Trulieve Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Bradenton, FL

1103 14th St W
Bradenton, FL 34205

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Sat: 9am – 9pm
Sunday: 10am – 8pm

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available


MMTC Dispensary – Open

Bradenton – A Trulieve dispensary located at 1103 14th St W to service Manatee County cannabis card patients is now open. Trulieve, the biggest dispensary brand in FL, strives to bring you the relief you need in medical marijuana products you can trust.

The cannabis plants Trulieve cultivates in its nurseries for this Bradenton store products are hand-grown in an environment specially designed to reduce unwanted chemicals and pests, keeping the process as natural as possible.

The Bradenton Trulieve staff is well trained to work with local certified doctors in the area to provide the proper products and the correct dosage to ensure patients get the proper care they need.


Trulieve medical cannabis products are available by delivery to your front door in Bradenton and throughout Manatee County. Order online or call over the phone and have your medical marijuana products delivered.

Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients that have been certified by a recommending doctor who need non-euphoric care. You can call 844.878.5438 or email to schedule a delivery.

$15 Delivery Fee Statewide. Free delivery to patients 65 years or older and on all orders over $200.

Trulieve Florida

What People Are Saying

Luke Franklin
Luke F.
22:00 08 Jan 22
The fact they do returns on product that doesn’t agree with you tells me alot about this business. My last couple visits have been with Jacob and all I did was tell him my symptoms and he not only recommended some great products but helped me narrow down exactly which strains help me the most. I have been to other dispensaries and I will keep my business at more
Denise Conard
Denise C.
16:37 07 Jan 22
This is only place I know of that regularly has inexpensive ground flower! On a fixed income so appreciative. Store staff is friendly, quick n efficient! Needs NOT to look so sterile but warm and welcomingread more
Robert Russell
Robert R.
18:48 30 Dec 21
The new Trulieve is great. The staff are very polite and professional. A gigantic shout out to Mike and Darin those two work great together and helped me out tremendously. They were very helpful with my pain issues and took the time to explain what products would help me. If you had employees of the month Mike and Darin would get my voteread more
James Dean
James D.
23:48 04 Dec 21
Awesome. Same people as the previous location by DocMJ. Gorgeous lobby and service area. From the front desk to the associates in the back, everyone is polite and friendly. Personally, I had the best service with D. His clear passion for the product is admirable. Very knowledgeable and eager to share information. Seek him out. You will not be sorry. I look forward to my next visit. There’s a reason I only go to this more
Katey Zmijewski
Katey Z.
02:06 29 Nov 21
Best Trulieve location i’ve been to by far. Jackie ALWAYS hooks me up with the best deal possible & she’s super knowledgeable too. All Staff is incredibly friendly & helpful. 🙂read more
Really had a wonderful visit. Dwayne was super helpful and very knowledgeable about products 😊. Brett was super nice and very helpful guiding me through my visit. I had a very pleasant visit. I’ll be back !read more
Thea Longton
Thea L.
18:46 31 Aug 21
I came In today for my first time ever and Melissa P. was my sales associate, she was amazing and very knowledgeable…being new i had lots of questions which she happily answered. She made my first time experience amazing and I will definitely request her every time I can. I highly recommend her!read more
Dave Brown
Dave B.
17:14 11 Apr 21
Great Location and staff. Matt is awesome manager and I know he will read this. I enjoy being part of the TRULIEVE Family. That’s the way this location treats its patients. Not just next in line but call you by name and always makes you feel welcome. Keep it up Matt and staff. Can’t say enough good things about more
Robert M
Robert M
19:16 24 Mar 21
Delivery service was great today, on time. Friendly driver. Their product is stellar! Great discounts available. Leak proof bag and containers. I will tell my more
Roxanne Solson
Roxanne S.
16:04 09 Mar 21
Was nervous first few visits but everyone is fantastic, knowledgeable. Brittney is always great very good at knowing product and sales. Always a pleasure to see her smiling more
Scott Mondro
Scott M.
00:00 21 Feb 21
Staff were very nice. Had everything I ordered online. Short wait for pickup. Worth the drive from Sarasota. The Sarasota store has inventory issues. Will definitely return!read more
Heidi Sherwood
Heidi S.
15:39 18 Feb 21
Trulieve has the best delivery service. Everyone is always very helpful and friendly. Awesome customer service!!! Melissa is the BEST! She is always very sweet and willing to go above and more
Crystal Woodworth
Crystal W.
17:10 06 Feb 21
W. Bradenton is always well stocked with medicine choices and you cannot beat the service. Caleb always takes excellent care of me, as do all others. Staff takes great care to ensure the waiting room is not overcrowded and is clean. Thank youread more
Victor Giles
Victor G.
00:06 06 Feb 21
Melissa was great! She helped me so much and was soo patient with me, best customer service I’ve had in a while! Thank you. I would recommend this location, very more
Bruce S
Bruce S
08:37 31 Jan 21
