GrowHealthy Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Brandon

1525 E Brandon Boulevard
Brandon, FL 33411

Hours of Operation:


Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site

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Brandon Dispensary - Open

A GrowHealthy Medical Marijuana Dispensary located at 1525 E Brandon Boulevard in Brandon, FL 33411 is open. Grow Healthy is a licensed Florida Medical Marijuana Treatment Center, or MMTC for short. This cannabis store in Brandon is here to service Riverview, Valrico, Bloomingdale and throughout Hillsborough County.

Grow Healthy dispensary menu products in Brandon include CBD and THC products to help Florida MedCard patients registered on the Medial Marijuana Use Registry. These come in a variety of marijuana menu products including FlowerCBD Oils, Concentrates, Oral Syringes, TincturesTHC Oils, Vape Cartridges and Vaporizers.

Not a patient yet, see if you qualify today!

GrowHealthy Products

GrowHealthy Marijuana Deliveries RX

The delivery of GrowHealthy medical cannabis RX products are available to your front door in Brandon, Riverview, Valrico, Bloomingdale and Hillsborough County in general.

Enjoy the convenience of ordering over the phone or online. Their Mind Sativa, Body Indica, Balance 1:1 and High CBD menu products are in stock.

Please call 800.619.5288 to schedule a delivery. Free delivery statewide with no minimum order!


