Trulieve Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Leesburg, FL

106 W North Blvd
Leesburg, FL 34748

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat: 9am – 9pm
Sunday: 10am – 8pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available


MMTC Dispensary – Open

Leesburg – A Trulieve dispensary located at 106 W North Blvd Leesburg, FL 34748 to service Lake County medical cannabis card patients is open. Trulieve, the biggest dispensary brand in FL, strives to bring you the relief you need in medical marijuana products you can trust.

The cannabis plants Trulieve cultivates in its nurseries for this Leesburg store products are hand-grown in an environment specially designed to reduce unwanted chemicals and pests, keeping the process as natural as possible.

The Leesburg Trulieve staff is well trained to work with local certified doctors in the area to provide the proper products and the correct dosage to ensure patients get the proper care they need.


Trulieve medical cannabis products are available by delivery to your front door in Leesburg and throughout Lake County. Order online or call over the phone and have your medical marijuana products delivered.

Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients that have been certified by a recommending doctor who need non-euphoric care. You can call 844.878.5438 or email to schedule a delivery.

$15 Delivery Fee Statewide. Free delivery to patients 65 years or older and on all orders over $200.

Trulieve Florida

What People Are Saying

Nicholas James
Nicholas J.
18:01 14 Jan 22
If I could give zero stars I would. Don’t get flower here. Every person working is annoyed Everytime I come in as if me asking them to do their job is too hard. Their flower quality is NEVER consistent. The quality is always trash. And the process of viewing the menu and seeing what’s available is the most complicated of all dispensaries I go to. How is it medical Cannabis dispensary if it can’t provide me with consistent quality medical flower? I’m appalled by what this company is doing to cannabis itself. It’s terrible that this company is so large and controlling over the more
PrimeCore Tactical
PrimeCore T.
11:37 15 Dec 21
Not welcoming at all. Went to the counter and wasn’t greeted or even looked at. I stood there for a few minutes and the guy at the counter just said “card, pick up or walk-in” and then told me to have a seat. I sat there for about 30 minutes. The staff there all have attitudes and can’t explain any of the strains to me. No menus for walk-ins. I will never go here again. Also the weed options and quality is not good at all. I can point you to five dispensaries that are WAY BETTER. I gave 2 stars because at least they have “okay” deals on more
Jonathan Hipperling
Jonathan H.
17:37 03 Dec 21
All Trulieve locations have really taken this mask bs to another level. Still require a mask and won’t serve you unless you have one… also heard they tumble their flower to shake off crystals to make their distillet, and wax… buyer beware, to many other options out there to choose that have better quality flowerread more
George Figueroa
George F.
01:57 31 Oct 21
Staff is friendly, eager to help, informative. They make me feel comfortable. I don’t get anxiety while I’m there and that’s an issue with me at just about every other store I visit. Service is quick but they won’t rush you. 100% recommended!read more
18:40 22 Sep 21
Thanks to the person at Trulieve that took the time to call me and tell me i had to wait a couple days b4 i could purchase my meds. And held my order and gave me the discount also that was offered the day i ordered. Ty Trulieve you all are very kind and compassionate!! You surely know how to please a more
Ashley Nodzo
Ashley N.
21:51 14 Sep 21
Matt B. Was extremely helpful and patient today while my can pay needed an update. Customer service is always great with him and this Bonita location! Thank you guys for always being so convenient 🙂read more
Edgar Copello
Edgar C.
15:32 13 Sep 21
NOTHING but the best! What did I do before Trulieve, I don’t remember 🤔 ever picking up whole flowers like this beforehand. Their clerks behind counter are all knowledgeable about their products. Products are all good & I’ve learn a lot since Trulieve arrived in Bonita Springs, Florida!read more
Happy chick Overhultz
Happy chick O.
11:28 31 Aug 21
The ground flower is the best. Bonita beach rd is my all time fav. They are So smart. Ask them anything. They have the answer. All are so sweet. #1Trulieveread more
