GrowHealthy Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Tallahassee

1787 W Tennessee Street
Tallahassee, FL 32304

Hours of Operation:

8am – 9pm Daily

Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site

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Florida State Dispensary - Open

A GrowHealthy Medical Marijuana Dispensary located at 1787 W Tennessee Street in Tallahassee, FL 32304 is now open. Grow Healthy is a licensed Florida Medical Marijuana Treatment Center, or MMTC for short. This cannabis store in Tallahassee will service Crawfordville, Quincy, Florida State fans, Havana and Leon County in general.

Grow Healthy dispensary menu products in Tallahassee include CBD and THC products to help Florida MedCard patients registered on the Medial Marijuana Use Registry. These come in a variety of marijuana menu products including FlowerCBD Oils, Concentrates, Oral Syringes, TincturesTHC Oils, Vape Cartridges and Vaporizers.

Not a patient yet, see if you qualify today!

GrowHealthy Products

GrowHealthy Marijuana Deliveries RX

The delivery of GrowHealthy medical cannabis RX products are available to your front door in Tallahassee, Crawfordville, Quincy, Cabrini Green, Havana and throughout Leon County.

Enjoy the convenience of ordering over the phone or online. Their Mind Sativa, Body Indica, Balance 1:1 and High CBD menu products are in stock.

Please call 800.619.5288 to schedule a delivery. Free delivery statewide with no minimum order!


What People Are Saying
Go Noles!

