Trulieve Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Orlando, FL

4544 North Orange Blossom Trail
Orlando, FL 32804

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat 9am – 8pm
Sunday 10am – 6pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available

Dispensary – Open

Orlando – A Trulieve dispensary located at 4544 North Orange Blossom Trail to service Orange County medical cannabis card patients is now open. Trulieve, one of the best dispensary brands in FL, strives to bring you the relief you need in medical marijuana products you can trust.

The cannabis plants Trulieve cultivates in its nurseries for their open dispensaries throughout Florida are hand-grown in an environment specially designed to reduce unwanted chemicals and pests, keeping the process as natural as possible.

The Orlando Trulieve staff is well trained to work with local certified doctors in the area to provide the proper products and the correct dosage to ensure patients get the proper care they need.


Trulieve medical cannabis products in stock are available by delivery to your front door in Orlando and throughout Orange County. Order online or over the phone and have your medical marijuana products delivered.

Trulieve Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients who need non-euphoric care. You can call 844.878.5438 or email to schedule a delivery.

$25 Delivery Fee Statewide

Trulieve Florida

What People Are Saying

22:06 08 Jul 20
Love this location and Ms. Lynda. She has been my cashier the past 4 times I been there and she’s amazing. Keep up the good work Lynda. The reason I rated 4 stars is because whenever I place an order for pick up I always wait 45 mins in store to pick it up when I called in the a.m. Other than that the store is great. Thank you all for your support.
chelsea flory
chelsea F.
18:48 02 Jul 20
This place used to be great when I first started coming about 6 months ago, and I really enjoyed coming here. I’m not sure what has changed, but it’s so frustrating. The wait time for an online pick up order is at minimum 40minutes. The last two times I came to pick up, I was skipped and waited for an HOUR. The parking is not just ridiculous, but also dangerous. I get that they are operating at high volumes, but clearly something is not working and needs to be addressed.
Thu Do
Thu D.
21:11 30 Jun 20
I always have a good experience whenever I come here. The staff is always so friendly, welcoming, and ready to help with any questions or concerns. When I came today, I was helped by Antoine (Antoine J.) and he was very helpful and kind. He made sure my order was correct and even went the extra mile to find me a Trulieve shirt in my size. I usually come to this location or the Millenia one but this location has one of the best staff for sure so I come here the most. No joke I come here at least once a week that’s how much I enjoy the friendly atmosphere there
Laura Famularo
Laura F.
16:09 30 Jun 20
While there is the pandemic so I did not get the normal experience, but they made it safe and simple! The checkout girl was very nice! Great time and a great product.
crys MI vida loca
crys MI vida L.
13:57 26 Jun 20
I loved coming To This location till today the worst experience ever with this company everyone is too stoned to make decisions or give correct information, I was told incorrect information wasted Gas, time to be told come back next day when I did, I spoke to the so called Manager -John Ortiz -awful customer service skills he acts like he couldn’t make a decision to save his life and tried to inform me I was called when I was not.. I went there wrong notes from Rep!! Very disappointed they have lost a long time great customer!!
Tracy Stansell
Tracy S.
16:47 20 Jun 20
I had my first delivery with the Titusville Trulieve dispensary it was great! Jill Renae was my delivery person and she was quite professional, courteous, and so sweet! I’m legally blind so she had to assist me and did so without making me feel foolish! What an amazing asset she is to your team! Will definitely do delivery again! Thank you Jill Renae and Trulieve! Satisfied customer!!
13:37 04 Jun 20
This is my favorite trulieve location! I adore the entire staff! Linda, Serena, Alley & Oz are so kind & compassionate! There are so many names to list here! The entire staff needs a bonus for going above and beyond! There has been days I’ve came in so sad and I would leave so happy & encouraged because of the staff here! Trulieve always has some quality products to choose from!
00:32 02 Jun 20
Went to the store the other day and a sales person named Janey helped me and guided me in the right direction. She was friendly and very knowledgeable. Overall had a great experience. I will definitely be coming back.
