Trulieve Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Tallahassee, FL

800 Capital Circle SE
Tallahassee, FL 32301

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat 9am – 8pm
Sunday 10am – 6pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available

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Dispensary – Open

Tallahassee – A Trulieve dispensary located at 800 Capital Cir SE to service Leon County medical cannabis card patients is now open. Trulieve, one of the best dispensary brands in FL, strives to bring you the relief you need in medical marijuana products you can trust.

The cannabis plants Trulieve cultivates in its nurseries for their open dispensaries throughout Florida are hand-grown in an environment specially designed to reduce unwanted chemicals and pests, keeping the process as natural as possible.

The Tallahassee Trulieve staff is well trained to work with local certified doctors in the area to provide the proper products and the correct dosage to ensure patients get the proper care they need.


Trulieve medical cannabis products in stock are available by delivery to your front door in Tallahassee and throughout Leon County. Order online or over the phone and have your medical marijuana products delivered.

Trulieve Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients who need non-euphoric care. You can call 844.878.5438 or email to schedule a delivery.

$25 Delivery Fee Statewide

Trulieve Florida

What People Are Saying

Keith Maxwell
Keith M.
10:27 14 Oct 21
They have a great variety of products and very tasty and effective, they are number one by a mile for a reason, I would give them a 5 but they have a kinda high turnover at the med-tender position and they don’t have a clue as to what is going on, and definitely don’t ask them questions about products they have no idea and are mostly like cashier/customer service and they are nice and all and it’s not there fault they are not getting paid or trained extremely well so I would suggest doing your own homework and then place a pick up order online!read more
Candus Riggsby
Candus R.
16:55 24 Sep 21
Best biologists in Tallahassee. It’s the only place I shop for my medical marijuana I would recommend this to anybody who needs their medicine from there. Ryan runs the shop like a fine-tuned machine. They stand behind their product and are very knowledgeableread more
Karan Allen
Karan A.
16:00 08 Sep 21
The people usually are on their toes and sweet and kind and always try to be so they’re paying attention to what they’re doing and if they give you your discounts and that they make sure you understand what your orders and what you’re getting him at you’re getting. This place is a really good place to shop. I would recommend 100%read more
Debbie Mayer
Debbie M.
15:45 01 Aug 21
I am new to this entire program so knowledge is power and I have been going to each dispensary in the area.I found this dispensary to be very nice inside, but having guards at the door was not so pleasing to say the least. I like to go through the websites before going into one and I found this website to be not so friendly in navigating you first have to click if delivery or pickup before you are even able to read or see what they have.Being an IT computer person I think it needs to help in these aspects as being an older person I find the friendly the better for me. I don’t think they have very knowledgeable employees I found my impression was they just want to sell so that was a big turn off for me as well as guards.I like reading the reviews because people are generally honest in what they are using and listed the effects and I don’t think their descriptions on the possible effects was good enough for me to try anything from here. I hope they make some changes as my 2 star was because the place was very nice, but for me it’s more than just about how nice a place is. Maybe in the future I will try this dispensary but for now this one is not it for more
cindy sellari
cindy S.
02:33 26 Jun 21
Best service of all dispensaries. Quality products. I think the prices for all dispensaries are high. I hope the prices go down. Maybe not such pretty packaging a baggie will do 😊💜 awesome store!!!read more
Cori Griffin
Cori G.
15:07 23 Jun 21
Trulieve has great products but cares more about taking over the competitors than they do about there customers . Have been with them for years and have always got the run around. Always blaming there system but never correcting the problem . Don’t complain or your orders may not get filled . I will not do business with this company again sadly they want to be the wal mart of the industries.Brianread more
Art Vasch
Art V.
23:58 04 May 21
