Trulieve Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Vero Beach, FL

1814 Commerce Ave
Vero Beach FL 32960

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Fri: 9am – 7pm
Saturday: 9am-12pm
Sunday: Closed

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available


MMTC Dispensary – Open

Vero Beach – A Trulieve dispensary located at 1814 Commerce Avenue to service Indian River County medical cannabis card patients is open. Trulieve, the biggest dispensary brand in FL, strives to bring you the relief you need in medical marijuana products you can trust.

The cannabis plants Trulieve cultivates in its nurseries for this Vero Beach store products are hand-grown in an environment specially designed to reduce unwanted chemicals and pests, keeping the process as natural as possible.

The Vero Beach Trulieve staff is well trained to work with local certified doctors in the area to provide the proper products and the correct dosage to ensure patients get the proper care they need.


Trulieve medical cannabis products are available by delivery to your front door in Vero Beach and throughout Indian River County. Order online or call over the phone and have your medical marijuana products delivered.

Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients that have been certified by a recommending doctor who need non-euphoric care. You can call 844.878.5438 or email to schedule a delivery.

$15 Delivery Fee Statewide. Free delivery to patients 65 years or older and on all orders over $200.

Trulieve Florida

What People Are Saying

Ronnie Cravenho
Ronnie C.
20:28 11 Jan 22
I love this place except for Amber from the manager all the way down great Medical store they take care of you if anything doesn’t work you can return it If you have questions to answer them it’s just an all-around great place sometimes are overwhelmed when their specials but there’s nothing they can do about that there’s only so many people I can go in that building at one time but it’s a fantastic place a great experience for anyone who uses medical cannabisread more
Margie R
Margie R
19:01 13 Dec 21
Was surprised when I was given a card asked to scratch and I had an instant 75% off I sure was a happy camper.. thank you trulieve!! Friendly stuffread more
robin Barefield
robin B.
14:53 17 Nov 21
I’m from Wildwood but vacationing in Vero beach. This Trulieve was by far the best I’ve been to. People were pleasant n more
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer S.
19:52 19 Oct 21
Staff is AMAZING. Product is Amazing. Go there weekly. Justin was the Rockstar of the Day! You all are so fantastic!
Sarah Moore
Sarah M.
23:01 23 Aug 21
Love my trulive @ Vero in general, 10/10 the staff make it extra special – like family. Special thanks to Justin, not supposed to have favorites but…. he is my favorite! Wicked helpful and patient! .read more
Ronnie Cravenho
Ronnie C.
14:28 21 Aug 21
I love this place from the manager all the way down great Medical store they take care of you if anything doesn’t work you can return it If you have questions to answer them it’s just an all-around great place sometimes are overwhelmed when their specials but there’s nothing they can do about that there’s only so many people I can go in that building at one time but it’s a fantastic place a great experience for anyone who uses medical cannabisread more
Rodney Shiloh
Rodney S.
20:27 17 Aug 21
Every representative I have encountered at the Sebastian, Fl location is professional, knowledgeable and friendly. A true WOW moment every time! In particular, Amber possesses all the above mentioned attributes. They all do really….👍🏼read more
Ashley Nicole
Ashley N.
00:20 17 Aug 21
Trulieve is definitely one of the finer dispensaries. Great product, the staff is very knowledgeable & patient. Amber is definitely my FAVORITE consultant there. She’s the most knowledgeable on all the products. I have seen her be utilized in every aspect of the dispensary! #PROMOTEAMBERread more
Kathleen Flynn
Kathleen F.
17:28 03 Aug 21
Everyone there is extremely helpful. They make you feel like family. Their employees are very knowledgeable and always willing to take the time to help you with your questions. Their products are great too. They always have different sales going on to help with the costs so that’s awesome. I definitely recommend Trulieveread more
Tiffany S.
Tiffany S.
09:49 31 Jul 21
Definitely needs more parking and a bigger facility for the customer volume. Other than that… The employees are always super nice & helpful, knowledgeable and quick!read more
Stephanie Colby
Stephanie C.
00:25 22 Jul 21
The staff is always nice and friendly and helpful. The wait times have been atrocious, even when I’ve placed my order online and am just going to pick up my order. Very small space, and difficult parking for handicapped more
Sarah McBride
Sarah M.
17:54 04 Jul 21
Always been nice staff. Being charged 3 dollars to use a debit card is ridiculous in my opinion because we’re here to pickup a prescription, were not out shopping for fun. And parking is very limitedread more
