Trulieve Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Lakeland, FL

1644 North Florida Avenue
Lakeland, Florida 33805

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat 9am – 8pm
Sunday 10am – 6pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available


Dispensary – Open

Lakeland – A Trulieve dispensary located at 1644 North Florida Avenue in Lakeland, Florida 33805 to service Polk County medical cannabis card patients is now open. Trulieve, one of the best dispensary brands in FL, strives to bring you the relief you need in medical marijuana products you can trust.

The cannabis plants Trulieve cultivates in its nurseries for their open dispensaries throughout Florida are hand-grown in an environment specially designed to reduce unwanted chemicals and pests, keeping the process as natural as possible.

The Lakeland Trulieve staff is well trained to work with local certified doctors in the area to provide the proper products and the correct dosage to ensure patients get the proper care they need.


Trulieve medical cannabis products in stock are available by delivery to your front door in Lakeland and throughout Polk County. Order online or over the phone and have your medical marijuana products delivered.

Trulieve Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients who need non-euphoric care. You can call 844.878.5438 or email to schedule a delivery.

$25 Delivery Fee Statewide

Trulieve Florida

What People Are Saying

Shea-Lynn Tinsley
Shea-Lynn T.
20:45 28 Nov 21
Absolutely phenomenal service!!! I had a delivery that I switched to a pick up order— however, the delivery still came to the house & I wasn’t home. When I came to the store (because I still needed to pick up regardless) my order was not at the store due to it still being in the delivery car! My bud tender was extremely helpful (I wish I could remember his name) & attempted to still give me what I had ordered. They only had one in stock & another bud tender Abby was so incredible she gave me one of her personal jars just for the inconvenience!! Wow!!! That goes so much deeper than good customer service— it was truly a blessing! Thank you guys so much for all your help!! Stay blessed; much love & light to you all!!read more
Brian Trombley
Brian T.
18:53 21 Nov 21
Great staff and atmosphere. Bre had awesome customer service. Very knowledgable and patient and took time to inform me on my product. Will highly recommend others!read more
The tattooed girl in the back needs to learn how to deal with people better! I have never had issues getting my medication until today with her. I understand they have a hard time finding help, however I am sure they could find more
Sarah Vermillera
Sarah V.
19:49 16 Nov 21
NEVER have accurate products on the website. Percentages are always wrong. Price is always wrong. Never accurate follow the wait-list and they are trying to refuse service with no mask even though FL doesn’t require and I’m vaxed. I’ll gladly take my money more
Breunna Morales
Breunna M.
23:54 16 Oct 21
Went into Trulieve almost at closing time and Brittany hooked me up! She was very courteous and knowledgeable about everything in the store and made sure I had everything I needed! I appreciate themread more
Andy Brown
Andy B.
23:15 06 Oct 21
Friendly service! Really appreciated this Trulieve. Easy to find, in and out with in 10mins. Will go back 100%
Debra Jenkins
Debra J.
22:51 12 Sep 21
Thanks to all truelieve employee’s for your hard work. For providing a great experience and relaxed atmosphere. Feeling safe and cared for .read more
Debra Ritchie
Debra R.
21:07 16 Aug 21
Great staff. The lobby was crowded but they got me right in when I told them my ice cream and popsicles were melting.Thanks you guys. Your are true life more
Meagan Thomas
Meagan T.
18:53 16 Aug 21
I had a new patient appointment and Travis helped me out. Everyone there was very nice and tried to get the wait time down as much as possible. Travis was knowledgeable about every product and suggested things that would be beneficial for me. Can’t wait to come more
Shayla Chambers
Shayla C.
17:04 12 Aug 21
Always a great experience when I visit. Taylor is the sweetest and is very knowledgeable & helpful in helping me make decisions. Definitely recommend her 💜read more
S. R. Green
S. R. G.
04:37 23 Jul 21
Trulieve has a new truliever! From the moment I walked in to my departure I was treated with kindness and consideration. Once I was called to the product room, Allie patiently assisted me with my purchases and explained the process and each product. She and the entire staff were highly knowledgeable and professional, offering suggestions and even explaining all of the discounts for which I qualified. I look forward to returning and referring others to this more