Killer flower but nothing but headaches with inventory and communicationsStaff does their best to make up for it with customer service, but I’ve had 2 orders actually go through properly out of more than 20 this year. Also headache figuring out batch info on their website. Ill change this if they ever address the issues most have with it who aren’t close enough to just swing by and delivery costs more and they’ve no called no showed twice on me in a year.They seriously need to address those inventory and communication issue cus the product is more
Brandon Holm
Brandon H.
13:47 04 May 21
I had a great experience overall here. The employees were very polite. Big thanks also to Dennis who was very helpful and knowledgeable in helping me find the products that best fit my more
Amber Shiver
Amber S.
20:37 24 Apr 21
Trulieve is great, their setup is awesome and I like the way they conduct their business. The one downfall I have is their stock. I placed an online order and it never got filled in time and I lost out on something I was looking forward to. I also wish they had a live stock counter like growhealthy had on their web page. But to each their own. I do appreciate they guy that helped me in the store try to find something more
Steve Hart
Steve H.
15:33 22 Apr 21
This place has great products, however…the delivery issues i have twice experienced, that were not acknowledged nor explained without contacting the store directly, which is another near impossibility as they never respond to phone calls nor online complaints. The store keeps changing procedures for customers to navigate, is always crowded and slow, and rarely has all its advertised products in stocks. I find this amazing as they are the flagship store closest to the production facilities of their products. The only reason I continue to use them is because they are close by, but mainly I like their products….if only the customer experience were up to par….read more
Nate Miller
Nate M.
17:30 20 Apr 21
Speedy service and superior product! Phenomenal customer service! What more could you ask for?? I will be back without a doubt just because of the great customer service. Had it not been for the store manager Cliff, I might have taken my business elsewhere. He made it a great shopping experience!read more
Kevin Malfa
Kevin M.
23:48 11 Mar 21
Quite popular and usually busy. It’s easy to shop or order ahead for pickup or delivery. A bit more on the expensive side. It would be nice if they we located more convenient to multiple parts of town or if they opened another more
Devon Oesterling
Devon O.
15:20 05 Jan 21
Best overall dispensary in Tallahassee mainly due to keeping inventory stocked compared to others. Professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. BUT, website is terrible. Trulieve uses a lot of chemicals like herbicides and fungicides while growing. Likely pesticides too for mites. All the dispensaries in FL are growing industrially since the State only permits large, corporate horticulture companies from FL or large, established non-FL cannabis firms. We need more organic, non-corporate, small-scale, local FL growers permitted. Mom and pops, not large franchises and chains. Grow Healthy dispensary does better with quality using fewer more
Jacob Hardy
Jacob H.
00:43 04 Dec 20
If this were a review of Trulieve as a corporation, this would be a one-star review. These guys keep opening new stores, not keeping up with the demand new patients have and have a terrible website that is constantly going under maintenance. After a recent experience at Trulieve in Jacksonville, I have grown to appreciate Trulieve Tallahassee more. I’ve never had a negative experience with staff, they are always ready to help with questions or if you change your order. This place has the best cannabis in Tallahassee, it’s a shame long wait times and the dysfunctional website keeps many patients from experiencing more
Sexy Sadie
Sexy S.
01:18 28 Nov 20
Today was the worst of all times I have purchased from this facility. I placed an order online in the morning. Arrived there close to 1pm. There were a ton of people outside, & not a parking spot in sight. So I went & did some errands, came back after 4pm. I was told I’d have to wait an hour! Not a pleasant experience. What’s the use of placing orders on line, just to have to wait an hour when you get there?! This has been the second time, that I have encountered this wait. I love the products & yes, I believe Trulieve is the best in Tally, but please for God’s sake, get the wait times down, & fulfill orders placed well in advance online before walk ins. Seems like plenty of staff so I don’t know what the issues are…read more
Peter scalco
Peter S.
20:54 24 Nov 20
