Fluent Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Melbourne, FL

6340 N Wickham Road
Melbourne, FL 32940

Hours of Operation:

MON-FRI: 10:00AM-7:00PM
SAT & SUN: 10:00AM-6:00PM

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available On Site

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Dispensary/MMTC – Open

Melbourne – Fluent, formerly Knox Medical, medical marijuana dispensary location is now open on 6340 N Wickham Road in Melbourne, FL 32940 to service Palm Bay, Satellite Beach, Merritt Island and Brevard County in general.

Fluent Cannabis Care is committed to ensuring medical cannabis patients near Melbourne access to consistent and pure THC and CBD products, in a professional dispensary location from the highest level of industry experts.

Fluent MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition must have received a Florida MedCard from an State Certified MMJ Doctor. The low-THC/ high CBD cannabis products are available for patients who prefer non-euphoric care.


Fluent cannabis care products may be available by home delivery in Melbourne, to service Palm Bay, Satellite Beach, Merritt Island and throughout Brevard County. Florida Med Card holders can order online or over the phone and have marijuana deliveries RX arrive right to the door.

Please see the discounts section for additional details & limitations. Call 833.735.8368 to schedule and check availability of home delivery. $25 delivery fee applies to orders under $200.

Find a recommending doctor near me on our Doctors Maps here or fill out the Patient Registration Form and one will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Fluent Florida Medical Marijuana Dispensary

