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Menu – Below are Low THC High CBD as well as High THC products being offered on Trulieve Dispensary Menu to medical cannabis patients. These can be obtained by getting or having your Florida medcard. Patients can buy Trulieve products by going into an open dispensary or through their cannabis products statewide delivery program.

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Trulieve Member Berry | Hybrid

Trulieve Banana Hammock | Indica

Trulieve Flower Papaya Cake | Indica

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Trulieve White Buffalo | Sativa

TruFlower – 5 lb Hammer

Sunshine Cannabis Hybrid – Mango G13

binske Indica – Wade County Kush

Trulieve Bubble Gum | Hybrid

Trulieve 7 of 9 | Hybrid

TruFlower Banana Punch | Indica

Trulieve Crumpets | Indica

Trulieve Florida Sunrise | Hybrid

Trulieve Lemon OG Kush | Hybrid

Trulieve Mandarin Cookies | Hybrid

Trulieve TruFlower Mellow | Indica

Trulieve Mandarin Sunset | Indica

TruFlower Goo Berry | Indica

TruFlower Space Age Cake | Indica

TruFlower White Fire Alien | Indica

Trulieve Sin Mint Cookies | Hybrid

Trulieve Flower Dutch Hawaiian | SD

Trulieve TruFlower 9lb Hammer | Indica 

Trulieve Flower Blue Dream | SD

Bellamy Brothers Afterglow

Bellamy Brothers Reggae Cowboy

Trulieve – Purple Wookie

Trulieve Flower Rebel Sour | Hybrid

Trulieve Ground TruFlower

Ground Flower - Tropical Storm

TruFlower Minis – Banana Hammock

TruFlower Minis – Crescendo

TruFlower Minis – Crumpets

TruFlower Minis –Sin Mint Cookies

5G’s Purple F2 Pre-roll

Bellamy Brothers 1g – Reggae Cowboy

Binske Stone Crab Haze Pre-Roll

Binske .5g Pre-roll Hybrid

Bubble Gum Pre-roll

Sour OG Chem Pre-rol

Blue Dream Pre-roll

GSC Pre-roll

Binske Chews Lemon Lime

Binske Milk Chocolate Bar

Binske Dark Chocolate Bar

Edibles Sugar Free Gummies - Lemon-Lime

Florida Orange Nano Gel Edibles

TruGels Pineapple Gummies

Hybrid Apple Cinnamon Gummies

TruGels Blue Raspberry Gummies

Binske Blackberry Lemon Chews

Binske Mixed Berry Chews

Tincture Drops – CBD Edible

Tincture Drops – 1:10 Edible

Tincture Drops – 1:1 Edible

Trulieve Vape Cartridges

Trulieve CO2 Vape Pen Cartridge Sativa 400mg

Trulieve CO2 Cartridge Truberry OG 400mg

Trulieve CO2 Cartridge Banana Mac 400mg

TruSpectrum Cartridge [.5G] Indica – Rae Bae

[.5G] Hybrid – Orange Crush

[.5G] Hybrid – Cold Creek Kush

[.5G] Hybrid – Heat Wave

Bellos Pod [.5G] Indica – Citrus Serenade

Bellos Pod [.5G] Indica – Space Coast

Bellos Pod [.5G] Indica – Space Coast

[.5G] Hybrid – Orange Crush

Trulieve 800mg Indica Dominant

Sunshine Cannabis Ratio 8:1 THC:CBD 400mg

Sunshine Cannabis Gainesville Green 400mg

Sunshine Cannabis Afghan Moon Indica 400mg

Sunshine Cannabis Cartridge 400mg Sativa

Sunshine Cannabis South Florida Kush

Jack Herer O.penVAPE Reserve 400mg

SFV O.penVAPE Reserve 400mg

Ratio 5:3 Ratio CBD:THC 400mg

Cold Creek Kush ID 800mg

Ultra Sour Sativa Dominant 800mg

Trulieve 800mg Sativa – Maui Wowie

Blue River Rosin Hybrid – Cherry Mystery #3

Blue River Rosin Hybrid – Florida Sunrise

