Curaleaf Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Panama City

749 W 23rd St
Panama City, FL 32405

Store Hours:

Monday – Saturday:
9am – 8:30pm
Sunday: 10am – 6pm

Payment Methods:

Cash or Debit Card Accepted ATM Available


Dispensary – Unavailable

Panama City – A Curaleaf dispensary is now open at 749 W 23rd St, Panama City FL 32405, to help cannabis patients get relief through a range of medical marijuana products. This cannabis store is here to service Panama City, Lynn Haven, Youngstown, Fountain, and Bay County in general. 

Curaleaf dispensary menu products, available by delivery in Panama City, includes a variety of flower, vaporizers, capsules, concentrates, THC oils, CBD oil, and topicals

If you have a qualifying condition, you may be eligible to get certified from a participating doctor near you.


Panama City – Enjoy the additional convenience of home delivery of Curaleaf medical cannabis products delivered right to your front door near Panama City, Lynn Haven, Youngstown, Fountain, and throughout Bay County.  

Enjoy the easy ability of ordering online or over the phone. Call Curaleaf for Marijuana Deliveries RX at 877.303.0741 to fill your order. 

Statewide Delivery – $15 Delivery Fee On Orders Under $125

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What People Are Saying

Rhonda Morris
Rhonda M.
16:24 16 Jan 22
The wait time has dropped dramatically. So they changed something too help that area. Love the sales. Bogo and 40% off. The points when purchasing add up for additional savings. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. Keep up the good work 👏.read more
Kathy Sullivan
Kathy S.
15:48 15 Jan 22
Woo hoo next service around sweet very much knowledge. Quick service. Love these people.
17:33 13 Jan 22
Products are average, customer experience is lacking. I always end up having to wait 30 minutes to 1 hour for an online order pick-up, after confirmation it’s “ready for pick-up”. Now they are requiring face masks again, after all the studies have proven that anything less than a N-95 is pointless. Employees were wearing cloth “fashion” masks and handing out disposable surgical masks at the door. I will not cover my face, or wear your masks. I will not bend the knee and comply with your requirements to make my purchase. I will refuse to do business with any company that tries to place me in their virtue signaling campaign. We have several dispensaries in the area, and more in the way. No need to waste time here more
Enma's Deception
Enma's D.
15:30 31 Dec 21
Great service and friendly staff. Always feel welcome and they answer all your questions.
Cheryl Sullivan
Cheryl S.
10:10 09 Dec 21
great first time experience! very friendly and laid back atmosphere. staff was knowledgeable and helpful.
Shanna Rose
Shanna R.
23:14 10 Nov 21
LOVE LOVE LOVE - thank you for getting the topical back in stock, it is a must have item! Staff is always courteous! Very happy with my service overall at this locationread more
Juniper Kreek
Juniper K.
17:26 06 Nov 21
I used to rlly like this place, chill staff and good prices. But yesterday I got a container of flower and some pieces were moldy, I know the difference between purple and mold. Just a shame I won’t ever shop there againread more
Angela McConnell
Angela M.
19:02 29 Oct 21
I love some of their products, but the wait time here is excruciating. If you order online for should be able to come in , pick up and not wait behind 12 shoppers who have not placed an order! Even when doing regular purchase here it takes forever to check out. I don’t get it..time I’ve spent in all the other dispensaries in town is maybe 5-10 min max.I know y’all can do better!read more
Benjamin Bundy
Benjamin B.
16:48 26 Oct 21
Great place.Great staff.Great products and specials and discounts to help you out.Very informative about their products.Friendly and very helpful.Highly more
Jesslyn Alice
Jesslyn A.
20:24 13 Sep 21
This dispensary is amazing. A very fast line to get in and out. Everyone is knowledgeable and sweet and they listen to your needs. Dope people ✌️read more
Sawyer Faust
Sawyer F.
01:53 18 Aug 21
Keith was an amazing bud-tender as well as the rest of the crew, I was the last patient out of the door and they treated me like I was the first on opening day! Great service and great people! Highly recommend!read more
Kari Adams
Kari A.
10:34 22 Jul 21
Staff was friendly and very helpful. However I waited an hour and a half for a pickup. They need better understanding reps . .that time is good service tooread more
Lee Myers
Lee M.
20:06 15 Jul 21
Love this place! They have so many daily discounts, not to mention your first timers discounts. They have a lot of good product, prices are good, and the staff are great. Take your order and get it ready for you, and they'll even share their own opinions of the product and customer reviews, which really helps in the decision with more
Byron Blan
Byron B.
15:12 13 Jul 21
