Fluent Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in South Tampa

606 South Dale Mabry Highway
Tampa, FL 33609

Hours of Operation:

MON-FRI: 10:00AM-7:00PM
SAT & SUN: 10:00AM-6:00PM

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available On Site


Dispensary/MMTC – Open

South Tampa – Fluent now has an open medical marijuana dispensary location at 606 South Dale Mabry Highway in Tampa, FL 33609 to service all of Hillsborough County.

Fluent Cannabis Care is committed to ensuring medical cannabis patients in Tampa Bay have access to consistent and pure THC and CBD products, in a professional dispensary location from the highest level of industry experts.

Fluent MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition must have received a Florida MedCard from an State Certified MMJ Doctor. The low-THC/ high CBD cannabis products are available for patients who prefer non-euphoric care.


Fluent cannabis care products may be available by home delivery in Tampa. Florida Med Card holders can order online or over the phone and have marijuana deliveries RX arrive right to the door.

Please see the discounts section for additional details & limitations. Call 833.735.8368 to schedule and check availability of home delivery. $25 delivery fee applies to orders under $200.

Find a recommending doctor near me on our Doctors Maps here or fill out the Patient Registration Form and one will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Fluent Florida Medical Marijuana Dispensary

What People Are Saying

Shay Murphy
Shay M.
15:33 19 Dec 21
Fluent is one of my favorite dispensaries to visit. Shaun was extremely knowledgeable and had an answer to every question I had. I tried other products from most other well known dispensaries in Florida and fluent has had a couple of “must haves” for me. Fluent’s best products are hands down their tinctures (mood drops). Even if you have never tried a tincture, I HIGHLY recommend mood drops from fluent because they make you feel amazing from how strong they are and give an easy digestion method. They also carry a strong brand of edibles too that I quite enjoy. Highly recommend this fluent location.read more
Jackson Sanger
Jackson S.
15:44 09 Dec 21
My first experience at Fluent was ~Sept 2020. I was kind of disappointed and did not come back for a while. I started hearing better reviews of their products within the past 6 months, so I decided to give them another shot - and boy am I glad I did.Their flower is a little bit pricier than other stores in the area. However, it is always worth the price. Gary Payton is one of the best strains you’ll find in the state.Also, I can’t remember a bad experience with the wonderful people inside. I can’t recall each name - but Tamara is the most recent terrific experience I’ve had. She went above and beyond to make sure they had the products I wanted. Having people like Tamara associated with your business will make it grow exponentially! Thanks again 🙂read more
Doug B
Doug B
18:15 20 Nov 21
Was My first visit to a Fluent and went to the S. Dale Mabry location, very cool storefront. Customer Service was excellent from the time I walked in the door. Ordered on a BOGO day, Shawn dispensed My order and suggested I use My First Time discount opposed to the BOGO deal, saving Me an extra $45.00!! I asked if they accept tips, and happily I gave Shawn $10.00. The jar/cup is not present but please do not forget to take care of those that take care of Us. Especially when Their service is exceptional!! Look forward to the next visit. Staff, Thank You again!!read more
Harvey Smith
Harvey S.
21:37 12 Nov 21
My first time at Fluent was a great experience. The bud tender, Shaun was super nice and very knowledgeable. I recommend Fluent to anyone looking for great service and a dispensary with a wide array of products.read more
Bridget taylor
Bridget T.
18:59 06 Nov 21
The best customer service in town. Every employee staffed at this location is super helpful and knowledgeable.Fabulous products!! I highly recommend!read more
Leanna Davidson
Leanna D.
15:29 06 Nov 21