Lisa Ewing
Lisa E.
23:06 23 Jun 21
My first trip to Trulieve Vero Beach, my budtenders name was Amber C., She was Really knowledge, Sweet and Very helpful!Good employees are hard to find, SHE IS A KEEPER!Thank You for an Awesome first visit!read more
Anna Andrew
Anna A.
00:40 30 May 21
Such great quality! Also so professional! Jamie was a HUGE help and so knowledgeable about each product! If you’re looking for excellent customer service, great product, and relief I recommend to everyone to check this place out!read more
John Smith
John S.
13:04 09 May 21
They have the best employees, with nothing but their patients wellness there main goal. Jeremy is the NUMBER ONE reason I love this place. This guy drove his own car to pickup product when their shipment went to the wrong store, he always has a kind word and will go out of his way to help others, don’t lose him more
Kitty O'Kat
Kitty O.
12:47 15 Apr 21
The Vero Beach Location has improved MUCH since opening. They still need a larger Building, but their many staff, stock and ordering issues have finally worked themselves out. Amber Cowan helped me out yesterday, and she has Amazing Customer Service Skills!You all still need to get RID of the tip boxes. Imagine being asked at the Pharmacy for a tip so the Pharmacist will be nice to you and find the order you placed? Yea, you would be LIVID if you had to tip someone to get your prescribed medicine!read more
Tina Phelan
Tina P.
22:44 26 Feb 21
This Trulieve location is a nice location. The staff is always there to help and will suggest everything they can to help you find the right product. Destiny is always helping me find everything I need and she will not stop until I am satisfied with my order. Every-time I come in she is always nice and always has a smile ready to more
Lauren Quatrano
Lauren Q.
17:28 25 Feb 21
I have had such a fantastic experience here at THIS Trulieve because Destiny is so knowledgeable and so helpful! She’s very kind and considerate and she is always looking for more ways to help her customers! I go to THIS Trulieve ONLY on days Destiny is working and will gladly pass my turn until I can see her!read more
Taylor Giblin
Taylor G.
01:53 25 Feb 21
I love trulieve! I have a great experience every time. Lilli has been so sweet and knowledgeable helping me pick out the right products every time I go in there. It’s nice to have such a positive and sweet attitude to help me out. I’m in a lot of pain all of the time so it’s easy to get frustrated quickly but Lilli always makes the process quick and stress more
Leomary Llorente
Leomary L.
22:47 24 Feb 21
Trulieve in vero beach is a very clean and well organized place. They had so many amazing products!! And to top it all off the consultant who assisted me, Lilli, helped me find the right product I needed, she had so much patience to recommend and explain different products to me. She really made me feel like a priority. Thank you so much for such a good experience in your store. (:read more
Anna Bach
Anna B.
19:59 23 Feb 21
My go-to Trulieve! My last visit I was attended by a girl named Lilli, she was so sweet and very knowledgeable about her product. I have trouble sleeping and she helped me pick the perfect product and informed me about a lot of other products I didn’t even know existed. The quality of everything here is phenomenal !read more
Thomas Placanica (tomp2001)
Thomas Placanica (.
19:07 23 Feb 21
I just want to thank Amber Coward, for her help yesterday she made my day a really pleasant and pain free one with her help in making my flower choices . You guys have the best people !read more
12:24 23 Feb 21
I love this place! I have never been to a place that was so helpful, kind, and overall professional. Even before you enter, there is a security guard outside that greets you and is absolutely the nicest man. Always smiling. Always has a kind a word. Everybody says hello when you Everett the building and if you have any type of question, there are answers galore. They are very patient with everyone that comes in who doesn’t know what to expect. They keep you informed as to what they have in stock and if you are not happy with your purchase, they will make it right! Who does that anymore these days?!?… well this company does! Pick up orders are a breeze. They get to know people by their names… almost feels like “cheers”. If you want a place that is there to help and cares, this is definitely the place to come and do business with. ❤️❤️read more
Suzanne Martinez
Suzanne M.
00:20 23 Feb 21
I am impressed with this dispensary from the time I place my online order, until I leave with my items. Everyone there is so friendly, helpful and professional. They are all extremely knowledgeable about the medications and I especially appreciate Ambers excellent customer more
jvb smith
jvb S.
01:10 22 Feb 21
Friendly people who are helpful. I love going here, always know I’ll get good service. Lillian is awesome, someone should give her a raise!read more
Hannah Thorp
Hannah T.