I tried to place an order for two days and almost all of the items were out of stock. I tried to call to inquire about it and was on the phone twice for a half hour. I then waited for another hour at the store. Your system used to be effective and quick. No longer . A victim of your success perhaps 🤠read more
Brooks Gursky
Brooks G.
23:09 23 Nov 20
Great prices, clean store, friendly staff. But! The wait is hours long sometimes, there system is constantly crashing, 75% of the time I have an order there’s a problem. Do they ever care about the customers? Not once has anyone said, sorry there was a problem with your order here is 10% off or how about a coupon code, nope, Just thanks for your money see ya next time. They do have the best medicine in Tallahassee but take care of your loyal customers more
Larissa Hall
Larissa H.
19:12 31 Oct 20
Just tried delivery for the first time. Greatly disappointed that AFTER you pay the delivery date and time are generated. It is Saturday and my delivery is scheduled for Monday. Called customer service to stop the delivery. I was told the average wait time was 12 minutes. I called 3 times and spent 30 min each time. So I will get my product, I hope, on Monday and I don’t foresee using the delivery service again. But, I do love buying at my local more
Peggy Gorman
Peggy G.
17:02 27 Oct 20
I love being able to ask questions about the different products. I would never have bought some of the products I have bought and now enjoy using. I like the polite atmosphere and the jocularity of being able to legally buy what I used to hide from my mom when I was 15. I wish it had been available to her. Thank you Trulieve!read more
22:51 13 Oct 20
Very busy in the after work/6pm time slot. Took about forty-five minutes after all was said and done. Experience was pleasant but definitely not expeditious.PLEASE TRY TO ALWAYS KEEP 100% THC *CITRUS* LOZENGES IN STOCK …. FAR SUPERIOR TASTE THAN THE MENTHOLATED ‘VAPORUB’ FLAVOR 😉read more
Jessica Wachtel
Jessica W.
14:23 11 Oct 20
I Really Love the Staff at our Tallahassee Trulieve!!!! Since day 1 I have always felt like I was part of a new family and I look forward to going back everytime!! The products speak for themselves….. I’ve never been disappointed by any of my purchases!! So grateful for Trulieve!!read more
James Rodgers
James R.
17:34 07 Oct 20
The customer service was absolutely terrible . As their website kept crashing I was unable to make an educated decision on what I wanted so I had to go on to shop in store .The customer rep was completely un able to answer any of my questions regarding strains or what may be good for me . They tried to get me in and out as quick as possible .Definitely will not be returning .Was also told to reach out to Trulieve customer service via email , and still have yet to here anything back from them .I’ve never been to a dispensary where the customer reps were so incredibly rude and completely un educated about where they works product .I guess that’s what happens when you hire a bunch of kids who just like to smoke herb .Places like this is EXACTLY what makes a bad name for medical MJread more
Howard Ankle
Howard A.
19:49 20 Sep 20
If i wait I wait. I love my Tallahassee budtenders. 🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱
22:28 18 Sep 20
I will not be coming back to this store.
Lee Bolaro
Lee B.
19:30 18 Sep 20
This is the worst Trulieve store I’ve been to. The employees behind the doors that are there to help and serve you are extremely rude and uneducated. They know nothing a out the products or the prices. They are smart mouthed and sarcastic. I have reported the employees twice now and it has happened for the 3rd time. The employees I reported also showed signs of retaliation. I think corporate should come and pay a visit. This store in Tallahassee is giving all trulieve a very very bad name. The employees should be fired. Another person has endured the same treatment there and is already calling corporate. I DO NOT RECOMMEND this store. I have plenty of details if you would like to hear about these horrible more
Jenny Cummings
Jenny C.
16:47 16 Sep 20
Love this place great coustmer service and very informative..
Ted Augustin
Ted A.
19:45 15 Sep 20
The service is very fastThe staff is very knowledgeable you ask a Question and the staff knows the answer. In and out in less than 10 min. And very safe Security Guard greats you at the doorread more
John Bruner
John B.
17:18 06 Sep 20
Every associate here is very pleasant and knowledgeable. Never had a bit of trouble here. Would recommend to anyone.
Traci Hay
Traci H.
00:40 05 Sep 20
Even when busy I can get in and out quick. 🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽
Gerri Murphy
Gerri M.
21:38 01 Sep 20
Great customer service. And safety measures were in place
Elaine Brixhoff
Elaine B.
13:15 01 Sep 20