This is definitely my favorite store. The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable. They have great products and are always on top of their game! They always have great specials!read more
Carter Baeza
Carter B.
19:25 06 Jun 21
Came here for the first time, Nick was extremely sociable and helped me out a ton. Most dispos have employees that are to high to talk, he made it an amazing experience. Highly recommendedread more
ItsAMermaid Vibe
ItsAMermaid V.
00:50 05 Jun 21
This is by far my favorite dispensary. I am new to the medical herb world, but I will drive an hour and a half past 3 other dispensaries just to go to this one. Great customer service, great deals, great products. I looove Curaleaf. Keith & Max were very helpful and friendly during my last visit 🙂read more
Mr Chaz
Mr C.
21:06 27 May 21
Excellent experience every time. Misty is the bomb at making sure things are in order and making sure everyone is taken care of. Shy is ridiculously funny and an awesome bud tender. Her expertise is on more
Crystal Ann
Crystal A.
22:00 01 May 21
Today, I had my first experience at Curaleaf. The staff was so helpful and friendly! SHY and Mercedes were amazing. I will definately be going back!read more
Kendall Mask
Kendall M.
21:22 01 May 21
Wonderful experience! Shy was so friendly and knowledgeable. She answered every question I asked with ease and made my shopping experience fun and enjoyable while helping me to obtain exactly what I more
Hans Gruber
Hans G.
16:51 01 May 21
Love it going to be one of my regular stops everyone there was extremely friendly and knowledgeable more than happy to answer any question you had. Great selection of more
Andrew Griffith
Andrew G.
21:20 26 Apr 21
Great experience. Best dispensary in Panama City.Shy was very helpful and professional. Always offering super deals. Will be more
Mr Tumbleweed
Mr T.
16:27 07 Apr 21
To anyone looking to go here for the first timeTHE DOORS ARE ON THE FRONT, NOT THE SIDE!Seen several people leave because they were too bothered to check the front of the store where the signs are!Anyway this was my first experience purchasing medical ..medicine and the two ladies working today, Mercedes and Taylor, were absolutely phenomenal.I know there have a been a few negative reviews about the wait, etc. But its the busiest time of year, how are you not prepared to wait? Either show up early, or get ready to wait!Other than that, the facility was absolutely immaculate. The ordering process was an absolute breeze.They have AMAZING new customer discounts you would be hard pressed to pass up. Taylor and Mercedes made me feel extremely welcomed, and as someone who already deals with anxiety, made the entire trip absolutely easy and enjoyableNot only that, but the products are high quality. Not the strongest THC in town, but the prices are EXTREMELY fair and get you wherever you need to be.I will be using Curaleaf again in the future for more
Jbluegraser mcdonald
Jbluegraser M.
18:07 27 Mar 21
I won't go anywhere else now. The people there are so friendly and happy and they really know their stuff if you have questions about strains, etc. It's casual and comfortable there and even at it's busiest I've never had to wait more than 15 more
Antonia Holmes
Antonia H.
21:33 18 Mar 21
This is place is amazing. The staff is extremely friendly, fun, funny, helpful, and all around best dispensary in town. Highly recommend curaleaf to all medical card holders. Thank you to the staff for being more
Matt & Ginger S
Matt & Ginger S
22:54 15 Mar 21
Love the staff and the products here!! This location has such an amazing group of people all friendly and genuinely look like they enjoy helping their patients.Purple Sunset will always be one of my favorite strains ever and their wax is mind more
Anna Kasprowicz
Anna K.
14:57 06 Mar 21
The staff knows me by name! The staff is like family. They are very knowledgeable and helpful. They always review what is on sale/specials. I have even received courtesy phone calls about sales (and daily texts). Overall, it's always a good experience. NOTE: The curb in front of the store is not highly visible. I've seen a lot of people trip while walking to the door of the store. I tripped and busted my chin open! Be careful!read more
23:15 21 Feb 21
Kevin misty and mercedes , have helped me all three times I've been their , the product here is great . Good quality . Very knowledgeable about strains , and benefits for different medical problem , although their are a couple of other people their that have helped me or talked to me as well thus I also have to give a five star . The store is very clean as well , nice waiting room , the only down side is the doors system with the building and adjacent business my first time trying to figure out how to get in the building other then that they made my visit here great , they even gave me a welcome packet with a journal in it to help keep track of dosages an stuff. I highly recommend this more
Bekah Seagle
Bekah S.
07:31 20 Feb 21
