Fluent Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Casselberry, FL

487 State Road 436
Casselberry, FL 32707

Hours of Operation:

MON-FRI: 10:00AM-7:00PM
SAT & SUN: 10:00AM-6:00PM

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available On Site


Dispensary/MMTC – Open

Casselberry – Fluent, formerly Knox Medical, now has an open medical marijuana dispensary location at 487 State Road 436 Casselberry, FL 32707 to service Altamonte Springs, Longwood, Sanford and Seminole County in general.

Fluent Cannabis Care is committed to ensuring medical cannabis patients near Casselberry access to consistent and pure THC and CBD dispensary menu products, in a professional dispensary location from the highest level of industry experts.

Fluent MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition must have received a Florida MedCard from an State Certified MMJ Doctor. The low-THC/ high CBD cannabis products are available for patients who prefer non-euphoric care.


Fluent cannabis care products may be available by home delivery in Casselberry, Altamonte Springs, Longwood, Sanford and throughout Seminole. Florida Med Card holders can order online or over the phone and have marijuana deliveries RX arrive right to the door.

Please see the discounts section for additional details & limitations. Call 833.735.8368 to schedule and check availability of home delivery. $25 delivery fee applies to orders under $200.

Find a recommending doctor near me on our Doctors Maps here or fill out the Patient Registration Form and one will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Fluent Florida Medical Marijuana Dispensary