Cody Kichline
Cody K.
23:41 23 Jul 21
Ive been a few times and love when I get Aubrey. She’s very helpful and knowledgeable about products. Love every product shes recommended so far. I honestly didn’t have that great of an experience until she started working there. Now I’m a regular!read more
Denise Peardon
Denise P.
00:35 23 Jul 21
First of all I would like to start by saying I love you your store. But I also want to give credit to 1 special employee. Aubrey is the 1 person I request always. That’s if she is working registers. She alway has a friendly smile and a good word. She is knowledgeable in product and if she doesn’t she will get the answer. She always offers me new products. Stuff I would not know about if not for her salesmanship. She makes my day a little brighter everything I see her. Thanks for listening!!!!!read more
Christina Carrieri
Christina C.
01:39 19 Jul 21
Aubrey was very helpful and very knowledgeable about not only the products in her store but also the surrounding area. She was very kind talking to me about the available products for chemo patients as well. I highly recommend this store!! Great employees all more
Rick Beaubrin
Rick B.
21:09 18 Jul 21
I love this dispensary. I’ve tried all the others in the area and no one is as consistent! Good quality, always worth the price ! everyone is great but Aubrey was particularly helpful today in helping me find the proper strains!read more
Della Thediva
Della T.
03:25 17 Jul 21
Every staff member I have had the pleasure of interacting with has been fantastic, but Aubrey is the Superstar on this team. From our first introduction we have continued to form a wonderful patient-caretaker relationship. Indeed this lovely lady IS a caretaker. She has remembered my name, taken the time to say “hello” even if I have not been paired with her, but most importantly, she knows her patients as well as she knows the products. Aubrey’s personal, client-centric style of serving her patients is why she is my preferred pharmacist. Though I love to see Aubrey’s smile at the front desk, I am thrilled when she is the Trulieve member I am connected with because I know she is prepared to discuss my needs while continuing to build our rapport with the upmost grace and professionalism. Thank you for taking such good care of me Aubrey!read more
Julie Hogue
Julie H.
11:33 15 Jul 21
Leyla F was my cashier and she provided excellent customer service. She took the time to educate me on products I was unaware of. She was kind and welcoming! Thank you for the great service!read more
Bianca Baldo
Bianca B.
19:54 13 Jul 21
Trulieve is my go to dispensary and I had a great experience my last time in. Giovanni C helped me and he was extremely attentive, helpful and friendly. I usually take my time deciding what I want and he was so patient with me and gave great tips and suggestions. Look forward to seeing him again next time I stop more
Chuck Harney
Chuck H.
12:36 12 Jul 21
Such a knowledgeable and courteous staff. Always has quality products at reasonable prices. Miguel is the best. Very empathetic towards my needs and is extremely helpful in product knowledge, prices etc. And I look forward to seeing him Everytime I go more
Bailey Marques
Bailey M.
21:47 11 Jul 21
Not a long wait at all. Juan was very kind and informative, he was patient with me even though they were pretty busy. Thanks for the good service 🙂read more
Jillian Arato
Jillian A.
20:38 08 Jul 21
My first experience was the other day and I was pleasantly surprised! No long wait and my order was correct 🙂 I will definitely be back and ask for Brittany as she was super friendly and informative! Thanks for a great experience!read more
Candice Kelley
Candice K.
16:42 08 Jul 21
Even though all the bud-tenders at Trulieve Bonita Springs location are awesome….Jennifer T. Hooked it up today and I didn’t have to ask for the 35% concentrates discount- she just applied it and gave me the best price possible… Thanks again Jennifer T. – you are amazing!!read more
19:51 07 Jul 21
It was a pleasure coming to Trulieve in Bonita Springs. I got helped from Juan and he was very insightful of what would best suit my medical needs. Thank you a ton! And for giving me the better more
Sam Benson
Sam B.
18:44 03 Jul 21
Great location. Order ahead service make wait times less. They could have some better layman’s terms when giving product more
Mike Vincent
Mike V.
14:07 13 Jun 21