Always friendly and helpful. Excellent quality products. RSO Oil gives me relief from my essential tremor.
Rhonda Westfall
Rhonda W.
11:27 31 Aug 20
It is an amazing experience every time I go to shop at Trulieve. I like the one on one .
Larry Barlow
Larry B.
22:40 29 Aug 20
As always stellar service and an outstanding safety protocol are the hallmarks of every visit to Tallahassee Trulieve!!
Brandy Arnold
Brandy A.
20:29 27 Aug 20
Today was busy. Ground Thursday!!
18:31 27 Aug 20
The WORSE customer support. Maybe that I was unlucky to get a poorly trained, loud, and obnoxious young lady on the phone. She was completely unhelpful, as she would not take her finders out of her ears and stick them in her mouth – if you follow my meaning she would not just shut up and listen. That is what I got out of a call to see if I could find out why my online order was taking so long. I hung up without every knowing what happened to my more
02:07 26 Aug 20
Fast and great service – way better than the Jax location! In and out in 5 minutes
Amanda Zarker
Amanda Z.
18:27 25 Aug 20
The stuff there is great and so are the people
Randy Bowden
Randy B.
15:26 25 Aug 20
The dispensary in Tallahassee has some of the nicest staff I’ve ever seen, helpful, caring , and downright friendly would recommend Trulieve over any others for quality .read more
Jason Morrissette
Jason M.
17:31 10 Aug 20
Great place and friendly people always willing to help you.
HUSKER Triple Deuce
HUSKER Triple D.
18:49 11 Jul 20
so far so good. I’ve been @ the dispensary thing for about a week now and ive gone there almost everyday. ive gone to two different trulieve locations and both of them had very nice staff, and good products to choose more
joan aaron
joan A.
19:29 10 Jul 20
They were very friendly in the store in Tallahassee I’m fairly new to going. But, the online is very hard to do it’s like everything is out like they dont update when they get new stock. I live an hour away and disabled. Please do something about more
Lafils Gilbert
Lafils G.
21:24 03 Jul 20
They always take care of my husband. He liked the Tallahassee dispensery so well he requested to stay with them after the covid issue allowed entering stores. He isn’t ableto travel to the dispensery they always deliver. Very friendly delivery staff!! Thanks!!read more
john golden
john G.
15:02 03 Jul 20
Very rude by hanging up on me after I said wait a second while I check if that address is right. Which is wasn’t. When I tried to call them back I sat on hold for 30 mins for it to just hang up on me as well. This is the 5th time I have ever tried to call them but have never got through. I am currently on hold right now. Just hit 10 minutes, still waiting. Good job 👍 . Also they don’t check id’sread more
Krista Carvajal
Krista C.
18:06 01 Jul 20
I was supposed to get a delivery and I immediately went to get it.The driver was never in my vicinity as I was watching all over, standing up with my dog.After a half-hour I came in to: We missed you! When I called,the representative was rude and put me on hold for fourth five minutes. The chat closed as soon as I wrote one sentence.I have heard a lot of bad things about Trulieve before.This is enough for me to boycott more
Elysia Latherow
Elysia L.
00:44 16 Jun 20
Went here for the first time today (I’ve had my card for about a year), and it was really great! My budtender was named Bj who was super helpful and didn’t seem to mind my endless string of questions 😅 Their products are some of the most high potency for the price that I’ve seen, and they have way more product variety than any of the dispensaries I’ve been to. I also appreciated the fact that they have a security guard, most places either don’t or don’t let it be known at least. I’ll definitely be coming back! 10/10 would recommend!read more
red32303 .
red32303 .
17:34 01 Jun 20
Their online ordering is mandatory, yet their website sucks so bad you can spend hours trying to buy products they offer to you after they demand a location but do not stock. I spent an hour trying to order but they didn’t have any of the products they offer. I gave up. I suggest you not waste your time with them. They never respond to chat requests. Nor do they answer the damn phone. I don’t see how they can possibly remain in business without actually having any more
chelsea Jordan
chelsea J.
18:10 29 May 20
Employees are rude, and on their cell phones every time I’ve gone in. I’ve walked out twice, due to poor service, and being ignored. There’s other dispensaries with better selection and outstanding customer service. I will be taking my business elsewhere, more
Bakari Wilder
Bakari W.
17:57 13 May 20