03:27 19 Feb 21
Great staff at all locations. Bit of a wait sometimes in Vero, but it seems to be getting a bit better since Sebastian recently opened. Usually has a good variety to choose more
20:28 11 Feb 21
This Trulieve location is absolutely stupendous, from the quick wait times to the preeminent products. The staff is remarkably helpful as well. Lillian, a beautiful, bubbly, and charismatic young gal, assisted me today in selecting the best pot products that suit my needs. Staff members such as her are what make the pot purchasing experience so enjoyable! For these reasons, this location is by far my favorite and I shall continue to shop exclusively more
17:08 28 Jan 21
Very fast and knowledgeable staff. And so nice. Just reminder to tell clients if they have discounts available. 👍🏻. The best more
Mike Jones
Mike J.
02:02 05 Jan 21
Alicia B is the best. Always so nice and super helpful especially when I have a million questions! Would recommend to everyoneread more
Tundra TJB
Tundra T.
23:50 29 Dec 20
EXCELLENT customer service!! I went in the Vero location recently as a new patient and Whitney was very knowledgeable and helpful with guiding me through the process. 5 Star12/24/20: Had to edit my review because only one is allowed but the service that I received definitely deserves to be praised.After a pretty stressful day and a bit of a “hiccup” with ordering and pick-up, Alicia B @ the Vero Beach location really helped turn things around. Alicia went above and beyond to make sure that I was taken care of and really made me feel like a valued patient/customer. Kudos to Alicia B!!read more
Cindy Cravenho
Cindy C.
15:55 26 Dec 20
Great customer service all very nice people work husband loves the place and says you have to order online they send you a text It’ll say we will text you when we have space in our lobbyGive you a time usually 10 minutes unless you there when they open make sure you order on Monday and Thursdays because of mini Monday Ground Thursday you can’t get mad about order issues it’s not anyone who works there fault They have no control or over the computer system what a fantastic placeread more
Morgan Guadagno
Morgan G.
22:35 24 Dec 20
Wonderful experience on what seemed to be the busiest day of the year.Katrina was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the products. They were out of a few things I wanted and without hesitation she named off the closest replacements to those. From her bubbly personality to her adorable outfits, Katrina adds a much needed sparkle to Trulieve vero beachread more
ashley spradling
ashley S.
00:06 18 Dec 20
It is definitely worth it to drive to Ft. PIERCE instead of going to the Vero store. It might be a 30 min drive but you’ll be waiting 3 times that long in Vero, EVEN if you place an order. Maybe they should build another dispensary in Vero. Obviously the demand is too high for one store to accomodate the needs of the people more
Ronnie Cravenho
Ronnie C.
09:35 09 Dec 20
Yes use the Internet and pre-order and then when you get there you need to hit the link that connects you to get into the lobby that’s easiest way to go but the people at work they’re extremely nice sometimes the patients are a little Ornery But the people that work there will definitely take care of you if you spend your money there they’re all pretty friendlyread more
Crystal Robertson
Crystal R.
23:33 03 Nov 20
The employees here are always friendly and helpful. My first visit I had an awesome consultation to learn about the products. Now that I visit regularly, many of the staff remember my name and are enjoyable to work more
Debbie Jones
Debbie J.
16:23 03 Oct 20
I love trulieve for alot of reasons but they gave me self confidence I lost so far 55 pounds the people and Vero trulieve are the best I’m blessed .read more
Dylan Pilling
Dylan P.
14:36 30 Sep 20
Full disclosure, I am a former employee of this company and location.It baffles me that this company and its ethics and practices have managed to, somehow, corner the market. Kim might be better suited to answer that, but onto Vero! Aside from the things they can’t help, such as floor space, product in stock, etc.. there is nothing pleasurable about this establishment. A couple of the employees seem to have good intentions but just aren’t trained properly, while the others are just there for the paycheck (if you can call them that) or they thought they were going to have a much different experience than the one they do.Which personally, I agree with. I’m not talking reggae and smoke circles, but an actual caring and fostering work environment. There is toxicity in every level of management, from the board down to “managers-in-training.” My 1.5 years there were filled with a lot of hope that was met with a lot of empty talk.Remember when I mentioned inadequate training? When I made a purchase a couple of weeks back, my new doctor wasn’t on the labels they printed. Didn’t notice until I was back to my car, reentered to get my labels fixed, and was told by the consultant that “as long as