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RISE Medical Marijuana Dispensary Products Menu

RiSE dispensary menu products are available to meet the diverse needs of medical card carrying patients in Florida.

To be eligible to buy medical marijuana products from RiSE’s menu, you will need a Florida Medcard. Find a local certified doctor or physician clinic here.


Velvet Glove Flower | Indica

Julius Ceasar Flower | Indica

Bora Bora Flower | Indica

SoFlo Kerosene Flower | Sativa

Rise & Shine Flower - Shrieker | Sativa

Lazy Lightning Flower | Hybrid

FMJ #9 Flower | Indica

Humble Pie Flower | Indica

Queen Heron Flower | Hybrid

Humble Pie Pre Roll .75g

Grape Goddes Pre Roll .75g

Shrieker x Soflo Kerosene Pre Roll .75g

CBD-THC Harlesin Pre Roll .75g

Phone Home Pre Roll .75g

Queen Heron x GSC Pre Roll .75g

Strawnanna Pre Roll .75g

Shrieker – Mini Dog Walkers-5 Pack [.35g]

Lazy Lightning – Mini Dog Walkers-5 Pack [.35g]

Indica Kief Concentrate – FMJ [0.5G]

Indica Kief Concentrate – SoFlo Kerosene [0.5G]

Indica Kief Concentrate – GSC [0.5G]

CBD-THC Syringe – Harlesin x Lovelace [1g]

Concentrate Syringe Hybrid Mix [1g]

Concentrate Syringe Indica Julius Caesar [1G]

Concentrate Syringe Balanced Hybrid Lazy Lightning #4 [1g]

Concentrate Syringe Sativa Sage N Sour [1g]

Concentrate Syringe Sativa Shrieker [1g]

Concentrate Syringe Sativa Shrieker x PH #2 [1g]

Concentrate Syringe Hybrid Royal Double Kush [1g]

Concentrate Syringe Indica True OG [1G]

Lazy Lightning #4 Extreme [1G] Vape Cartridge

Lovelace x Otto [1G] Vape Cartridge

Chem Orange #4 [.5G] Vape Cartridge

Velvet Glove x FMJ #9 [.5G] Vape Cartridge

Sage ‘n Sour [.5G] Vape Cartridge

Queen Heron [.5G] Vape Cartridge

Rise & Shine Cartridge – Chemdawg [.5G]

Rise & Shine Cartridge – Northern Lights [.5G]

Rise & Shine Cartridge – Fire OG [.5G]

Rise & Shine Cartridge – Wedding Cake [.5G]


Lazy Lightning #4 Disposable Vape Pen

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