Curaleaf Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in South Orlando

12402 S Orange Blossom Trail
Orlando, FL 32837

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday 10-7
Saturday 10-5
Sunday 12-5

Payment Methods:

Cash or Debit Card Accepted
ATM Available

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Dispensary – Open

South Orlando – A Curaleaf dispensary is now open at 12402 S Orange Blossom Trail in zip code 32837 to help medical cannabis patients get relief through a range of medical marijuana products. This cannabis store is here to service Hunters Creek, Williamsburg, Lake Buena Vista, and Orange County in general. 

Curaleaf dispensary menu products in South Orlando include low-THC, high-CBD cannabis and full-strength medical marijuana. The list of products in stock include a variety of flower, vaporizers, capsules, concentrates, THC oils, CBD oil, and topicals

Don’t have a medcard yet? If you have a qualifying condition, you may be eligible to get certified for your FL med marijuana card from a participating doctor near you.


South Orlando – Enjoy the additional convenience of home delivery of Curaleaf medical cannabis products delivered right to your front door near Hunters Creek, Williamsburg, Lake Buena Vista, and throughout Orange County.

Enjoy the easy ability of ordering online or over the phone. Call Curaleaf for Marijuana Deliveries RX at 877.303.0741 to fill your order. 

Curaleaf Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients who need non-euphoric care. Free Statewide Delivery!

