Fluent Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Fort Walton Beach, FL

109 Racetrack Road NE
Unit F
Ft Walton Beach, FL 32547

Hours of Operation:

MON-FRI: 10:00AM-7:00PM
SAT & SUN: 10:00AM-6:00PM

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available On Site

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Dispensary/MMTC – Open

Fort Walton Beach – Fluent has an open medical marijuana dispensary location at 109 Racetrack Road NE – Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547 to service Ocean City, Niceville, Mary Esther and Okaloosa County in general.

Fluent Cannabis Care is committed to ensuring medical cannabis patients near Fort Walton Beach access to consistent and pure THC and CBD products, in a professional dispensary location from the highest level of industry experts.

Fluent MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition must have received a Florida MedCard from an State Certified MMJ Doctor. The low-THC/ high CBD cannabis products are available for patients who prefer non-euphoric care.


Fluent cannabis care products may be available by home delivery in Fort Walton Beach to service Ocean City, Niceville, Mary Esther and throughout Okaloosa County. Florida Med Card holders can order online or over the phone and have marijuana deliveries RX arrive right to the door.

Please see the discounts section for additional details & limitations. Call 833.735.8368 to schedule and check availability of home delivery. $25 delivery fee applies to orders under $200.

Find a recommending doctor near me on our Doctors Maps here or fill out the Patient Registration Form and one will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Fluent Florida Medical Marijuana Dispensary

