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The Cannabist, formerly Columbia Care menu products are designed to meet the diverse needs of qualifying Florida patients. To order Cannabist medical marijuana menu  products online, you will need a Florida Medcard from a local certified doctor.


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Black Raspberry

Black Dog

Cookies Kush

Tropic Heat

Birthday Margy

LSD Flower

Tangie N Cream

Master Kush

Mint Chip

Lemon Do-Si-Dos


Island Chill

Cupid’s Arrow 1g

Jungle Love 1g

Lemon Do-Si-Dos 1g

Mint Chip 1g

Red Zone 1g

Cannabist Concentrates

Birthday Margy Kief [1g]

Island Chill Kief [1g]

Mint Chip Kief [1g]

Tangie N Cream Kief [1g]

Tropic Heat Kief [1g]

Black Dog Kief [1g]

Clementine Hybrid 1g

Apple Rings Hybrid 1g

CO2 Master Kush Indica 1g

Green Crack Sativa 1g

Rick Simpson Oil

RSO Master Kush

CO2 Slurricane Indica 1g

Honey Chaps Sativa 1g

Apple Rings Hybrid 1g

Mint Chip Co2 Hybrid 1g

Gelato Hybrid 1g

RSO Mint Chip

Cannabist Infused Edibles

Green Apple Gummies

Mango Gummies

Orange Gummies

Strawberry Gummies

Cinnamon Gummies

Tropical Fruit Gummies

Dark Blueberry Drops

Dark Chocolate Drops

Milk Chocolate Drops

Cannabist Tinctures & Capsules

10:1 CBD Reserved

20:1 THC Cinnamon Roll Tincture

20:1 THC Lemon Tincture

20:1 THC Peppermint Tincture

20:1 THC Root Beer Tincture

20:1 THC Root Beer Tincture

THC Cinnamon Spice Extra Strength

THC Key Lime Pie Extra Strength

THC Peppermint Extra Strength

Hybrid Capsules [10mg]

Hybrid Capsules – 10 CBD:1 THC

Hybrid THC Capsules [25mg]

Cannabist vape cartridges

Green Crack - Hybrid

Pineapple Express - Hybrid

Blueberry - Indica

Blue Dream - Hybrid

Animal Mints - Hybrid

Grapefruit Kush - Hybrid

Apple Pie Vape

Pineapple Orange - Sativa

Sweet Backwoods - Hybrid

Diablo OG - Hybrid

Blueberry Cookies - Hybrid

Lemon Slushie - Hybrid

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