it has my name on it I’m good.” No, no we are not good. So I asked him to fix my labels because it did not have my prescribing physician on them and I’d like to stay out of jail. Not only did he have an obvious problem with me asking to be state compliant but he also did not even know how to do the part of his job that I’m asking him to do.Not blaming him at all though, $13/hr from a multi-billion operation in three states and growing and end up getting treated like cattle is laughable so I. understand. The whole transaction was off. Why do you spend so much money on your website to have it as inoperable as it is? Why are you saturating the state with 60+ locations with more than a few within a stones throw of each other? Why aren’t you a more patient-centric company, as opposed to the typical capitalistic money grabbers? We all know the answer, it’s just funny you think we as patients don’ more
Jorianne Popple
Jorianne P.
13:20 24 Sep 20
Today it was busy at Trulieve, I had an online order and Amber got me all set up with a quickness. She was nice and answered my questions, my experience was excellent today 🙂read more
Larry Sowers
Larry S.
15:47 18 Sep 20
Excellent visit to Trulieve Vero Beach this morning. Placed online order and was notified via text when my order was ready. Drove to the dispensary and checked in online from the parking lot. Only had to wait 1 minute before being called in. Was surprised to see a full waiting room but I was almost immediately called back to the pick-up desk. Was assisted with my order by Amber C. and was finished before the next patient was called back. Great in & out visit!read more
Eric Dupee
Eric D.
17:33 13 Sep 20
So fun! Lol
Andy Rhinier
Andy R.
21:10 12 Sep 20
Friendly staff
Chad Rowland
Chad R.
14:46 08 Sep 20
I love Trulieve. I only shop there, nowhere else!! I get impeccable customer service at all the locations near me!!! I go to the Vero Beach store frequently.All the employees are good, but 1 person there always gives me impeccable service!! Racquel is amazing!!! She always knows what I like, and remembers our past conversations,it really is like talking to an old friend every time I see her!! I drive further to that store than the other locations near me, but it is always worth it!!!read more
Michael Good
Michael G.
20:28 05 Sep 20
Great shop love the staff just they seem to always have the same strain for ever papaya cake for what seems like forever, need more inventory and the sativa concentrate selection is also really lacking right now, other then that great !! (Will update to 5 stars when I see some more variety)read more
09:34 05 Sep 20
chrissy boyle
chrissy B.
20:53 04 Sep 20
Absolutely WONDERFUL customer service. Everytime I go the budtenders go above and beyond to answer my questions, as well as offer their advice!. I am ALWAYS greatly satisfied with the recommendations that they have given. Thanks again for ALL your help and more
Kathy Brooks
Kathy B.
13:17 04 Sep 20
Joey and the other staff were very helpful and explained the products and how to use them. Very good experience, especially with new patient more
11:36 04 Sep 20
First visit to any dispensary as I just recently qualified to purchase Medicals. I. was set up with a counselor to discuss my medical opportunities and which direction I was looking to pursue. Our conversation was very relaxed yet professional as the Counselor was extremely knowledgeable about the different avenues available to me. Most people like myself have no idea if the Meds they are about to consume will work in help coping with their condition. So it’s not like, here is your script, good luck! And away you go, stuck with something that doesn’t address your needs. In addition, purchased my first bottle of CBD recommend by the Counselor. Which did absolutely make a difference with relieving pain. I am in shock as I thought CBD was “snake oil”. I purchased it because my regular Doctor put me on a type of pain killer that I would rather not put in my body. So I said what the heck, try the CBD. Glad I did! The rest of my visit was pleasant as the rest of the staff was professional, friendly and efficient. No pressure and left with a sense of I was happy this dispensary was so close to my home. Good job, people!read more
Chad Rowland
Chad R.
16:29 31 Aug 20
I love Trulieve. I only shop there, nowhere else!! I get impeccable customer service at all the locations near me!!! I go to the Vero Beach store frequently.All the employees are good, but 1 person there always gives me impeccable service!! Raquel is amazing!!! She always knows what I like, and remembers our past conversations,it really is like talking to an old friend every time I see her!! I drive further to that store than the other locations near me, but it is always worth it!!!read more
Kate G
Kate G
18:13 28 Aug 20
Nice waiting room. Good to see things changing here.
Susan Hawkins
Susan H.
16:51 18 Aug 20
