Trulieve Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Wesley Chapel, FL

27437 Wesley Chapel Blvd
Wesley Chapel, FL 33544

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat 9am – 8pm
Sunday 10am – 6pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available

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Dispensary – Open

Wesley Chapel – A Trulieve dispensary located at 27437 Wesley Chapel Blvd in Wesley Chapel, FL 33544 to service Hillsborough County medical cannabis card patients is now open. Trulieve, one of the best dispensary brands in FL, strives to bring you the relief you need in medical marijuana products you can trust.

The cannabis plants Trulieve cultivates in its nurseries for their open dispensaries throughout Florida are hand-grown in an environment specially designed to reduce unwanted chemicals and pests, keeping the process as natural as possible.

The Wesley Chapel Trulieve staff is well trained to work with local certified doctors in the area to provide the proper products and the correct dosage to ensure patients get the proper care they need.


Trulieve medical cannabis products in stock are available by delivery to your front door in Wesley Chapel and throughout Hillsborough County. Order online or over the phone and have your medical marijuana products delivered.

Trulieve Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients who need non-euphoric care. You can call 844.878.5438 or email to schedule a delivery.

$25 Delivery Fee Statewide

Trulieve Florida

What People Are Saying

lindsey Dodds
lindsey D.
17:08 20 Oct 21
Trulieve Wesley Chapel is my favorite location! Management and employees are friendly as well as accommodating. Always a great experience, highly recommend this dispensary👍read more
kerrick mcdaniel
kerrick M.
21:17 19 Oct 21
Another positive experience with Trulieve today. The place was packed and they amazed me how quickly they took care of my order. You guys rock!!!read more
Big Oak
Big O.
15:15 15 Oct 21
In the beginning staff was always nice and friendly. Now they treat you like a number and no longer knowledgeable about the products, only giving vague answers. Management plays by their own rules, ignores corporate decisions and tries to remove any discounts given by corporate or customers service. They also mock patients requesting to use the compassionate care discount laughing its only a dollar. Very sad trulieve corporate decisions are not respected and the management here yell at and mock patients suffering from PTSD and anxiety. I can only pray corporate headquarters takes a good look at the actions the managers here are doing. Some one at this store canceled an order I placed then tampered with my account and place an order without my consent. How are the staff allowed to place orders on my account without my permission? The mangers from corporate and customers service have been great and have handled themselves professionally with the exception of Carla. Tampa stores have always been a pleasure to visit. Wesley Chapel needs more
Sarah Miller
Sarah M.
07:34 11 Oct 21
This place is mask obsessed! Take your business elsewhere. There are other dispensaries that do not push their mask agenda on you.The girl at the counter wanted to give me an attitude and tell me she wouldn’t fill my prescription unless I wore a mask. So I told her I’d take my money elsewhere, she proceeded to tell me no place would let me in without one. She was wrong! They absolutely did and it was a much better dispensary!Medically I can not wear a mask (but of course they don’t care) Masks do not work and of course they do not care about the science on that either. They lost this customer, but I ended up finding much better more
Jp Se
Jp S.
22:16 18 Sep 21
Paula is the most amazing Trulieve Hostess ever, she is very professional and knowledgeable in her field Medical Marijuana Treatment , she has never given me bad advice in which flower would be best for my needs. Pala is very polite, courteous and willing to listen and all around their is just a good vibe about her and I personally look forward to getting her as my Trulieve Hostess every time I come in to shop for my medical needs.Thank you Trulieve for the wonderful productsJohn more
Sam F
Sam F
20:34 11 Sep 21
Helped me pick out what would be best for pain and insomnia. Joy was very kind and helpful! Can't wait to go back.
Olivia Smith
Olivia S.
17:46 21 Aug 21
My first visit was smooth and informative thanks to JP. He was patient and extremely knowledgeable about the product. He took the time to explain the different types of product available and helped me understand how they would make me feel, and he was right. I loved everything I purchased!read more
Heather Walker
Heather W.
23:23 20 Aug 21
Yesterday I got a text saying that the 40%off sale started early. It did not. I had Matthew helping me and he helped me get a bag ready for pickup the next day. I wish I would have come earlier because the wait is insane. What can you expect with this sale! I love my truly more