What People Are Saying

Ronald Cranker
Ronald C.
23:25 25 Sep 21
My first time there and it was a stress free experience. Everyone was very friendly and the young woman at the counter was very helpful and patient. I will be going back. Highly recommend. Ron Crankerread more
Eddie Jimenez
Eddie J.
23:35 19 Sep 21
Top notch customer service! Shane and his coworkers were absolutely exceptional in ensuring that my needs were met and I left GrowHealthy a very satisfied customer/patient. Saved a bunch of money and couldn’t be more satisfied with the product. If you are not ordering from this place, what are you doing!?read more
Meaghan Ewchuk
Meaghan E.
00:17 14 Sep 21
Irwin was so helpful when I came in today! I had to adjust my pre-order cart before checking out, and he was informative and helpful through every step of the way!read more
Kyle Barry
Kyle B.
19:38 10 Sep 21
Everyone had amazing hair and they were so nice and did everything they could to make my experience great! It was great to see Arlene again in the waiting room and Ella helped with my experience to make everything smooth as possible! Thankful for those 2 but whole staff was a blessingread more
Lauren Thomas
Lauren T.
18:49 01 Sep 21
I have been a regular for a while here and I have to say I absolutely love their staff! Everyone is always so friendly and welcoming. They are knowledgeable about their products and genuinely want to help. The facility itself is kept very clean and fresh. Overall a great experience every time!read more
Jhett Rayner
Jhett R.
23:55 26 Aug 21
I will forever be a satisfied grow healthy customer! Shane , Dwight and Ella helped resolve an issue from a previous order in minuets. They were extremely friendly and provided excellent customer service!read more
JR Rawls
02:10 24 Jul 21
Best dispensary for flower imo. Staff is extremely friendly. Go see Justin. He is one of the most experienced budtenders I have ever had the pleasure of speaking with. He knows his strains and he will always give a great recommendation for flower. I would give them 10 stars if I could. Great combination of great service and premium flower. 👌🏿read more
Manning Bolchoz
Manning B.
01:04 12 Jul 21
The staff was very friendly and helpful! Able to answer all my questions in point me in the direction I was looking! Whoever was working register one around 7 this evening I think Brandon was awesome! I could have his name wrong though!read more
Chad Collins
Chad C.
17:12 02 Jul 21
Had to get some meds today from my local Grow Healthy Dispensary and what a great experience! I love going to this store. Shane and Ashley are very knowledgeable and guided me in the right direction for the right medication. Thanks Grow more
Tamera / Tammy Collins
Tamera / Tammy C.
17:12 02 Jul 21
The professionalism and help from the staff here is absolutely amazing. Shane and Ashley were very knowledgeable and made the experience for my husband easy and stress free. Thank you for all you do!read more
Patrick Capitano
Patrick C.
15:57 27 Jun 21
Best place in Florida for Flower hands down, customer service is great everyone is super helpful. Drive-thru is extremely convenient when the are not busy. I can not get upset for the amount of traffic they have its the best product in the state. Thanks everyone at GROW!read more
Kezia Lee
Kezia L.
19:21 19 May 21
My absolute favorite dispensary. I love that they have a drive through which allows me to remain in the comfort of my car. They have really good product that is consistent. The staff are courteous and friendly. Always a good experience!read more
Dan Jeffers
Dan J.
18:06 12 May 21
Possible to get good deals through stacking discounts and some bulk pricing. Generally high prices similar to other stores in the state. Good more
Adema Huff
Adema H.
13:23 12 May 21
This place is awesome. They are always busy. They get you in and out as fast as they can with a smile on their faces. Great customer service!! The prices are awesome too!! Order online and your pick up is even faster. They also deliver to more
Mary Albano
Mary A.
18:50 07 May 21
Great experience! Peter was extremely helpful! He answered all of our questions and was super patient with us. Will be back to this location soon!read more
Ian Mello
Ian M.
22:11 23 Apr 21
I’ve been going to grow healthy in Brandon for the last 2 years.. they have came s long way from 19″. This is my main location for my flowers, they also have good prices for the cartridge’s. Customer service is very good, just a little slow. Overall. Products are on point!! 💯💯read more
Amanda York
Amanda Y.
23:30 12 Feb 21
Grow Healthy Brandon was my very first dispensary I went to since receiving my temporary medical marijuana card. As soon as I walked in the door I was greeted and felt extremely welcome! Joanne really made my visit such a pleasant experience and I can not say enough kind things about her. She went out of her way to answer all my questions and direct me the best that she could. Alexis checked me out and she was awesome as well! I will definitely be returning in the near future! Love the atmosphere, love the customer service and love the products!read more
Richard Wise
Richard W.
23:39 10 Feb 21