Janelle Braun
Janelle B.
21:23 18 Nov 20
Nice products just not worth the wait. I've been to every dispensary several times. Both times I came here it took forever. They need an extra cashier or more
Krista Carvajal
Krista C.
18:39 04 Nov 20
The staff is friendly,effeciecent,and knowledgeable. I found excellent products and reasonable prices.The fruitful line has fabulous blends of terepenes that are delicious and a little dab will do ya'.read more
Paige Welch
Paige W.
22:52 03 Nov 20
Great quality flower & better buying experience than Trulieve! My new go to. Always fast and friendly. I edited my previous review : My order got canceled one time because I wasn’t informed they don’t hold it overnight. Next day I find out the product I want is already sold out. - Every time since then I have been informed when placing my order, so it seems they fixed the problem. The flower is always beautiful and strong. Just wish they’d get even more variety of strains, especially haze and diesel !!read more
Paige Welch
Paige W.
23:00 22 Oct 20
Annoyed. My order got canceled because I wasn’t informed they don’t hold it overnight. When I called the product I wanted was out of stock on the website but the girl on the phone told me they had it so I placed an order for two of them. She did not tell me they didn’t hold the order overnight; it was already 6 pm or later. Next day I find out my order has been canceled and the product I want is already sold out. So. Annoyed! Honestly buying medical marijuana in Tally it seems like Industry wide these businesses don’t communicate important Basic information that effects customers professionally or more
Jessica Wells
Jessica W.
19:29 20 Oct 20
The place was very nice and the budtenders even nicer! Best selection and most in-stock that I have seen so far!! Love,love, love GrowHealthy! 😁read more
Shonda Johnson
Shonda J.
20:07 17 Sep 20
Loved the products
A Google User
A Google U.
17:12 15 Sep 20
They have top notch flower products. I have NEVER gotten anything that wasn't Great. The staff is Awesome especially Braxton😁read more
Adam Hancock
Adam H.
20:09 10 Sep 20
They always have the best variety of dank nugs I wish they had a second or third-tier for economy buds instead of the variety you get on each strain although the variety of oil in carts that they have at various prices this makes up for it so I give them a fiveread more
Big Hempin 850
Big Hempin 8.
14:53 02 Sep 20
The Wookie Girl is one of the Best flowers in the Entire FL MMJ Market! Hands Down... Mega🔥
Kimberly Carter
Kimberly C.
12:59 02 Sep 20
They are amazing but the prices could be a bit lower for flower
Zach Phillips
Zach P.
19:30 06 Aug 20
Braxton was great. He's very knowledgeable about his companies products. He was very professional and happy to help me it seemed. I got a great product I'm excited to try. Beat flower in Tallahassee. I'll be back for sureread more
Redbaron229 Gaming
Redbaron229 G.
15:49 02 Aug 20
( Adding this in and taking a star. I have never seen a company change hours so many times and not tell anyone or make notifications for such a thing. Especially when you have people making online orders. This is the most poorly run dispensary I have seen in a good while. Something needs to change now.) It’s a shame this place has such quality flower, because of anything causes a flux in their normal work flow, this place slows to a crawl and is horrible about taking any sort of accountability. So be prepared for exaggerated waits with no reasons, and just lack luster care from some of the staff. ( They do have staff that are awesome and great to deal with.) Just feels like the place is very poorly managedread more
21:21 30 Jul 20
Great place for great flower, nice, big and crystalized. Receptionists were having some drama though, was a good laugh.
Cameron King
Cameron K.
20:40 20 Jul 20
Paige and Braxton (and the third member of the team who’s name I managed to not get) at grow healthy were exceptional. I was in a rush, it was my first trip and it was getting pretty close to closing time and they took their time to help me and make sure I actually getting what I wanted, great veteran discount as well.Thanks guys!read more
Alyssa C
Alyssa C
00:48 09 Jul 20
GrowHealthy won me over. Paige, Braxton, and Rina are a delight. The flower is high quality.
Greg Moore
Greg M.
19:14 08 Jul 20
Some of the best flower in the Tallahassee area Amazing service very clean environment and friendly knowledgable staff
Carter Marshall
Carter M.
23:23 07 Jul 20
A true paragon in the cannabis industry. Give GrowHealthy a visit, you won't be disappointed!
Justin Cheshire
Justin C.
16:16 29 Jun 20
Wonderful people, Braxton and Rina have been very helpful along the way including all staff of Grow Healthy. The product is fantastic and I do recommend trying this place if you have not!read more
Mary Bell
Mary B.
21:44 27 Jun 20
I had a wonderful experience! I love their flower and cartridges.
Urba Nnaturalist
Urba N.
16:10 24 Jun 20
Properly cured flower, very terpy, and dense. Jilly Bean, Grape Stomper are two stellar strains produced by them. I rank them tops in Tally for whole flower and more
Tim arthur
Tim A.
02:22 10 Jun 20
Definitely will not be back here. Pricing is extremely deceptive. Website says all flower is discounted (original prices slashed through and new price shown) for the summer only to find out that you must pay the original price if using a first time discount. False advertising at its worst. The employee was rude when questioned about it and said that would be giving away “free bud”. Besides all this, the flower was dried out, crumbly, and had little effect. This is the worst dispensary in Tallahassee. Don’t waste your more
Jarred Hart
Jarred H.
20:09 04 Jun 20
Sometimes the online parts of the business can cause a headache, but overall the staff and quality of the product seriously make up for those. I foresee it getting better, hoping it’s the times causing the issues. But easily best grade of flower in townread more
che che
che C.
13:30 01 Jun 20
I been to alot of dispensaries here in Tallahassee and alot of stuff is the same just diff names and really does nothing for me. I came here the other day ago and I have to say the product was VERY good. I will be coming back.Edit: even tho the product is good. I made a delivery order and no one contacted me, so the delivery order was made for a later date. I just cancelled it bc it don't make no sense. Because of that I give two more
che che
che C.
17:01 26 May 20
I been to alot of dispensaries here in Tallahassee and alot of stuff is the same just diff names and really does nothing for me. I came here the other day ago and I have to say the product was VERY good. I will be coming more
Mel Cee
Mel C.
19:26 13 May 20
Customer service much better this time. Flower is great
jarred hart
jarred H.
13:13 06 May 20
I am now updating the review I had earlier. Not only is this place beyond unorganized, the quality of service is absolutely awful. Slow to get anything done, online orders take forever to even get started or better yet finished. Any other dispensary in town with this ability, easily has my orders prepared for pick up very shortly after A request is sent. Most will take about 10-15 if that, get ready for grow healthy to not only take forever on the prep but once you’re there you’ll be waiting forever even if your the only person there to pick up. So in short average bud and if not for my discounts totally not worth the wait/price if you ask me. So all in all, terrible response times, awful customer service, decent flower. Best to find somewhere else to shopread more
jarred hart
jarred H.
15:30 02 May 20
I am now updating the review I had earlier. Not only is this place beyond unorganized, the quality of service is absolutely awful. Slow to get anything done, online orders take forever to even get started or better yet finished. Any other dispensary in town with this ability, easily has my orders prepared for pick up very shortly after I send in the order. Not only that hey can not answer phones, I waited over ten minutes for someone inside to answer my call. This is officially my last tome giving this store a more
Mel Cee
Mel C.
21:28 29 Apr 20
Josh Moody
Josh M.
23:27 28 Apr 20
Great staff and premium products. Flower is very nice. Thanks
jarred hart
jarred H.
14:14 22 Apr 20
Waited over a hour in the car for someone to finally come collect my information and money, followed by another 8 minute wait to finally get my product and change. It’s a good thing the product is decent only reason I see return costumers ever happening, for now I’m taking my business elsewhere. At least until this place gets some actual management or something to fix this issuesread more
01:57 22 Apr 20
Had me waiting in my car for well over 35 minutes when the parking lot was completely empty. Couldn't sell me a water bottle because it wasn't in their system yet. Called me back to amend my order after all that time waiting because they "couldn't" let me SKIP my first time discount to use my second time discount instead. I left and tried to call + cancel my order, but after 10-15 minutes on hold I hung up and said forget it.The growhealthy in Gainesville was a lot more patient oriented + on top of their game. Nothing against the staff (the first two people I spoke with were very friendly and helpful), but I was not impressed with the process whatsoever and I probably won't be back.🤷‍♂️ I understand that curbside pickup is probably new to the company, but it's no excuse for poor communication and more
Shaun Castellana
Shaun C.
11:31 15 Apr 20
They just opened monday April 13 2020 in Tallahassee Florida..and there my new favorite dispensary
chilly willy
chilly W.
00:51 07 Apr 20
My wife loves their awesome staff and distillates!!
Dawn Avirom
Dawn A.
18:05 06 Mar 20
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