Used to be 5 star……Last 3 orders went terribly wrong,long waits,incomplete orders.Well, I’ve tried it again.It was very little wait time, this time, and A semi-new guy, Anthony(I think.Short young guy)He rocked!He was very helpful, and knowledgeable with the products. Nice addition to your more
Jocelyn Piety
Jocelyn P.
06:53 12 Jun 21
I think this is the best dispensary and me and Collier county and I think they have more deals! All I know is everybody shops it the true leaf and Bonita springs!read more
15:02 10 Jun 21
Every time I come here, I am literally in in and out very quickly. Everyone there is super super friendly and professional. I never had a bad experience ever coming here and I never will. Thanks for the great experience I always get here much appreciatedread more
DJ JohnsonHubbard
16:52 07 May 21
Loved the education I received and the high quality of medication. Thank you for the knowledgeable ,smiling and friendly more
Anne Sherman
Anne S.
17:20 10 Apr 21
Everyone here is helpful, polite and knows their stuff. They took time with me and answered every question with complete answers. I left with a more clear understanding of what I needed and how to use each product needed. Great deals as well…read more
C Stepp
C S.
20:19 05 Apr 21
This location neglected to apply my 10% snap discount today, which bothers me.I had to come in with an injured knee, walking with a cane & the Manager at this location made it awkward. Not at all what I expected. Thankfully other local shops offer better more
Cindy Hall
Cindy H.
16:00 05 Apr 21
The worst dispensary in SW Florida. They tell you that the product is available and that they will deliver on a specific day, and never have what I ordered and NEVER deliver on the day they said they would. When I call about it, I find out that they are always 5 days behind for some reason or another. It takes a minimum of 45 minutes before someone answers the phone and then they are never able to resolve anything or give correct info. This morning (Monday) I found out that my delivery that was supposed to be here Saturday and rescheduled for today was somehow completely cancelled. I would not recommend doing business with more
Mike Vincent
Mike V.
18:18 31 Mar 21
Used to be 5 star……Last 3 orders went terribly wrong,long waits,incomplete orders.Well, I’ve tried it again.It was very little wait time, this time, and A semi-new guy, Anthony(I think.Short young guy)He rocked!He was very helpful, and knowledgeable with the products. Nice addition to your team.,read more
B Mad
B M.
04:46 04 Mar 21
This used to be my favorite dispensary in the tri-county area, Now I’ve been using MUV and only have to wait 5 minutes or less before you’re buying medicine. They also have a list of what they have available. At the time of this post, Truelive has a much better selection. I would use Truelive more if the wait was shorter and the stock was more more
Epy Diaz
Epy D.
11:44 02 Mar 21
I was actually recommended here by a friend .1st time there yesterday & the moment I got to the register the woman looked at me & said “ well what do you want?” She definitely lacked basic customer service skills . Also , I don’t like that you don’t have a screen of some sort telling us what you have in stock . I legit had to fish what you guys have out of this girl who barely wanted to be there anyways .My flower also had 2 seeds in its batch so never again .Definitely wouldn’t recommend nor go back . I’ll just stick for MUVread more
Christopher Ponton
Christopher P.
17:49 27 Jan 21
Nice facility. They were giving me 20% discount for veterans not matter what the deal of the day was. I was told by management last night that as of yesterday they STOPPED allowing the veterans discount to be combined with the daily specials. Told the guy that wasn’t the case just last week and he told me ‘they changed policy today’….. used to come here a lot and send people this way but I’ll start checking other spots more
Becky Dorval
Becky D.
18:50 20 Jan 21
One of our favorite marijuana stores. You always have the top notch strains. This place has major issues with ordering and dispensing. Don’t bother online ordering cause they still take walkins before me. This place needs revamping for sure! We’ll after giving them another chance we are definitely going to all their competition. I recommend going to Grow Healthy, Muv or Liberty Science. Adios Amigos!!!!read more
Bryan Betz
Bryan B.
19:42 09 Jan 21
I will be going to Fluent from now on. I’ve been to two locations, Bonita Springs and Tallahassee, and neither of them pick up their phones (multiple tries) and their website won’t submit my order. I like to do curbside pickup, but I never can. Try FLUENT, better customer experience by far…read more