Let me start off by saying that I started visiting this dispensary when my wife was an employee and continued after her employment because the flower here is phenomenal. It’s the closest thing to top shelf west coast flower I’ve found in Florida. The customer service was horrible today though. My visit today was the first time I’ve actually gotten frustrated in a dispensary. The employee trying check me out was great, but he ran into an inventory issue and had to ask the manager for assistance in getting the product added into inventory. I asked for a different product because I didn’t have time to wait because I had to go back to work. He asked her multiple times and told me that it would just be another second. She started talking to another employee instead of adjusting the inventory, which I know can be done quickly because on other occasions it has been corrected in less than a minute. In the end, I asked for my card back and left empty handed and very frustrated at the lack of consideration for my time as a patient. The only reason I gave it 1 star is because the guy checking me out really was trying his best. I really do love the product here and generally have had good, albeit long experiences, but today left me feeling like the frustration just isn’t worth more
Alexandra Kent
Alexandra K.
18:52 26 Jan 21
I really like the service and quality of medicine at this location. I was helped by Michael today after being frustrated by the online system. I drove down to Brandon from Tampa and was helped immediately. Michael was personable and knowledgeable. I would give this 5 stars had the online ordering been working correctly. Grow Healthy is a bit far but it is worth more
Jacob Swell
Jacob S.
05:11 19 Jan 21
First ever review anywhere. What a wonderful place. Ryan helped me tremendously with precise advice about the best medicine for me. Johnny (I believe he is the manager) truly made this a fulfilling experience. These guys know what they’re doing folks. An absolute must go more
Joe Steinberger
Joe S.
23:39 15 Jan 21
GrowHealthy was my first medicinal marijuana experience in Florida and it was flawless. A man named Kyle walked me through all of their products and made some phenomenal recommendations. I now tell everyone to come here confident that they too will love more
Jody MacPherson
Jody M.
22:30 07 Jan 21
Hanna helped me so much. If I could, I would leave her more than 5 stars. The new, ‘Last Resort’, is an amazing new product and Hanna helped to make sure to fill my order to perfection even though the computers were down on the day of roll-out. They were so busy but she made sure to call me twice to complete my order! Great job, Hanna! Through a tough situation, you still took great care of your patients! Thanks!Just had to update…Superb delivery service! Astoundingly quick and an unbelievably amazing driver! So nice and safe!read more
Jody MacPherson
Jody M.
11:37 06 Jan 21
Hanna helped me so much. If I could, I would leave her more than 5 stars. The new, ‘Last Resort’, is an amazing new product and Hanna helped to make sure to fill my order to perfection even though the computers were down on the day of roll-out. They were so busy but she made sure to call me twice to complete my order! Great job, Hanna! Through a tough situation, you still took great care of your patients! Thanks!read more
Jonathan Heredia
Jonathan H.
21:51 04 Jan 21
Such a great dispensary. Great customer service. By far my favorite one I’ve been to since becoming a patient. I literally drove from st pete just to go to this direct dispensary. Very friendly and helpful. Very knowledgeable as well as each strains affects and parent strains. Will always be back to this more
Albert M
Albert M
20:51 02 Jan 21
Absolutely love this place. Johnny D has been amazing since day one. I do not go anywhere else. The medicine is the best and I’ve never been given false information. Above and beyond every time. Thank you Johnny and GrowHealthy. You guys more
Screwdriver Kelly
Screwdriver K.
14:06 09 Dec 20
This is my favorite dispensary. Always have great product. The staff is great as well. They are one of the very few dispensaries that show you the numbers on product’s online. Kinda pricey but they are super more
Josh Rob
Josh R.
18:22 23 Nov 20
I can’t believe they ripped us off again with them advertising the birds of paradise @ 22% on the half oz littles an once my Wife an I got home she looked at the bottle an they both said 16% THC. That’s a total rip off Don’t have money just to throw away like this. Would have NEVER EVER EVER bought anything at 16%. But now probably stuck with it right…. It would be nice for Grow Healthy Brandon to make this right…?!?!?read more
Tessa Cooper
Tessa C.
17:59 13 Nov 20
Thank you Johnny D. For your help today.. you brightened my day. Its nice to just be around positive people and you guys have the only RSO worth having.. great one else come close!read more
Angela Sanchez
Angela S.
22:27 06 Nov 20
What can I say it’s one of my FAVORITE to go places I love this staff and those Littles. It’s also very beneficial for my pocket with the discount they give for people with disabilities it’s appreciated and affordable for me to keep coming back! Tim and John will be miss!!!]read more
Javier Fiallo
Javier F.
15:06 06 Oct 20
