GrowHealthy Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in West Palm Beach

4237 Okeechobee Blvd
West Palm Beach, FL 33409

Hours of Operation:


Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site

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West Palm Beach Dispensary - Open

A GrowHealthy Medical Marijuana Dispensary located at 4237 Okeechobee Blvd in West Palm Beach, FL 33409 is open. Grow Healthy is a licensed Florida Medical Marijuana Treatment Center, or MMTC for short. This cannabis store in WPB is here to service Westgate, Lake Worth, Golden Lakes and throughout Palm Beach County.

Grow Healthy dispensary menu products in West Palm Beach include CBD and THC products to help Florida MedCard patients registered on the Medial Marijuana Use Registry. These come in a variety of marijuana menu products including FlowerCBD Oils, Concentrates, Oral Syringes, TincturesTHC Oils, Vape Cartridges and Vaporizers.

Not a patient yet, see if you qualify today!

GrowHealthy Products

GrowHealthy Marijuana Deliveries RX

The delivery of GrowHealthy medical cannabis RX products are available to your front door in West Palm Beach, Westgate, Lake Worth, Golden Lakes and Palm Beach County in general.

Enjoy the convenience of ordering over the phone or online. Their Mind Sativa, Body Indica, Balance 1:1 and High CBD menu products are in stock.

Please call 800.619.5288 to schedule a delivery. Free delivery statewide with no minimum order!