18:49 14 Dec 20
Always have an issue with trulieve. Takes hours to fulfill my order and god forbid you show up any earlier. And placing an online order makes it no faster either when they are even able to fulfill your order. Good products if they have them it’s just a headache even trying to go through the process more
Sophia Evans
Sophia E.
20:54 07 Dec 20
Placed an online order at 3:00, waited all day, and then they wouldn’t let me in at 7:40 despite closing at 8pm. They stared at me standing outside and wouldn’t open the door until I knocked and gestured for one of them to come outside. I could clearly see that they were still assisting other customers. They cracked the door as if I would try to bust in ?? I only needed one item and they would rather recommended I go to curaleaf down the road then Assist one last customer. I’ve been here over 10 times and this was the final straw. Consistently the Worst customer service I’ve ever seen. I will never be returning and will be telling everyone how absolutely horrible your store is. Ur product is not worth the 48 hour wait & rude staff to get it. This is MEDICINE for people and u can’t refuse service like that. Pretty sure it’s illegal even. ZERO more
Annabelle Miranda
Annabelle M.
19:01 08 Nov 20
Customer service is absolutely terrible.the products come with labels atop of other labels so I honestly have no clue if I’m actually getting what I’m paying for. Wait time is horrible as well, they tend to play favorites. Their system is always inaccurate, our orders have been given away on mutual accounts.the products that are being sold are amazing but something definitely has to be done about service.just today I’ve been waiting for my order outside for over an hour while there is one other person here,the man outside said there are other orders ahead of yours but the people just haven’t gotten here to pick it up theres so I couldn’t get my order till they arrived to get there’s. . . Understandable.but not when I’m being told to come inside to get my order and that it’s ready to grab and go…an hour and a half later I’m still being denied access cause there other customers never showed..this type of service and system has to more
Nicholas Cadieux
Nicholas C.
22:00 07 Nov 20
As I walked towards the building I was inhospitably greeted with ” What do you want?”. I tried to respond in a friendly manner and said ” I would like to go inside”. He replied with phone number and card. No please. No how’s your day. No pleasantries. After waiting nearly a half hour without a wait time, I was able to go in the building, and I knew I was able to through a text message. The staff was friendly, but they did not have any topical items even though I called and asked and they said they had it. So, in short I got half of what I came for and not a good customer more
Lyn Varney
Lyn V.
19:09 02 Oct 20
Trulieve is a great dispensary! They seem to have better variety and product, so always my first choice. I suggest visiting their website and use leafly link in the strain page, to have so much better time choosing your product. Thanks Trulieve Bonita Springs!read more
Sean ONeill
Sean O.
00:14 28 Sep 20
This place is a joke!!! Stock is limited, quality is below average and extremely overpriced. I’ve yet to have a pleasant experience, I’m either waiting in the lobby or outside for over 30-40min everytime, even when I’m just picking up an order. I even tried to get it delivered but that was a nightmare, their constantly making mistakes to my orders with zero customer service to fix. Honestly, its always something with this place, I wish I could give negative stars and if this was the only dispensary, I’d honestly try to quit smoking………read more
Mary Jane Peterson
Mary Jane P.
11:38 12 Sep 20
Trulieve is the best Florida has! Great job everyone! 💚
Michael Lyncheski
Michael L.
13:58 10 Sep 20
Great experience every time! Jeff is always there to greet me at the door and help me when I have any questions. Everybody wears a face mask and I feel very safe. Thanks JeffHighly Recommend!!read more
Justina Hardin
Justina H.
13:13 10 Sep 20
Service is great! But never product in stock.
ben furst
ben F.
18:23 09 Sep 20
Typical med bud. Looks good feels like mids
Juan Ortiz
Juan O.
14:42 07 Sep 20
3 out of 5 stars because and lack a product because before I went to the store eye checked online They hag product got there and they’re out of the products that I wantedread more