What People Are Saying

20:38 09 Oct 21
Great dispensary. Reasonable prices and friendly, knowledgeable and helpful staff.
Micah Gager
Micah G.
21:06 17 Aug 21
Got some sweet Indica from Sofia at Fluent Melbourne. One of my regular spots. Love the service, the building is always clean and staff is professional and knowledgeable. Strongly recommend giving Fluent a try. Online ordering is real easy.read more
Jamie Balasta
Jamie B.
01:12 12 Aug 21
Laura and Sofia were so fun and helpful showed great customer service with their positive attitudes and did not mind that we were near closing. Best dispenser!read more
Jared Gannatti
Jared G.
01:23 10 Aug 21
I was blown away by the quality of both service and products coming from this Fluent. From when I entered, I was warmly welcomed and promptly checked in, any questions I had were answered. The staff were all well informed on all the products, none of them were too pushy in their suggestions. They all seemed genuine and wanted me to make the best selection for my medical needs. I had Laura help me with my selection, and was amazed at her knowledge on their products. 10/10 if I could go that high.read more
Samantha Lubitz
Samantha L.
00:54 10 Aug 21
Everyone here is so friendly and have no problem explaining everything in detail, I always feel extremely comfortable. Especially Elli, she's super knowledgeable and I can't wait to come back!read more
sami c
sami c
00:02 10 Aug 21
this was a great spot with reliable customer service and great prices/deals! laura is the best budtender and makes sure you’re in the best care 🙂read more
04:06 05 Aug 21
You know tipping is not mandatory and medications can be expensive even with a discount! I was in here twice today got the same girl. No acknowledgement of the extra cash or thank you for either.smh $5 for 5 mins it pretty nice if you ask me!read more
Michael Johnson
Michael J.
18:48 30 Jul 21
Fluent is a great dispensary, the staff (especially Sofia) are always helpful and knowledgeable. Great product variety and quality product.read more
JB Skaller
12:59 28 Jul 21
Fluent has decent flower, great carts, solid rewards, and great employees. Sofia is such a sweetheart and is very knowledgeable. They just need concentrates!read more
Beau McDonald
Beau M.
20:45 20 Jul 21
I had a girl named Elli help me out and she made it beyond easy for me. Definitely coming back because of her (:
Doug Schmieder
Doug S.
03:34 12 Jul 21
Now I know there are people that consume a lot of cannabis. I on the other hand use it in slight moderation. I bought 2 vape carts here and before they were even a quarter empty I couldn’t get any airflow. I brought them back 2 weeks after I got them and told them. The lady said that it’s only a week limit after you buy to return. I’d prefer to deal with a company that understand cannabis and it’s tools. Never shopping here again. Staff is also less than friendly. 🙂read more
Mary L
Mary L
15:09 10 Jul 21
Have never been treated more horribly. As long as the worker Kaelin is here I will not return. She is rude and bossy and thinks who she is. Shame on Fluent for hiring such a wicked person. She should not be in charge of anything at this facility.read more
23:23 27 May 21
Just down right disrespectful customers service i don’t think I could ever spend my hard earn money here again. The flower is full of seeds anywayread more
Eli Burns
Eli B.
18:03 11 May 21
Absolutely amazing products. I got a cartridge that leaked out a bit and they gave me a new one no problem. Love this store!!!read more
Bill Webster
Bill W.
23:35 10 May 21
Every time I go there, everyone is friendly and helpful. The staff is quick to help you and help save you $$
Chris Moree
Chris M.
17:21 27 Apr 21
I purchased the mango haze they had priced at $55.It smelt like hay. They let me exchange for a different strain(bubblegum diesel @$55). Samething. And it still came out of my monthly recommendation!read more
Lisa Siegel
Lisa S.
22:13 13 Apr 21
My husband purchased puffco peak from this place for nearly $300 just to find that it doesn’t even turn on or charge. 2 days later he tries to return the product. The employees even said that ALL of these they have sold have not worked and that there are no refunds EVEN THOUGH the receipt states refunds up to 7 days after purchase and website states 10 days. Terrible!! If I could do 0 stars I would. If u want a nice respectable pharmacy then go down the street to Columbia. At least they have customer service. DO NOT GO HERE!!read more
Sabrina Suro
Sabrina S.
00:16 22 Mar 21
All the guys are super nice & the dispensary is very nice and well kept. Vapes have all been fire for me. Good discounts Def recommend fluent!!read more
Brooke Crawford
Brooke C.
14:26 19 Mar 21
Kaelin was very sweet and helpful. I am weening off of pharmaceuticals for anxiety and depression and she was so knowledgeable about what product would be the best fit for me-explaining which products fill certain receptors in the brain. She made it easy to ask questions (I don’t know too much about medical marijuana and feel silly asking questions but she made me feel welcome!)read more
Jeric Beachside
Jeric B.
18:03 15 Mar 21
I think the quality of their products is good but the selection is just very small. They may have up to three or four strains but for someone with day-to-day medical needs I need consistent access to more variety of strains so three strains, maybe four just doesn't quite get it for me.The quality is good, the taste is ok/good but never fabulous. Their staff is great but I would like to see a lot more inventory options so as much as I really like this dispensary I find myself at the alternatives more often.read more