What a great buying experience! I've been a patient for a while, and had the pleasure of accompanying my boyfriend for his new patient visit. Our bud-tender *extraordinaire was Shy... she was so pleasant, knowledgeable and charming, we took to several of her recommendations and the products are on point! Thanks, we'll be back!read more
Trina Swindle
Trina S.
00:23 20 Feb 21
I love this place. They are all so awesome... mark and taco brought my order to my house in a decent amount of time. Love this placeread more
Jessica Singleton
Jessica S.
22:22 17 Jan 21
Having had nothing but terrible experiences with another dispensary, I went in with low expectations. They were very descriptive and easy going. They have a great first time customer promotion. You can use the first time 50% discount on your choice of your first three visits to encourage you to try everything. I’m very impressed with the staff and their helpfulness. I really needed someone to take some time with all of the questions I had been saving up. They worked quickly with everyone around me, but very courteous to my needing extra assistance. Stevie was very knowledgeable and even thought to inform me of product details that I wouldn’t have otherwise known about. And they promoted free delivery and verified they travel to my area. Just all around great experience. Even the customers fed off of the positive energy and shared positive experiences. Best thing was not having to wait in a ridiculously long line or be placed in the back of the line for being a “walk in.”read more
17:46 17 Jan 21
They have really fresh bud and the prices are fair. I am one of those who look for high thc% but i can get lower than normal% and it don't matter cause their bud is great at a great price. Sweet employees also. Can't say nothing bad about this place. Thanks for your more
Kelley Morris
Kelley M.
16:46 02 Jan 21
Misty was amazing !!!! Very informative and extremely nice. Kim was kind enough to help me find the entrance door, it was my first time so I was a little confused. And Alexis was very nice as we all had a conversation. Great place great SERVICE!!! Highly recommend ❤️read more
Christina Harris
Christina H.
20:26 13 Dec 20
By far the best dispensary in Bay County. Everyone that works there is always so nice and willing to help. From my experience, they seem to be the only dispensary here locally that doesn’t have an issue with keeping inventory stocked. The customer service is truly top-notch and i’d highly recommend shopping more
Aleighsa Wright
Aleighsa W.
14:51 11 Dec 20
The girls here are super nice. The staff is so welcoming and helpful with recommendations. A lot of other dispensaries I've been to feel unwelcoming and intimidating. Curaleaf's atmosphere is by far my favorite thing about them. Not to mention the products I've tried so far have been amazing. Their price point is lower than other dispensaries in the area as well. I highly more
00:16 11 Dec 20
I just had a delivery arrive from Mark and Taco. They were so nice and polite! This was super convenient to get it delivered at home, and they even did same day delivery. It's great for people like me who cannot drive, so I don't get to go into the store very often. You guys rock!read more
Chris Sloan
Chris S.
16:57 28 Nov 20
Could not be more satisfied with the friendly service and staff. The products are great no matter what your liking is. Prices are cheaper or same but NEVER higher than any of the other stores around. The list truly goes on but you will be 100% satisfied with just your first visit. I recommend taking the time to talk to everyone and meet them all. They will welcome you as familyread more
Krystal Aragon
Krystal A.
10:50 17 Nov 20
Definitely The Place to go... Very Informative and will assist you with the knowledge to understand the new ways of use being legal... This is not your 60s hippie shop!!!! But Excellent Products... Dixie assisted me with knowledge of various products & actually asked me questions to better understand which products she could recommend to me that I was unaware about. Thank You Dixie at Curaleaf... YOU DEFINITELY ROCK AT CUSTOMER SERVICE 💃💃💃read more
Susan Adeline Love
Susan Adeline L.
16:34 23 Oct 20
Kim at Curaleaf Panama City was fantastic. I was there for the grand opening in Panama City and she was very helpful & informative and knowledgeable of the products...She hooked me up with the absolute best deal. I thought I'd found the best deal online and in store she proved me wrong by finding me a better deal to get what I wanted then I got the huge discount for first time patient and the only thing that could have made my experience any better was if there was rosin for sale at Curaleaf 🤞 and if there were two Kims! Give Kim a raise and a company car she's awesomeread more
Keri Chafen
Keri C.
22:32 16 Oct 20
I know it was grand opening so of course it was busy, however, every single employee was super happy and helpful! A super huge shout out to Kim and Mark who was my budtenders. I wish everyone is always as awesome as they are! I will for sure be back and hopefully get Kim again 🙂read more
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