Aaron Thomas
Aaron T.
19:43 06 Sep 20
Great products but very slow lobby experience even with online orders.Other dispensaries I walk in and out 15 minutes.
Melissa Buchman
Melissa B.
16:20 06 Sep 20
Enjoy timely, courteous service, but cheaper forms or indica strain is hardly ever available, which i need due to my many medical issues i.e., epilepsy, more
Shaun Henderson
Shaun H.
15:39 06 Sep 20
I drove 20+ mi to get the 1:1 gummies. Very happy I did. Customer service is outstanding here and at Cape Coral location. Staff very helpful and seem to genuinely want to help you. If I could give more stars, I would. It is about more than the THC more
Heather Bass
Heather B.
20:47 03 Sep 20
Trulieve has consistently been the worst dispensary I have had the unpleasant experience of dealing with. I have only had my MMJ card a few months. I have had my online order cancelled 5 times now through Trulieve. I get online, place my order, get a confirmation number, then like clockwork 3-5 hrs later they call and tell me the product is out. With all of the technology today, I don’t understand why their website allows you to place orders for something they don’t have. I don’t think that’s the case at all because not one other dispensary besides Trulieve has this issue. Maybe Trulieve needs to check into why certain customers can walk in without a reserved order and happily walk out with their product, while those of us who actually need the product for medicinal purposes get phone calls 4 hrs later saying oops, we ran out. Mistakes happen, I completely understand that, but 5 times? That’s a flaw in the operation of Trulieve, yet consumers are the ones paying the price with their health while Trulieve does nothing to rectify their errors. Maybe if they practiced what their website states it would be a respectable dispensary, not a legal dope more
Jenny Ziegler
Jenny Z.
14:24 03 Sep 20
Ill give them credit for fixing their website but now Corporate needs lesson in Customer Service. Maybe Slowly they will learn how to deal with unhappy customers. Large Corp should care more about complaining customers giving them a reason to keep coming back. Not ignore and only fix computer more
Stacey Lynch
Stacey L.
18:40 13 Aug 20
Every time I go to Trulieve all the employees are wonderful! Brian Pullen has assisted me numerous times and I have to say he is Amazing! So knowledge, helpful and always goes the extra mile to help with anything! 😊read more
Cory Laird
Cory L.
17:17 07 Aug 20
8/7/20- 5Stars. Staff is friendly and attentive. They really know their product and are proud of it. I would be too. The Best way to do this is to go on the website and shop. They will hold your order for 24hrs. You still have to wait your turn in the lobby but you can sign in in your phone. Less wait. Then you go back into the secret chamber, today I was with Brian. Super Nice guy. Had my order ready to go plus reminded me of my $75 discount!! Sweet!! I goto All 6 of the Bonita stores. Depends on sales and what’s in stock. Trulieve is the biggest, and closest to my house. Great selection of more
Dustin Dietz
Dustin D.
20:29 25 Jul 20
You need to update your website so customers know what you have in and out of stock. I waited 33 minutes (i was told 10 minutes by the way) to find out they have 1 strain. Its 2020 get your web developers to update asap please. There are plenty of other options in Bonita!read more
Neil Alderman
Neil A.
12:39 25 Jul 20
Usually out of just about everything, I have had a few instances even where I’ve placed an order only for them to tell me when I’ve arrived that they are out of whatever I ordered. The whole flower is really good quality for the most part but I’d recommend sticking with their Tier 1 Flower above all. Their Bud Tenders are very friendly and somewhat knowledgeable but I personally prefer Grow Healthy or Columbia Care for whole flower. I don’t see the point in having such a large menu because it’s incredibly deceiving when you’re always out of 80% of the more
Lori Greco
Lori G.
21:57 05 Jul 20
Great customer service! Need more supplies, that are in demand! Trulieve Carrie’s about everything. Give them product and they will sell it!! Lori Grecoread more
Renee Benton
Renee B.
20:16 06 Jun 20
This place is a joke…. I waited for 2 weeks to be contacted for them to replace my trustik that came broken I never got to use it once and not to mention this is my 3rd time buying one and 1 works temporarily. I will never use this company again the customer service is horrible and then they send you on a mission just to have something replaced when it was the manufactures fault to begin with and they are extremely expensive for cheap more
