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MüV Marijuana Menu Products – MüV cannabis infused products, exclusively manufactured and distributed by AltMed are now for sale in Florida. They are a leader in innovative product types including gels, inhalers and breath sprays. MüV dispensaries in Florida carry a full line of CBD & THC products available in a variety of forms & strain types on their product menu.

Altmed Dispensary Menu Products MUV Florida

MüV dispensary products are available to be picked up at their open dispensary locations or ordered online and delivered directly to your door. Delivery is limited to 20 miles from open stores and Pinellas County. To become eligible to receive AltMed’s MuV medical marijuana products, you will need to have a Florida Medcard after being approved by a local certified doctor or physician clinic.

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MÜV Flower Cups – Forum Cut Cookies

MÜV Flower Cups – Lemon Bubba

MÜV Flower Cups – Pootie Tang

AltMed MÜV Flower Cups – Sirius

MÜV Flower – Banana Hammock

MÜV Cannabis Flower – Chemdawg

MÜV Flower Bud – Gorilla Glue #4

MÜV Flower Bud – Pootie Tang

Extract-Blue – Banana Hammock

Extract – Blue – Chemdawg

Extract-Blue – Chunk Dawg

Extract-Blue – Lemon Lights

Extract-Blue – Lemon OG Haze

Extract-Blue – Pootie Tang

Extract-Blue – Sirius Strain

Extract-Blue – Zweet Inzanity

Shatter – Canna-Tsu

Shatter – Chem Shiva

Shatter – Citral Glue

Shatter – CO. Chem

Shatter – Gorilla Glue #4

Shatter – Lemon Bubba

Shatter – Lemon Lights

Shatter – Jamaican Gypsy

MuV Extract-Gold – Chemdawg

MuV Extract-Gold – Chunk Dawg

MuV Gold – Fairy Godmother

MuV Gold – Forum Cookies

MuV Gold – Lemon Bubba

MuV Gold – Lemon Lights

MuV Gold – Pootie Tang

MuV Gold – Purple Linda

Sour Tsunami


Northern Lights


AltMed MUV Terepine Enriched Vape Pen Kit 500 MG

AltMed MUV Distillate Prime  Pen Cartridge 500 MG

AltMed MUV Terepine Enriched Vape Pen Kit 500 MG

AltMed MUV Distillate Prime Vape Pen Kit 500 MG

MüV Disptick Dipper

Vape Pen Battery


Disposable Pen

Oral Sprays and Inhalers

THC Oral Spray

CBD Oral Spray

THC Inhaler

CBD Inhaler

Tinctures, Syringes and Topicals

THC Tincture

CBD Tincture

THC Syringe

Pain Relief

Sport Gel

Sport Lotion


Balanced Gel

Patches And MüV Intimacy Oil

MüV Sport Gel

MüV Sport Lotion


MüV Intimacy Oil

MUV Products