Curaleaf Florida

What People Are Saying

Cassie Bell
Cassie B.
18:11 25 Oct 21
I was in and out pretty quick, and it was easy to get into. They have a tablet you can order from and see the current deals, inventory and whatnot so it’s super convenient. The employees were friendly and more
Janet Jacques
Janet J.
16:07 23 Sep 21
I’ve been a loyal customer of this dispensary since I received my card a few years ago. Recently I placed an order online while there was a great sale. They contacted me for more information the next day which I provided. They never got back to me about my order status and now won’t honor my order or the pricing and is trying to charge me full price. Bad business practices. The young lady on the phone was so rude and condescending while I was trying to explain what happened that I ultimately had to hang up on her. I don’t have to tolerate being spoken to like that. This isn’t the first time I’ve experienced this with Curaleaf. Enough is enough so Now it’s time for me to explore other dispensaries and take my business elsewhere and sell my stocks I have with Curaleaf. I wouldn’t recommend them at all after these horrible more
Jancarlos Soto
Jancarlos S.
13:28 06 Sep 21
I have an awesome experience every time I’m here.They take the time and effort to suggest things I’ve never heard of, to expose me to the latest products, and to educate me on how the products would best suit me. Great deals. I suggest going in early as it can get a little busy because of the discounts at later more
Carlos Hernandez
Carlos H.
23:42 03 Sep 21
Let me tell you after working long day after 12 hours as a health care worker !! The best staff , I seen you guys pick special people , the lady and gentlemen that helped me get my product was so friendly , and answer my question and where so nice this is why I drive from Haines city to you guys !!! You guys rock from the front and checking out amazing team !!read more
Joey McCray Joey
Joey McCray J.
14:01 02 Sep 21
This is the worst dispensarie I have been to. It’s very unorganized. Staff that I dealt with have zero customer service skills. I asked 3 people a question and not one gave me an answer. Then the budtender wanted to argue with me instead of listen to what I was asking. Don’t go to this place unless all the other dispensaries are closed or dry. Waste of time and more
Thomas Donovan
Thomas D.
16:50 18 Aug 21
Anyone that gives this location anything less than a 5 is just a grumpy weenie. Aside from long wait times (which has nothing to do with them) there isn’t a single bad thing about this place. I’m not just excited to get my medication when I go here, I’m excited to interact with the workers, and as an extreme introvert that’s saying more
Heather Gorski
Heather G.
16:42 18 Aug 21
The customer service is outstanding and so helpful! I can’t say enough good things about them. Thankyou so much 💓read more
edward naylon
edward N.
18:09 13 Aug 21
Ordered on line for pick up thinking I would walk in and pay. Waited over a half hour. They had 4 employees at one time not helping any one. I went for the savings and drove over 30 minutes. Not worth the aggravation and disappointment. Stay away. This is by far the worst experience I have had at a dispensary. Slow inefficient service. Not enough stock of products. Not sure what the point of ordering ahead of time is for. Lots of people waiting and lots of employees not helping more
xayra nicole
xayra N.
23:05 21 Jul 21
Honestly, the worst dispensary ever. This is my second time giving them a bad review because of how horrible their staff is. The only reason I have no choice but to go there is because the other ones are too far. Today I called 5 times because I kept getting hung up on or just placed on hold for hours. Finally the last employee who said was a “manager” did not even apologize and didn’t even tell me how much my order was for. Which makes me think he didn’t even place it. Omg please hire all new staff and train them on customer more
Steven K
Steven K
23:19 17 Jul 21
Excellent dispensary, excellent staff. Top notch customer service. Big shout out to the kind person who helped me get the best deal while providing helpful information. You are the more
Potatcious G
Potatcious G
14:02 05 Jul 21
Staff is extremely knowledgeable on the products they offer, along with being wonderfully friendly and professional every time I’ve been in. Also Curaleaf as a company has alot of very good more
La'Ron Marrett
La’Ron M.
21:17 07 Jun 21
placed an online pick up order , my first time shopping with this specific place and i would not recommend !! they gave me anxiety just from the waiting room alone , the room was cramped full of waiting customers three chairs max and they did not offer the call back option to all customers only ones they knew personally i had to asked to be called when my order was ready after standing in the packed lobby . All in all i waited in my car 20 mins, i watched two or three people walk in from there vehicles and go behind the door to be serviced so i took my id and left . i understand its a weed shop quote on quote but the atmosphere and service has to be upgraded .read more
Bryanna Diaz
Bryanna D.
00:51 06 Jun 21
Best customer service ever! Gabbi is such a sweetheart made me feel so welcomed, all the staff did! I love this curaleaf
j c
j c
17:47 29 May 21
Great customer service! The assistant manager was very helpful. Highly recommend giving this location a try!
Melina Barajas
Melina B.
14:52 13 May 21
Had a very pleasant experience here. I dealt with Myke and he was so knowledgeable and answered every question I had! I would recommend this place to everyone. The vibe was so inviting and the people there seemed to really love what they do. Thank you curaleaf family!read more