What People Are Saying

robert Engelkens
robert E.
02:18 26 Jul 21
Great experience. Staff very helpful
Barber Queen
Barber Q.
18:28 30 Jun 21
What a great place! I have been going there since they opened and love the location. I usually get Jaunte to take care of me and he does an amazing job! Knowledgeable and Incredibly friendly. Make sure you get signed up for REWARDS! It is the cherry on top! ❤️read more
23:13 22 May 21
Great service! Staff makes you feel comfortable and are really friendly.
Chris Baegent
Chris B.
11:30 09 Apr 21
The bud tenders are knowledgeable, friendly, and always willing to help. Don’t listen to the 1 star reviews (aka the haters). Try it out for yourself, you will be pleasantly surprised.read more
Lateef Minns
Lateef M.
23:49 03 Apr 21
Big Ups to the Fluent Squad!!!Hands down one of the most easiest shopping experiences in town. I always feel welcome — there’s always deals, and the products are top shelf!Hats off to yous!!!read more
Susan Menser
Susan M.
15:19 30 Mar 21
Oh man! These are my favorite peeps in the while world! Kind, knowledgeable, friendly! Love,love,love them!💖🤗read more
Lateef Minns
Lateef M.
19:45 15 Mar 21
Hands down one of the most easiest shopping experiences in town. I always feel welcome — there’s always deals, and the products are top shelf — Kudos to the staff that makes that happen every visit!!!read more
Jeanette Elliott
Jeanette E.
13:26 26 Feb 21
I have visited this dispensary several times including my very first time when I didn’t know much about buying weed or the benefits. A huge thank you to Josh and Shannon, they have helped me so much on what products would work the best for my situation. the staff is very knowledgeable and incredibly nice!read more
Crazy Kaczor SPORTS C.
19:29 02 Feb 21
Josh and Jo are outstanding. This customer service and product knowledge are awesome. FLUENT has great quailty bud the Subra and Atlas are my top recommendedread more
christina bush
christina B.
20:05 17 Dec 20
Super friendly and helpful! Great daily deals and products! Definently a favorite!!
Daniel Craig
Daniel C.
17:27 05 Dec 20
Awesome staff, great service. I really like how u can call them and right away get connected to a real person to take your order. Make sure u try the Odra kush!8read more
Jacemachine Gaming
Jacemachine G.
19:30 18 Nov 20
I have been using this dispensary for over two years now. I find them to be a great group of individuals, as well as kind and helpful representatives of FLUENT. They have always gone out of their way to make certain any issues that may arise are taken care of quickly. Great staff. Solid product.read more
23:16 14 Nov 20
I had the most helpful experience here with Jay. I will return because of him and i wish everyone was as helpful as him. He is very knowledgeable about all things but and how it makes you feel, he needs to train people because I’ve had no one help me like him. I highly recommend the store in fort Walton because of his great service.read more
Juels Adam
Juels A.
18:06 06 Nov 20
My boyfriend and I came here for brunch. This place is unlike anywhere I’ve ever been! A cool, chic atmosphere and the staff is super friendly. Kind of pricey but that was to be expected. Overall a great and fun experience! Can’t wait to come back!read more
wayne alcott
wayne A.
13:32 03 Sep 20
Used to be great
19:03 31 Aug 20
Awesome customer service and great discount! Products also delivered on time with a smile!
00:04 09 Aug 20
Their marijuana is not potent, tobacco is stronger. Not enough available product. Over priced medicine as if patients aren’t taxed enough already I do not refer this dispensary. Go to muv or trulieve they have strong meds.read more
Heather Williams
Heather W.
18:36 03 Aug 20
Products are great…Typically EVERY employee I’ve encountered has been awesome…today the lady working the front has an attitude for no reason and is happy to let you wait for a product they may not even have. Indifferent attitude couldn’t seem to care less about customers today. I asked if there was flower in stock. Response was maybe but there might not be any by the time you get back there. Cool thanks for not asking. Would take 2 seconds but requires getting off your lazy bumDark hair…FWB 1PM. Didn’t catch grumpys nameread more
Jason Davis
Jason D.
13:54 22 Jul 20
21 cups of limited release product??Only dispensary between here and texas and they issued 21 cups. Nice attempt to give hope but in the end this company is all smoke and mirrors. Was good in the beginning but now seems to be watered down.read more
Miranda Wood
Miranda W.
06:12 19 Jun 20
Loved it! Very knowledgeable! Everyone was very kind spoken and patient. Very relaxed! Jaunte was very helpful and patient and took his time to explain everything to me! This was my first visit. I’ll be back ♥️read more
Michelle Bailey
Michelle B.
18:14 18 Jun 20
I was in the monument place next store to this business. The staff was extremely rude. They came onto the monumeny place and yelled at all of in here that the white truck needed to be moved. Very very rude to yell at people whose family member had just died!! I understand a reserved spot but you don’t have to yell at people.read more
Harold Peek
Harold P.
18:53 13 May 20
Didn’t care for it.!!! I prefer flower,and they never have any.flower has been available in Florida for a year now.there is no excuse for the shortage of flower.your competition has plentyread more
Paul Junior
Paul J.
16:36 30 Apr 20
My first visit was very good period how do u get ur website so I can order instead of driving a hour away ?Thank you paul bread more
bekki unbehant
bekki U.
20:26 11 Mar 20
I’ve been 3 times now and:1. Gotten the BEST customer service by attitude and.knowledge.2. Had a fabulous selection to choose from! 😊3. Have been educated on their many forms of helpful, convenient ways to purchase my ordersA. Online/delivery to my doorB. Call ahead/ Order will be waiting at the store.C. Online/ Waiting for pick up at the store.4. Have been kept up to date via text about daily specials.Suzie is FABULOUS!Front desk associates are always very warm, inviting, AND extremely knowledgeableWould and will recommend everyone I knowread more
B G.
18:43 03 Mar 20
My first visit to the Fluent store. I was very relieved to see that their employees are very well versed in their products overall! Their website is up to date on exact prices and stock. They have a decent range of medication either by mg or delivery method. I will be back for another visit soon. Thanks Fluent!!read more
Maggie Marie
Maggie M.
03:30 26 Jan 20
My favorite dispensary. The staff are extremely knowledgeable and will take the time to explain everything to you. They have a lot of discounts and sales. ❤️read more
jose Tubberville
jose T.
23:59 27 Dec 19
You are surrounded by nothing but competition in the Florida panhandle, with new competing stores opening up frequently ie Trulieve Destin. With no real need to drive the extra distance to Ft Walton now, why would I go there to you anyways when you sell your “new” melt and rosin for 100$ a gram? You are 40$ overpriced and are very under dosed in thc percentage in comparison to your local competitors. Your competitors have been selling these exact products you just received as “new” for over a year now, for 40$ cheaper and better quality. Not only all of this, you rarely have flower and all of your competitors either match or have a higher discount for veterans and offer better loyalty reward programs. The word is getting out fast fluent and you are behind.read more
Christopher Hoffman
Christopher H.
13:00 06 Dec 19
I’m tired of going in there and being confronted by a scowling security guard with his hand on his sidearm. If you want you stand there and pretend you’re the fastest draw in FWB, that’s fine. But, keep your hand off your weapon, unless you’re ready to use it.read more
Erika Dunham
Erika D.
18:18 20 Aug 19
Okay people now honestly this is the place to go the only dispensary around that is awesome with awesome people awesome products the only products that actually do make me feel better and trust me I’ve been around a long time and I know what’s good!!! me and my best friend come here once a week even though it’s not the closest one we make the drive because again the service is amazing and the products are ahhhh mazing….hehehe… KAYLA AND JUANTE ARE SUPERSTARS at what they do!!! we look forward to the friendly faces….read more
Ben Merritt
Ben M.
14:03 12 Aug 19
The staff here will become your friends after a few times of shopping here. Kayla waited on me yesterday one of my favorites they have working there and she always has helpful advice. Really clean store and never really a long wait.Thanks so much !read more
Aaron Dice
Aaron D.
14:00 28 Jul 19
I’m editing my review. Fluent is nothing but fast, convenient, and professional. My past three experiences have been great. This the fastest dispensary I’ve been to. My average visit is less than 20 minutes. This store is now getting stocked more often, and their flower is starting to get pretty good!read more
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