Anna Minton
Anna M.
16:20 21 Jul 21
They have good deals and good quality, however, every single time I go in they are out of everything. I was even told by one of the bud tenders that they don’t put most of their product online because they want people to come into the store. I use to do RSO regularly until I went in 3 weeks in a row and they didn’t have anything. No one is very knowledgeable when it comes to substituting things either. I waited 20 min for them to run around the entire store asking each and every person how to use something. Not very more
LaMar Hunt
LaMar H.
14:36 09 Jul 21
I enjoyed my shopping trip to Trulieve. It is probably some of the best flower that I’ve seen in any dispensary i. FL. Some bud was topping out at 28%. It’s all. It’s also a little bit more expensive. Or expensive. They do not have tier 1, 2 or 3 levels. Probably not the place to go if you’re on a budget but if you’re looking for great product they got it they got itread more
I absolutely LOVE Trulieve!!!!! This particular location is my non-stop go to place. They always seem to have a great selection. And lets just say the staff is absolutely amazing. They are knowledgeable in their products and treat you with the respect you should receive as a VALUED Customer. But overall I am NEVER DISAPPOINTED in any of the products I purchase.MUCH LOVE!!!Now start accepting Crypto for payments!!!read more
Alana Schwarz
Alana S.
18:11 27 Apr 21
I was there today and helped by Malibu/Brad. He was extremely nice and friendly. He went out of his way to help and his service is excellent. Very helpful with recommendations. A great experience. Love this more
Thom Thompson Sr.
Thom Thompson S.
19:30 24 Apr 21
I was there last week, and was greeted, and helped by “Malibu.” He is very knowledgeable about the many different strains, and what each is good for. He has a fantastic personality, and was very friendly. I had never been to Truelieve before, and because of my experience with “Malibu-Brad,” I will definitely be back…… more
Courtney Haydon
Courtney H.
18:22 07 Apr 21
Excellent experience. Lindsay went above and beyond to help me find which product I would like best. She took her time and answered all my questions. The staff here is very helpful and more
Lisa Carmack
Lisa C.
11:40 08 Mar 21
This is my delivery store. they’re awesomeAlways out the next day after I calling in order.Trulieve productshave made my Life so much betterKeep up the great services you providePeace Love and Cannabisread more
Tuesday Mixon
Tuesday M.
22:45 26 Feb 21
Their staff are friendly and knowledgeable and their promos make products more affordable. The check in process makes pick up quick and easy. This is definitely my favorite more
21:34 12 Feb 21
If it is busy, be cautious because the wait might be long. In my experience lately, they have improved the pickup experience and as long as you place an order online and check in online the pickup process is quite painless. Trulieve has some of the best concentrates for the price in the area as well as constant deals. I recommend everyone check them more
Shaun Clos
Shaun C.
00:08 01 Feb 21
This review is definitely long overdue! I have been coming to trulieve for over a year since I got my medical card, and it’s always been my favorite place. All the people there are cool, but 1 person in particular always makes my visit that much more enjoyable, and that person’s name is Dawn. Every time I come in there and she is working, I see her going out of her way to talk and engage with as many customers as she can while providing in my opinion the best service that I ever receive in any dispensary that I go in. She is always super professional, but at the same time she is so down-to-earth that she just makes the experience when I go in that much better. I wish that the people in every dispensary was as personable, professional, and fun as Dawn is. You have a great company asset in her!read more
Jessica Fagan
Jessica F.
19:38 29 Jan 21
I’ve always loved trulieve. They always do their best to help you out in anyway they can. Today my budtenders (Lynn, Leah and Gabby) they went above and beyond for me. I’m so grateful for that. Make sure next time you come in to ask for one of these amazing women. 🙂🙂read more
Bodi the Bodizahfa
Bodi the B.
00:13 05 Jan 21
Finally edibles! This location has it all. Plenty of parking. Handicap accommodation. Veterans %. Five minute wait time. Friendly environment. Very knowledgeable about the product. First time visiting this location. I’ll definitely be back more
That Dude
That D.
21:13 29 Dec 20