19:02 29 May 20
When it comes to medical marijuana no one knows more than Trulieve Bonita springs! They are constantly keeping their inventory stocked with the best selection of strains and delivery methods on the market. Not only is the environment a friendly and approachable area but it is always kept immaculate! There is no place I would rather choose, top tier supply and even better employees!read more
Joseph Mazzola
Joseph M.
18:34 23 May 20
Frequent shopper. Great experience now that they have efficient systems in place. However, I would like to shout out Victor & Nico. They were VERY HELPFUL 👍🏽👍🏽read more
Tony Soprano
Tony S.
12:05 16 May 20
They need to know how to wear masks. They also let people inside that small room without masks, the other day a guy was coughing so bad he had to run outside. I’m never coming back to this nasty place more
Jacob Scull
Jacob S.
16:13 28 Apr 20
I was in the store today purchasing my medicine and I had an amazing experience! Brian Pullen helped me pick out what would be best for me and my illness. I really appreciate Trulieve hiring people that truly care and are compassionateread more
Debbi Givens
Debbi G.
19:59 21 Apr 20
I give this place 5 stars because they always come through even during a pandemic! They try their hardest to satisfy their patient’s needs. My favorite dispensary by far and the selection and prices are really more
Nikos Kosmopoulos
Nikos K.
17:42 20 Apr 20
First time posting a review. Placed an order at 2pm yesterday, received no text or call. Called today at 1pm, waited an hour and seven minutes on hold for the lady to tell me the order is still being reviewed and that they are out of everything I ordered. Had to cancel. I understand we are in a crazy time but between no correspondence about the order and then waiting to hear nothing is available, I will be using other dispensaries in the more
Michael Malecha
Michael M.
21:15 09 Apr 20
Other than the good product the place is run like a zoo. Takes over an hour to get in and get you product. And now with covid I had to wait almost 2 days to even get in to get my prescription.. and once I checked in which was almost 10 min before my appointment they told me my wait would be 35 to 45 min. Unacceptableread more
Leo Chico
Leo C.
22:13 04 Apr 20
I have been to the Bonita Springs location twice and both times have been excellent. Staff makes you feel comfortable and Bill was very informative and helpful. He answered all my questions and helped me make the right choice for the back pain. I will continue to come back every time!!read more
Serenity Roseanne Toler
Serenity Roseanne T.
23:58 26 Feb 20
Anthony T is full of knowledge and he is the man!!! Nate has great customer service skills and is also knowledgeable with pleasing his more
Jennifer Presnell
Jennifer P.
12:15 16 Feb 20
I go to Trulieve regularly as my son’s caregiver and the staff is all so nice and knowledgeable!! Hayden helped me this week and was awesome! He was really helpful and friendly. I would definitely recommend!read more
Julia Lucadello
Julia L.
17:41 13 Feb 20
always a great experience! super appreciate the great suggestions and chat with Nate! definitely makes my day going into the bonita locationread more
Krystal Farquharson
Krystal F.
02:59 06 Feb 20
Always have a great experience at this location. Every staff member I have interaccted with is most knowledgeable on all the products. Also all very kind and polite. They offer compassion discounts for Vets! Love Mini Mondays and Wind Down Wednesday!! Oh- Bring jacket if you don’t like to be chilly. They keep the waiting room pretty cool. Not complaining just hippin out.🤙read more
Karen Paczkowski
Karen P.
03:25 03 Feb 20
I had the chance to check out the Bonita springs location and I loved it! Great easy quick experience! A big thanks to Nikko P, for awesome service!!read more
Dick Iler
Dick I.
16:20 31 Jan 20
Very friendly & knowledgeable .
Dick Iler
Dick I.
16:20 31 Jan 20
Very friendly & knowledgeable .
Jake Z
Jake Z
20:34 18 Jan 20
Great service when you order ahead!
Alicia Withrow
Alicia W.
22:05 07 Dec 19
Great variety of methods of delivery. So many different strains as well but shop early they run out of things easily. Or do the surprise me sometimes you get to try new things. The staff will always help you decide!read more
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