What People Are Saying

Cheddar Cheese
Cheddar C.
16:15 19 Oct 21
Emmitt was really great! Awesome guy and really helped me get exactly what I needed 👍👍
Kimberly Michelle
Kimberly M.
21:32 28 Sep 21
Best Bud Tenders around Hannah is always professional, polite, and knowledgeable. All of the employees here are great. COME ON GROWHEALTHY we should be able to tip our bud tender they always spend time answering questions about product and help find what’s best for your symptoms. It would be nice to show my appreciation to them for all the time and knowledge they share with more
Chade' Coleman
Chade’ C.
20:14 21 Sep 21
I love everything about this place. The products are reasonable. The products and their ratio is posted for your convenience. You can take a moment and review the menu while you wait… if there ever is one. They are not ones for conversations more
Jaime Kreisman
Jaime K.
12:11 03 Sep 21
Soracha knows her stuff. She recommended a signature Stomping grounds. And wow, I loved it. So from now on, I ask for her so she can point me in the right flavors. Grow healthy is the best more
22:50 09 Aug 21
I thought I loved this place. Im vaccinated and positive for covid. They told me go Inside anyway. Cant brig it out. The other place has drive through.. and expose the 5 employees not to mention customers. Sorry you got sick from me it’s on themread more
Matt Clax
Matt C.
20:06 06 Aug 21
Great deals and quality of products, but i have received multiple cartridges with bubbles where the intake is leading me to believe the employees use the product before it is sold to us. Another reason I believe this is true is because i have received cartridges with virtually no bubble in them before and some that have very large bubbles and definitely seem like they were tampered more
16:07 14 Jul 21
This location is very hospitable. The decor is pleasant and comforting as well as appropriate. The staff are extremely knowledgeable and welcoming. This is my first dispensary I’ve visited in florida. Hopefully they didn’t set the bar too high for other nearby more
Tara Stainton
Tara S.
23:02 26 Jun 21
Great selection, friendly and informative staff. Always clean and even when busy I have never waited long for my purchases. I wish they had a larger supply of full gram syringes though and they need to get some edibles in. Other than that I love this dispensary ❤❤❤read more
Divina Guzman
Divina G.
14:51 25 Jun 21
greatly appreciate bud tenders Bradley and Rachel. every time I have a question they always have an answer. thanks guys 🙂read more
Steven Jones
Steven J.
10:03 26 May 21
I have edited my original review. While I have had issues with this location, overall, they have been a good location. Always very efficient with dispensing more
19:57 09 May 21
I have no problem driving 45 minutes to this location because they get good stock and it doesn’t sell out as quickly. I’m able to place orders and know it will always be there waiting for me. The staff are very nice, give good recommendations, and are knowledgeable about the product.Keep in mind the patient does have a responsibility to educate themselves on the basics. Bud tenders are not there to give in depth scientific explanations or medical adviceread more
Eric Keinonen
Eric K.
00:31 17 Apr 21
Went in on 4/15/21 it was my 1st time in a Grow Healthy and I was impressed. Rachael at the front was very quick and knowledgeable about the registration process. We were helped immediately by Bradley who had a great attitude and was able to answer all my questions. I did feel like the screens moved very fast displaying all the products. Bradley was very positive and a great representation of the company and him and Rachael made my experience a great one. I’ll def be going backread more
Bree Kauffman
Bree K.
03:59 03 Apr 21
Comming if back to say I had another awesome time that deserved notice I was accommodatedMy Bishal Samat and he made my day. When I was looking forward to getting an item I was alerted on text about sadly. They didn’t have what I needed, but he absolutely made my purchase an decision easy and worth it. I appreciate your time thank you.Tanner! a handsome gentleman made my experience unbelievable and such a great time an even though I was in and out I’ll never forget my time and the amazing attitude and positive vibes he gave to me. Thank you for the experience and your time today ❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰read more
Noelle Partin
Noelle P.
21:28 31 Mar 21
Andrew helped me out with an important choice between two products, by helping me to understand the differences in each one. Wow! What an awesome recommendation it was! I love the customer service at GrowHealthy and have yet to be disappointed!! The recent sale for 25% off was amazing and I hope they continue to have these sales!!! Thank you #GrowHealthyread more
Anthony Johnston
Anthony J.
15:23 26 Mar 21