Grow Healthy by far has the BEST medication compared to all the other dispensaries. Where they fall short is the customer service, product knowledge and handling of online vs in-store purchases. If a purchase comes in online they take a “back seat” to someone who may have arrived in store after the online order has been placed. They also tend to remove the milligrams once the order is placed vs when they are picked up. Finally, I called due to their system being down for online orders and was placed on hold for over 30 minutes. To be honest, if the products weren’t so good, I’d tell the company to “kick rocks”.read more
Jeff Simk
Jeff S.
04:24 26 Sep 20
Great dispensaries and some of the best flavors around. They also do free delivery, and the dispensary used to be a bank so they have a pull-up drive-thru with your stuff ready and waiting for you. Not many dispensaries are like more
Michael Bassett
Michael B.
02:37 26 Sep 20
Bringing the fire and exotic to the fl market. Keep up the good work guys. Ex trulieve regular here.
Rudolph Reynoso
Rudolph R.
17:50 24 Sep 20
Best flower in the states. Been to many store around Florida and out of state. Grow Healthy bud is top shelf flower. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Only con is $50 eighths. That’s outrageous but I get it. Hopefullythat will change. They do have littles available for a much cheaper price but not as often. Either way #1 Flower. Don’t waste your time trying other places. Unless Grow Healthy ran out or you can get it more
Kevin Henri
Kevin H.
00:28 21 Sep 20
I personally like to drive through but inside the people are very knowledgeable and friendly for the staff they do a good jobread more
PC Tech Will
PC Tech W.
19:59 20 Sep 20
I’ve ordered from them twice, received 0. First time delivery canceled after 3 days of non delivery. Today after 3 hours waiting for pickup confirmation, nobody will answer the phone. Customer service 0. All I received calling corporate was an I’m sorry… Well I’m not sorry to cancel my service order and go back to surterra where I know my order will be responded to. Priority pickup? Lolread more
Mercedes Lynn
Mercedes L.
03:39 19 Sep 20
The flower is consistently better than all of the other dispensaries. The service at the Brandon location can be slow if you walk inside. No crazy wait just plan on sitting. I had a pick up order placed the night before, got there around noon. Oddly, it wasn’t ready and they sent me inside to fill the order. 20 minute wait to get my order. Not a huge deal but most definitely a inconvenience. Time is more
Jenna Woods
Jenna W.
01:57 18 Sep 20
I wish I could say I had an experience at GrowHealthy. I would love to talk to someone there, but when I called, I waited 6 minutes and 47 seconds for someone to pickup and when they did I was disconnected. Of course I tried again. Of course I wait. And, you guessed it, I get disconnected. Yesterday I drive 30 minutes to get there(on 60!), have THE worst conservation with the guy at the desk, I ended up walking out. So today I place an online order, blindly because I haven’t been able to talk anyone. Never got a text to go pick up my order. Oh! I’m a newbie to this system, I’ve literally just got my card. I really hope this is not how the system works. I haven’t had the best introduction. I see the 5 star reviews, I hope I can get that someday. Or maybe I’ll have to go somewhere more
Hey Haig
Hey H.
02:20 17 Sep 20
Thank you to Tim, and the others! I forgot their names. You guys are so kind, and patient with me and my orders when using the drive-thru. Providing excellent care every time, website matches their inventory, clean location, many loyal customers go there. You rock! Tim knows ASL for those who are Deaf/HOH, ask for him. Can order through your phone online and stop by to save waiting more
SMKATT Bradley
20:59 10 Sep 20
Got what U need to get Medicated from pain. Ckean Store, practicing social distancing. Well knowledgeable friendly more
Cynthia Ramos
Cynthia R.
13:18 10 Sep 20
Always a friendly person to help you and answer all your questions. Very nice people
Christian Hayden
Christian H.
23:35 09 Sep 20
Over 2 hours and I’m still waiting for my order. Surterra only takes about 15 minutes.
ursus terriblis
ursus T.
21:22 06 Sep 20
This dispensary is top of the line… Great staff… Great service…. Great medicine… Quality of flower is superb… Thank you Grow Healthy Brandon for your service…read more
Michael Bassett
Michael B.
12:47 04 Sep 20
Awsome staff, high quality consistent products. Quicker then normal wait times.
Roy Card
Roy C.
19:56 28 Aug 20
The staff was the best , very helpful, well worth my 40 minute ride, will be returning, this is by far the best 99 problems cart , really made my day change to the best,,,,thanks againread more
Curtis Henry
Curtis H.
16:22 24 Aug 20
I’ve visited many dispensaries and Grow Healthy has provided a fast and efficient service in comparison by far. The drive through is so convenient. The customer service is superior as well. Tod was very helpful and patient to all my questions. He was helpful explaining the menu board and the color scheme involved. Thank you Grow Healthy for being so more
Gabby Robles
Gabby R.
22:06 22 Aug 20
Always good quality weed, always friendly service! The man who helped me today also had a very nice beard and I liked looking at it a lot! Always a pleasant experience, can’t wait for them to get concentrates!read more
Christian Frazier
Christian F.
20:57 20 Aug 20