03:10 11 Aug 21
Great customer service — always have pleasant experience, staff is very kind and friendly. The guy here named JP was very reasonable and helpful I amthankful. #TruLieverread more
Jennifer Austin
Jennifer A.
14:42 10 Aug 21
To me, kind of like the Wal-Mart of dispensaries.Their product gets bought up quickly and I struggle to get the product I am looking for due to stocking issues. Tends to be busy at all times I have gone. Yet out of convenience I continue to go because it the the closest one in the area. Staff IS kind, funny, knowledgeable of the product as well. I have always had a good customer experience more
Bakeer Crumble
Bakeer C.
21:45 06 Aug 21
This is the best location I've been to in Florida. The staff is amazing! Super friendly and helpful and they always call me if something I order is not available, which saves me a trip. A++...thanks guys for always taking good care of more
Alec Vazquez
Alec V.
22:55 28 Jul 21
Great customer service - they are incredibly friendly! And they are so quick! You’ll be in and out in less than 5 minutes! BEST STORE IN TAMPA!!read more
Crystal Robinson
Crystal R.
16:10 10 Jul 21
Updated July 10, 2021. I usually love this location because of the proximity to my house and the knowledge based bud tenders that care about the patients. I’ve been coming to this location for about a year. My last 3 visits in the last 3 months have been 2 stars at best. The new bud tenders that I’ve experienced have been short and curt. I seem to ALWAYS have to remind them to apply my discount. Why even offer a discount if you’re going to be rude to those that actually get it. This reason alone is why I haven’t tipped in the last 3 visits and I’m a $20 or more tipper. The customer service is LACKING and I’m degreed in customer service. Someone needs to organize a training because this new representation isn’t it!I am a Truliever! I am an advocate for holistic living. Every time I come into this location I'm reminded why I chose this lifestyle. The convenience of having a super close dispensary is bar none. I leave here happy, EVERY TIME, and I regularly invite my friends and family that are card holders to frequent this location. All my bud tenders that I've had here take great care of me, are super knowledgeable and give wonderful ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐customer service. Hands down the BEST Trulieve in the area.🙌🏾read more
John D Hazlett
John D H.
21:43 19 Jun 21
Polite and professional. Very helpful staff, and very reasonable pricing. Was impressed with the service and the dispensaryread more
Josh420 Bratcher
Josh420 B.
21:29 09 Jun 21
They never have anything as soon as they get new products it's gone immediately so there's no point in wasting your time driving all the way out there for nothing. Do better trulieve.Update.This business is just awful good luck you're better off buying it illegally from some guy down the more
Nacho Cheese (Sledge)
Nacho Cheese (.
17:30 05 Jun 21
This location always has great service and Paula is a perfect example of that. I came in with a vague idea of what I was looking for but wasn't sure. She somehow read my mind and came back with not only a great recommendation for what I wanted but a great substitute for something asked for that was out of stock. Thanks for helping make my experience quick and more
14:23 05 May 21
Very professional. It was busy when we went, I think there was 12 people ahead of me and I was in and out within 20 minutes! They are also very knowledgeable about the products. We're able to recommend something to help with pain. Will definitely be making this my trulieve store!💚read more
Nicky Plaza
Nicky P.
13:29 21 Apr 21
Michael never ceases to amaze me!! The staff is always upbeat kind & professional! I am lucky to always find the products I want here!! It’s the awesome staff though that keeps me coming back!! Jill, Rachel Michael & even the security guards are what Trulieve the best spot to shop!!!read more
Nicky Plaza
Nicky P.
10:11 19 Apr 21
Michael never ceases to amaze me!! The staff is always upbeat kind & professional! I am lucky to always find the products I want here!! It’s the awesome staff though that keeps me coming back!! Jill, Rachel Michael & even the security guards are what Trulieve the best spot to shop!!!read more
Jennifer Eskelund
Jennifer E.
14:42 10 Apr 21
Very helpful. It's great that I can order via website and they have it ready for me. I don't think I have ever had to wait longer than 2 minutes, as well as walking more
Virginia Miller
Virginia M.
01:00 28 Mar 21
I visit this location most frequently, and for good reason. They move patients in and out in efficiently, everyone is super friendly, and they really know their products, Bradley and Karen have been absolutely OUTSTANDING every time I get them as a consultant. Always willing to go above and beyond, and they even remember me by name. I truly feel welcomed and valued as a customer more