Adam and Casie, THANK YOU. I have used this store religiously, and am so grateful Trulieve was the only one anywhere near where I lived. I have been hospitalized, immobilized, and brain damaged, and every time I come in this store EVERY staff member is kind, friendly, helpful, and patient. In addition, they are repeatedly informative as it takes me a few times for what I’ve heard, to click. In addition, this store has better products, and better prices, than ANY other dispensary. Trust me. I’ve checked. Extensively. in fact, I moved about a week ago and just a couple days ago drove an hour and 20 minutes to shop at the store. You guys, are BOMB! You ROCK. YOU’RE AWESOME. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS TOP NOTCH. See you next week. Xoread more
15:05 18 Aug 20
Was just there speedy pick up, great people thanks Jimmy and Whitney for all your help. You guys are great will be back
Erik Severino
Erik S.
06:52 11 Aug 20
Out of all the trulieve locations on the treasure coast I would have to say, in my opinion, this one has one of the most unfriendly personnel. The older gentleman that takes people to the back is awesome and so is one of the staff in the back..a female thatIthat believe has blue hair..they were very friendly but that’s it. I have been to this location twice and it’s a last resort if no other locations have a specific product that I’m looking for and they do. I do not recommend this location to friends. Also they have a long wait time usually because they are a very small location with limited more
23:17 07 Aug 20
In need of customer service training. The only one I find exceptional in there is Katrina. They lost my business to Fort Pierce and I spend alot in there. Training training training is all they need; poor management. It’s a shame because I love more
raphaella paternoster
raphaella P.
00:32 04 Aug 20
The Vero store is a nice place and the people that work there are nice but lately its been hard to get your order filled properly. I shop on line so I’m a pick up oder and the past 3 times they have meases up my order. The online doesn’t communicate properly with the store. Merchandise always missingread more
Lindsey Grace Mercado
Lindsey Grace M.
20:32 03 Aug 20
Jared and Whitney are so incredibly helpful and friendly. It made a potentially daunting and overwhelming experience very pleasant! Thank you for your warm welcomeread more
Charley House
Charley H.
21:16 01 Aug 20
Very easy registering for the first time , friendly knowledgeable staff, I’ll have to get there before 10, great more
Tundra TJB
Tundra T.
16:19 01 Aug 20
EXCELLENT customer service!! I went in the Vero location recently as a new patient and Whitney was very knowledgeable and helpful with guiding me through the process. 5 Starread more
Chad Wood
Chad W.
22:27 28 Jul 20
Whitney is the best budtender she always helps me find the best strain for me !!! everyone there knows me by first name bases feels like they care and not just trying to make money at least the main employeesread more
Holly Taylor
Holly T.
19:13 22 Jul 20
Love coming to this location! very clean and professional. Jared helped me with my selection and answered all my questions with a smile. i loved his customer service!read more
dick tracy
dick T.
21:07 15 Jul 20
My experience was amazing, Dereck B At the Vero beach location was amazing and he helped me so much and I feel confident in the product I more
Derek Valcourt
Derek V.
20:52 14 Jul 20
I would like to complement your employe Derek, he definitely goes above and beyond customer service for me , any issues or concerns he takes care right away for me , he also takes the time to explain in detail any questions I have for any of your products ,,cool dude and always look forward to him assisting me when I’m there thank you and keep up the good work D,,,,read more
John Parker
John P.
16:50 03 Jul 20
Dereck has been such a wonderful help at this location! I love Trulieve Vero and Dereck as given me great advice and assistance in getting me the proper medicine for my more
Jodi Rita
Jodi R.
00:44 03 Jul 20
Trulieve is definitely in the forefront of medical marijuana movement excellent staff and great compassion. Mgr Samantha great more
Michelle Michel
Michelle M.
23:37 09 Jun 20
New to the process and Adam was wonderful!! He was very personable and knowledgeable. He explained everything I needed/wanted to know. Overall very pleased with Trulieve and Adam played a big part in making me a happy more
mike reed
mike R.
13:31 31 May 20
the store staff is good. They never return emails, policies change without notice. It takes hours to get through on phone. The chat line is slow. Simply BAD communication. I’m immune suppressed. They wont deliver from my store to me. Other store will deliver to me they say, yet none knows which store or any other info. have been trying g for s week. 3 emails this week none more
sonnie miranda
sonnie M.
21:04 07 May 20