Bobby Bucket
Bobby B.
22:00 28 May 20
The staff is friendly, the selection is usually decent, the prices are… OK. But they are so. unbelievably. slow. If you need to go to Trulieve, make sure to clear your schedule because you’ll be there for HOURS. Something about their point of sale system is AGONIZINGLY slow. What even is the point of having an online order feature if you have to go there and wait 2 hours to pick it up?
Sandra Amador
Sandra A.
21:33 20 May 20
The manager Alex and associate Hailey were so helpful at the OBT location !!!! I had A LOT of questions about different products . They were very knowledgeable, patient , and happy to answer all my questions . They definitely opened my mind to new products . Thank you so much the best customer service ever . Definitely would recommend this dispensary to my other friend patients 🥰🙏🏽😌
Terry Schweitzer
Terry S.
19:58 26 Apr 20
What an amazing group of people working here, I can’t say enough great things, everyone is always super helpful with a compassionate attitude and the product knowledge is perfect. Working in the Healthcare industry takes a special attitude and each and everyone I have encountered definitely has that especially Chris Clark. He always takes the time to explain and he listens to what each patient needs.
Pedro R. Torres
Pedro R. T.
13:02 22 Apr 20
I thing that I did not like about your service is that you never sent me a message telling me that my order was cancelled because you didn’t have what I ordered in stock. You did not verify to see if another store from Trulieve had what I ordered. You never sent me a message to inform me that you cancelled my order. I had to call again and a customer service representative had to make another order in Trulieve Colonial and order what I needed. It seems like you need some more training in customer service responsibility. I lost time and didn’t get my medication in time because someone didn’t care to send me an e-mail or call me on my phone. You got this information in my file. People be careful with those that go to work for just a salary. You dropped the ball Trulieve North.
Sierra Vickers
Sierra V.
14:47 15 Apr 20
Trulieve on OBT & Lee is the real MVP! They really had my back today, even with everything going on and with them being SLAMMED. They truly have earned my business for life. Huge shout out to Ally, Joey, Richie and Rachel for the best customer service I have ever received! They deserve a raise, a promotion and tons of love! Keep up the good work, Trulieve!
Taylour Knode
Taylour K.
12:05 15 Apr 20
This is day two of a mess at your Orange blossom trail location in Orlando Florida. I placed an online order at 8:00 am yesterday 4/13. I received a text at 3pm saying the order is available for pick up. I went in at 3:30pm, they told me that these messages were sent out because of a system error. To come back in an hour and they’ll be ready for me. I live 30 minutes away just to add a side note. So I leave and come back, this time at 4:30pm 4/13 they tell me I was suppose to have a appointment time, with a bit of attitude this person said “who ever I spoke with should’ve set me up with that time.” I explained that no representative told me that. They told me they need my phone number and that they would text me when to come in. So I waited another 30 minutes before leaving. Now just before 5:39pm they send me confirmation & almost at 6 pm I get the text to come pick up my order. Now today, I went in to get my order and they were giving me a hard time. Before even they checked my id or asked who I was they asked if I had an appointment scheduled, I said NO! Getting frustrated I began to explain these events and was cut off in the middle of me explaining. I walked out. I want to pick my product up today. After wasting time and gas especially during these times, and subjecting me to rude and unprofessional behavior they’re should be some discount. This is ridiculous. Young business people are running this location and doing a poor job. I witnessed multiple people being turned around and treated poorly during my multiple trips to this location yesterday
ryan smith
ryan S.
00:23 15 Apr 20
Horrible customer service, dose not honor their own appointment times. Just tunred away at the door, because there were too many walk-ins during a pandemic! Didn’t even get a time to return, not even sure if I’m going to get my stuff?? Worst experience from a dispensary ever! Trulieve is it self good just this one branch. Management looking at you.
Monique Allen
Monique A.
22:36 14 Apr 20