I have been coming here for months now and every single time I leave happy. First of all, the products are quality. They are very clean and organized, and give excellent recommendations for your needs. But the best is the staff. I feel welcomed and valued every single visit. I don’t feel like a number in the waiting room like most other places in Tampa. I can actually have conversations and people are friendly and personable. Not one single complaint here. Also, while everyone there has been so great, Shaun is excellent if you get a chance to have him help you! He makes the interaction fun and knows his stuff! Great recommendations from him. You may sometimes pay ~slightly~ more here, but I learned the hard way you get what you pay for. And they always have TONS of discounts and a rewards program. Reliable, consistent products that work when I need them to and never a negative interaction. ♥️ favorite dispensary hands down.read more
Abigail Eastridge
Abigail E.
15:24 05 Nov 21
This was the third dispensary I tried after getting my medical card and by far my favorite. Initially, I didn't know much about cannabis but trying different products is the best way to learn! All the staff remember me and ask me what I liked and didn't liked that I tried and they make great recommendations. Their edibles are the tastiest and I love their cartridges too. I've been helped by Shaun, Cameron, and Tony here and they've all been super friendly and helpful. Highly recommend, especially if you're new to your card/cannabis.read more
Andrea Polzin
Andrea P.
18:59 04 Oct 21
Shout out to Fluent for having the best name to match their products! One, the flower is smooth and the terps taste fresh and natural, very outstanding taste and entourage effect. Very surprised at how it made me feel. Two, the gels had a powerful amazing fruity taste and are currently working wonders. Three, the drops, tincture, 🔥🔥🔥🔥 no need to say more. Plus their staff is welcoming, very friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you Anthony for making this first time patient an extremely happy one, appreciate your assistance. Will be coming back.🤙🏼read more
Justine Butler
Justine B.
16:25 30 Jul 21
Hands down, the best dispensary in Tampa. Everyone in the location is super knowledgeable, friendly & go the extra mile to make you truly feel welcome. The rewards program as well as the weekly/daily discounts are incredible! Inside is modern/trendy & smells incredible. The products offered are ALWAYS FRESH (no matter your preference of partaking) & make you want to come back for more! You are missing out if you aren't shopping here.read more
The Fluent MMTC in Tampa is impressive in every way. The property is inviting, the staff very attentive and caring, and the products available are high quality, effective, and industry leading medicineread more
The Fluent MMTC in Tampa is impressive in every way. The property is inviting, the staff very attentive and caring, and the products available are high quality, effective, and industry leading medicineread more
michael pascale
michael P.
19:20 04 Jun 21
Im glad to say fluent has improved tremendously. Flower is great carts are potent and taste very good. A huge change from a year ago. Great work fluent. Now if you could have a more variety of strains you may just be one of my go tos from now on. I will be coming back. New loyalty program is one of the best in my opinion. Keep up the good work fluent family.read more
Andrew Buttlick
Andrew B.
17:55 31 May 21
Beware: Stay away from the black/moods line of carts here! Great product inside, just very poor manufacturing.I was really excited about this place when I browsed their products online. Carts are a higher concentration than any others that I've seen and a nice first patient discount, sounded great.I bought 3 of the black/moods line carts, all different strains. I only mention this because this is clearly a manufacturing issue but it's not limited to one batch/lot. All 3 carts leaked. 2 of them almost completely emptied themselves from the top and bottom of the cart.I purchased the carts on a Monday evening. I noticed the carts were leaking on Wednesday, barely used them. I called and reported the issues. They said just bring them back within 7 days of purchase and they'll swap them, no problem. I stopped using them and put them back in their plastic tubes. Didn't have time to return them Thursday. Friday I left work a little early and was able to return them.They swapped one with no issue because it was still about 2/3 full. The other 2 had leaked so much and they almost emptied themselves. I showed the fellow behind the counter they were leaking from both ends but since they had mostly emptied themselves, they wouldn't take them back. I 100% understand his stance, I'm sure some people try to take advantage of this return policy. I tried to explain though, I work full time, I can't use this at work. I