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Menu – Below are Low THC High CBD as well as High THC products being offered on Trulieve Dispensary Menu to medical cannabis patients. These can be obtained by getting or having your Florida medcard. Patients can buy Trulieve products by going into an open dispensary or through their cannabis products statewide delivery program.


Purple Punch | Indica

Agathlan | Indica

Chemdog #4 | Hybrid

Sugar Cookies | Hybrid

The Cough | Hybrid

Grape God Bud | Hybrid

7 of 9 | Indica 

Reggae Cowboy

Fire Alien Master | Indica 

Goo Berry | Indica 

9lb Hammer | Indica 

Banana OG | Indica

Papaya Cake | Indica

Banana Hammock | Indica

White Fire Alien | Indica

CW | CBD Dominant

Bubba Kush | Indica

Bellamy Brothers Big Love | Hybrid

White Buffalo | Sativa

SC Mango G13 | Indica

Crumpets | Indica

5lb Hammer | Hybrid

Dutch Hawaiian | SD

Mandarin Sunset | Indica

Banana OG | Indica

Binske Sophistafunk | Hybrid

Binske Vizcaya | Indica

Modern Flower | Hybrid

Modern Flower | Indica

Ground TruFlower | Indica

TruFlower Minis | Indica

TruFlower Minis | Hybrid

Sour OG Chem Pre-roll

GSC Pre-roll

Trulieve Pre-rolls | Indicas

Trulieve Pre-rolls | Sativas

Sweet Talk Gels - Watermelon

Sweet Talk Gels - Guava Passionfruit

Sweet Talk Gels – Blue Raspberry

binske Chews – Blackberry Lemon

TruNano Gels – Raspberry Lemonade

Love’s Oven Chocolate Chip THC Cookies

Sweet Talk Gels - Mixed Berry

Gels - Pomegranate 5:1 (THC-CBN)

Gels – Georgia Peach – 1:1 (CBD:THC)

Sweet Talk Puckers – Kiwi Green Apple

Sweet Talk Puckers – Key Lime

Sweet Talk Gels – Strawberry

Dark TruChocolate Bar – Cranberry

Trulieve TruChocolate Bar – Mint

Bhang Milk Chocolate Bar

Bhang Dark Chocolate Bar

Sweet Talk Chocolate – Indica

Sweet Talk Chocolate – Hybrid

Trulieve TruChocolate Bar – Caramel

TruChocolate Bar Indica – Strawberry

TruTonic Powder – Lemon Lime

TruTonic Powder – Orange

TruTonic Powder – Strawberry Guava

Trulieve TruPowder

Trulieve Vape Cartridges

Co2lors .5G – Strawberry Lemonade

Co2lors Vape Cartridge .5G – Sweet Melon

Co2lors Vape Cartridge .5G – Tropical Fruit

Co2lors Vape Cartridge .5G – Grape Dreams

Balanced 1:1 Ratio CBD:THC

.5G Sativa – Super Sour Diesel

O.pen Vape Cartridge Sativa – Lemon Cake

Jack Herer O.penVAPE Reserve 400mg

SFV O.penVAPE Reserve 400mg

Ratio 5:3 Ratio CBD:THC 400mg

Ultra Sour Sativa Dominant 800mg

Trulieve 800mg Sativa – Maui Wowie

Alchemy AIO 1g Vape Pen – 9lb Hammer

Alchemy AIO 1g Vape Pen – Hybrid

Co2lors AIO Vape Pen Hybrid 1G – Apricot

Co2lors AIO Vape Pen Hybrid 1G – Apricot

Co2lors AIO Vape Pen Hybrid 1G – Strawnana

O.Pen Cured Resin Cartridge – Sour OG Chem

Muse Live Sauz Vape Cartridge[.5G] Indica

Muse Live Sauz Hybrid – Grape Cake

Trulieve Vape Cartridge [1G] Hybrid - Mixed

Trulieve 800mg Indica Dominant

Sunshine Cannabis Ratio 8:1 THC:CBD 400mg

Sunshine Cannabis South Florida Kush

Blue River .5G Rosin Cart Rebel Sour 2.0

Blue River Rosin Cartridge

TruKief Concentrate

Blue River™ Rosin | Indica

Blue River™ Rosin | Sativa

Blue River™ Rosin | Hybrid

Sunshine Cannabis Live Budder | Indica

Trulieve Live Budder | Indica

Trulieve Live Budder | Hybrid

Trulieve Live Resin | Indica

Trulieve Live Resin | Hybrid

Live Meringue | Indica

Trulieve Concentrate Syringe - 9lb Hammer Indica

Trulieve Concentrate Syringe - Grandaddy Purple

Trulieve Concentrate Syringe - Banana Kush Hybrid

Trulieve TruClear Concentrate Syringe 1:1 850mg

Trulieve Delta 8 Syringe [1G] 1:1 – Grape Inferno

Co2lors Refill Kit [1G] – Hybrid

Trulieve Concentrate Syringe - Chem Dawg Hybrid

Trulieve Concentrate Syringe - StarDawg Hybrid

Trulieve RSO Syringe 1 Gram Indica

Trulieve RSO Syringe 1 Gram Hybrid

Trulieve RSO Syringe 1 Gram Sativa

TruPOD Strawberry Switchblade 800mg

Trulieve Trupod Green Crack 400mg

Trulieve Trupod Blue Dream 800mg

Trulieve Trupod Pineapple Express 800mg

Trulieve TruPOD Paradise Waits 400mg

Trulieve Trupod for Trustik Indica 800mg

Sunshine Cannabis Afghan Moon

Sunshine Cannabis Gainesville Green

Sunshine Cannabis [1G] Sativa – Sunshine Haze

TruPOD [.5G] Indica – Do Si Dos

Trulieve TruPOD Jack Herer 400mg

Trulieve TruPOD Durban Poison

TruPOD [.5G] Indica – 9lb Hammer

Trulieve Truclear Concentrate Warmer

Trulieve Silver Button Battery

Trulieve Tabletop Vaporizer

O.PEN VAPE 2.0 Vaporizer

Puffco Chamber

Puffco Plus

Trulieve Concentrate Wax Shatter Pen

Trulieve Truclear Concentrate Warmer

Trulieve Oil Cartridge Vaporizer Pen

Trulieve Mystica Vaporizer Black

TruNano Tincture 250mg Ratio 8:1 CBD:THC

TruNano Tincture 250mg Ratio 1:8 CBD:THC

Momenta RSO Tincture 600mg – Hybrid

Trulieve Tincture Droplet Bottle CBD 500mg

Trulieve TruPowder Lemon

TruPowder Vanilla Cream

Trulieve Capsule Bottle 25ct Indica 50mg

Trulieve Capsule Bottle 30ct Indica 10mg

Trulieve Capsule Bottle 30ct Sativa 50mg

Trulieve Capsule Bottle 30ct Hybrid 10mg

Trulieve Capsule Bottle 25ct Hybrid 50mg

Trulieve Capsule Bottle 30ct CBD 10mg

Trulieve Topical Sunsreen SPF 30 Balanced 250mg

Trulieve Topical Cream 2oz. Jar Hybrid 250mg

Trulieve Nasal Rescue Spray 20:1 THC to CBD

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