What People Are Saying

Tiffany Lee-Ramsey
Tiffany L.
19:19 27 Nov 21
First visit with first rate service from Paul!!! Definitely awesome experience 😎
Lisa Ramos
Lisa R.
05:45 05 Oct 21
Good products and Flower! Really enjoy the turp vapes….had OG Kush today was great snowy buds!
Anthony Johnson
Anthony J.
05:36 10 Aug 21
Go here for your Edibles! I’m telling you, the selection and taste are amazing!
John Paulk
John P.
06:46 20 Jun 21
Super friendly staff. I love the discounts.
Atari Sweet
Atari S.
02:09 13 Jun 21
I was going to Fluent, b4 they were Fluent, and didn’t have flower. But I see they have gone up on their products regarding pricing. I would start going back again. But they need to go back and readjust some of their prices. For example, $45 for a gram of kief, that’s the highest price I’ve seen for that product. And $60 on a half of gram for a distillate syringe. I mean really, come on, that’s ridiculous. The market is to good for outrageous prices like that. Maybe, it’s just me about the way I feel about Fluent. I know that equipment cost (Big $$’s) for the process that is produced to make your products; but I really do believe that Fluent, can find a better solution to accommodate on their prices. If not that, please give a better refined discount program for patients whose on a monthly fixed income from gov’t assistance. I’m not saying that the products are not good at Fluent, that’s not what I’m saying at all. I’m just saying that Fluent, can come down some on their prices. And one last thing that they should consider is to start giving a discount on their flower from time to time.read more
John Carroll
John C.
17:55 10 May 21
Product’s excellent, Staff great,very friendly. New containers not good. Difficult for arthritis patients. No seel under cap, gives room where stored strong smell. Means will dry out to fast.read more
Scott York
Scott Y.
20:00 26 Mar 21
The staff at Fluent Casselberry is phenomenal. They are all knowledgable about their products and their sick merch. as well. Sebastian, Nicole and Eric all worked with me this week on my purchases and I was handled with care. This crew lives up to their companies expectations and exceed them every day. Can’t wait to sport these Fluent Socks with my Fly Soul Shoes.read more
13:55 16 Mar 21
I am not one for writing reviews but this business most definitely warrants one, From day on the folks working have made me feel comfortable and at home, every time I walk into the store I am greeted with a smile, Honestly I cant single out a single worker because I am 99% sure everyone of them have helped me at some point and they all say hello and every employee has been really kind. The product is great (Atlas) being my favorite, The prices I feel typical, but they have deals on things I think almost daily, more importantly THEY GIVE VETERANS DISCOUNTS. The store is very clean and modern, they offer curbside pick up and even have a drive through window though I personally only go into the store because I enjoy seeing everyone. I love this place and the folks who make it run! Keep it up! I Referred my brother and sister In-law here.much love-Sam Helmanread more
Katie Rudloff
Katie R.
15:19 14 Mar 21
Been going to Fluent for a couple years now (since it was Knox) and I have ALWAYS had good customer experiences there. The budtenders are very knowledgeable and kind. I went to Trulieve and they were very rude to me up front and told me to leave when I told them I didn’t plan on buying anything-despite already having my medical card. But even before I got my card, Fluent was very nice to me and took time to explain the process. They actually care about helping you and they remember you! Pricing is good for the quality of product. But I’d even be willing to pay more for their excellent customer service.read more
Nathan Helman
Nathan H.
20:55 11 Mar 21
Been going to fluent for a month now. Referred by my brother. great products and discounts monthly especially for veterans and just in general. Everyone I have interacted with has been friendly, outgoing and knowledgeable. Sarah helped me recently and she was very knowledgeable and helpful. Made my experience fun. Can’t wait to go back later this month for my birthday month. Thanks fluent team.read more
Courtney Talisse
Courtney T.
17:32 05 Mar 21
Love the staff!! Always friendly and helpful!! And I love the fact that the drive through is only for express orders!! Makes the drive through process super quick and easy!!! Definitely my favorite Dispensary!!read more
joanna soto
joanna S.
19:11 01 Mar 21
Let me start by saying that the 2 stars is NOT for the service or customer service I receive at this location. The 2 stars is from the cartridges always getting clogged. I’ve already went and had one exchanged and it still got clogged. The cartridges are NOT cheap for them to be clogging the way they do. I’ve spend way to much money there for them to be clogging and only giving me a small discount for it. I won’t be purchasing my cartridges from them anymore unfortunately. But the STAFF IS AMAZING!!!read more
21:13 08 Feb 21
Clean dispensary that has provided nothing but exceptional quality products and services. Great employees that are there for the customers. Big shout out to Justin for the helpread more
Tori Clay
Tori C.
21:58 18 Dec 20