Went in for the 1st time today, everyone was very nice and pleasant. Sorka was GREAT very nice and had no problem fixing my order since I canceled one of my orders of watermelon distillate. I definitely felt special the entire time and will absolutely be back again!read more
Robert Rooney
Robert R.
17:20 01 Mar 21
Tanner was a breath of fresh air. Realistic and powerful with his words. A man truly who wants to do good things for good people! Great knowledgeread more
Vitto Castaldo
Vitto C.
01:03 27 Jan 21
My 1st time at GrowHealthy..And what pleasure.!!! Great atmosphere. Much better than Trulieve..Royce at the West palm beach location was fantastic. He was friendly and answer all my questions.. I will be back..***** five stars !!read more
Carly Chandler
Carly C.
00:59 25 Jan 21
Tanner helped me out at the store today and he made me feel so comfortable and welcomed. He was so sweet with great vibes. Not only was Tanner knowledgeable about the products, he also took the time to listen to what I needed and helped chose the best products. Will definitely go there again ❤️read more
Denzel Pleasant
Denzel P.
00:22 14 Jan 21
Tanner helped me out today with my order and he’s the most down to earth worker I have dealt with at any dispensary. Very chill guy, He helped me quickly with my order and took the time to conversate with me as a person and not just another customer , I recommend anyone shopping at west palm beach grow healthy to check out with him . Big S/o to him and grow healthy .read more
rob w00ds
rob W.
14:27 10 Jan 21
I came to grow heathy, felt like I was in Cali.. plain and simple this place doesn’t feel like a doctors office, feels like a place where you can get what you need in a comfy setting. Tanner was a positive real uplifting person. Recommend this spot over any hands more
Anthony Rodriguez
Anthony R.
00:34 26 Nov 20
Tanner at Growhealty was super helpful with any question I had regarding flower/cartridges. I always for him when I’m there. 10/10 customer service! Also Rachel is another great Bud Tender!! Quick and easy, knowledgeable on anything regarding balms/bud/syringes. She’s great as well!!read more
Jennifer Mazo
Jennifer M.
00:06 26 Nov 20
Wonderful staff. Weeks ago I tried tipping $5 to the lovely Miss Taylor. She ended up refusing the tip and in exchange asked for a review. Well here it is Miss Taylor, excuse the delay [blame my depression]. She was so helpful. Asked me how my day was going, recommended many different strains, I was astounded. Every question had an answer.. thank you so much Taylor. You that bish.As for today, Angie did a fantastic job keeping up with my scattered brain. Most of the time, I have no idea what I’m coming in for. She gave me an excellent list to choose from and she even recommended something I’ve never even thought about trying. Thank you so much for assisting me!Much love and respect to those 2 ladies. You’ve got amazing more
Victoria Maurice
Victoria M.
17:07 07 Nov 20
Tanner was great with helping me pick out an amazing cartridge. My first time visiting he was very friendly and patient along with the rest of the staff. I will definitely be returning to this location. Keep up the good workread more
Kim Wright
Kim W.
22:19 05 Nov 20
Grow Healthy is the best place for all your needs. I LOVE there flower especially. Way better then other places. You get in & out fast. Never a long wait. All of the staff there are so amazing. They are very helpful & friendly. I always look forward to coming in. & chatting with Tanner. He is so wonderful & helpful. Great customer service. Always makes me laugh on my way out the door.I always look forward to my vists there.😃read more
Days & Nights
Days & N.
20:36 04 Nov 20
I have been receiving delivery from Grow Healthy almost 2 years now and I am completely satisfied. They look out for veterans and gives great deals. The best around. Delivery wise, Kevin and Roger are both amazingly awesome people and always puts the client first. Above and beyond service, incredibly more
Jennifer Alvar
Jennifer A.
00:21 30 Oct 20
Grow Healthy is definitely top of the line!!! I always have a great experience!! All of the employees there are amazing!! Especially Tanner..Very knowledgeable and funny! That man definitely needs raise!read more
Peg Futvoye-Sterling
Peg F.
22:48 11 Oct 20
I have written reviews before for Grow Healthy. Medicinal Marijuana assists me with Chronic Lyme Disease. I prefer their quality. And I really like the staff that assist you … they are extremely knowledgeable for your particular more
18:24 02 Oct 20
Gets better every month! Drive thru pickup for easy safe way to get medicine, free delivery if chosen to your home, and the best marijuana of all the dispensaries in Florida so far. Amazing Rosin from MPX and hard working professional staff. Very recommendedread more
Nicole N
Nicole N
00:57 02 Oct 20
So glad that I went back to visit for my second time and was able to work with Tanner. He was so helpful as well as extremely knowledgeable and impossible not to mention, very easy on the more