Sean Dennin
Sean D.
22:54 05 Mar 21
This place has gone down hill since they now only seem to care about and prioritize online orders. Some customers prefer not to that for various reasons but as a result are made to just sit and wait until all the people who show up after you with online get priority. Time to find a new place.read more
Wendy Commander
Wendy C.
20:30 17 Feb 21
Only my 2nd time at a dispensary and my first time here. They had what I wanted and my staff person was the best! Very nice and patient. Lolread more
Mike N
Mike N
17:33 05 Dec 20
Staff are extremely fast and nice. The area is clean and they're generally not too busy so you can get in and out pretty fast.The products themselves aren't too bad and get the job done. I was pretty indifferent about the carts honestly but with the discounts its usually pretty worth it.So - why 2 stars? On my first and second visit I've had issues with my cart malfunctioning. The mouth piece just randomly comes off even while I'm just sitting there and using it. If I don't notice fast enough it gets EVERYWHERE. Wax isn't exactly easy to wash off.When I brought it back, one of the nice ladies behind the counter put it into the cart-checking-device that I guess told her it was perfectly ok.These things aren't cheap so it's a pain that on my first two visits I've had two carts spill in my pockets/hands or randomly come off while just sitting there... how does that even happen? I might go back in a pinch but not my first pick.read more
Nicole capozzo
Nicole C.
19:44 22 Nov 20
This dispensary is the best little secret here in Melbourne/Suntree area. The team that work there, are always ready to help and explain what each different strains will do. I’m treated with professionalism and patience. I highly recommend this dispensary.read more
Juan Montoya
Juan M.
14:01 21 Nov 20
Outstanding patient services every single time you walk in. The entire staff genuinely and in the outmost professional way help you throughout the entire process. Everyone is kind and super friendly always and make it great experience!read more
Tom Adams
Tom A.
19:47 20 Nov 20
Staff has been great to work with! Very knowledgeable and friendly. Store is very clean and professional. 5 stars easy!
Micah Gager
Micah G.
18:00 20 Nov 20
Definitely my go to dispensary! Great rewards system. Always letting me know when they have great deals or promotions. Knowledgeable and professional. Clean environment.read more
09:04 20 Nov 20
Excellent dispensary and staff. Product line is deep with competitive pricing. Love that they always have flower available with varied strains. Robert was very professional and knowledgeable. I learned a lot and appreciate his patience with answering all my questions. Highly recommend this dispensary.read more
james evelyn
james E.
20:34 13 Nov 20
Good stuf especially Bonnie and midnite dreamer. Thanks Danny great customer service
rose white
rose W.
18:11 07 Nov 20
First time there, new to cannabis. Kaelin, thank you God,,, was an angel. I had so many questions and she answered all of them. She was so friendly and knowledgeable of all the products. She gave me products that I felt very comfortable going home with. She also called me to tell me one of the items I wanted is in stock. Great customer service!Thank you, Kaelin. I appreciate you 🥰👍🙏♥️read more
rose white
rose W.
02:13 07 Nov 20
First time there, new to cannabis. Kaelin, thank you God,,, was an angel. I had so many questions and she answered all of them. She was so friendly and knowledgeable of all the products. She gave me products that I felt very comfortable going home with.Thank you, Kaelin. I appreciate you 🥰👍🙏♥️read more
22:44 28 Oct 20
The employees here went above and beyond for me. The service was impeccable! Definitely the gold standard for what a Dispensary should be.read more
Zen Master747
Zen M.
15:45 21 Oct 20
Only come here from Tincture Oils ! Have a great variety of different tincture oils!
Otto Tater
Otto T.
17:55 04 Oct 20
They're not answering the phone so they're not getting my business.I just realized my speaker phone is still on hold been there for over 45 minutes.I watched a TV show I wrote a letter to a friend and the hold music is still playing.I've been there dozens of times they've never been so busy that they couldn't pick up a phone for 45 minutes.either the business doesn't have a proper telephone system or it doesn't have a proper telephone system! because when you go in their plenty attentive and there plenty fast in the store so I know the problem is that they don't have a proper telephone system regardless of the fact that they have an answering service and a phone number you never reach a human or at least I didn't. Waco that I'm not going in without pre-order with him not answering the phone I can't make a pre-order therefore they can't get my businessread more
Samantha Snyder
Samantha S.
12:38 03 Aug 20
We've been to many a dispensary, from Florida to Colorado, and to be honest, this is the only one that I will stay away from- and everyone else should too. My husband goes there often, he loves the Supra strain, but he always notices that the seal to the flower containers (on the rare occasion that they do actually have flower) has always been tampered with and the eighths are always short.We're going to complain to the BBB as we don't trust any of the workers or management to fix the issue. Dont EVER buy flower if the seal has been tampered with! Any reputable dispensary would tell you the same!read more
