Curaleaf Cannabis Dispensary in Ocala, Florida

Curaleaf Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Ocala - Maricamp

9268 SE Maricamp Rd
Ocala, FL 34472

Store Hours:

Mon | Tues | Wed | Thurs | Fri | Sat
9:00 AM – 8:30 PM
Sun | 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Payment Methods:

Cash or Debit Card Accepted ATM Available

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Dispensary – open

Ocala – A Curaleaf dispensary is now open at 9268 SE Maricamp Rd in Ocala, FL 34472, to help medical cannabis patients get relief through a range of medical marijuana products. This cannabis store is here to service Silver Springs, Huntington, Zuber and Marion County in general.

Curaleaf dispensary menu products, available by delivery in Ocala, includes a variety of flower, vaporizers, capsules, concentrates, THC oils, CBD oil, and topicals

If you have a qualifying condition, you may be eligible to get certified from a participating doctor near you.


Ocala – Enjoy the additional convenience of home delivery of Curaleaf medical cannabis products delivered right to your front door near Silver Springs, Huntington, Zuber and throughout Marion County.

Enjoy the easy ability of ordering online or over the phone. Call Curaleaf for Marijuana Deliveries RX at 877.303.0741 to fill your order. 

Statewide Delivery – $15 Delivery Fee On Orders Under $125

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What People Are Saying

22:42 26 Feb 23
Drive thru helps so very much. Pete, efficient, quick employees.
Mrs. B.
Mrs. B.
14:00 27 Jan 23
Good product. Friendly budtenders. And 3 minutes from home. Plus they have an ATM.
Heather J
Heather J
17:56 19 Dec 22
Does not deliver statewide. Was supposed to become my new delivery dispensary and put me outside of their delivery... range. Then customer service basically ignored me when I tried to figure out where to order more
Justin C.
Justin C.
17:52 19 Dec 22
Finally getting to sit and write a review. The statewide delivery is a lie. This location was supposed to take over... Gainesville routes. Now they don't deliver to my wife because she's out of range but it's the closest dispensary that "delivers" to her. If two dispensaries hadn't recently opened in our county she would have been screwed. After contacting customer service to be autoresponded and ignored she gave up. But if you are in the Putnam area and need delivery you will not get it from Curaleaf. With any luck the dispensaries here will soon offer local more
17:28 30 Oct 22
They deliver Monday-Saturday. *NO Sundays!*This is a new location (they opened either Sep or Oct 2022 I think?) and... so far I've had multiple successful orders with them and only one difficult one. This is the only curaleaf that delivers to me, so I'm really so glad I finally have that option. Delivery is the most important part of businesses today more me, because for personal reasons I have trouble getting out to run errands. So thank you for delivering to me! It's free delivery too!So the difficult order: I tried placing an order Friday morning, didn't receive, then expected it Saturday, called 3 times even to double check, they said they hadn't left yet and that'd i get a call from delivery to confirm when they do, never got a call from delivery Saturday. Even a call saying, "hey we aren't gonna be able to make the delivery today" wouldve been so helpful because communication with customers is so important. Was expecting it Sunday, called them, they dont deliver on Sundays. I didn't see any delivery hours posted. Now I know.Because this is a new location, They only have 1 delivery team, I hope they hire more to ensure patient satisfaction if things are reaching a delivery threshold. I really do appreciate deliveries more than you can know. Thanks curaleaf and more
Pj E.
Pj E.
18:05 29 Oct 22
Use the website and order ahead or know what you want but either way use the drive thru! I'm disabled and can't walk... much but need to get out of the house so the drive thru is great!read more
Donna D.
Donna D.
02:46 16 Oct 22
Really nice place. Helpful staff.Grand opening was great! Happy to get a Curaleaf on the East side of the County!
Oscar W.
Oscar W.
00:13 14 Oct 22
Never have I ever been so welcomed and felt peace entering this tiny little dimension of heaven that's quite calming,... the Dude working the floor rocking the damn Daniel's if he wore Nike instead of white Van's bro was top notch pretty cool highly recommended plus the cashier was amazing, best customer service ever just felt comfortable more so then ever with cashiers, she has a chill vibe like the sea. But overall the layout is probably the best and they're not even done yet, that means theres more to come at this fanfuckingtastic level of existence.Sorry not sorry if this was offensive freedom of speech... yesread more
Ashley S.
Ashley S.
19:21 01 Oct 22
Amazing service, knowledgeable, personable . Sheena usually assists me & she is so helpful! Great selection as well.
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