This place was lovely. Tons of discounts and And knowledgeable staff. Everyone is super friendly and helpful. I worked with Nicole specifically and she was absolutely amazing. She took the time to educate me and help me pick products that would support my needs. It was incredibly helpful, especially because I am not very knowledgeable about this field. She made me feel very comfortable.read more
Daniel Jalbert
Daniel J.
19:10 18 Dec 20
This was my first visit to a dispensary and Nicole made me feel very comfortable. She was very knowledgeable about the various products and assisted me in choosing products that met my needs. Thumbs up.Daniel 👍read more
Marina Silvestre
Marina S.
14:49 17 Dec 20
The Fluent staff at Casselberry is the best! They are always super fast, and friendly! It’s my favorite dispensary to go too. Paul is always so helpful, knowledgeable about the products. Thank you to the staff for making it a great experience to visit your store:)read more
Cocoa Gepetto
Cocoa G.
04:32 13 Dec 20
This location I enjoy the most, good quality and a definite good vibe experience. I love the point system the most it’s truly incredible. 10/10 would MOST definitely recommend !read more
Mike Dellamonica
Mike D.
23:49 08 Dec 20
What a wonderful experience. They walk me through the entire process and explained everything in great detail I highly recommend A ++read more
Cyr & Associates
Cyr & A.
19:52 04 Dec 20
I have shopped at a number of the Fluent stores amongst other dispensaries. Fluent brand has a nice selection of top notch products and I feel is good value for a little higher price. I am comparing them to Trulieve and Curaleaf.The Fluent stores in Jacksonville and downtown Orlando are not as customer service oriented as this Casselberry location. It’s nice as an older (mature) customer to ask them about the different products, and not get a condescending attitude. In addition, they have easy parking so getting in and out was fast at this location.As a newer Fluent store I found it very well managed, and a pleasure to get my monthly medicine.read more
Brent Benore
Brent B.
21:15 02 Dec 20
I’ve been to a few different dispensaries in our area for the past 2.5 years; and the Fluent Casselberry dispensary has by far been the best. Sebastian and his team always seem to go up and above the five star rating. Customer service is excellent their knowledge is excellent. Highly recommend itread more
Brittany Toth
Brittany T.
02:01 13 Nov 20
I don’t write many reviews, however, for anyone that has my luck, they know how HORRIBLE dispensaries in Florida tend to be. I have had way more bad experiences than I have good. HOWEVER, Fluent is the only one that breaks that streak.Not only is their customer service amazing, they have had the product I ordered every single time. The one is Casselberry has a drive-thru window. If you order online, it is typically ready within 10 minutes and I am in the drive-thru for 5 minutes, at most.I had one issue about a week ago with Fluent with a product I ordered. I took it back 4 days later (due to my schedule not allowing sooner) and they took care of me better than I could’ve asked. I haven’t felt satisfied with any dispensary other than Fluent.read more
Joshua Lovett
Joshua L.
21:56 12 Nov 20
First off as far as service goes this place has good service. As for products it seems like they rebrand. They also let you pay with your debit card and steal your change and flower which is why I am leaving this review. They charge a small fee that they give back to you. Usually 3$. One kid with the long braids will totally steal and keep your change unless you ask for it. This kid stole my “change” 4 time before one of the other girl on staff explained it to me. Make sure you ask for your change if your paying with a debit card in the drive through. He will also open your whole flower and take some out as I have noticed seals broken when he “serves” me though the drive thru. I most likely won’t ever use FLUENT again. They owe me a free joint.read more
Brandi Brown
Brandi B.
18:38 31 Oct 20
I love this store! Every employee is friendly and helpful. Paul is great! Took the time to help answer all my questions and was amazing.read more
Robin Whitney-Cromer
Robin W.
20:20 28 Oct 20
Being a “newbie” I have much to learn. This locations Staff has been incredibly patient and resourceful to and for me. They are ALL willing to go the extra mile to be certain you have what you need. Clean and friendly store / staff and inventory. Fluent keeps a better stock than most.read more
Anthony Stewart
Anthony S.
19:51 05 Oct 20
Came in for the first time today and the place was very neat and clean. I was helped within about 4 minutes by a woman named Sara(h) who was fantastic. Wealth of knowledge for sure and super easy to talk to about cannabis. Thanks for your help guys!read more
Ga L
Ga L
11:43 12 Sep 20
Customer Service was amazing but they mixed up my order and I had to call customer service which was very rude when I asked if I could return the item to a shop closer to my house. The Colonial Store fixer my issue but the call center rep should probably be more helpful to get a better experience for a first time patientread more
Tatyanna Rodriguez
Tatyanna R.
01:10 07 Sep 20
Sebastian is the best Budtender !!
Miranda Montgomery
Miranda M.
14:03 27 Aug 20
I visited this dispensary for the first time on 8/23 this is a Beautiful Location that sparkles inside and out. I really appreciate the time Sebastien took explaining the products to me. I am very happy with my wellness plan and medication from your facility. Thank You!read more