Dawn Salyers
Dawn S.
20:12 19 Apr 21
Great place! My first time to shop at a dispensary was a different vendor. Took nearly 2 hours. Not Curaleaf! They are friendly and efficient. This will be my “go to”.read more
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel R.
22:44 17 Apr 21
This place lacks organization. The wait times are any where from 45min to an hour even when you place your order online. The staff is very nice and some are very professional but they all seem over worked. I personally think that if they set up an express line for customers that make online order it would help not keep customers waiting. I drove almost an hour to pick up an online order I placed only to hear that the wait time is an hour so I had no choice but to leave without my order as I had other previous engagements which I could not cancel. If you order from here expect long wait times!read more
Gabriel Shi_No
Gabriel S.
21:51 11 Apr 21
First time going there. I was attended and guided by Brandon. Very knowledgeable, and EXTREMELY patient. I took my sweet time, being my first time at a Curaleaf, I wanted to make the right purchase. And with Brandon, it was done very leisurely without any rush. Going back because of the entire experience. Staff was very friendly, menu with everything available, which I really liked, and the prices are realistic and much more accessible than almost every dispensary I’ve been to.Going to try the flower and vapes today, and will return with more feedback!read more
Pirate BreadMan
Pirate B.
17:56 09 Apr 21
I am honestly disappointed. Product isn’t the best. I have found seeds (if there are any seeds it looses its potency) in the flower product on top of not being on point with the weight(shorted), it smokes like regs to me. Harvest is by far the best dispensary with product. I’ve never been disappointed plus never shorted on top of I have never found a seed in there product. Not sure why they get a lot of more
Robert Austin
Robert A.
02:45 26 Mar 21
The staff is very knowledgeable, professional and courteous. In the beginning never had an issue with desired products, but now can go several weeks without my desired products or two is in. Then I have to call. Now though they have a call list so hoping that works better. Excellent dispensary and quality but otherwise if product was always on hand, it would be 5 stars. I believe the covid-19 pandemic has added tremendous volume, especially considering the customer base. Thus it has hindered their more
Monica Rodriguez
Monica R.
01:37 26 Feb 21
I have been coming here for 2 years now and I must say the customer service is amazing. They go above and beyond to explain and have so much patience. Maria , Mia , Emmanuel ,Myke and Dan are wonderful and knowledgeable to the point that they take the time to personally listen to your needs and make recommendations when asked. Love this place and wouldn’t go anywhere else! Highly more
Judy S
Judy S
17:16 22 Feb 21
It was my first time at a dispensary and Gabby was wonderful! She really took her time answering all of my questions and made me aware of other products that may help me. I was a little nervous but her helpful demeanor and professionalism put me at ease. I will definitely be back!read more
Steven Van Dyke
Steven Van D.
23:09 20 Feb 21
This dispensary isn’t just one of the best ran dispensary’s around, but one of the best ran store in general. The customer service and professionalism is beyond belief!! I know when I come here I will walk away happy regardless of if they have exactly what I need in that moment or not because I know I will be helped in finding a great alternative! And the manager is amazing!! Can’t say enough about how wonderful she is!! And that butt! 😜read more
Jessica O'Sullivan
Jessica O.
18:21 19 Feb 21
Love, love, love this place!! Super pretty and bright, and the space allows customers to social-distance from each other properly. The big thanks to Eric for helping me was extremely patient and knowledgeable, and really went out of his way to make my experience amazingread more
Lisa Gonz
Lisa G.
00:42 18 Feb 21
Curaleaf has been my go to since I started the program years ago because of the great products and sales offered. Customer service is always great including this afternoon when Eric went above and beyond and found that I could get the products I wanted while making sure I was able to get the best deals. Always good service from everyone and never a long more
Frankie Mejias
Frankie M.
22:32 17 Feb 21
Amazing customer service!! Great team work!! Such an amazing vibe when you come in. Very knowledgeable staff!! Definitely worth stopping in even if you are from another side of town!! One request let’s get a location in St. Cloud and train them all by the Orlando South store!! Because they are on it!! Chris, Eric, and all the team super amazing!! Great job team!!read more
Nick DeBerry
Nick D.
20:50 17 Feb 21
This place is awesome. Great customer service and great inventory. Employees have extensive knowledge of all products! Great place to shop!read more
ChrisM CC
ChrisM C.
06:00 11 Feb 21
Today was my first day In this Curaleaf and I had a good experience! Good vibes,Good prices and excellent quality. Thanks to Emmanuel that he gived me some sugestión and ideas to how I can use the medicine. I like the quality product and yes I give to this place 5 stars. I hope it continues to be that way in the future!!.read more
Jeff Hart
Jeff H.
14:34 15 Jan 21
Wow, I can’t believe this store has been in this location for two years. Walking in the door, lobby is super clean, new products on display coupled with array of accessories makes for a great dispensary. The people that work here like their job and it shows. Will be back again!read more
