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Liberate Physician Centers Tampa Bay

14414 N. Florida Ave.
Tampa, FL 33613

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Mon – Fri 9 – 5

Liberate Physician Centers is a recommending medical marijuana clinic in Tampa that certifies patients daily for their Florida MedCard. Please contact Liberate Physician Centers office to schedule an appointment for initial visit, transfer, or follow up visit.

Liberate Physician Centers located at 14414 N. Florida Ave in Tampa, FL 33613, is helping Florida patients get certified for medical marijuana. This allows a person with a qualifying medical condition access to THC and CBD for treatment from state licensed medical marijuana treatment centers, dispensaries.

Liberate Physician Centers are dedicated to providing customized cannabis programs to the members of our community & helping them achieve their personal wellness goals.  Through professionalism, knowledge, & service we will care for our patients with the same compassion and care that we would provide our own families.

MMJ certifications are good for up to 210 days which typically include with the initial visit three 70 day refills, before having to visit your medical card doctor again for a renewal.

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What People Are Saying

David Koontz
David K.
22:01 17 Jan 22
The staff is awesome! They made the entire process easy and efficient. Dr was nice and helpful. I definitely recommend this more
Walli Fig
Walli F.
16:25 17 Jan 22
I had an excellent experience with Liberate Physician Centers. It is conveniently located and the staff is very accommodating.Thank you Melissa for your caring and compassionate disposition.Don't go anywhere else, give them a more
Mark Arnett
Mark A.
00:17 16 Jan 22
Wonderful receptionist, the doctor was helpful, professional, & caring. They should get 6 stars.My pain level is much less than anyopiate medicine, that I absolutely willnever put in my body.Thank God for more
Arlene O'Donnell
Arlene O.
19:05 11 Sep 21
Very professional and quick process to obtain the Marijuana card! I love this place! No longer taking 20 different medications for RA and more
Jimmy Heskey
Jimmy H.
15:22 11 Sep 21
There the best help me get my card
Alamet Nieves
Alamet N.
21:04 13 Jul 21
Great experience! Excellent staff & VERY knowledgeable!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! 100%!!
Michael Moline
Michael M.
12:55 30 Jun 21
It was easy as ABC and I was done
Svetlana Pryjmak
Svetlana P.
16:55 25 May 21
The staff are knowledgeable, super helpful, and very nice people! My appointment lasted about 30 minutes (I used their online site to complete all "paperwork" before the appointment, which saves some time). The staff also helped to set up my registration for the MMUR card, and provided me with flyers/menus from several local dispensaries. I highly recommend Liberate!read more
Lydia Spriggs
Lydia S.
10:57 14 Apr 21
Melissa took the time to answer all my questions and educated me on the use of medical Marijuana and how the dispensaries work. This enabled me to make some decisions for pain management and how to use their products. I have already recommended them to others that are curious about medical Marijuana and ailments it can help more
Rev JJ
Rev J.
22:00 06 Apr 21
I love Dr Lewis! He really listens and takes the time needed. The staff is wonderful and have been a huge help! Always a great more
Erin Beth
Erin B.
15:20 22 Mar 21
Everyone at this office was very friendly, and they make sure you leave well educated!
Daniel Peterson
Daniel P.
22:14 22 Feb 21
Melissa and the team at Liberate Medical Marijuana Physician Centers are extremely knowledgeable. They listen to your “why”. Once they have a better understanding of your situation, they educate you and give their professional advice. Highly recommend Liberate Physician Centers!read more
Anilda Ortiz
Anilda O.
19:13 25 Nov 20
Great office, Great Staff and Excellent Doctor. They are very knowledgeable and helpful. Answered all my questions. Highly more
Charles Visalli
Charles V.
14:35 20 Nov 20
Melissa and her staff are very knowledgeable and professional to assist you in helping find the right type of supplement to treat your condition. I have them to ask questions and direct me to finding the correct type of Marijuana to comfort my pain and manage it. Give them a call and make an appointment to learn more how you can truly benefit from a consultant and selection of a great assortment of marijuana more
Lydia Spriggs
Lydia S.
23:07 19 Nov 20
Do you have questions about how medical Marijuana can help you with anxiety, illness, certain symptoms, or just curious? Melissa and her team can provide answers, education, and guidance to ensure you get the help you need. Professional and reliable. Do yourself a favor and call for more
Jay Ellison
Jay E.
22:45 19 Nov 20
Getting good information about medical MJ is difficult to do, especially if you have a specific set of issues to treat and don't just want to get high. Veterans have a unique set of health issues: traumatic brain injury, arthritis, sleep issues and more. The team at Liberate does an excellent job assessing your individual needs and recommending therapeutic products (and where to get them, how to use them and all) that really help. Can't recommend highly more
James Carner
James C.
22:14 19 Nov 20
I couldn't be more happier with the level of service and product. Liberate Physician Centers is the place to be. Thank you all for helping more
Gail Lewis
Gail L.
14:39 05 Nov 20
So glad I came out of my comfort zone and went to Liberate. Melissa was so helpful and friendly. She was very patient in explaining the entire process and really made it painless. Dr. Lewis is a gem as well. He was professional and thorough but also kind and had a sense of humor. It has been 3 months since I received my certification, and have found the medical cannabis to help more than pain meds and physical therapy. Thanks, Liberate!read more
S. C.S.
S. C.
22:33 27 Oct 20
Melissa is very kind and welcoming. Looking forward to our first appointment! See you soon!
Troy Elder
Troy E.
23:51 22 Oct 20
Best choice i ever made ! The staff is wonderful, informative, and willing to help every step of the way. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated their help and now I feel the relief I've been seeking for so long .They are friendly and inviting and willing to assist you with discovering your needs not to mention the help they give in order to acquire the medical card . Its amazing and finally here after ling time comingread more
Tim Stevens
Tim S.
22:31 03 Sep 20
Amazing experience with the doctor and staff. Dr. Lewis cares about his patients and easy to talk to. Melissa is very informative and up to date on all changes and products including new edible products. Afton and Melissa are a great team and will go the extra mile to answer any questions and keep you more
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