I love trulieve but I cannot give 5 stars when literally any time I walk in/pickup I have to wait an hour. They need to hire more staff and get the process rolling more efficiently. No where else do I have to wait like thisread more
Tricia G
Tricia G
23:23 03 Dec 20
**UPDATE** FIVE STARS TO ONE!Original post- Up until now I had only dealt in deliveries with these guys. I was so excited that they opened in my hometown. I loved the layout. It felt professional and comfortable. They were so sweet to my service dog. It really made me feel comfortable and happy.Updated post-Unfortunately I am updating with a bad follow up. My last 3 experiences have been horrid. I ordered my product, they send me a message its been fulfilled by whomever, I show up and they put me in que, then call me while I’m in the parking lot to say theyre out. 3 times now. Getting my medication should not be this stressful. Id rather pay more money somewhere else than have a unicorn dangled in front of my face only to have my order given away to someone else!read more
Dustin Blaze
Dustin B.
17:36 09 Nov 20
Today I had the best experience @Trulieve in #Lakeland 🙂 Thanks to Miss #SweetTea
ryan johnson
ryan J.
18:10 20 Oct 20
Had an awesome first experience at this place. The facility is super nice and the staff is very friendly. Big shout out to Brad M. He was super knowledgeable and welcoming and he helped me figure out exactly what I wanted. I’ll be back for more
Paul a beard
Paul a B.
11:03 11 Oct 20
Trulieve is notorious for presenting quite of an assortment of flower and edibles, but have none in stock. Now they show a little heart that if you click on shows it as your wish list. Well that is about the size of it. A wish list. I will take my business elsewhere.Lakeland location is so slow. I always make my order online so I don’t have to wait. Wrong, I always have to wait at least 20-30 minutes. I mean what are they doing back there? Good for them that they don’t get paid by how many customers they process. I have pre-existing conditions and do not feel safe being in there that long. I’m done with them!read more
Ramon Chico
Ramon C.
17:34 30 Sep 20
Excellent service provided by Aliciana on my most recent visit. However, all of their staff is extremely helpful and makes you feel welcomed. They usually have the best variety of flower stains when stocked and usually better quality flower than most more
Jeff Gardner
Jeff G.
15:05 25 Sep 20
The Lakeland branch is Great! I was helped by many wonderful employees but wanted to give a shout out to Dimples, an amazing and caring employee who made my visit very pleasant. She went out of her way to take care of this Veteran! Well Done! You are a great credit to your team and company!! If you wanted to approach the boss for a raise young lady, just refer them to me!!!read more
William Graham II
William Graham I.
20:08 17 Sep 20
Amazing experience, weed-tenders were extremely nice and knowledgeable and gave me some really good deals! I highly recommend giving Trulieve a visit, they have a SUPER-WIDE variety and will answer any questions you have. The addition of having an armed-guard made me feel extremely safe! I shall return and will recommend to friends and family!read more
Vance Hamilton
Vance H.
19:00 16 Sep 20
Great. Will definitely be back.
Marta Tatarczuch
Marta T.
20:54 12 Sep 20
Not sure why new locations are opening when they can’t supply flower to existing locations… not the first time they were completely outread more
Donene McBee
Donene M.
23:56 11 Sep 20
Excellent. Knowledgeable and helpful staff.
Katie Bush
Katie B.
23:25 10 Sep 20
Elaine is amazing I always love having her as my curator, she’s super knowledgeable and very nice. Always full of happy employees, never had a bad experience more
Jonathan Freeman
Jonathan F.
03:10 06 Sep 20
Not a Customer I am a security guard their
Tina Iams
Tina I.
17:49 05 Sep 20
Love this Location!! Staff is superb and soooo friendly. My favorite Trulieve in Florida.
Sean Sinmes
Sean S.
22:18 04 Sep 20
Def top in quality but always a lack of flower in evinings
Matt Weaver
Matt W.
21:13 04 Sep 20
Very clean and professional. Great staff and easy process. Thanks!
Mr Towelie
Mr T.
23:56 01 Sep 20
Best in town. Love their flower and team Lakeland is amazing 💨💯
Divine Rise
Divine R.
23:48 25 Aug 20
The employee dimples was definitely knowledgeable and fun to talk to
Amy Verble
Amy V.
19:27 19 Aug 20
They have a good selection and knowledgeable staff. Easy returns process. Wish the website had a symptom/effects checker that steered you toward the best fit for your needs and allowed you to place an order for it. Otherwise it is hit and miss for what is in stock. Have several options of what you want in mind, just in case they are out of more