Carey Ann
Carey A.
19:36 24 Mar 21
My first visit was absolutely FANTASTIC! Customer service was amazing! I’m kind of new to the flower world and Paula helped me and answered all of my questions, even the silly ones. I’ll most definitely be back as a loyal customer! ❤️read more
Big Oak
Big O.
16:52 17 Mar 21
Always nice and friendly. Any mistakes are always corrected. By far the best dispensary around. I have 2 other dispensary 5 miles from home but will travel the extra 20 mile for more
Justin Abbott
Justin A.
15:41 22 Feb 21
This is the only location and dispensary i go to.Each week the menu changes, and the variety of product is unlike anywhere else.Sure it may be pricey- but the quality of the product speaks for itself .Order online and find the best deals on mini trees for only $27!Carts and pods are on sale a lot tooYou don’t have to break the bank to get the best deals and best product !The staff is friendly and helpful.Always willing to put in the extra work to inform you on your medication, and to help you find the best deals. 6/5 stars.The atmosphere is clean and the workers are amazing tooread more
Heather Lauren Hudgins
Heather Lauren H.
00:30 18 Feb 21
Elizabeth B is a new employee but has a vast knowledge of the products and was an absolute delight. She was stellar to speak with while guiding me to the products that ease my ailments, I really appreciated her sweet and professional demeanor and I hope to see her every time I pick up my medicine. Trulieve always seems to put finding the correct product and making sure I'm happy with the product even after the sale over just pushing product and making money. The ONLY dispensary I will go to and now I have a favorite employee ! Thanks Elizabeth!read more
Kevin Wall
Kevin W.
16:45 11 Feb 21
Awesome people 🤠 I have been a patient with Trulieve for about 6 years Saved thousands of dollars.No high cost prescription for my fourth class brain 🧠 injury 🩸read more
Slanted Skew
Slanted S.
16:35 10 Feb 21
The people are friendly. The store clean and secure. My complaint is the online ordering. I ordered this morning after waiting a week for ground. Got what was in stock. After I get a message its ready theres new stock that I'd prefer. Once it gets more mainstream I guess it'll improve, for now it's hit and misread more
Ryan And Megan W
Ryan And Megan W
20:29 07 Feb 21
Always on point and they are pleasant to deal with. Everyone is in a happy mood here, I think it is something in the air! 🤣🤣🤣😮😑😤🥱read more
Matthew Leverone
Matthew L.
14:09 05 Feb 21
Been here since day 1. New management is doing so well and love all the new ladies! Go Wesley chapel MATTHEW L! ;))))
melissa Braxton
melissa B.
02:41 31 Jan 21
Excellent customer service, very helpful and informed. Always love coming here to shop for my medical marijuana needs.
jose farias (duaditum)
jose farias (.
20:44 26 Jan 21
Everyone was very nice and knowledgeable and everything didn't take long at all definitely will be going back
Stavo Bebedelis
Stavo B.
14:53 21 Jan 21
Friendly service, and good attitudes.. my only complaint is that their flowers are really dried out.. almost seems old and stale.. we shouldn't be paying top dollar for left over stale flowers.. Just an honest opinion.. 3 stars 🌟read more
Frank Driscoll
Frank D.
01:36 09 Jan 21
First time at this location very knowledgeable customer service oriented staff definitely will be using this location going forwardread more
Lindsay G
Lindsay G
01:02 01 Jan 21
i always have a wonderful experience when i come in! Matt is always very helpful and helps me with my purchases! he’s a great employee, hire more like him!read more
Amanda White
Amanda W.
18:54 18 Dec 20
Very poor customer service. Too big for their own good. They can not handle the anount of customers they have. 3 hour in store waits. 2 day wait on online orders. Ridiculous!read more
Ryan McMillan
Ryan M.
16:28 17 Dec 20
Products are good, but the wait is unbelievably long any time I try to go in the store, so I recently tried to order online. I placed an online order on Black Friday to pick up in the store. I got a confirmation email saying they were reviewing my order and would email me when it was ready. It’s now been 3 weeks, with no email. I tried to call Trulieve Wesley Chapel, but you can’t get the store, it sends you to the call line for all of Trulieve. Twice now, I’ve selected to see the status of my order, and both times it told me a 9 minute wait, and both times I waited on hold for over 40 minutes. The first time I hung up because I was on hold so long that I had to switch over to a doctors appointment, and this time I am still on hold while I write this review. This is the worst customer service I’ve ever seen. If I finish this review before the line picks up, I’m switching to Liberty Health. Same quality, and flower there is significantly better more