stopped using them when I reported the issue. The carts weren't mistreated or anything. I literally don't have the time to be able to use all of the product that was emptied from the carts. Again, I work full time during the day so I have about 5 waking hours in the evening before sleeping again. It's very clearly a manufacturing defect. They still refused to swap them. They were almost empty because they leaked, not from use.I'm a reasonable person and there was no way I was about to go all Karen on them and it's not worth the fuss anyway. It's much easier to just take my business elsewhere.Further, it's been a couple days since I swapped the cart and the replacement cart is now cracked up the side and is leaking worse than the others (picture attached). Again, I don't mistreat the carts. I haven't reported this, but based on my previous experience, I will not attempt to return.TLDR; I don't want to blast these folks because they are friendly, fast, helpful, have a nice first patient discount, and professional. Just beware of the black/moods line of carts, they are great product but the quality of the manufacturing is very poor and would strongly recommend spending your money on something else until they can resolve the issues.I didn't try any other products though, their other products may be just fine. So please don't see this and stay away from them altogether!read more
Amber Rose
Amber R.
13:08 27 May 21
had great first experience in person But I do not recommend the brand of cartridges they have. I bought two an one of them within a couple hours it was gone an I only hit it once. It was leaking super bad around the top piece by the next day the 2nd one bought was leaking out . I reached out to customer service and no one has returned my call nor replace the broken item. As for other products I haven’t had the chance to experience any of those. I just don’t see myself going back after waisting 120 dollars on broken items.read more
David Voss
David V.
03:25 19 May 21
Gave a star for good service no problem there... Recently spent $45 an eighth on something that was obviously mixed, dry, and contains seeds. Wasn’t a good look.read more
Jasmin Guzman
Jasmin G.
18:25 07 Apr 21
Great knowledge staff. Awesome inventory; highly recommend.
Shay Campero
Shay C.
21:25 12 Mar 21
Prices on extracts and other products here are seriously absurd when comparing other local dispensaries. Also would’ve been nice if they kept the original second visit discount but they ended up replacing the promotion with smaller discounts that after redeeming the total still comes out to more than regular priced products at other shops.read more
Jennifer Grier
Jennifer G.
05:45 26 Feb 21
I drive out of my way to go to this dispensary. The options are plentiful, the discounts are crazy good, and the staff is so sweet. Everyone knows what they're talking about and I love all of their variety of pre rolls and flower. As a photographer, I appreciate and love the design and simplicity behind FLUENT.I cannot say enough how fun it is to go here and talk to other people. I love how open and nice the lobby is and the friendly staff eager to personally answer all of your questions.read more
Florida cracker
Florida C.
16:09 29 Jan 21
Love this place only been here one time that it didn't have what I wanted. Knowledgeable ppl very clean recommend go here before Surterra any day. Keep getting better guy's.read more
Sydney Richman
Sydney R.
13:47 21 Jan 21
This was my first visit to a dispensary and I was somewhat lost, Anthony Alt was awesome. In the waiting room Mr. Alt and Mr. Killian made small talk with me to help me adjust to this new situation and were very kind and welcoming. After my paperwork had been completed Mr. Alt explained all the different products and how they could help me. I was very impressed by the level of knowledge of each item and its effect. The staff was professional at all times yet related to my needs and I feel that I got the best possible product because of them. I will definitely be back to this location and hopefully both Anthonys receive praise for their wonderful hospitality and extent product knowledge.read more
Matthew Jocke
Matthew J.
16:05 17 Dec 20
I absolutely love this location! I have passed by it for months not knowing what it really was like inside until I finally had my MMJ card. And I had at that time tried other places first before finally giving this a try and I’ve been committed to them ever since. They are reliable, friendly and always have the quality I need in products. I would highly recommend visiting the Tampa location if you’re looking for a place and “get fluent”.read more