Kim McDermott
Kim M.
14:11 15 May 20
The staff are very nice but really don't know the products which led me to spend hundreds of dollars trying to find something that would work for pain. And yes I understand that staff aren't supposed to give medical advice but they could give an accurate description of the product and its intended use . I have severe nerve pain and was actually referred by my pain management doctor. I called and tried to talk to the manager about concerns three times now. I haven't heard back. She did leave me one message the first time but didn't call back the next two times. Products didn't work for me at all. I feel as though when I go in this place that it's not professional like a medical dispensary. I feel like it's a bunch of young people whose experience comes from getting recreationally High. When you arrive you often find them hanging around outside the front of the building. I also receive text messages often promoting their "sales". I would say if you're someone who does not have a serious medical need, this store would be fine. Although, don't get drawn in by the sales they say "last chance" because they do them everyday consistently. Lastly, there is great variation in the potency of the product. I did buy the same product more than once and there was great variation in them making it difficult to acurately medicate yourself. It's unfortunate because everything I went through is the reason that the stigma for medical marijuana exists in the first place. The establishment should keep in mind that we are not a recreational State.read more
Budda Arafa
Budda A.
16:02 25 Apr 20
Staff was on point decor looked nice as well very professional vibe. But your oil for your carts feels like it had cut in it. The air bubble moves with out hesitation. It has a dark amber color and a very low thc content and a horrid taste compared to the others locally. The worst oil in town hands down. 0 stars for the product But you get two for the amazing staff an decorread more
Luis Talavera
Luis T.
15:06 15 Mar 20
This was my first time at a Fluent dispensary ever. Mario who attended me was very professional and knowledgeable about the products that they had in stock. Understanding that I worked in the industry he made it easier for me to understand their products by providing me the plant strain name which made it easier for me to choose which product I wanted. The dispensary itself has very relaxed, comfortable and clean environment. Lastly I enjoyed seeing the staff taking the initiative of wearing gloves with everything that is currently going on, not only showing that they care about your product but also about the patient.read more
Jeff Hart
Jeff H.
23:27 24 Feb 20
Super quick and easy check in. The tier pricing intrigued me but being out of flower in 1/8, I wasn't able to purchase. There was a great deal on pre rolls, so why not right. The budtenders are very kind and more than willing to help with any questions.read more
Jennifer Carman
Jennifer C.
19:00 21 Feb 20
The staff here are very nice and always make me feel welcome when I walk in. They take time to listen to help me find the exact product I need. They also have a good supply of products also when I go in. I do recommend this place.My first visit to this place they made it easy to get checked in and answered any questions I had. The gentlemen that took care of me once I got back there was super nice and informed me of some pretty awesome discounts.My first visit I believe I was given 25% discount on any product I purchased as well as a free vape pen battery and charger (the works) if I bought a cartridge. That immediately interested me. I took advantage of the first visit discount and purchased a couple more items as well.I still have a couple more discounts to use so I do plan to go back.read more
Nicholas Hopkins
Nicholas H.
17:20 31 Dec 19
Conveniently located on North Wickham, it was easy to find Fluent. I chose to go on a Sunday morning, close to their 10 AM opening time, hoping to avoid the crowds. It worked, I was the only customer when I walked in. Cool.The building is a relatively new one, with a modern, pleasant interior, complete with the obligatory Nice Waiting Area. They don't have the big, cushy chairs I've seen in other places but still, it could be worse and since I didn't have to wait, it's all good.The staff was friendly and informative, but since I don't have my permanent card yet, it took a little extra time to get checked in. Once inside though, the staff was great about taking the extra time to explain products I'd never tried before. As a first time customer, I got a discount and a free battery with my vape purchase, and free is never bad, right? The selection of products, while not voluminous is still pretty dang good and barring shortages on particular items, you should be able to find what you want. While I don't feel the prices are quite as competitive as they might be, they're still not bad and I was happy with my purchases when I walked out.All things considered, it was a pleasant experience. I'll be back.read more
18:08 08 Nov 19
Nice, knowledgeable staff that makes you feel comfortable to ask questions and address any concerns. They were able to help me purchase the best product that would treat my condition. I felt completely at ease and satisfied with my purchase. They also offer great promotions that save you money.read more
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