything for almost a full minute when I walked in. After I said hello they were helpful after more
Vincent Notaro
Vincent N.
18:51 23 Sep 20
Absolutely horrible experience at this location. Zero knowledge of how to treat customers. I called ahead to check something, guy says yeah your good, fails to mention certain items don’t count for discount.well what about earned credits? Not a discount. Wasted my time and money and gas for nothing but to be told sorry. Yeah you are sorry, sorry excuse for a dispensary that’s supposed to take care of more
Caitlyn Rives
Caitlyn R.
15:08 18 Sep 20
Great customer service, and prices
polly kelly
polly K.
13:33 14 Sep 20
So Liberty is always my go to place. The product is so affordable and usually..they have a well stocked selection. Im mot sure how the product is distributed within the company, it seems a little inconsistant..however, the people here are truly what make it my favorite place. They remember me everytime I come in, are helpful and super more
maryann smith jackson
maryann smith J.
23:02 11 Sep 20
Awesome knowledgeable staff.
Julia Lucadello
Julia L.
00:28 11 Aug 20
home away from home! friendliest staff, my favorite bud and price by far! my dog and i’s favorite errand to run all the way from marco!read more
Tiffany Griffin
Tiffany G.
22:29 30 Jul 20
I don’t like the cash only places but their service makes all the difference. They are super chill and have great mannerism. I liked the energy of their environment. I wasn’t limited to whole flower which is what I need since I live far away. Place is huge, clean, and well organized. Their prices are way more reasonable. I like this location! Wasn’t a stressful experience so for that 5 STARSread more
curtis white
curtis W.
22:54 05 Jun 20
The people in the Bonita Springs office are very nice and knowledgeable I would recommend them to anybody
Cynthia Jones
Cynthia J.
23:55 31 May 20
I love their prices. But they don’t wear masks. You all MUST wear masks. I don’t care what your boss says about them. Be smart and wear a more
Kimberly Haberkorn
Kimberly H.
12:54 16 May 20
This is the first place I’ve been to to offer a covering with your vape pen! Thank you. Also the Maui wowie is so perfect. This hybrid takes away the nausea and keeps my energy more
Amy Brandt
Amy B.
22:23 14 May 20
Pax pods are very easy to tolerate for those sensitive to vaping, imho. Granddaddy Purple and Pineapple 🍍 Express are great indicas- very reliable.Disappointed that the Bonita dispensary wouldn’t exchange 2 faulty product (Pax pods – didn’t work properly since purchase, totally full ). Given the high price point on most pods, customer service should solved the problem OR at least helped. Maybe some policy needs to change? Maybe I need to ask Pax?Nice product variety and good flower, friendly staff with helpful advice- Other than the above , very happy with Liberty. 😊read more
Ribeye RibbleBits
Ribeye R.
16:06 28 Apr 20
Caleb helped me with getting me a huge discount! This was my first visit to this location and he has restored my confidence in Liberty with his knowledge and great customer more
Crisco Disco
Crisco D.
21:34 24 Apr 20
Best bud in Florida hands down (Gorilla Cookies pictured)
Matthew Walker
Matthew W.
20:20 19 Apr 20
Thank you so much guys for helping me out my first time in your location. Very informative!
19:07 03 Apr 20
I’ve been to just about every dispensary in town and these guys by far have the best Products (potency and taste). Also I had two minor issues and the manager Jessica Resolved each time to the best of her ability and I can’t commend that enough. This will be my go to Dispensary every time. LHS keep up the good work 👏read more
shane Frost
shane F.
14:29 14 Mar 20
Fastest most efficient dispensary in Bonita Springs. Staff knows most of the customers by name, they have great prices great products can’t beat them!read more
christina Jordan
christina J.
23:35 22 Feb 20
Great deals and Awesome Employees! Been coming here for about a month and still very new to the process! Brian Searing is one of the most informative and caring employee I have ever dealt with! Awnsers every and any question i have with a smile on his face! Will definitely be returning!read more
Nate R
Nate R
01:09 30 Jan 20
First dispensary I visited when I got my card, and the first one I go back to today when renewing my card because they are #1 in every way. Everyone who works in Bonita Springs deserves one, but special kudos to Marissa and crew today. You will not find a better price on flower, friendlier faces, or a nicer experience in Florida than at Liberty Health Sciences.Also, look for them to have online ordering for flower finally!read more
Sandy Russo
Sandy R.
20:05 04 Dec 19
Please, please go to liberty health sciences in Bonita Springs! The staff here will educate you and make you feel so welcome. Joseph , Sam and Paula are so exceptional. If you feel awkward going to a dispensary this is the right place for you . It is clean and modern and more
Kaylin Melendez
Kaylin M.
21:07 02 Nov 19
The employees are all friendly and they take their customer service seriously! Wont find these nice of people at Trulieve or anywhere else. They are polite and try to be quick, and when they cant be as quick they definitely make up for it. I also like being recognized and treated like a person and they definitely do that! So happy Liberty Health Sciences is more
Dan Savittieri
Dan S.
10:56 04 Sep 19
Great staff, the managers Mike and Paula are always super friendly and happy to see patients. Would highly recommend you stop here if youre an mmj patient and in need of good topicals or an affordable flower more
Dan Savittieri
Dan S.
10:56 04 Sep 19
Great staff, the managers Mike and Paula are always super friendly and happy to see patients. Would highly recommend you stop here if youre an mmj patient and in need of good topicals or an affordable flower more
Sky Retzer
Sky R.
23:28 24 Jun 19
On June 23rd I went to Liberty Health Sciences with my mother and fellow patient, Jennifer. We came in for her first-time discount and she purchased Super A5 and blue dream flower and some distillate. I purchased some flower as well as a few Mary’s Medicinals Indica THC patches and some muscle freeze. We are thoroughly enjoying our products, especially the flower. The Super A5 has a very unique flavor and the Blue Dream looks beautiful. At Liberty, it is about more than just products it’s about atmosphere, sharing medical cannabis information and of course super friendly and supportive staff. Every single time I go to Liberty Health I have a pleasant experience with a member of the team. On this particular visit my staff spotlight goes to Samantha “Sam” for going above and beyond. My mother recently had an accident and can’t walk very well. Sam without being asked jumped out of her rolling chair and brought it around the counter and sat my mom down comfortably for the rest of her visit. Thank you so much for that Sam! Another noteworthy team member was Jessica! Her and Sam took excellent care of us, they were super kind and helpful the entire time. I also saw an employee that has helped me before Artur. Joseph, Artur, Sam and Jessica make up a tremendous team. The design of the building is nice, very clean, which works for their natural science theme, but the space is a bit much. It’s a huge store! I hope that means they have big plans! I do always enjoy myself when I go to Liberty Health Sciences Bonita Springs no matter what! I will definitely be recommending more patients and will be ordering again very soon. Thank you again!*A note for Liberty Health Sciences: It would be nice to access my loyalty points via my online account or be able to send balance inquiries via text. We get an update text when we receive new points only.Here is a pic of the Super A5!read more
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