Derk Shultz
Derk S.
18:38 02 Dec 20
They rarely have what you want and order. They bait you in by filling one item in your order wasting your time so you by the product they can't move as a "suggestion". If they had any care of customers time they would let you know before you come in. Instead they push the unwanted product on the people they trick online to think they will receive what they ordered. Then they are "offended" when you expectedly get upset. Too many other better options around to wait for them to lean how to do the job more
Chrissy Hymiak
Chrissy H.
18:22 03 Nov 20
Ethan and Sarah are always very helpful.Also, I went on election day very anxious. They had a great sale and were as always a very welcoming friendly more
J Maverick
J M.
23:23 14 Oct 20
Great first time there & the customer service was exceptional. Got 15% off & look forward to my next purchase. In which I'll receive 75% off of $150. Thanks again for the awesome service! If it's your first time to a dispensary, this is the place that will walk you through step by step. Made me very comfortable which I was very appreciative more
Jeremy Messersmith
Jeremy M.
23:36 05 Oct 20
Love this place ❤️ their staff is very educated and in my opinion have plenty of product when I go there
13:45 01 Oct 20
Terrible customer service. I used to love coming here but the last time I was in they treated me like a criminal because I wasn’t aware my MG hadn’t reset. Haven’t gone back since. Other dispensaries in the area treat their customers with a little more respect. Also don’t bother with online ordering. Everything will be in stock on the website but when they actually fill your order, everything will be out of stock. Literally no point in using the order ahead if they don’t fill it in a timely manner leaving you without your medication you more
Fred Flintstone
Fred F.
04:29 23 Sep 20
Very friendly kind people, well knowledged quality customer service. Pleasant place to go with a quality selection and I look forward to visiting again. Thanks much!read more
Fred Flintstone
Fred F.
18:18 22 Sep 20
Very friendly kind people, well knowledged quality customer service. Pleasant place to go with a quality selection and I look forward to visiting again. Thanks much!read more
Nicole Otero
Nicole O.
22:07 17 Sep 20
Great variety! Fast service!
Ashley Pitman
Ashley P.
05:52 17 Sep 20
Love this!
21:08 14 Sep 20
This location is easy to access and park. It's well-organized, staff is friendly and accommodating, and I generally have a minimal wait. They seem to stay reasonably well-stocked though I usually order online. I hope they are taking good care of their more
Robina McCormick
Robina M.
22:52 11 Sep 20
They are so quick and efficient!
Bebe Brown
Bebe B.
00:59 10 Sep 20
The employees were very kind and friendly. This was very new for me. Everyone there was very patient, very friendly and very helpful. I would recommend them to everyone looking for a dispensoryread more
Denise Throgmartin
Denise T.
23:13 07 Sep 20
Always have what I want. Very nice employees.
Shawn DiCenza
Shawn D.
21:00 30 Aug 20
I stopped in at opening time but the registry system was down. It wasn't their fault but I was still given a 10% discount for having to wait. Friendly staff, and Trulieve products are the better of the three dispensaries I've tried. Definitely a place to check more
Rooster Guapo
Rooster G.
11:52 09 Aug 20
I am satisfied with the products but only when they have them in stock which is rare. The online ordering has been a joke because the app constantly freezes and when there is a problem it is impossible to get in touch with someone in a timely manner because the chat feature doesn't work and that leaves calling Trulieve which can take an hour before you finally get through to more
Anthony Guagliardo
Anthony G.
23:29 04 Aug 20
Great environment and very knowledgeable staff. I’ve been in a few times now and all the staff are very helpful and are willing to take the time to walk you through your options of medications. Can’t recommend them enough! Tony and D’Ahvee were especially on point and made the experience a pleasant more
Lori Swenson
Lori S.
13:46 03 Aug 20
Super clean. Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Nicely set up.
Jay Kay
Jay K.
12:35 01 Aug 20
Good trulieve. Good people. Good product. Sales. Loyalty programs. Discounts for ssdi.
minna cartagena
minna C.
23:31 27 Jul 20
Love the new ground flower strain!
David Maxwell
David M.
12:25 16 Jul 20
The BEST place to get medicine from medical marijuana consultants.Sound WAY better than buying weed from my dealer. They got discounts , deals and sales on monday tooread more
08:15 10 Jul 20