Sammy D
Sammy D
20:56 10 Aug 20
Love. Love. Love. Perfect customer service. Amazing product. So many strains and choices in the way to take them! Clean, quick and prompt. Best dispensary in more
Tyler Thomas
Tyler T.
15:47 03 Aug 20
Bradley was awesome. He did everything he could to make it the best experience possible. My guest was a first time patient and he did a great job explaining everything from top to more
John Monteiro
John M.
18:06 26 Jul 20
I really like this location. The staff is always friendly and helpful with plenty of knowledge of their products. Every time I come here it has been a positive experience. This is my favorite trulieve to more
Russell Manzano
Russell M.
17:10 23 Jul 20
First, this review does not reflect upon the staff at this location. I am reviewing Trulieve in general. Every single time I tried to make an order at this location or any location it either does not go through or is incorrect. Then I have to call the call center to place my order. However, by the time that they actually answer the phone the sales are already gone. I have ordered on the computer and gotten a confirmation and then not gotten my order. Today I tried to call from 8:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. by the time I got someone on the phone the specials that I wanted were out. I also tried to order the same specials online. The website was down from 8:00 a.m. until now. It is still down and I cannot order online. The woman at customer service was very rude and could not help me with my problems. I am not trying to be one of those people but I have received horrible service from Trulieve. Since I have no way of reaching anyone with any authority at the call center, I have no choice but to leave this review on the local Trulieve. It would be nice if the corporate department could coordinate better with local stores. Also the call center needs to coordinate better with the stores. The website needs to be updated so that patients can obtain medicine in a timely manner. If we cannot we must go to other dispensaries. I hope that someone from corporate contacts me. This is getting downright ridiculous. I would recommend Trulieve because of the products but this is the worst customer service that I have experienced. Beware if you want to get medication on time and what you more
Cordelia Frei
Cordelia F.
16:25 22 Jul 20
Thank you Frank Morrell for a great experience today. Also the protocols put forth by y’all were excellent. Helps patients feel safe. Well done!read more
Shane Holder
Shane H.
01:35 19 Jul 20
Customer service is amazing! I’ve never had a bad experience. Also good quality products. Concentrate and flower.
Kristen Rhodes
Kristen R.
18:03 18 Jul 20
My favorite dispensary and the last time I went I had Dimples helping me in the show room and she was absolutely awesome, by far my favorite employee there! Thank you again for helping me out!read more
Caleb Acord
Caleb A.
00:27 18 Jul 20
Great service. Prices are fair and the product is high quality
Mizzy Lynn
Mizzy L.
12:55 20 Jun 20
You guys are requiring masks right.. love this location…. love your staff . EVEN MORE we LOVE SUNSHINE Cannabis
Derek Bryan
Derek B.
20:01 08 May 20
I’m sure the product is great, but the customer service was mediocre at best. The receptionist at the front desk couldn’t pay attention long enough to complete a the new patient intake process and had to be told to complete the task versus chatting with the security guard who himself was more interested in a bag of spicy Cheetos and talking than being security. After a short wait, a very nice host welcomed me, introduced me to Trulieve, and took me to the back to shop. The gentleman in back didn’t seem to have much knowledge of his product, but was still nice. After my purchase, on my way out I noticed he’d given me some device piece instead of the pen I asked for. Upon immediate re entry, the process of trying to just swap out the simple mistake turned into a long drawn out more
Hazel Morrin
Hazel M.
17:38 04 May 20
I used to really love this place, but the employees began getting too comfortable with their clients. I was not only privy to hearing them talk poorly about this one gentlemen based on what he was wearing, but later that month they spoke poorly about me!! I will never come back here, and I urge people to just go to another location. There are so many to choose from, and no one should have to put up with that kind of literal more
J Roberts
J R.
17:39 24 Apr 20
Knowledgeable, friendly, professional staff; staff is the BEST! However; I like only non-processed substances, so I only use flower. Flower has been in very limited supply, I relate it to the grocery store only having a couple of types of produce! Come on Trulieve get more consistent in your flower stocking practices!read more