Grow Healthy has some of the best and hardest hitting strains in Central Florida. Every single strain they carry is amazing and provides tons of relief. I can’t wait until they open more locationsread more
Shawn Crowley
Shawn C.
20:22 15 Aug 20
Every time I visit this location I am more pleased than the time before. They have a top shelf product with great Potency. Even their LITTLES, are just as potent as the whole flower. The staff is amazing! All smiles and very welcoming from entrance to exit. John has helped me on several occasions with my customer profile and questions that I had. What an awesome team! As for these bad reviews on the drive thru, I have seen them in action and the wait times have been seriously decreased. I’m giving five stars because it’s just such a pleasurable experience all around. Bravo Grow Healthy more
Jose Caraballo
Jose C.
00:10 12 Aug 20
It was my first time in there Justin helped me out they are amazing my new spot from now on! Amazing people amazing selection!read more
Byron Cox
Byron C.
20:10 30 Jul 20
Ordered a littles flower on Wednesday morning but didn’t receive confirmation that my order was ready for pickup till the next morning, today. Went by to grab my order and they gave me whole flower of the strain I ordered and not littles and honored the $35 price. Very pleased with this. The flower looks beautiful. I just wish it didn’t take a day to receive my order. Everything else was perfect more
Jay Kay
Jay K.
14:46 29 Jul 20
Great bud. Good deals. Drive thru. Can’t ask for more
Trapped On Vacation
Trapped On V.
00:05 29 Jul 20
It’s Tuesday July 28th I’m a new patient to cannabis. Having placed an online order prior to walking into this location I was greeted by an extremely overwhelmed and RUDE check in host. Immediately he tried to discourage me from shopping here. He basically told me they were to busy to let me shop here. I feel discriminated. Iunderstand this is a busy location but as a new person to cannabis I had questions about other products that Growhealthy offers. I wish I could have got the man’s name but he has brown/black hair with a pony tail. He was not only rude to me but to other people here inside of the dispensary. The commentary with the security guard is completely not appropriate. the attitude towards not only me but others is unacceptable. What a slap in the face as my first experience walking through the more
20:30 28 Jul 20
Best flower in the state, and it isn’t even close!! Amazing quality, some batches are over 30% which I haven’t seen anywhere else.The wonderful woman who packaged my meds and checked me out was amazing, and I lost the piece of paper that had her name on it to give her full credit. her name started with an H and she said she had a nickname she goes by regularly – I hope this is enough for management to figure out who it was, because she was phenomenal and deserves recognition for her excellent customer more
14:16 11 Jul 20
Waited in the drive thru for over an hour around 7:45pm , my phone died on me and wasn’t able to check if I got confirmation my order was ready, got to the window and was told they would not fill my order. This is the only dispensary in the Tampa area that won’t fill an order without the confirmation….. every place I have been to has been more than accommodating even if it’s a quick run after work. It’s the next day already and my order is still not ready and I recently had back surgery and it was extremely painful to sit for that long period of a time in my car and now I’ll have to do it all over again if I want my order whenever it is ready….. used to really love this more
Chris Cullins
Chris C.
22:58 10 Jul 20
This location has amazing staff, and actually HAS product, as opposed to some other GH branches around. That being said, GH, as a company, MUST do better at confirming orders and making Priority Pickup more of a Priority. Waiting 70+ minutes when the order has been placed, and actually ready for hours isn’t exactly “priority”.read more
Byron Cox
Byron C.
17:54 10 Jul 20
Place takes absolutely forever to get your order ready, and after it is ready expect to wait in line for 30-40 minutes. It can’t be that hard to put orders together. A couple of weeks ago I placed my order in during the early morning, wasn’t ready till the next day during the afternoon (vapes weren’t very good anyway, especially for the price). I sent Grow Healthy a message voicing my concern about the length of time it takes to get an order but received no response. Today I placed an order at 7:45am and over 6 hours later it’s still not ready. I’m guessing it won’t be ready till tomorrow morning again. This place does not care about giving patients the medicine they need. Also about every other order they tell you they are out of the product you wanted that had been shown available when placing the order prior. About the friendliest person there is the security guard. Almost all the budtenders just come off very unfriendly. This place only deserves one star because the flower is decent, but the whole experience of this place sucks. Can’t wait for Columbia Care to open in more
Sling This
Sling T.
02:44 02 Jul 20
Absolutely loved this place. Johnny, THANK YOU!!!!!! You made this so easy to understand and the medicine has been helping so much. Highly recommend to more
Jen Of1
Jen O.
19:00 30 Jun 20