Brook Brittain
Brook B.
18:40 25 Sep 20
This was my first visit to GH. The new patient registration was extremely fast, and I was greeted pleasantly upon arrival. The aesthetics are beautiful and feel bright and inviting. It is very clean and sanitary and I felt extremely comfortable on the leather couch in the waiting area. Waited only briefly before being called by Royce who would assist me. He was so pleasant, extremely helpful and informative and genuinely seems happy to be employed there. He answered my questions efficiently and professionally while making the whole experience easy and enjoyable. While this was my first visit it will definitely not be my last! Highly recommend both for service and more
KG Chefhood
13:55 18 Sep 20
Perfect in every way imaginable
Jacob Cender
Jacob C.
13:21 12 Sep 20
Amazing experience tanner the sales employee was a big help he knew every question I had and was extremely nice and friendly I will be recommending this dispensary to anyone I know from now more
Marc-Anthony Fraser
Marc-Anthony F.
01:32 12 Sep 20
Great dispensary. Awesome people. Good product
Ryan O'Hara
Ryan O.
13:49 10 Sep 20
Tanners the man! Super fast, friendly, and makes things easy/enjoyable! -Ryan
00:49 06 Sep 20
I had the pleasure of purchasing concentrate from Growhealthy a couple days ago at the West Palm Beach location. Upon walking in, I loved the interior decor of the lobby. Very warm, friendly, and welcoming. I was immediately called back for my pick up order which I placed online for a few varieties of concentrate and flower in the strain of Star Dog. As I was picking up my order I noticed the menu had many more options compared to their online store. I didn’t want to be “that customer” who switches their order up, but I noticed no one was behind me or in the lobby. So, I kindly asked if I could swap out an item for an original item I saw online that I wanted, but was out of stock. The two employees kindly swapped the item out. I admire the packaging and distribution of the concentrate. All in all, one of my favorite dispensary. Don’t forget about the first time and second time patient discount. Great savings!10/10⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️read more
Christina S
Christina S
03:16 01 Sep 20
For three years I have been purchasing my medical marijuana from Grow Healthy which is the same amount of time I’ve actually held my medical card, my doctor recommended this dispensary for their potency in their product. I’ve always had a good experience and even have recommended it to others. I’ve spoken with the manager about giving my 14 year old a tour and talking to him about the benefits of medical marijuana, he has a son younger then mine and has already gone through the tour and questions with him. But I have to say I was very disappointed with their service today! I went into the dispensary yesterday in the evening to pick up my online order, while waiting to be checked out I asked if they had a certain flavor cartridge which they did so I added it to my order then paid and walked out with my stapled bag, once I arrived home I opened up my sealed bag only to discover they had only bagged up my flower and the gentlemen didn’t put the cartridge in the bag, I attempted to call right then and but they were closed. This morning I called and spoke to a young lady and explained that I had my receipt showing I had paid for flower and a cartridge totally to $100 but had no received the cartridge, at that moment she said her manager was walking in and she wanted to explain the situation to him and placed me on a brief hold, when she returned she apologized for the inconvenience said they would comp it and to come in anytime before 8:45 to pick it up. When I arrived I spoke to the same young lady, she bagged up my cartridge, made sure it was dispensed properly from my script and handed me my bag to send me on my way, so I asked her how they would comp it, didn’t she need my card info for a refund? She asked me to wait and went to grab her manager, they both returned but she was the only one speaking…. She then basically attempted to explain to me that they were comping today’s order because they weren’t charging me $50 for the cartridge that I went out of my way to go back to the dispensary that they forgot to bag in yesterday’s order and that I had already paid for… She said you see I’m not calling you a lier, however you could have gone home last night with the cartridge in the bag and returned today saying you didn’t get it, so I’m not charging you for the cartridge your leaving with now today…. Do you understand?