They have a great selection but majority of the product mid grade at best. I’ve tried rosins, wax, distillates, and flower. All of them mediocre at best. All the concentrates smell and taste like it was all trim run and no fresh flower runs, sadly the same with the rosin. Rosin tastes like it was pressed with mid grade trim at high temps. Super clean store but waiting times can be Ridiculous even when you do a pre-check more
Belle Polynice
Belle P.
21:44 25 Jan 21
The Bradenton location of Trulieve has a pleasant atmosphere. The dispensary is very welcoming and soo clean. I commend them for following the rules and regulations revolving around COVID -19. I believe this location needs a larger workspace to perform at a higher capacity and so that the patients are comfortable when picking up their medication. All the employees are very informative with the products that are available to the patients. Matt D is an amazing manager and person in general. He has a true passion for the industry. Matt D handles every situation with ease and makes sure every patient leaves with a smile on their face. He deserves a raise.Continue to be great Bradenton Trulieve!read more
Deyanira Rodriguez
Deyanira R.
21:06 25 Jan 21
Great place to shop…. Matt D is great help and is very knowledgeable. ALWAYS Polite and courteous. I RECOMMEND IF ANY QUESTIONS ask him I’m sure he can help you find what medications might work for more
Jack Pearson
Jack P.
14:32 16 Jan 21
Never had a problem with this place until yesterday. I received a delivery and 1 of my ground flowers was completely empty! Informed and showed the delivery driver who told me someone would call me yesterday. This was around 2p. They closed at 8p and no one has contacted me. I called yesterday and emailed and still no response! The product and delivery fee has been paid and now they seem to have gotten what they wanted and don’t really care about how the service turns out! This product was SEALED & EMPTY!Strongly recommend checking your product before leaving the threshold as they won’t reimburse you once you leave that door.Very upset because I was screwed out of my money, flower, time & points taken from the registry!read more
Joseph Kaulsky
Joseph K.
04:27 04 Jan 21
100% the best dispensary in Bradenton and in the area their menu is amazing and all the strange that they have you will never find any other stores I think that’s because they also have a grow facility which to me is amazing I have found medicine there that has worked where I have not been able to find it anywhere else at a consistent time so truly if you are a medical marijuana or cannabis medical user I suggest that true leaf be your only one stop shopread more
Bird Mann
Bird M.
21:16 23 Dec 20
I assume the staff is nice however parking is abysmal so I will not go. They have like three spots so I suggest the manatee ave location as they have a full parking lot and super nice staff 🙂read more
John T
John T
13:45 29 Oct 20
Alana is the best!!! Sorry it took me so long I lost the survey card for a bit. Alana was extremely professional helping me in my time of really needing my medicine and not know what routes I needed to take it. She is extremely professional and would highly recommend when you come in to ask for Alana she’s great!read more
Michelle Ezell
Michelle E.
19:13 10 Oct 20
Great selection of products and the staff is awesome the only downfall is always having to wait over an hour to even be able to go in… even when you place an online order and its ready you still have to wait an hour to be seen that is ridiculous… maybe you should take after Medmen and have more employees able to get to the more
Lauren Wangenstein
Lauren W.
18:53 10 Oct 20
The last four times I have been there with an express order, had to wait an hour in my car plus 15-20min in the waiting room. I am thankful to them for being careful with covid, but I don’t understand why there is not an express line for online orders. I really like their products and specials, but can not get over the wait times and staff that seemed annoyed when I tried to ask more
Allen Jones
Allen J.
03:44 08 Oct 20
This place is amazing.. you get a cannabis menu and a food menu w awesome tools to use We sat at the bar where we received great attentive service.. this is official my favorite spot we will be coming back loved it!read more
Thats Not Freedom
Thats Not F.
21:55 03 Oct 20
Horrible. Tiny parking lot. Had to park blocks away. Upon entering, extremely rude individual greets me, not with a “hi” or “hello” but instead he says, “it’s gonna about an hour.” He asked if I’d wait and I said, “I guess I don’t have a choice.” He said, “you do, you can leave if you want.” Apparently, Trulieve representatives don’t care about their customers. Totally unacceptable. If Trulieve cannot service Florida patients in a reasonable timeframe and in a respectful manner, they should not be allowed to service Florida patients at more
Diana Wyatt
Diana W.
21:29 30 Sep 20
The greatest and most friendly staff award goes to each of there!! You’re well informed and patient with those of us who are not. Thank you!!read more
rhodora salinda
rhodora S.
18:44 25 Sep 20
It was alright I been treated better at the front with the man taking ids. But besides that and its small. It was great. Great energy. I would go more
Evan Wagner
Evan W.
14:49 17 Sep 20
The best gasoline
Gracie Shields
Gracie S.
14:37 17 Sep 20