brijida manso-marcano
brijida M.
15:01 26 Aug 20
Clean open ambiance…attentive, knowledgeable, welcoming staff…and great selection…
Christopher Vazquez
Christopher V.
18:33 13 Jul 20
They have an excellent selection! They are great prices and different deals. The service is also fast and pleasant. Can’t wait to make my first online orderread more
Rosendo Padilla
Rosendo P.
16:18 28 Jun 20
Excellent service and products. One of my favorite places to get my medical marijuana.
Rebecca Simas
Rebecca S.
03:18 02 Jun 20
First I must say. amazing SERVICE, and then PRODUCTS are top of the line..On a Sunday, I went on a review date of three medical dispensaries, in a new area of Central Florida..FLUENT scored top of the list… Big shout out to SEBASTION…even has a drive thru service…can’t wait to go back… LOVE ME SOME FLUENT…read more
Rebecca Simas
Rebecca S.
03:18 02 Jun 20
First I must say. amazing SERVICE, and then PRODUCTS are top of the line..On a Sunday, I went on a review date of three medical dispensaries, in a new area of Central Florida..FLUENT scored top of the list… Big shout out to SEBASTION…even has a drive thru service…can’t wait to go back… LOVE ME SOME FLUENT…read more
Dave Fox
Dave F.
18:42 28 May 20
The Casselberry location is awesome. The staff is very intelligent, professional, and courteous. The wait times aren’t bad either. Sometimes there’s no wait at all. They’re products are quality.Why not 5 stars?I’ve asked to be notified for one of there products when it becomes available and It has been over 4-5 months without getting a notification.. I’ve called into their call center 10+ times to check inventory or to get any information on when the product will be available. I was informed they have had it in multiple times, yet, I have never seen it on the online inventory. I check their inventory everyday, but I have gave up on calling the customer service. I guess I’ll just have to go there every single day to see if they have it. I’m signed up on all there notification lists.I still recommend fluent. They stand behind their products, and they care about their clients. I would give a 5 star if the inventory was more accurate and if I received a notification when the product I’ve been waiting for is in stock. I’ve asked to be put on the list to be notified of that specific product and although it’s been there. I have never been notified.read more
Taylour Knode
Taylour K.
13:13 15 Apr 20
I’ve been going to fluent Casselberry for close to a year now. The staff is great, extremely helpful and they carry great products as well. The staff is fast with dispensing and getting product to the patients. Even with the crazy pandemic, Fluent Casselberry is still handling express orders faster then any other dispensary in the area and have yet had any frustrations with their service even with a line of cars wrapped around the building.I recommend Fluent Casselberry and trust they can accommodate your needs.Thank you guysread more
Danielle Freedman
Danielle F.
12:06 07 Apr 20
My second time here and I must say WOW I was impressed! Justin was so knowledgeable and helpful. The product is amazing.
Louise Wigg
Louise W.
23:17 28 Feb 20
Very nice place with great staff. I will be back soon. Discounts are amazing.
Louise Wigg
Louise W.
23:17 28 Feb 20
Very nice place with great staff. I will be back soon. Discounts are amazing.
21:33 08 Feb 20
I’m thoroughly impressed with the products & customer service at fluent! I’m a heavy cannabis smoker & I rarely get flower from dispensaries that resins up. Very clean clear headed productive happy flowers! I love the point system! The discounts & point system on top of the quality definitely keeps me coming back! Pamela thank you for your compassionate customer service!read more
Xandra P
Xandra P
21:23 20 Jan 20
Not a fan of the cartridges they give me a sore throat. They have the best Elara blend 600 mg topical creams out of all Orlando dispensaries. Shelby offered great & fast service. To arthritic patients like myself: this cream offers temporary relief that helps during flares, I highly recommend. For days where my joints are burning, I rub this head to toe and this cream soothes my condition & allows me to walk and the pain dissipates for a moment. It smells awesome too. So glad there’s a natural product that helps w pain management.read more
Sebastien Meiller
Sebastien M.
15:34 14 Nov 19
From the opening of this store in April, the level of customer service I received from this store and , Melanie specifically is invaluable. She was extremely knowledgeable, resourceful, but above all went above and beyond. It is for this reason that I have been a loyal and recurring customer.read more
Luis Troche
Luis T.
02:32 14 Nov 19
I had a wonderful experience at this dispensary. The store was beautiful, clean, and inviting. The staff provided exceptional customer service and they were extremely knowledgeable about their products.read more
David Linck
David L.
15:04 10 Oct 19
This is a very good dispensary and they have great customer service. All their employees are very knowledgeable about the different strains of flower that they offer. Also I think they have some of the best merch out all the dispensaries, they have really cool looking hats that have the names of the different strains of flower on them super cool. So I would recommend this dispensary to all people.read more
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