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MüV Marijuana Menu Products – MüV cannabis infused products by AltMed are now for sale in Florida. They are a leader in innovative product types including gels, inhalers and breath sprays. 

MüV dispensaries in Florida carry a full line of CBD and THC products. They are available in a variety of forms and strain types on their product menu.

MuV Pre Roll - Lemon Lights

Pillow Factory

Black Fire

Velvet Glove

White Chem

Sour Jack

Florida I-95

Citradelic Sunset

Ghostrider OG

Chunky Diesel

RudeBoi OG

Gorilla Glue #4

Banana Hammock


Pootie Tang

Pillow Factory

Chem Shiva

Velvet Glove

White Chem

I-95 Balanced

Canna Tsu


White Chem

G-Pen Cart - Sour Tsunami

G-Pen - Red Headed Stranger

G-Pen Cart - Grape Ape

G-Pen Cart - Clementine

G-Pen Cart - Member Berries

G-Pen Cart - Northern Lights

G-Pen Cart - I-95

G-Pen Cart - Jack Herer

MUV Tangerine Kush Solvent Free

MuV Lemon Solvent Free Cartridge

MuV Original Solvent Free Cartridge

MuV Peppermint Solvent Free Cartridge

Muv Pure Vape Cart - Maui Wowie

Muv Pure Vape Cart - Blueberry

Muv Pure Vape Cart - Canna Tsu

Muv Pure Vape Cart - OG Kush

Lemon Margy

Gorilla Glue 4

Obiwan OG

Lemon Glue

Forum Cut Cookie

MüV Vape Pen Battery

MüV Disptick Dipper

Oral Spray, Inhalers & Tinctures

THC Oral Spray

THC Tincture

CBD Tincture

THC Inhaler

CBD Inhaler

Topical Treatments

Sports Gel

Pain Relief

Sport Lotion

Balanced Gel

Patches And MüV Intimacy Oil

MüV Sport Gel

MüV Sport Lotion


MüV Intimacy Oil

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