Blue River Rosin Hybrid – Tangie Girl

Blue River Rosin Hybrid – Paradise Waits

Blue River Rosin Indica Dominant

Blue River Rosin Cartridge

Blue River .5G Rosin Cart Rebel Sour 2.0

TruKief Concentrate

Trulieve THC-A Concentrate

TruShatter Hybrid 1 Gram

TruShatter Indica 1 Gram

TruShatter Sativa 1 Gram

TruWax Grape Cake – H

TruWax Sunset Sherbert x Kush Mint

Trulieve TruWax Indica

Trulieve TruWax Indica - Space Age Cake

Trulieve TruWax Hybrid

Trulieve TruWax Sativa

Trulieve Concentrate Syringe - Dog Walker Hybrid

Trulieve Concentrate Syringe - 9lb Hammer Indica

Trulieve Concentrate Syringe - Grandaddy Purple

Trulieve Concentrate Syringe - Dutch Hawaiian Sativa

Trulieve TruClear Concentrate Syringe 1:1 850mg

Trulieve CO2 TruClear Concentrate Syringe 850mg Ratio

Trulieve Concentrate Syringe - Northern Hash Plant

Trulieve Concentrate Syringe - Space Age Cake

Trulieve Concentrate Syringe - Chem Dawg Hybrid

Trulieve Concentrate Syringe - StarDawg Hybrid

Trulieve RSO Syringe 1 Gram Indica

Trulieve RSO Syringe 1 Gram Hybrid

Trulieve RSO Syringe 1 Gram Sativa

Bellos .5G Pod Dutch Cookies

Bellos .5G Pod Lemon Sherbert

Sunshine Cannabis Afghan Moon

Sunshine Cannabis Sunshine Kush

Sunshine Cannabis Gainesville Green

Sunshine Cannabis [1G] Sativa – Sunshine Haze

TruPOD [.5G] Indica – Panhandle Purps

TruPOD [.5G] Indica – Space Age Cake

TruPOD [.5G] Sativa – Dutch Hawaiian

TruPOD [.5G] Hybrid – Sour OG Chem

TruPOD [.5G] 1:1 – Pink Lemonade

[.5G] 1:1:1 – Laughing Buddha Delta 8 Ratio

TruPOD Strawberry Switchblade 800mg

Trulieve Trupod Green Crack 400mg

Trulieve Trupod Blue Dream 800mg

Trulieve Trupod Pineapple Express 800mg

Trulieve TruPOD Paradise Waits 400mg

Trulieve Trupod for Trustik Indica 800mg

TruPOD [.5G] Indica – Do Si Dos

Trulieve TruPOD Jack Herer 400mg

TruPOD [.5G] Indica – 9lb Hammer

Trulieve Truclear Concentrate Warmer

Trulieve Silver Button Battery

Trulieve Tabletop Vaporizer

O.PEN VAPE 2.0 Vaporizer

Puffco Chamber

Puffco Plus

Trulieve Concentrate Wax Shatter Pen

Trulieve Truclear Concentrate Warmer

Trulieve Oil Cartridge Vaporizer Pen

Trulieve Mystica Vaporizer Black

Trulieve Garlic Binske Tinctures 300mg

Trulieve Truffle Binske Tinctures 300mg

Trulieve Rosemary Binske Tinctures 300mg

Trulieve Lemon Binske Tinctures 300mg

Trulieve Extra Virgin Binske Tinctures 300mg

Trulieve Tincture Droplet Bottle CBD 500mg

TruNano Tincture 250mg Ratio 8:1 CBD:THC

TruNano Tincture 250mg Ratio 1:8 CBD:THC

Trulieve Oral Syringe CBD 200mg

Trulieve Oral Syringe Hybrid 200mg

Trulieve Oral Syringe Indica 200mg

Trulieve Oral Syringe Sativa 200mg

Trulieve TruPowder Lemon

TruPowder Vanilla Cream

Trulieve Capsule Bottle 25ct Indica 50mg

Trulieve Capsule Bottle 30ct Indica 10mg

Trulieve Capsule Bottle 30ct Hybrid 10mg

Trulieve Capsule Bottle 25ct Hybrid 50mg

Trulieve Topical Sunsreen SPF 30 Balanced 250mg

Trulieve Topical Sunsreen SPF 30 Balanced 250mg

Trulieve Topical Cream 2oz. Jar Hybrid 250mg

Trulieve Nasal Rescue Spray 20:1 THC to CBD

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