Love Trulieve and staff all so friendly and helpful even through this pandemic craziness they have been so great! My only issue with Truleive is they never have enough ground flower I have problems using my hands and this is the easiest for me. So please Truleive more ground flower please and available for delivery too would be amazing
Ian Rogers
Ian R.
23:45 11 Apr 20
Because of a staff member today on April 11 7:30 PM at North Orange location outside of the store and after spending thousands of dollars. Trulieve, you can search my name and see the thousands we spent. You are never getting any business from us again either because of how disrespectful one of your employees were to my old father. Giving a sarcastic attitude and smile. He did not give us his name but he was a taller man with a short haircut. Very unprofessional. You all could have made many more thousands of dollars from us but you’re not getting another penny from us.
Melissa Fix
Melissa F.
15:40 04 Mar 20
Excellent clean products. Knowledgeable staff. What else could anyone ask for? 5 stars and a special thanks to Antoine. He knows his stuff and steered me in the right direction.
17:47 22 Feb 20
I really like this place compared to any other dispensaries around the area. The location is great, inside is nice and especially the staff are always top notch. The people who work here really feel like a unit, are so kind, and you know they are professional if you’re a cannabis veteran. I have to shout out a particular gentleman Jefry M, I had to ask for his name after my purchase since the service I received that day was really admirable, he was absolutely an outstanding employee. He was a prime example of who should be working customer service.
Stuart Levine
Stuart L.
18:27 03 Jan 20
Talk about a breath of fresh air. Lots of variety and selections. The staff appears very efficient and courteous and the best part of all? No “Surprise!….. limited stock” BS. After visiting / experiencing the “other” major dispensaries……. this one stands apart in all the right ways. I sincerely appreciate their professionalism and the time they took to understand my needs as a client.
Ryan Jones
Ryan J.
22:16 28 Dec 19
I was very pleased with this location. The moment I entered the lobby up till my time of purchase it was a great experience. The front staff was very friendly while they got me registered in the system and they also gave me some literature to read over about their products and the different plans they have. Since I had my card already they let me use the $75 off $150 purchase. The staff person, Carrie, showed me the different products they had and even let me take a look at the acutual product and was able to smell the quality of the product. I was able to make a stellar purchase of some great product. Just make sure to bring cash or use the app (like every other dispensary here in Florida). They also have a mobile app that I saw the advertisement in the store. So that was cool to have (haven’t seen at other dispensary). I can see myself again going to this location based on quality of service received and good pricing!
Sherrie Ode
Sherrie O.
18:42 15 Dec 19
Adrian went above and beyond to get the best medicine that works for me. He provided me with information about the medicine and Trulieve benefits such as the CanPay and updates via text that I didn’t even know about. He is awesome! Forever a customer and will be referring many people. Keep up the great work!!! Thank you, Adrian for making my experience a great one.
Mrs lee
Mrs L.
23:04 13 Nov 19
My personal experience has always been pleasant. The helpers are so personable every single visit. Even when some customers are mean, they remain professional. Today Chris went above and beyond to get the best medicine that works for me. Forever a customer and will be referring many people. Keep up the great work mates!!!
Bradley O'Connor
Bradley O.
16:44 01 Nov 19
Came here because of product availability issues in my town. The parking was kind of wild as people have to park on the grass. Very happy with my purchase using online ordering. Surprised the parking lot was so full for so long as I got in and got out super fast, like under 20 minutes. The staff are cool.
Andrea Bartosh-Collins
Andrea B.
23:42 11 Sep 19
Their customer service is superior. Always in and out in a decent amount of time . And frequently stocked with many strains available. ( at least twice a week!) To-Go orders placed online are quickly prepared (2 hours minimum) and then placed on shelves . Makes the entire process extremely smooth and as pain free as possible. They have gotten EXTREMELY STRICT ….so be ready if you’ve been coming for awhile .
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