Emma Lillibridge
Emma L.
15:21 04 Dec 20
I exclusively use Fluent for my medical marijuana needs. Every employee I’ve encountered has been so helpful and knowledgeable, on top of being altogether awesome people. The quality of the product is always top notch and curbside pickup can’t be beat! Plus, the rewards program is great. I can’t recommend them enough!read more
Parker Ovalle
Parker O.
21:41 24 Nov 20
Great experience. Great staff. Great products. Definitely go and check out the staff and ask all the questions you want, they are more than happy to help you!read more
Carly Rae
Carly R.
23:43 21 Nov 20
Amazing!! Every single time the staff is so pleasant and the products are top notch. They have amazing rewards and always adding new products. Shout out to Anthony and the entire team for being such a joy!read more
Nick Terranova
Nick T.
20:31 19 Nov 20
Fluent provides the most amazing and caring experience. As a extremely sick and handicapped person, the level of care they provide is unmatched. It makes my day better, which doesn't happen on today's world. Emily and Anthony are so nice and knowledgable. Also, I have tried every mmj entity in Tampa and Fluent has the absolute best product. Love you guys Thank you for everything!!!read more
Damian Roa
Damian R.
20:42 13 Nov 20
Great place, good people and good products! The staff here are very friendly, well informed and will help you out with whatever you need! Anthony took care of me today and was quick, friendly and a great example of the Fluent commitment to patients.read more
Christopher Sarris
Christopher S.
20:09 12 Nov 20
Dale Mabry locations very nice, friendly staff and great selection of products. Emily helped me out today with some amazing customer service, she made sure to inform me of all products I was interested in and even helped me sign up for the rewards program and text alerts. Will definitely be coming back to Fluent and especially this location.read more
Alexis Schwartz
Alexis S.
15:11 27 Oct 20
My go-to dispensary. Super friendly staff, knowledgeable on product, and always quick service! They always have new stuff coming in with shipments multiple times a week. Love you guysread more
Jeremy Boyd
Jeremy B.
03:50 27 Oct 20
My go to spot for all my medical needs. Great service, highest quality products. Wouldn't trade Fluent for anything. Glad we have one in the area!read more
Sazzi Zeidman
Sazzi Z.
03:44 29 Sep 20
They sell weak products and refuse reasonable refund. Their reps give you their “recommendations” knowing it’s bunk. I will never set foot in there again.read more
Amber Dendinger
Amber D.
18:27 26 Sep 20
I bought 2 cartridges, got them home and tasted each of them, only to be disgusted by the taste. I’ve purchased several carts from other dispensaries and know that the taste of these are NOT normal. Brought them back less than 2 hours later, only to be told I can not return or exchange them for a different product. They were both placed back in their boxes, full, with the receipt. I will never purchase anything from this dispensary ever again- the quality and return policy is ridiculous.read more
Kyle Keesee
Kyle K.
16:59 26 Sep 20
Some of the dryest, harshest, least flavorful bud in the FL program. Effects are rarely worth noting. Aria and their Subra were good but had trouble enjoying much else, even those were just average. Please improve your grow program and/or prices to reflect quality.read more
Trapped On Vacation
Trapped On V.
05:58 25 Sep 20
Not too impressed with this dispensary or the products offered, concentrated "drops" and vape carts were talked up to me but just didn't have the effect I was seeking, I am hooked on Trulieve TRUPODS for vape and the FLOAT vape from Surterra Wellness.as far as sublingual products go Growhealthy and Surterra do it best,and flower...... i enjoyed my Balador prerolls a bunch!But overall id rather go to a one stop shop like Trulieve, Growhealthy Or Surterra.Not saying I wont be back, just not a stand out place for me as a consumer.FANTASTIC CUSTOMER SERVICE!CHAMPIONS OF HOSPITALITYrebrand this place and make it less confusing.read more
Gregory Boyle
Gregory B.
16:28 22 Sep 20
Was really happy to drive an hour away to find out fluent doesn't let you use your first time discount on flower (so the only thing most people want) . Was excited to visit, but when I arrived, I noticed the parking lot was empty. I can see why. Happy to go to one of the other many dispensaries we have that discount their flower 😁.Edit: This policy has since changed.read more