d novinsky
d N.
15:56 08 Jan 21
Always in and out, Never have waited a crazy amount of time. I tend to go towards the morning though. Each time has been great. The staff are kind and humble. I thoroughly enjoy Myke the budtender. He is so nice and makes helpful suggestions. Overall a good and cool spot to pick up what you more
Lucy QB
Lucy Q.
03:53 26 Dec 20
It’s like going to Cheers, “Where everybody knows your name.” The customer service is top notch. They give great advice. They have good sales. I’ve read through some of the one star reviews and just don’t get it. I love it here. They are my favorite local dispensary. If you go to other places, you will end up running back here. Trust more
Jamie Chiriboga
Jamie C.
00:12 17 Dec 20
They really have to get it together when it comes to being able to handle the volume at some of their locations. None of us really care how many people you have waiting or how many orders you have going on in the back. When there are two people in the lobby and I’m being told there’s an hour wait there is an operations issue. I know this because I am in operations management. Feel free to reach out for advice but I already turn down the management position because I would never wanna work for this companyread more
Tabitha Hernandez
Tabitha H.
13:48 08 Dec 20
Had a great experience here the employees are friendly and informative and the products are worth the price. They have deals weekly and a point system to get more discounts towards your purchases double points on Wenesdays and for first timers 50% off two items in each category. Loved it will be back soon!read more
Ramon Alonso
Ramon A.
20:51 04 Nov 20
This location was friendly and clean. Staff is knowledgeable – Mia helped me pick out some new products to try, she was awesome! I was a little anxious because this was my first time here and she made me feel at ease.Also has an ATM in-store, for those who need more
18:48 22 Oct 20
I’ve never been inside this locations is experience is solely based from an online order and a call. Representative called me explaining that even though the website says you have 24 hours to pick up your online order that was a NO NO. When the representative stating this locations rules are different then what is written online. she had so much attitude in her tone as if My little order ruined her whole day. Then it turn became an argument. I ending up canceling my order. This whole situation could of been avoided if this information online was followed for all locations. Especially since none of the locations are independently owned and operated. They shouldn’t be able to make their own rules. Some people don’t live close by and have to plan a trip over and will place orders online to pick up more
Christopher Swanson
Christopher S.
14:43 07 Oct 20
1st timer so what do i know ? It would be nice to actually see the buds before purchase.
JARo Media
21:17 04 Oct 20
Staff was really nice and knowledgeable. I went in on a Sunday around 4pm and it wasn’t very busy. Overall a great experience in even providing some literature for a family member who is considering becoming an MJ patientread more
Dr Camps
Dr C.
19:18 10 Sep 20
My go to shop for my needs. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
Domo Fresco
Domo F.
07:00 09 Sep 20
Solid product. Solid staff. Good vibes. Professional atmosphere product is always on point. They have high quality flower typically have one to three flavors in 1/8s depending on the time of week you go this location is usually solid on if they don’t have 8ths they will have pre-rolls selection is good indica, sativas ,hybrids the works . One thing that is guaranteed here is the flower freshness is noticeably better than surrounding dispensaries in that area. So even if they don’t have a ton of different flower available they come hard with whatever they do have in stock💪🏼 They also have amazing carts and live resin with a selection of normally at least 10 flavors priced at 47 to $55. The staff there is knowledgeable about product management is good there and organized, never have waited longer than 5 to 10 minutes most of the time you can just bounce right in. if you have questions this is definitely a good location to shop at everyone is really nice, and all the product I’ve got here has been steady gas 🔥Happy shopping! 💚✌🏼💨read more
pauline jones
pauline J.
19:38 04 Sep 20
The staff are super friendly and knoligable
Krist Parrish
Krist P.
18:49 04 Sep 20
My spot for medical cannabis! Staff is awesome and friendly. High quality products
Helio Bueno
Helio B.
18:03 31 Aug 20
I’m a cancer guy and I really recommend Curaleaf Orlando South. Great quality and variety of products. Professional and courteous service. Thanks for the excellent service and see you next time. Thank you very much Curaleaf 😉read more
Michelle Cartolano
Michelle C.
08:42 27 Aug 20
My favorite custom service
Troy monteagudo
Troy M.
14:21 26 Aug 20
David is the man! Make sure to see him for your medical needs and top notch product knowledge! Maria was also kind during the checkout process! Their live resin carts are AMAZING! Worth the price! See you guys soon!read more
Ron Deremiah
Ron D.
15:41 23 Aug 20
First time there. Very friendly team. Felt more welcome than at some oTher places. Nice selection.
Kristian Cody
Kristian C.
15:11 22 Aug 20
It was my first time going to curaleaf and the atmosphere and store was very clean and organized. Emmanuel helped me and he was very informative, friendly and super helpful!! Definitely ask for more
Cara Shaw
Cara S.
14:06 11 Aug 20
Wonderful employees! Real helpful crew. They are pleasant and knowledgable.
Tracy Theisen
Tracy T.
23:10 09 Jul 20
