GrowHealthy Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Gainesville

4880 Newberry Rd
Gainesville, FL 32607

Hours of Operation:


Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site

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Gainesville Dispensary - Open

A GrowHealthy Medical Marijuana Dispensary located at 4880 Newberry Rd in Gainesville, FL 32607 is open for business. Grow Healthy is a licensed Florida Medical Marijuana Treatment Center, or MMTC for short. This cannabis store in Gainesville is here to service Alachua, Newberry, Williston and Alachua County in general.

Grow Healthy dispensary menu products include CBD and THC products to help Florida MedCard patients registered on the Medial Marijuana Use Registry. These come in a variety of marijuana menu products including FlowerCBD Oils, Concentrates, Oral Syringes, TincturesTHC Oils, Vape Cartridges and Vaporizers.

Not a patient yet, see if you qualify today!

GrowHealthy Products

GrowHealthy Marijuana Deliveries RX

The delivery of GrowHealthy medical cannabis RX products are available to your front door in Gainesville, Alachua, Newberry, Williston and throughout Alachua County.

Enjoy the convenience of ordering over the phone or online. Their Mind Sativa, Body Indica, Balance 1:1 and High CBD menu products are in stock.

Please call 800.619.5288 to schedule a delivery. Free delivery statewide with no minimum order!


What People Are Saying

Sarah Endicott Potts
Sarah Endicott P.
23:01 21 Oct 21
Discounts Galore! Quality product and service. Enjoyable to shop and ask knowledgeable staff any questions. 👍😁read more
Justin Flowers
Justin F.
21:17 04 Oct 21
GrowHealthy is my favorite! Mellow Meli is the best bud tender ever! Great deals! Best flower and live rosin! 🙂
AH Miller
17:32 19 Sep 21
Always ready to help and friendly. Products are very good. Deals are really helpful.
Ro Barrere
Ro B.
20:08 18 Sep 21
Excellent service, stellar product, and amazing staff. They also take donations for the Last Prisoner Project rather than tips for their.employees which I think speak volumes about the company. Love them 💚read more
Karan Allen
Karan A.
16:01 08 Sep 21
The lady sweetest person in the world. She hook me up and I get emails and always know what's going on. She Sports in Gainesvilleread more
David Brown
David B.
23:51 30 Aug 21
Great staff, great selection and most importantly is the great deals! I have been shopping with grow healthy for the last 6 months and have not had one complaint. Emony gave me the best customer experience I have had at a dispensary since getting my license. If your looking for an all around good experience, shop at Grow Healthy!read more
Zaniya Brown
Zaniya B.
00:45 23 Aug 21
Visited twice and both times were great! Nice selection and a very helpful and educated staff.
04:57 11 Aug 21
Phenomenal dispensary!!! Impeccable variety and quality of concentrates. Right on the money with sales and deals to be had!! A pleasure to shop there!read more
Brett “Sparky” D
Brett “Sparky” D
18:35 10 Aug 21
Staff was super knowledgeable and friendly as could be. Products are amazing. Will definitely be back.
Om Tealok
Om T.
01:19 28 Jul 21
These guys have great flower!!! The Master Grower series is really nice. I especially like the Florida Keys and Islamorada!!!read more
thomas watson
thomas W.
19:03 10 Jul 21
Excellent customer service great product will continue to go there keep up the good work
David Thomas (Surfninja)
David Thomas (.
00:36 26 Jun 21
These guys have Great flower !!!the Master Grow series is really nice ,I especially liked the Florida keys.
Nila Wisniewska
Nila W.
14:09 10 Jun 21
this location has some really great employees. i get uncomfortable pretty easily and quickly to the point of dropping everything and walking out of stores or businesses. high energy and loud voices tend to make me paranoid, which is why i so appreciate all of you here.the music is never hyper, the employees aren’t slow by any means but there’s always a sense of calmness to them, and no one has ever given me a strange response or look like some other dispensaries. it might sound strange, i know, but this is huge for me.thank you, Kayla (spelling?) for being really lovely today. you have great people skills and genuine understanding of how to adapt to the patient in front you. you’re an asset to this industry without a doubt!thanks guys!read more
Richard Moravec
Richard M.
19:14 31 May 21
Everybody's really nice and helpful. Quick accurate service with a smile.(I have to assume this because they practice health/medical and wear masks). Had other choices for dispensaries and sticking with GrowHealthy. Thank more
David Upchurch
David U.
19:14 28 May 21
Absolutely the most positive experience to date! GH is So much better than the other guys down the street. Thank you for the positive experience!!!read more