By far the nicest of their tampa area locations. Only reason I'm giving it a 4 and not a 5 is because my first time purchasing from them the weights of what I got were not correct. Other then that, great products and decently stocked. Order online and pick it up is a better to get things doneread more
Krystina Rodriguez
Krystina R.
13:35 08 Jul 20
Staff is friendly and helpful. They don't rush you through even if you're just doing an online order pickup. Product selection is good and I never leave more
Alexis McMackin
Alexis M.
14:43 03 Jul 20
It's fine in an emergency but they take their time at every location I've ever visited, lol!
VL Design
16:18 15 Jun 20
It was my first time going to a dispensary today and I have to say this was a great experience. Very professional atmosphere. Everyone was extremely helpful, friendly, and prompt. Exceptionally high quality medicine. Thank you Trulieve Wesley Chapel!read more
dylan burke
dylan B.
21:49 12 Jun 20
Very friendly kind people, well knowledged quality customer service. Pleasant place to go with a quality selection and I look forward to visiting again. Thanks much!read more
Roxanne Slider
Roxanne S.
21:12 12 Jun 20
We both had a very positive experienceat the Trulieve store in Wesley Chapel. Melissa(I believe) took all the time we needed and answered every question and made suggestions. She was extremely helpful we cannot express how positive our visit more
Reno Raines
Reno R.
00:09 08 Jun 20
Staff is well informed and helpful as well as professionals. Discreetly calls next person. Ask any medical marijuana questions you want, they will have an answer for more
Kavion Roshangar
Kavion R.
00:34 29 May 20
Awesome products, awesome customer service. Not happy with what you got? They exchange. Great people working here, great atmosphere. Today, I got Member Berry flower and it's more
Baywindafire .
Baywindafire .
12:56 16 May 20
Trulieve has been wonderful all around. I thought I new about medical cannabis being I've loved it for 20 years. But thanks to the knowledgable people at Trulieve I'm able to get the correct medicine I more
dylan burke
dylan B.
04:36 11 May 20
Very friendly kind people, well knowledged quality customer service. Pleasant place to go with a quality selection and I look forward to visiting again. Thanks much!read more
Cannabis Inspector
Cannabis I.
18:49 27 Mar 20
I’ve been to all the dispensary’s in the Tampa area. By far trulieve was the best. Customer service was amazing. The lady took time to explain all the products I was interested in. All the flower I’ve bought has been good. The only complaint I have is with the White Buffalo, the buds were really small for being top shelf flower. I recommend their online ordering system. It’s was quick and easy. Also the only dispensary that was not completely out of stock. You can see my review on YouTube check out Cannabis Inspector .read more
Carla Ashburn
Carla A.
23:16 19 Mar 20
Always friendly staff. In stock is usually fine. Today was crazy due to CVirus. They are asking patients to stand outside to wait. Don't blame them. Better luck getting delivered most likely. We shall see since I couldn't wait the hour plus it was going to be. Still carried on with a smile though!read more
stephanie kazalla
stephanie K.
13:45 12 Mar 20
Everyone is so nice... never had a problem here.. Always fast with online orders always warming so let me know what's in stock if I want to add something supplies water for they guess and the lobby even when I had to bring my daughter there cause I couldn't find a babysitter complete they were completely understandable when she took off and ran behind the counter this will be my New store to go toread more
Allison Meyle
Allison M.
19:49 22 Feb 20
John R. is the picture of professionalism and kindness. I've been helped by him twice, and he's always greeted me with a smile and made me feel very welcome. The facility is very clean and calm, it's never been very busy when I've gone. The products I need are always in stock, and on the couple of occasions where it wasn't, the staff member has been able to recommend a suitable replacement. Kudos to John, the manager, and the whole staff for being so polite and professional, and providing an easy and stress-free experience. I've tried other dispensaries, but nowhere else comes close to the experience and product quality that I get from more
c Carter
c C.
19:53 24 Jan 20
Location is very safe and easy to get 2. They where very friendly. I've been to all the rest of them in Tampa St Pete Clearwater but I felt very safe especially with the guard standing out front. you don't have to worry about nobody walking up to more
18:37 28 Dec 19
Love, LOVE, LOVE this location. Thank you SOOO much for arriving in Wesley Chapel. Very knowledgeable, kind, respectful employees and the manager is pretty amazing as well. Have a problem with a product? Let them know and they've got many alternatives to assisting you with exchanges or more
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