First time at this type of establishment. Decided to get away from prescription pills and go natural. Emanuel Torres was unbelievable. He took the time to answer every single one of my questions. Never once did he make me feel uncomfortable or ignorant! That’s a huge deal for me! Outstanding customer service from the entire staff!! I’d give it 20 stars if I could!!read more
rob gonzalez
rob G.
18:50 08 Jul 20
I had a great experience here . Excellent customer service and fast help . Great deals and great staff. Myke was a lot of help and guided me to great choices. Thank you !read more
loggymain -
loggymain –
14:44 27 Jun 20
It doesn’t happen too often but every now and then you lose a quarter of a joint before you even get it … definitely not to more
loggymain -
loggymain –
23:58 20 Jun 20
It doesn’t happen too often but every now and then you lose a quarter of a joint before you even get it … definitely not to more
Jeff Saldana
Jeff S.
16:05 06 Jun 20
Emanuel Torres was the best guy for the job. Please do not EVER let this man go. He is a great worker and very knowledgeable. Thank you for all of your help!read more
Tara Riddle
Tara R.
19:51 03 Jun 20
Mike was wonderful and patient helping me decide what I really wanted and what was best for me and since I was a first-time customer so I would get the best discount which was great.The manager Jorge was also nice and funny, and even the lady at reception seemed 2 b if you want to go to a place that’s actually going to help you and not just rush you in and out this is the placeread more
Geovanny Morales
Geovanny M.
19:23 27 May 20
So far my experience has been pretty good with Curaleaf. They have provided me with swift service even with how things are during the time of this review (05/27/2020). The staff is super helpful and knowledgeable on the different products offered. The prices are reasonable and quality of the product has been good thus far. My one issue is the variety of their flower which is down to just one atm. I’m hoping that it’s only to do with the current issues going on and that they’ll carry more variety later on. Also I’m more into carts so that’s why I only took a star off. If you’re more a flower person I’d give it like a 3 maybe even 2 more
August Marquardt
August M.
10:05 10 May 20
There are 2 curaleaf employees that need to be recognized for their outstanding customer service first up is Mia. On my first visit Mia was Very helpful. Second is Emanuel he is very helpful as well they both made me feel important and that I more
joel rodriguez
joel R.
23:35 25 Apr 20
I went yesterday for the first time And I was greeted by Manuel VERY professional and knowledgeable. I had so many questions and he made me feel very comfortable and explained everything to the T. Would definitely recommend Curaleaf South Orlando more
Jacqueline Johnson
Jacqueline J.
20:51 09 Mar 20
My favorite dispensary. I’ve been to three locations, south Orlando being my favorite. Everyone is knowledgeable and always friendly. Prices and variety are great!read more
bryman 86
bryman 8.
15:01 29 Feb 20
Seems like they are always out of what I need. I would like to leave a 5 star review but it’s hard when I cant count on them having product. I’ll leave 2 stars because they have good carts but then again more
Gavin White
Gavin W.
22:53 17 Feb 20
Tried other dispensaries and have yet to find one with as friendly and knowledgeable staff. Customer service is second to none. Keep being amazing !! Will be making this my home more
Alexander Walker
Alexander W.
23:51 02 Jan 20
The South Orlando Curaleaf has become the only medical cannabis dispensary I choose to go to. The products they sell are all very high quality. But what stands out the most about this particular Curaleaf location is it’s staff. Everyone that works there is extremely friendly and very knowledgeable about their products. They take the time to talk to you and help you figure out exactly what will help you most as an individual patient. I highly recommend the South Orlando Curaleaf to anyone in need of a reputable dispensary to fill their medical cannabis prescriptions more
Carlos Fernandez
Carlos F.
00:45 30 Dec 19
This is the first dispensary I went to. Upon arrival and after being let in, Dan, a kind and very professional employee, answered every single question I had about the products and offered great advice on what I should use and avoid. Despite the fact I had easily one hundred questions, he continued on and helped me with every single concern I had. Not only do I feel more educated, but I now have a quality dispensary I can come to. I owe this privilege to the wonderful staff members here, Dan, and the comfortable yet professional atmosphere of this fantastic establishment. 10/10 would buy ganja here againread more
Amanda Eckstein
Amanda E.
22:27 15 Nov 19
This is by far my favorite dispensary in central Florida! The staff is helpful and always willing to answer any questions I have! Jorge Ruiz has helped me almost every time I go in and is always so kind! He’s one of the many reasons I’m willing to spend the extra money for the curaleaf brandread more
Carmee Light
Carmee L.
03:03 01 Sep 19
It was my first time experiencing curaleaf at Orlando …. they were very professional helpful and they greet me with a smile and a pastry and it was epic ….I never have been to a location for this medical marijuana herbs. This was my first experience. I did not think this would work but it did .I got to say that medical marijuana herb those work for chronic pain.. I was left speechless….. I really recommend it….read more
Heather Mcbee
Heather M.
23:46 02 Jun 19
My husband is a client the staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. Very clean and aesthetically pleasing.
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