Caia Cruce
Caia C.
17:13 14 May 21
My associate Cami was super sweet and friendly! Killer first patient discount! Very happy with my first experience and will definitely be back!!read more
18:22 04 May 21
The friendliest staff. They are all excellent costumer service. I felt like I was talking to a friend the time I was there. Will be my place from now more
Sean Justus
Sean J.
18:52 20 Mar 21
The best dispensary in Gainesville. I love this place. Great product, great service. Thanks for being consistent, and more
Alex Rodriguez
Alex R.
19:50 09 Mar 21
Man the manager is great the employees are great. They open the door to let you out and have explained many things to me. I even had a manager call me to let me know they had a product I was looking for earlier. I can't express how happy this place makes me overall a real medical dispensary who cares for their more
Bill Russell (Coolbreeze)
Bill Russell (.
01:41 08 Mar 21
Very beautiful place. Clean and very well set up. I was impressed the moment I was let in. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Id like to see their product lines expand in a few areas but if you're looking for vapes or syringes and drops this place wont disappoint more
Christina Dach
Christina D.
21:55 17 Feb 21
My personal opinion is that this is the best dispensary in Gainesville. Organised and professional. Never have a long wait. God quality product and everyone always has a really good more
Eric Kim
Eric K.
18:10 15 Feb 21
An excellent dispensary! The people are very friendly and are very helpful. They have many great products and the lines are usually very short (if there is a line).read more
Eric Schrock
Eric S.
22:11 10 Feb 21
Mask police on patrol today asked me to leave because he was unhappy with my mask wearing....typical scared college kid. Kid's need to learn to mind their own business...leave the adulting to adults. Normally a 4.5 star experience at Grow Healthy....There is a bad apple in every tree. The employees are always exceptional at this dispensary until today...Now one kid trying to force his will upon me has ruined my shopping experience here forever. I will never shop here again. Employers have to start taking control of the children working for them. Stop letting WOKE children ruin your business...what a more
Roberta Bondurant
Roberta B.
00:41 20 Jan 21
Exceptional quality and customer service. The feel of this place is nice, clean, and calming. Staff are well trained, knowledgeable and more
Pinky Slade
Pinky S.
19:37 31 Dec 20
This is my first time buying from grow healthy and I am very pleased. I love it here so far. They have gave me some really great product. I am never going back to trulieve blah.There flower is really dry more
Sharon T.
Sharon T.
15:56 31 Dec 20
This was my first experience with medical cannabis and being unsure of which dispensary to use, I chose Grow Healthy based on their reviews. They did not disappoint. Yecheva took excellent care of me! She was extremely patient and took the time to explain things thoroughly to make sure I knew what to use and more
Crissy M
Crissy M
22:17 26 Dec 20
Grow Healthy has positively wonderful customer service. With my particular disabilities, I can be a bit, ok a Lot, agitated sometimes and it has never once fazed the tenders. I so appreciate that because really I have no control over when the moods change.The products are fabulous. I have never been disappointed with my purchases. My symptoms subside and there's really no more heel-nipping.The professionalism is unparalleled, and all attendants I have encountered are knowledgeable about conditions, products, and can match you with the correct meds.Thank you!read more
Dantastic Sloth
Dantastic S.
15:01 19 Dec 20
This place is fantastic. Very friendly and helpful staff, nice atmosphere. Almost never a wait time and if there is always reasonable. Staff will let you inspect product before purchase, but of course it all comes down to the quality (of which I can say they have the HIGHEST in town) Their melting point extracts are a bit pricey, yet I keep buying them so who am I to say anythingread more
Pinky Slade
Pinky S.
02:11 17 Dec 20
This is my first time buying from grow healthy and I am very pleased. I love it here so far. They have gave me some really great product. I am never going back to trulieve more
Juli Aitch
Juli A.
04:21 20 Nov 20
I feel as tho I got best product here so far. But then they were out?
Becca Mckee
Becca M.
17:37 19 Nov 20
this place is the best i use them now exclusively they hav everything i can think an are understanding compassionate and patient the only thing is they need more invintory availablty and the delivery system however needs to b improved stillread more
Adrian Barry
Adrian B.
17:03 17 Nov 20
Nice people, great serviceHard to see from street they areworth looking for. Great products.