Elliot Schumacher
Elliot S.
10:27 22 Apr 20
I have been a MUV customer since I got my card, but after visiting Trulieve Lakeland, I plan to shop at Trulieve for the foreseeable future. The Dispensary is brand new and it has a wider selection of products, flower strains in particular.Staff is serious about social distancing but they try hard not to let it affect the user experience. Staff is nice, but could be a bit more knowledgeable. Prices are fair and they offer great coupons to first time customers. Definitely check it out!read more
J Nesvacil
J N.
17:19 15 Apr 20
If I could give 0 stars I would! If it’s all pickups, and people aren’t supposed to be allowed to make changes to orders…. WHY WOULD IT TAKE SO LONG TO PROCESS EACH PERSON!? In and out simple as that…period. We all need medicine, some of us know what we want, and order ahead without expecting to be allowed to inconvenience everyone behind by adding more. Not to mention you have customers parking across the street in the library parking lot because it’s moving SO slowly!!! Isn’t company policy to NOT have employees taking up spots in the business parking lot?read more
02:22 14 Mar 20
Very friendly staff. They were knowledgeable and able to answer my many questions. They offer a guarantee that couldn’t be beat. Try it and if it doesn’t work bring it back. I did just that and was given a credit in my account. Now I can find exactly what works without worrying about wasting money. Thank you so very much for all the more
Person of Interest
Person of I.
22:09 09 Mar 20
They have a good crew, good products, and a decent veterans discount. I’m very happy with my purchases at this location.
William Mignoli
William M.
00:35 28 Feb 20
Maybe this product ‘Ground Flower” is like the Wizard of Oz?…OR Is it like pulling teeth trying to get this rare as hens teeth ground flower? I finally got a text it was in and six minutes later I had an automated order confirming one quarter of the elusive product was waiting for me. I went to the store over 3 hours later and they told me that my order was never ‘populated’ in the system therefore there was none there for me and btw if you don’t get a text saying it is there it is not a real order!After insisting for over 30 minutes by way of two managers I was able to pry one quarter of ground flower indica (not the sativa hybrid I ordered) from the managers ‘personal’ stock..(yea right)..this manager was heard cursing on a prior visit but hey..i walked out with an quarter of ground flower for $25 didn’t I..? Good thing I did because here we are almost 12 hours later and no text confirming my order was more
Jesse Finocchi
Jesse F.
18:20 26 Feb 20
Very nice atmosphere and friendly employees. Product is very good too. Dimples is helpful and has a great personality. Makes you feel like your at home. Very welcoming. J Rread more
Joselyn Mendoza
Joselyn M.
00:25 09 Feb 20
Very clean establishment. Lots of parking. The staff was great. Friendly and efficient The lobby was very clean. Loved the person that attended me. Her name is Dimples and she was so kind. Love the atmosphere and energy. more
Tim Gullett
Tim G.
20:45 05 Feb 20
All my visits have been a great experience. Just under 10 visits to the Lakeland store. Very Professional an Knowledgeable about the products. You always get the needed discounts an sometimes more. When you walk in with a certain amount you can spend. Tiff aka Blondie. Ryan Q. An all the others. They help you get your dollars worth. I can’t say enough about the staff. To me the Best Trulieve out of all the more
Missy Powell
Missy P.
02:19 18 Jan 20
Totally would love to give a huge shout out for the SUNSHINE CANNABIS CREW… I tried the sunshine Cannabis ratio pen and I am more thenimpressed,has a great taste and really eaised off my nausea. .. really impressed with ALOT of the sunshine cannabis products…. loving it… great job truelieve for carrying some awesome stuff making you my one stop shop 😉read more
01:50 14 Dec 19
Up until now I had only dealt in deliveries with these guys. I was so excited that they opened in my hometown. I loved the layout. It felt professional and comfortable. They were so sweet to my service dog. It really made me feel comfortable and appreciated. Thanks guys for being on point!read more
18:45 11 Dec 19
This location has easy access, fully staffed, large store, and decent parking. Staff was knowledgeable, and I only spent 20-30 minutes in store (wait, order and receive). Good inventory. Couldn’t order online, I believe it isn’t set up yet, should be more
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