Great Staff!!! Patient consultants deal with a lot but always take the higher road and try to fulfill the patients needs and always have a smile on their faces. GREAT JOB TRULIEVE TALLAHASSEE!! You are greatly appreciated, especially during this time with this COVID pandemic. Thank you for all that you do. Love you guys!read more
Ally Dozier
Ally D.
04:08 30 Apr 20
Unless you want to support a company that doesn’t care about their employees& has management that tells them that word for word, then go buy your medical elsewhere. Employees are scared to go to HR because they know nothing will happen, their turnover rate is high because they tell people they are replaceable. They don’t care about their employees, so why would they care about their customers? All this company cares about is profit. Literally the Walmart of medical marijuana. Support a business that’s mission is to actually help more
Joseph deHaven-Smith
Joseph D.
15:54 28 Apr 20
The Tallahassee store is the worst. Unfriendly staff, and no level of professionalism. When it was walk in it was bad enough. Now that you have to order online it’s completely falling apart. I waited patiently for them to finally get the ground flower back in stock, and order my month supply. They filled it in a couple of hours and then said they would contact me. Four days went by. I reached out every single day to try to get a pickup time. But, you only get to talk to someone at a call center when you reach out. There is absolutely nothing the call center can do to help you but send the store a message. The message of course will be ignored. If you’ve been in there recently you know they’re not busy, six people sitting around with maybe one customer in the store. I get social distancing but these people aren’t even trying to service our needs. This is medicine, they should be held to a higher standard but our politicians have failed us. Now we are stuck in a Comcast like situation where we don’t have any good competition so we are stuck with terrible customer more
Fit Fam
Fit F.
20:32 24 Feb 20
Great flower. Great customer service. Brandon and Brooke are excellent at what they do. Best place to go for medical more
Kim Pastor
Kim P.
22:44 22 Feb 20
Awesome, knowledgeable and plenty of options to choose from for the smokers and non smokers. Try them out. They will answer all of your questions and more
Devon Oesterling
Devon O.
17:17 06 Feb 20
Best dispensary in Tallahassee. Professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. BUT, website is terrible. Trulieve uses a lot of chemicals like herbicides and fungicides while growing. Likely pesticides too for mites. All the dispensaries in FL growing industrially since the State only permits large, corporate horticulture companies from FL or large, established non-FL cannabis firms. We need organic, non-corporate, small-scale, local FL growers permitted. Mom and pops, not franchises and more
Kara Owl
Kara O.
22:09 05 Feb 20
Love the products, but the real star is the people. They’re great, offer excellent service and fabulous recommendations. You tell them what you need and they will offer you all the options. Great more
Beverly Lange
Beverly L.
17:24 28 Jan 20
Medical marijuana is a rapidly growing industry and brand names for their product are relatively new. Trulieve has a loyal following because they have earned a name for themselves as being trustworthy. Their product is quality assured & always getting more
chris c
chris c
18:52 29 Dec 19
Showed up at 12 on Sunday when they open or so I thought. They opened the doors earlier I guess, so I walk in to a crowd of people already thinking it’s gonna take forever. I was back in my vehicle in less than 15 mins. Need I say more. Keep up the great work ladies and more
Williams Mcmanaman
Williams M.
10:18 24 Oct 19
Nice atmosphere and friendly staff
Michelle Hartog
Michelle H.
20:42 05 Apr 18
Great people great dispensary prices compared to the other one they also have delivery service from the call center to the delivery people are super nice and caring! Love you Guys!read more
Michelle Hartog
Michelle H.
22:13 28 Feb 18
Great people great dispensary prices compared to the other one they also have delivery service from the call center to the delivery people are super nice and caring! Love you Guys!read more
JA Mathiasen
03:25 08 Aug 17
Compassionate & caring staff. Very friendly and knowledgeable about the many medical benefits of cannabis oil.
22:42 31 Mar 17
Leaders in the medical cannabis industry. Product is great & customer service is top notch. Professional & extremely polite & helpful. Ready to answer all questions. Can’t wait to be a loyal part of “Trulievers” rewards program! Thanks you!!! BTW everyone, follow Trulieve on Facebook & Instagram. Finally, download the CanPay app!read more
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