Josie Shelton
Josie S.
18:34 15 Nov 20
Such a great dispensary with great bud and staff!! I went there for the first time the other day and was helped by Imani. She was so sweet and helpful and recommended a strain that I now love! I will definitely be back and everyone should check them more
Karen Clark
Karen C.
18:41 12 Nov 20
This was the first time I visited and I loved it! I have since been there more times.
Virginia Deas
Virginia D.
03:51 06 Nov 20
One of The BEST DISPENSARIES IN TOWN IN MY HUMBLE OPINION. All the way around,from the absolute Best Product to the absolute Best Service, you can't go wrong at Grow more
Kristin C
Kristin C
18:41 28 Oct 20
First visit and it was wonderful! Awesome staff and products! Thank you Josh for your help. I can't wait to come back soon! ☺read more
Panama Beatz
Panama B.
00:37 14 Oct 20
Great military discount! Friendly helpful staff. Management should allow tips!!
Sam Abate
Sam A.
16:32 12 Oct 20
Finally had someone explain pick ups. They only hold till the 3nd od day not 24 hours. I have to call and let them know I will be coming because I live so far away. Eric was awesome and knowledgeable. I wish I lived closer, Gainesville would be go to. Great customer service and great m3ds. Thank you more
Laquan Mcquay
Laquan M.
00:59 12 Oct 20
Went into grow healthy for the first time with my wife. The gentleman that served us was not very in tuned with the customers. He was rushing us out the door without giving us our product. Then after getting home we realized we were missing a cartridge that we paid for and all of our discounts were not applied. Tried calling them for an hour with no pick up, and then they closed. Not more
Professor Gary
Professor G.
21:27 09 Oct 20
The worst possible dispensary. Phone contact holding times outrageous, screw ups in delivery, false discounts, just absolutely the worst dispensary experience I have ever had. I have been to almost all in Gainesville. They are all MUCH better to deal with than Grow Healthy. THEY SUCK BIG TIME! BEWAREread more
Jeffrey Pettis
Jeffrey P.
16:53 30 Sep 20
Awesome staff! Great store with more in stock than anyone in Gville. Will be my "preferred store" from here on out! 👍read more
20:59 24 Sep 20
Had my first visit at Grow Healthy today and was very impressed! Brian the Budtender was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable! Thanks Brian!read more
Zach Ruffo
Zach R.
20:02 05 Sep 20
Some amazing flower! As well as Grade A+ service.
Thom Flightcrazed Daniels
Thom Flightcrazed D.
15:43 02 Sep 20
Great place, friendly people. They also take care of veterans with a great discount.
King Kaleb
King K.
14:01 02 Sep 20
Best flower also best customer service all around best dispensary experience an Eric couldn’t of done any better at his job thanks guysread more
John Crawford
John C.
21:29 28 Aug 20
Nice people, place, and product! White 99 in a cartridge!
Karen Fernandez
Karen F.
15:31 26 Aug 20
Wow, a dispensary that gives you your product quick and the weed is always on point cured perfectly nice job! This dispensary is better than any other one in Florida. Truelieve was very uncomfortable most of the time and they never have weed and if they do its nothing compared to grow more
Natasha Dahlgren
Natasha D.
21:53 04 Aug 20
I have ordered over the phone and online twice now and let me tell you this is by far the best experiance and product! First off there is a major shortage going on and I went to 3 dispensaries in gainesville that only had maybe 1 or 2 strands at 13-18%. I have gone to almost every dispensary in gainesville as well as viewed online sites. Not only does Grow Healthy have the highest percentages for flowef (I got a 30.90% that was the best I've ever smoked as well as a 29% and 26% that are amazing!) They also have the most user friendly website and store! One of the painpoints on ordering online is it NEVER states a percentage of THC in flower. Sometimes you may see a wide range like 12-19% but rarely an exact amount usually it lists just showing "varies" and they list strands that aren't available in store. Grow Healthys website is up to date showing you exactly what is in stock, even how many in stock, as well as the exact percentage, price and all stand info you are looking for. I did not once look at the site and leave it having to call in with a list of questions. This site is so user friendly it answers them all and shows you an exact picture of the strand! Odering over the phkne was a pleasant experience with sweet caring reps and ordering online was quick and easy. Once in the store the receptionist were all extremely kind and quick to get us served. When they take you back the room is large open and inviting. Most stores may have a print out list of product info but you have to ask a list of questions and they ramble off answers too and a lot of info. Grow healthy had a tv screens separated out and organized by product groul(group, concentrates, syringes.. ect) for all product it easily list out the THC percentage as well as any CBD percents, the amount (3.5g for flower, 1/5gram or full gram carts...ect.) and prices. The reps are there to answer any questions but honestly all the info is displayed so easy for you, you hardly have any. I will continue to only go to Grow Healthy. If I could give them 10 stars I would! Definitely recommend!!read more
