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Delivery Now Available in All Florida Counties

GrowHealthy is now active in the sales and distribution of medical cannabis products. The full list of CBD & THC products are included here on their menu page. Eventually, their THC and CBD products will be available to be picked up at their dispensaries when open, however currently qualified patients with an order entered into the Marijuana Use Registry can call 800-619-5288 to schedule a secure delivery directly to your door.

To become eligible to receive medical marijuana products from GrowHealthy, you will need to have received an Florida Medical Card and have been added to the Marijuana Use Registry by a  certified doctor or physician’s clinic in Florida.


GrowHealthy Concentrates Oral Syringe

THC Sativa – Cindy White

THC Indica – Bubba Kush 1g

Grow Healthy High CBD 1g

Balanced THC to CBD 1:1 

Sativa Strawberry Haze 

GrowHealthy Tinctures

Balanced 1:1

High CBD 1g

Sativa – Lemon Lime 

GrowHealthy Vape Cartridges

Strawberry Haze


Afghan Ruby


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Wookie Girl 

Afghan Kush

Bubba Kush 

Vaporizer Accessories

Small Vape Battery

Vape Pen – Black

Vape Pen – Nickel


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