Trulieve product are good but you could find good at any other dispensary that’s not Trulieve… I’m reviewing the staff in this location and it starts with management. I believe her name is Sam .. I have had some interaction with her and they weren’t pleasant… She is not fit for management doesn’t knows how to manage the facility , she’s clueless… Trulieve needs to train their employees better in handling certain situations.. I will not be going to this Trulieve ever again till they remove Sam. from this store…read more
Jane Jolly
Jane J.
18:52 06 May 20
I was totally new to this whole medical marijuana thing, but the whole staff have been absolutely wonderful! They take their time to explain everything to me to make sure I understood/understand the difference between all their products and help me choose what’s best for me. I highly recommend the Vero Beach location!!read more
Normarie Cotera
Normarie C.
16:51 30 Apr 20
From the moment I enter, the staff provides outstanding customer service. Visiting Trulieve at Vero is a joyful experience, beginning to end. Additionally, any time I’ve had a concern they’ve been prompt to handle it in a caring manner. Grateful for the Vero team. You all rock!!!read more
Victoria Lawson
Victoria L.
18:20 28 Apr 20
Literally working from home I only get a 30 min break like most jobs so I ordered online that way I won’t have to wait. 3 hours later I go pick up and it’s STILL not ready I’m waiting after walk ins. Had to text my boss oh sorry I’m late from lunch I’m picking up my weed like way to go Trulieveread more
Kris Seiz
Kris S.
18:23 19 Mar 20
This was my first trip to a dispensary. Katrina and Adam couldn’t have been more helpful! They explained benefits, dosage, flavor and safe practice. They were super knowledgeable, and very helpful to this first-timer. Highly recommend!read more
Susan Winslow
Susan W.
21:55 06 Mar 20
This is a very clean organized place, and I felt safe and secure there. Amber was especially sweet and kind and very informative, as this was my son’s first visit to the store. She introduced herself right away and explained everything as far as what my son could buy according to his prescription, and what the different types of products were like. She was very patient and knowledgable and put us at ease. I highly recommend this more
Theresa Osiecki
Theresa O.
15:37 03 Feb 20
The entire staff was so kind and helpful as always. I had an issue with my phone getting a signal to pull up canpay, but they were quick to go above and beyond to help. Sam was amazing and Harold is the best! Keep up the great patient experience. Thank you for more
17:04 29 Jan 20
After finding relief here for over a year now, I couldn’t recommend Trulieve enough. From the friendly, personable staff to the truly opulent product that’s dispensed, Trulieve has always exceeded any and every expectation I’ve had! The only downside to their great hospitality is that dozens of people flock to the Vero Beach location so unfortunately you may have to wait for an hour to an hour and a half, but the staff do their best to work as quickly and efficiently as possibly while still maintaining their poise. 12/10 would recommend 🤩read more
Mark Williams, II
Mark Williams, I.
18:26 05 Jan 20
Trulieve is one of my Top 3 dispensaries for the Treasure Coast. The variety and quality of products, the knowledge of the staff, and the inviting atmosphere all combine to make for a great experience. I have never come home with anything other than what I needed and I feel very comfortable with asking questions about the different options available.I am selfishly withholding a fifth star as I have to drive a bit of a way to get it and the price is not as competitive as I’d like. Otherwise, I find my way here at least every other more
Wayne Kleinatland
Wayne K.
10:35 13 Nov 19
Awesome experience. Thank you so much for making my first visit one that will bring me back. The staff was SOO cool and made a first timer with the giddy happiness comfortable.😁 That was very important. Can’t forget the 1st visit discount. I picked out $250 in medicine and only paid $175. . See you soon. .read more
Michael Lewis
Michael L.
03:02 27 Sep 19
Love Trulieve, their products keep getting better and better. Not only are they always on the forefront of new products, their consistency is second to none. Their prices and specials are starting to make getting medicine affordable. They also keep opening up more stores to provide more medicine to more people. Thanks again Trulieveread more
Trisha Chung
Trisha C.
17:20 19 Jul 19
Love this facility. The staff there is super friendly and super helpful. From the door being met by “Fluffybear” and then all the staff beyond there: Noah, Jimmy, Tony, Raquel, Jackie, Jamie, Anthony and all the others staff, thanks for doing a great job. The prices are a little higher but the quality is worth more
Trisha Chung
Trisha C.
17:20 19 Jul 19
Love this facility. The staff there is super friendly and super helpful. From the door being met by “Fluffybear” and then all the staff beyond there: Noah, Jimmy, Tony, Raquel, Jackie, Jamie, Anthony and all the others staff, thanks for doing a great job. The prices are a little higher but the quality is worth more
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