Marc Belmonte
Marc B.
22:01 30 Jul 20
Uber friendly and knowledgeable staff. Thanks for settling us up on our way home to Tampa!
Les Thornton
Les T.
19:01 24 Jul 20
So I drove about an hour to pick up medicine that I preordered. Once inside I realized the medication I ordered was no longer in stock even though I received a confirmation text. At this point I begin to get very upset and angry as I just drove an hour to be turned down after I received said confirmation. The manager (pretty lady with dreads) calmed me down and stated they were here to help. That she did.... I cannot thank the manager enough. Not only for making it right but being there for me when I was upset. The world needs more people like more
Errand Frazier
Errand F.
00:21 09 Jul 20
awesome staff's I am giving them high ratings.
Alice Cort
Alice C.
17:21 03 Jul 20
Staff was great. They had everything I ordered and the transaction went smoothly
Tessa Herndon
Tessa H.
09:31 29 Jun 20
They have a nice store and friendly employees. I was in and out within 10 minutes. And the product is great. I just wish they had more of a flower more
Kane Brooks
Kane B.
21:09 24 Jun 20
Absolutely Amazing! The Flower at this place is Incredible! I can't wait until you guys get concentrates, I will probably hold off on buying any from anywhere else until the debut of GrowHealthy more
Monica Fuschi
Monica F.
00:58 12 Jun 20
Nice, Friendly knowledgeable Staff. Very clean. Super easy to see what you need.
Nick .
Nick .
17:24 07 Jun 20
Good people work here. Give them lip and I'll have to correct you.
Jimmy Berry
Jimmy B.
16:37 02 Jun 20
Amazing bud with great customer service.
Marshall Davis
Marshall D.
05:40 28 Mar 20
Another great trip to Growhealthy Gainesville!! Paul was very helpful and as always that Rain Maker is fire!! Also picked up some Bitter Swetz and Bubba Kush,, all must a must to try!! If you haven’t been by here you need too!! Thanks guys and gals keep up the good work and see y’all soon!! New “one at a time” service went very well also,, kinda like the service myself hope this might remain an option in the future. Keep up the Master Grow series also,, please add an indica :)Marshallread more
Ashley Leach
Ashley L.
23:37 11 Mar 20
The quslity products and easy atmosphere makes this my favorite dispensary in Gainesville, by far! Cant wait for them to expand their selection of concentrates!!read more
Stephen Owen
Stephen O.
14:47 09 Mar 20
Since I am disabled I get a 20% discount that includes flower. Nice employees, nice dispensary, & never waited more than a couple minuets .read more
Rachel Westwood
Rachel W.
22:15 18 Jan 20
Excellent customer service. The employees are very knowledgeable and helpful. Paul S, a staff member, walked me through and helped me choose the best product for me. I will definitely be back!read more
Jacq Hyams
Jacq H.
17:34 11 Jan 20
Awesome environment and knowledgeable, friendly folks. Love going here.
Mandi Ward
Mandi W.
20:24 28 Dec 19
Fantastic flower products. Great selection on vapes. I would love to see more quanity of flower if they are going to offer sale promotions. They were sold out of the special due to low quanity. But, I'm happy that they had other high quality more
Debra Murphy
Debra M.
12:35 23 Dec 19
Much much nicer on the delivery end. Neither employee interested in the customer. Asked what documentation I needed to bring for the financial hardship program. Employees not even aware of the program nor interested in finding out. While there a few other customers came in. One of them was apparently known in the store. The difference in the way that customer was treated was amazing. The way the known customer was treated was how ALL of your customers would like to be treated. Back to Curaleaf I more
M.K. Jackson
M.K. J.
20:43 19 Dec 19
Wonderful staff and educated budtender. Brenden knew his products and strains. He was able to give sound advice and talk through making an informed more
Sean Moore
Sean M.
23:43 14 Dec 19
Paul was very helpful and patient with me. He also assisted me better use of oral distillates for sleep. 😊💯read more
Kristina Thomas
Kristina T.
00:43 12 Sep 19
Great customer service outstanding team . This location is like good oiled machine. The staff there is amazing. Good job guys I come back to see you again. Thank more
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