….. Ummm, no I don’t understand because I’m sure that your company keeps track of their inventory and I’m sure you guys noticed yesterday at closing that the gentleman’s register was $50 over but he still had 1 to many cartridges. With that being said I feel that they should have comped it like the young lady originally told me on the phone when we first spoke…. And once I arrived and asked how she would be refunding my money she ran to get her manager (whom by the way I’ve never seen & I go to this dispensary at least once a week) the manager didn’t even speak, he didn’t even apologize for the mistake of my item not being bagged yesterday. This dispensary isn’t near by me, however I go because of their service and the fact that I’ve never had a problem with them. I purchased a vape pen from them when I first started going, it didn’t come with the little gold screw in pieces, I went back the next day with everything in the package and receipt and showed them, they gave me a brand new one and didn’t question me or make an accusation saying maybe the pieces came with it and your just telling us otherwise…. That’s basically calling me a lier and not keeping your word on our previous conversation then trying to give me the run around by saying you’re comping it because you just don’t know if I got the cartridge last night… It’s an absolute waste of my time to drive all the way back to the dispensary to pick up my product when it was their mistake originally, I mean they have delivery services she could have offered that. I wasn’t happy with the way this was handled today and although their product is great I may no longer be using the West Palm Bach location unfortunately!read more
Maxx Moore
Maxx M.
22:46 31 Aug 20
The people here are simply amazing! Bishmal Samat, the general manger, took care of me with some killer deals! The store is really nice and comforting. Will definitely go here again!read more
Sean Callahan
Sean C.
21:31 24 Aug 20
This place was GREAT! Upon arriving, everything inside was super clean, bright, and very welcoming. They had a lot of products and I loved their setup. I had no wait time, walked right in and right out ( but I got there early ). The staff was EXCELLENT – from the person working the greeting desk to the people helping behind the counters in the main room, everyone was really nice and had great energy (everyone seemed happy to be working there ). TANNER helped me with my order and answered a few questions that I had , he did a very good job of explaining everything to me and letting me know my best options- I left feeling very well taken care of . Everything made for a really great experience , will definitely be returning- Thanks !read more
Bryan Mendelsohn
Bryan M.
15:49 15 Aug 20
JD did a great job and this is now my main spot for all my medical marijuana needs!! I highly recommend this company and their products. Also the customer service and great explanation of their products by JD was the best service I have recurved!read more
Jessica Reiling
Jessica R.
13:38 15 Aug 20
Bud-tenders are SUPER informative! 2 gentlemen have helped me, I’ll have to get their names again. They took their time and answered and clarified all questions and concerns I had. Although I’m a pretty Savvy consumer, they taught me a few things. Super grateful 🙏 Also quality of products was on point as well. Thanks again! 😊read more
Dennis Velez
Dennis V.
17:36 09 Aug 20
Matias was rocking a great head of hair and Tanner with the swag. Great employees. Show them some love.
Heather Chandler-Schultheis
Heather C.
18:52 07 Aug 20
I wrote a review the first time I visited this store. I must say I now love this store, and even though I cannot drive due to epilepsy, it’s worth the bus ride for the excellent service and the amazing products they have. My favorite dispensary, hands down!read more
Michael Littlejohn
Michael L.
14:49 31 Jul 20
Very nice Large dispensary. Staff is attentive and cheerful. Products cover every need you might have , making your visit quick and simple. Use their website to check availability on the products you want, along with current specials and discounts. The Flower available here is Top Grade. “JillyBean”, is a good starting point and try others to find your happy place. Flower, Vap cartridges, Tinctures and Edibles, many ways to help.Parking is fantastic and the location is easy to more
Douglas Nolen
Douglas N.
12:55 28 Jul 20
People that are happy to help and be their. Knowledgeable and are great at describing products. Willing to show you what’s in stock, unlike more
Michael Littlejohn
Michael L.
00:31 26 Jul 20
Very nice Large dispensary. Staff is attentive and cheerful. Products cover every need you might have , making your visit quick and simple. Use their website to check availability on the products you want, along with current specials and discounts. Parking is fantastic and the location is easy to more
andrea miro quesada
andrea miro Q.
00:22 22 Jul 20