Travel Goon
Travel G.
21:30 08 Sep 20
Finally a place that has flower. Order was ready in 15 minutes. Spent $200 and saved $100 and got $10 merchandise credit. Grace was helpful and fast at checking it. Mike really answered all my questions on the phone when placing my call in order. Prerolls were babies but I didn't know it was 1.5grams for 3. Entrance is on DeLeon.read more
Christopher McHaffie
Christopher M.
23:55 30 Aug 20
Decent product but sloppy service. I have frequented this location since they opened and every time they have a nice, personable budtender they replace them with the opposite. Saturday 8/29/20 was my final visit. The worker on the morning shift was rude, condescending and unfriendly. I left with out purchasing and have no intention of returning. I would suggest the new Curaleaf location on Gandy.read more
Terrell Ray
Terrell R.
21:56 29 Aug 20
What a great place. The young lady that helped me was so nice and helpful. I love this store. I will definitely recommend it to my friends.read more
Matthew Strickland
Matthew S.
11:54 30 Jul 20
I honestly enjoy going to Fluent. The staff are incredibly nice and helpful, know me by name even with a mask on (looking at you Anthony!), and are friendly to boot. Order ahead or go to browse, either way you're going to have a great experience. I've never had the long wait that I seem to run into every time at Trulieve; it's in and out and on with my day.read more
Gabriel Ortegon
Gabriel O.
20:58 18 Jul 20
I love you guys, besides providing a beyond luxurious experience for all your patients you also work with only the kindest. Most genuine hearted individuals I could of come across. A trip to fluent has become more than just a trip to the dispensary but to a “safe haven” home to a building full of modern day super heroes. I love you guys down to the bottom of my heart ❤️read more
Troll forever
Troll F.
21:40 12 Jul 20
Over priced extremely limited stock. No new products hardly ever. Staff is cool. They are supposed to be though cause they will be taking your money. They want 5 dollars for a pack of papers with the fluent name on it. The devices they sell there you would be better off getting online be careful of you use your promo you won't get the same quality products you would have without a promo. They need to get thier things straight. I have been a medical patient since 2015 and I honestly have spend thousands in the mmj program and these people are the worst. Please dont read these reviews and think they are amazing. I just had my friend have his fluent battery explode on him while it was on the charger. stay away from fluentread more
Michael Bassett
Michael B.
11:46 12 Jul 20
I would never give this place a five star review. They suck. Fluents needs to file for bankruptcy. Also way too pricey and they don't care. Theybhavr to pay for all the people that come here. Do not waste your money!!!!!!!read more
sally jarrell-Howard
sally J.
14:22 10 Jul 20
Great service and prices, I am treated very good when I visit Fluent, the staff is very helpful and friendly, I would recommend this place to anyone.read more
Cristy Marie
Cristy M.
22:06 08 Jul 20
John Jobe was very helpful and they are still doing curbside pickup! Always get good products, affordable prices and never wait long. I'm a happy customer.read more
19:34 02 Jul 20
Best dispensary experience so far. John was my medtender, and he took plenty of time answering my questions. As a person who deals with anxiety daily, I was shocked at how quickly John was able to make me feel comfortable. He knew every product thoroughly, and made sure to explain how and WHY different strains might address my specific medical needs.The dispensary itself is also quite beautiful inside, with a very spacious layout. It gives a lot more privacy to each guest than I've seen at other dispensaries in the area. On a final note, the front desk staff who checked me in was also very friendly and efficient. I feel terrible for not catching his name. He did a wonderful job!Overall A+ experience. I really can't wait to come back to speak with John and the other medtenders in the future!read more
Is me Akahi
Is me A.
19:28 20 Jun 20
