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Florida Med Cards are available to qualified patients that are approved by a certified doctor. If you are ready to Get Started Now, fill out the Patient Sign Up below to Get Started Today.

Do you…

  • Have a medical condition that marijuana may help?

  • Take one or more prescription drugs and it’s time to dial it back?

  • Want to learn more about the benefits of medical cannabis from a qualified doctors office?

  • Already use marijuana for relief and want to do it legally?

  • If you are ready to visit with a doctor, fill out the form below.

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What is a Marijuana ID Card?

A Marijuana Card in Florida is a Medical Marijuana Use Registry ID card issued by the state. These allow qualified patients access to medical cannabis products from licensed dispensaries, or Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers. When a patient has their MedCard they are allowed to enter medical marijuana dispensaries to purchase CBD & THC products in a variety of available forms. Ordering online and delivery is an option as well.

Want to…

  • Get your doctors recommendation for a med card.
  • Find a doctor easily that is caring as well as knowledgeable.
  • Get access to a wide variety of legal cannabis THC and CBD products.
  • Have a doctors office contact you to get the process started.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Average Cost to visit a Certified Recommending Doctor is $200-$300 for the initial visit and $100-$200 for the follow up visit. Please understand these costs prior to filling out the patient registration as a doctor’s office may be contacting you shortly. The majority of our participating doctors provide a discount through FL Dispensaries & Doctors.

After getting a cannabis certification from the doctor they will login and register you with the Medical Marijuana Use Registry, formerly the Compassionate Use Registry. Your doctor will also issue a recommendation for Low THC High CBD and medical cannabis. These will be broken down by milligram total amounts per 70 days and recommended doses. Also, how to take it, inhalation, or vaping and oral ingestion, examples being capsules, tinctures, or inhaler.

After receiving a doctors recommendation, login here to the Office of Medical Marijuana Use website to complete the application. Then pay the processing fee, $75 to the Office of Medical Marijuana Use online or by mail. A $2.75 convenience fee is charged for each online payment. Their address is Office of Medical Marijuana Use , PO Box 31313, Tampa, FL 33631-3313

If you need help with your application or to check the status call: 800.808.9580.

Florida legal cannabis registration form

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