I am extremely disappointed with the staff there. I came there for the first Time to find some prerolled joints. Andrew at the front desk was great however when I went to the back there was a brunette employee there that didn’t even acknowledge my presence until I asked her for the specific product I was looking for. When I asked her if they had pre-rolled cannabis joints she looked at me in the most extreme rude and condescending manner and told me that I came to the wrong place if that is what I was looking for. Furthermore when I tried to get some help on picking something else it was available she completely ignored me and went to the front desk and didn’t come back out while I was walking around aimlessly not knowing what to do. I ended up walking out because nobody would help me. This place sucks the selection of cannabis products they have are minimal at best. If you want to be offended and have a bad experience you should go more
Edu Kate
Edu K.
18:01 11 Jul 20
As a new patient I tried a few dispensaries including Grow Healthy. The others don’t compare at all! Grow healthy has the best quality and awesome customer service. I will definitely be a return more
Felicia Fagelson
Felicia F.
01:21 01 Jul 20
Tanner is AMAZING. He takes his time with each customer explains everything to the T. Has the best customer service I’ve ever seen. Great dispensary great people great prices and they have great vet more
Dee Schmidt
Dee S.
13:34 24 Jun 20
For 6 months, I tried another another Dispensary, I was ready to give up because I needed pain Relief for my excruciating pain and not the high…I was told about GrowHealthy and by the grace of God, I walked in and I met **Tanner** behind the counter and he was a very wonderful man, considerate, so knowledgable and empathetic. I spoke to Tanner about my needs and he graciously found what he believed, might work best for me, and his choices were absolutely, SPOT ON and CORRECT!!! Because of Tanner’s attention to detail and his complete trust in GrowHealthy products, I am on a much better path now (without the high) and I am forever grateful!!!! ☆☆☆☆☆’s for GrowHealthy and Tanner!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and these are the only products, that, I will ever use!!!read more
Who's Funding This?
Who’s Funding T.
21:21 11 Jun 20
Always love coming here, great atmosphere and ambiance. It’s always a pleasure dealing with Tanner. Always drops knowledge on any question or concern I have. Big thumbs up 👍🏽read more
Camila Infante
Camila I.
04:35 01 Jun 20
Every single time I leave Grow Healthy in West Palm Beach, I’m REAL happy! It’s clean, the staff is friendly & knowledgeable. They know their stuff! Tanner & his recommendations have NEVER failed me. He always makes the experience feel personal & I actually really appreciate that. Thank you Tanner!!! Overall love going there. Camiread more
Matthew Allen
Matthew A.
21:47 20 May 20
Caring and helpful staff is very knowledgeable when it comes to picking your strain to best help with your sort of issue. They also do delivery for those who need it. I come here every time for my dispensary needs. I highly recommend you do the same, just be sure to bring you medical card! They also do curbside pickup for those worried about more
Charles Goldberg
Charles G.
14:30 20 May 20
They are constantly sending me texts about these 35% off deals, but they never have the actual products! I’m talking within a minute of getting these texts I go online to quickly order, but they claim to be sold out. Seems like they’re scamming us. I’ve been a loyal client for over 2 years and this has happened 4 times!read more
A Google User
A Google U.
04:38 08 May 20
Best dispensary ever with the best quality bud and friendliest staff!! You will love coming here and if you are lucky enough you will have sweet gorgeous Tanner serve you 😍😅read more
Ryan Alexander
Ryan A.
20:19 04 May 20
From Miami was driving around looking for a dispensary had many great recommendations to stop by GrowHealthy West Palm, I called in a order talked to a gentleman by the name of Tanner he was not only patient with my indecisive choice asked my preference and shared his knowledge of what would work best for my health condition and I’ll tell you I have been to plenty dispensaries and never have I felt so cared about, all thanks to Tanner you got me medicated and I’m able to enjoy the quarantine with my family without any pain due to your amazing recommendations 10/10 on service and product.Again if you want the best quality for the right price Ask for Tanner he will take care of your medical needs! Thank you Tanner & GrowHealthy I will definitely be back!!read more
Boss Lady
Boss L.
22:52 02 May 20
Great friendly customer service out of all the dispensaries I have been to so far! The guy (Maverick)who came to drop off my curbside pickup was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING and so VERY HELPFUL!!read more
23:31 22 Apr 20
Imagine ordering food in the morning from any regular restaurant that doesn’t have a drive thru. An hour later they tell you they have the food ready to go for you.You get there at 7pm and you still have to wait atound an hour to pickup the food they told you 8 hours ago they have ready.Would you go back? Or would you look for other restaurants in the area?Looking at other restaurants…read more