What can i say. If you've never had the experience of being robbed due to a fine (Moderately good) financial standings.... Go to fluent. They are trained in the art of "Jacking". My cashier seemed to know exactly how to loosen my pockets, really get in there and charge me 70$ for HALF A GRAM OF DISTILLED..... These guys actually enjoy beating up dogs, I've seen the cashier kill a cat cold blooded while dishing out my .5 of a gram. Ps: their carts are actually kinda fire.read more
Carlos Diaz
Carlos D.
23:49 19 Jun 20
The best place to get what you need . Clean and very well organized. The person who take care of me , she was awesome. She explained to me about what I need it and show me how it works. Thank you very much. I'll be back for more .read more
Michael Basset
Michael B.
16:25 19 May 20
Sorry everyone I changed my mind, Fluent is hands down the best dispensary in the entire Tampa Bay Area! Disregard all of the other negative reviews I made from all the different accounts I made to spam them.read more
Mike bassett
Mike B.
03:22 15 May 20
No shatter rosin wax crumble minis littles dumb and confusing names. No brands parterning with them. Fake reviews. Untrustworthyread more
Samantha Brady-Aguilar
Samantha B.
20:03 21 Apr 20
I came in for the first time today. The entire staff was friendly and eager to help. Also, they appear to be practicing great COVID-19 health and safety compliance. (Because we should all stop touching displays on shelves everywhere) Grace took great care of me from start to finish and you could definitely feel her passion for the incredible products. So far I have enjoyed the CDT cartdidges Baldor/Subra and subra flower . I look forward to my next visit. Thank you again for being clean, prompt, friendly and knowledgeable, Grace!!read more
Jennifer Grier
Jennifer G.
17:05 15 Mar 20
I drive out of my way to go to this dispensary. The options are plentiful, the discounts are crazy good, and the staff is so sweet. Everyone knows what they're talking about and I love all of their variety of pre rolls and flower. You don't find dispensaries other places like Surterra and Trulieve open as late as FLUENT. As a person who runs a digital magazine for Virtual Reality, I love the design and simplicity behind FLUENT.I cannot say enough how fun it is to go here and talk to other people. I love how open and nice the lobby is and the friendly staff eager to personally answer all of your questions.read more
Nichole Diaz
Nichole D.
18:51 09 Mar 20
I love coming here! Close to work and I can come in my lunch break. The staff is amazing and the products rock!
mango .
mango .
22:27 20 Jan 20
I travelled all the way from sarasota to shop at this fluent specifically because my friend recommended it, and it did NOT disappoint. not only was the space beautiful, but the wait was not long at all, and my bud-tender (Will) was nothing but kind and informative. they are very aware of the products, and discounts, and the products themselves are labeled very clearly. even with all of that, Will made sure show each of my products to me and make sure it was exactly what i wanted and needed! i will be back, no matter how long the drive. the selection, price, and customer service is way better than other dispensaries around me. if you are unsure about what qualifies for a discount, maybe just ask, and they’ll let you know. very honest and knowledgeable.read more
Sara G
Sara G
17:24 18 Jan 20
Edit: Ive been to this location several times and they are ALWAYS the best! I will never go to another dispensary again. The staff is amazing and knowledgeable. FLUENT ROCKS!!!This is the second Fluent location I have been to and again, I am impressed. Its clean, beautiful, and the staff are knowledgeable and very friendly. To see that they are consistent at more than one store means Fluent will continue to earn my patronage.read more
Dana Christine
Dana C.
00:18 31 Dec 19
Very professional staff yet fun and energetic! They all are very knowledgeable of products and beyond helpful in answering questions. I have never gone in and waited more than 3 minutes. Saw James today and he was so very helpful!!Happy new year team!!!read more
Gregory Boyle
Gregory B.
16:20 09 Oct 19
Was really happy to drive an hour away to find out fluent doesn't let you use your first time discount on flower (so the only thing most people want) . Was excited to visit, but when I arrived, I noticed the parking lot was empty. I can see why. Happy to go to one of the other many dispensaries we have that discount their flower 😁.read more
Michael Berenis
Michael B.
22:59 25 Sep 19
Great brand welcome to see
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