Last several times I’ve been in here was a little busy but it’s well worth the wait I just don’t like impatient people that tries to skip other people in line. I think they should be more more
M. Steven Ferraro
M. Steven F.
15:49 18 Jun 20
Limited product selection at times. Still a great place for pickup orders. Thanks alot!
Joe Fernandez
Joe F.
23:14 25 May 20
Denise McGlon
Denise M.
00:27 21 May 20
The product is exceptional, how, strawberry haze is the only flower that helps with both inflammation and pain. The website is flawed. I placed an order today. I had problems with the order going thru. Finally, I was told that the order was complete and that I would get a text when it was ready. Well, spent all afternoon waiting for a text that never more
21:07 15 May 20
Was told to go to the end of the line for my pick up order and wait again after waiting 30 mins. Asked management why, she assumed I had a attitude from waiting so long so her response was “well you can go around and wait again”. The rudest manager I ever seen at this location. Employees are respectful and knowledgeable but management are always inexperienced and more
Lori Forbush
Lori F.
20:58 02 May 20
They always mess up my order or run out or don’t even put it in. Product isn’t really that good for the price and the employees are clueless and no manager in store. Problem is there aren’t many places to go too in this area so we are all screwed with bad service bad overpriced product if they even have it. The worst, maybe they shouldn’t use the product before work and things might get more
Charlie C
Charlie C
23:42 01 May 20
So I have tried just about every dispensary out there this is by far the best flower you’re going to find at any dispensary in Hillsborough County I have been smoking for 27 years I won’t bore you with all the details but trust me if you’re looking for advice I’m definitely that dude 2 ask if you’re looking for some gas grow healthy is definitely the dispensary!!!!! To be honest it’s not even close their flower is easily a 10 compared to the next best being a 8 and a lot of shops having 5-7. GROWHEALTHY PLEASE GROW MORE!!!!!read more
13:35 19 Apr 20
During the pandemic this location’s employees are the best. They respond your emails and process your order quick! Thank you more
F Klepes
F K.
21:30 17 Apr 20
The whole process of picking up the product is ridiculous! They have one drive-through teller and count on waiting in line over 30 to 40 minutes to pick up your order. Other stores will bring it to you we allow you to go inside. Grow healthy needs to make better choices. Go other placesread more
F Klepes
F K.
21:30 17 Apr 20
The whole process of picking up the product is ridiculous! They have one drive-through teller and count on waiting in line over 30 to 40 minutes to pick up your order. Other stores will bring it to you we allow you to go inside. Grow healthy needs to make better choices. Go other placesread more
Lisa Lisa
Lisa L.
21:54 03 Mar 20
Love this place. I’m sitting here waiting as I type this review. That’s the only thing I don’t like about this location is the wait. Good meds more
23:52 24 Feb 20
Never have 1/2 oz available (flowers), too expensive the 3.5g increase system to get to my medical recommendation for a month. I just moved from other state that sales ounce to patients on daily basis in affordable prices getting your medical recommendation doses. Nothing against the place, my opinion is that all dispensary keep the inventory low to keep the prices HIGH….read more
Wanda Carpenter
Wanda C.
16:13 06 Feb 20
Very impressed!! The employees were great & full of information. Had almost everything on the menu & great quality. I will b going back many many more times!!read more
04:32 31 Jan 20
Hands down THE BEST DISPENSARY in the Greater Tampa Bay Area!!! Best/longest lasting cartridges, prerolls for convenience…and BY FAR the best flower around. Yes, it’s price isn’t as desirable as we clients would like to see but those will come in time. And every single employee is highly knowledgeable and friendly….they just want to help you!!!! Family and kid friendly too…Thank you GH Brandon!!read more
Kristen Ritchie
Kristen R.
23:14 14 Jan 20
Always clean and the staff is super friendly! I went today for a mobile order (which is so easy) and Angela helped me. She was informative and really kind! Best dispensary in the area in my opinionread more
Mat Smit
Mat S.
02:50 14 Jan 20
Rainmaker Flower from the Master Growers Series is definitely some nice flower. I gave it four stars because of the price. When I open the jar the whole room smells sweet and fruity. I love the idea of Master Growers Series. The price is steep but I’m willing to pay for the best. This wasn’t the best but definitely nice. I will be trying the next flower in the more
valerie maud
valerie M.
19:07 16 Aug 19
So refreshing to walk into a dispensary who KNOWS WHAT THEYRE DOING!!Clean.. lots of seating.. cold water for patients.. and a MENU showing what strains are available and what delivery method: cartridge, concentrates or flower. The flower is in GLASS JARS and the staff is informed and educated about the products.BEST PART???Veteran receive 25% off EVERY SINGLE DAY and all tips are DONATED TO LOCAL NONPROFITS IN THE COMMUNITY LIKE VETERANS FOR CANNABIS PROJECT!!Bravo!👏🏻 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💚💪🏻🌿read more
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