Joseph Anand-Obleton
Joseph A.
16:54 11 Apr 20
We live this GrowHealthy location. The staff is welcoming, helpful, and professional while also bring friendly and funny. They take our needs seriously and help us to have the best experience possible. Also, we love their military discount. And a big shout-out to Tanner. He always seems to be there when we are and he takes the best care of us. Without his help and recommendations, we would’ve never found what works best for us. Thanks more
Tamara Rogan
Tamara R.
21:10 06 Mar 20
First time going to this one, LOVED the place and the staff were very helpful and efficient! What’s up Tanner?! 🙂 my “Budtender” was Tanner and he was very helpful and friendly…more people need to be like Tanner!:) definitely will be going back! Thanks guys!read more
Felicia Lynn
Felicia L.
20:50 28 Feb 20
This place was extremely professional and super nice. We aren’t from the area, but we were very comfortable. Tanner gave us excellent customer service and because of him we will definitely be back whenever we visit west more
Christopher Kelley
Christopher K.
20:48 10 Feb 20
I was sent here by my current dispenser of another name. I was very impressed. The whole layout is so pleasant. The staff friendly, and the presentation of products is easy to understand. I think this may be my new more
michael derer
michael D.
18:31 05 Feb 20
Sharon is the best! Always very friendly and knowledgeable about all of trulieve’s products. She knows her stuff and makes sure you are getting the correct medication!read more
gary artress
gary A.
22:12 18 Jan 20
Great staff. Now that pickup is available, so much easier to shop for what you need 😁
Lisa K
Lisa K
20:10 27 Nov 19
Came in on a busy day so the wait was kinda long (20-30 min), but the touchscreen educational table kept me entertained so I didn’t really mind. The staff was really friendly, helpful, and they had an awesome first time patient discount!The reason I took off a star was because they were low on inventory (again, busy day – day before a holiday & they had a sale going, so maybe that could’ve been why?)I also bought a pre-roll that wasn’t fully packed and that was a little disappointing (pictured), but not sure if that was a one time thing or not. Overall the place was really nice and everything else I got was as expected, so I’d definitely recommend coming here!read more
Bryan 75
Bryan 7.
13:54 20 Jun 19
Grow healthy is the number one dispensary in the state of Florida on all aspects Fromm how they treat you their knowledge supersedes true leaf dispensary by far they also know what products are less cycle active than others And it is set up like a medical center they have front spots for handicap parking a handicap ramp handicap entrance and they are a quick visit. They also have better products they don’t have as many as some of the dispensary but you can be sure that they’re not using stuff like sugar leaf that is the leaves that are about to be harvested and dried they use those to make oils and other extraction methods. One thing that I like about tru leaf is if you are a first time patient at their facility they give you some type of hat T-shirt a pen something like that to go with your order and your order has to exceed I believe a $150 which is not hard to do. I am also gonna post a review like this on Google maps and yell and I get just over one million views every 24 hours on the pictures I have take in the observation of the places I have been inside and that’s how I am able to get my medication from the dispensary cause a send you give cards once you reach a certain level in I have reached that more
Alexander Chance
Alexander C.
20:08 04 Jun 19
Nick was awesome at the counter I got my medicine I’m so happy to find medicine i need legally after 40 years this place is amazing you love everything in here flower selection is in its infancy but it’s deliciousread more
Marc Quadagno
Marc Q.
18:34 31 May 19
Great customer experience every single time. This is my go to place from now on, and the only place I have been going to for 4 weeks straight now: they get better every more
The GlamBoss
The G.
12:22 25 Apr 19
Discreet and Minimal! The perfect relaxing atmosphere. With so much zen it automatically calms you as you walking into the door with an amazing staff to greet you. I love the choose of products . The carry flower and the one I like is name “Boss” duhhhhhh. but of course you have to have your card from the state to order any of these amazing products ! Stop by and tell them The GlamBoss sent you 🙂read more
benji list
benji L.
00:27 31 Mar 19
I’ve been trying to find a good dispensery, and I did. Michael at the front desk is so professional and patience? Wow. Then in back I had every question answered and left happy. First time is more
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