My last visit to this place was yesterday sept 16. I’ve never been treated so badly by front desk staff at a store in my life. Even while serving overseas in a 3rd world country I was treated with more dignity and much much more like a human being than I was treated yesterday. I will never spend another dime here I’d use pine needles as a replacement first b/c even if I swallowed them whole it would’ve been less painful than my experience Truelieve Bradenton yesterday. Just foul from start to finishread more
Ozzie Hernandez
Ozzie H.
21:32 16 Sep 20
Really dissapointing my second time comming and they never have product smh
Alexis Van Cort
Alexis Van C.
22:52 15 Sep 20
Nice & helpful staff. A nice selection of products.
John T
John T
10:18 12 Sep 20
Alana is the best!!! Sorry it took me so long I lost the survey card for a bit. Alana was extremely professional helping me in my time of really needing my medicine and not know what routes I needed to take it. She is extremely professional and would highly recommend when you come in to ask for Alana she’s great!read more
16:06 11 Sep 20
Unhappy with the delivery service they offer. I have used it a few times and they can never seem to get my information right as far as where it needs to be delivered. After the first time it happened I would ask the person to taking the order to please read the info back to me for delivery address and they would repeat it back correctly but before it would be delivered from the local dispensary in Bradenton I would receive a call letting me know it would be coming within 24 hours they would also confirm delivery address , but every time the delivery driver would attempt to deliver it they will call and ask for address and it’s never correct. I think to many people are handling online delivery orders and someone always drops the ball. Too many chiefs not enough Indians. To many peoples hands on the orders allows to error. Not happy with delivery service. The walk in is a little rough as well. I think they could do way better on every aspect and with the amount of money the state is making there is no reason why that isn’t more
Jorge G
Jorge G
23:47 10 Sep 20
I don’t have the card but my wife does and I’m usually waiting in the car. From what I do know, the service is poor. She checked in on her phone and it said 10 minutes but we were out in 30. Coming from Colorado I will say that Florida has a long way to go. More importantly, the state needs to change the laws to allow for more competition and better more
13:00 07 Sep 20
Don’t wast your time, you will not be able to buy anything because their website cannot handle more than one order. Plus it’s out of stock. Shocking!read more
Tamara McIntyre
Tamara M.
00:35 04 Sep 20
I’ve never been here, but my cell phone thinks I was because I was in the vicinity of the building. I know a few clients that go there and the feedback has been more
Anthony Rodrickson
Anthony R.
19:07 03 Sep 20
It seems like this store is just losing hope.What was once a great spot to grab my medicine has turned into an ever living nightmare.All the employees seem like they don’t have any morale or care for the product.It seems like whatever management is going on is really hindering this location as well.I was on my weekly trip into the store and was greeted with shouting from some woman I had never seen before.I asked an employee who that was and they told me it was a woman named Alicia who was in upper management.I asked why she was so upset and that her shouting was making me nervous, and they said that there just wasn’t enough peoplethere to do all the jobs required. Which is understandable, but she was adding so much additional stress it was making me anxious.What did happen multiple times is another patient would get frustrated over their order and receive a free product from Alicia.So heads up to any customers, if you go in upset at this location you’ll be getting a free product or delivery.Even though there isn’t even enough product to last them the first few hours.I’m sure anyone who whines enough will get their medicine for free. It’s just disgusting behavior from a patients stand point.My medicine is the same as everyone else.I’m just happy I was able to get my order and get out.Seems like hideous work environment and it makes me nervous to go in the store.And yes, I emailed the support team more
Jim Swindle
Jim S.
16:03 03 Sep 20
It was good service it’s a good place to visit every now and then,
Jax Magik
Jax M.
16:30 30 Aug 20
Trulieve has good flower… It’s just a fiasco. Wait and armed guard… Liberty deserves some respect.
Lisa Doolittle
Lisa D.
15:13 19 Aug 20
Today was my first time coming to this place, and they where so helpful Devin Brown and Stephanie Dube where my budtenders and they took alot of time explaining all of the different products they even asked about the reason I was there and helped me pick the best product that will help my symptoms. I was so happy and I feel much more educated about all the products they have, and now I have a big shopping list for when I go back. It was also a fast process even with all the covid precautions. Big shout out and gold stars to the two people that served more
Justin J
Justin J
14:05 14 Aug 20
Ground flower sale is best deal ever!Also their concentrates are TOP NOTCH every time!
17:50 07 Aug 20
I waited for over an hour and then they told me that they had no flower left. Why would they not tell me that when I checked in to wait? They should have more information posted. Not to mention, they’ve never answered their phone in the 10+ times I’ve tried to call them previously. Good prices, decent bud, terrible more
Audrey Busby
Audrey B.
13:50 01 Aug 20
The staff are always nice and professional. Store is well kept and clean, I just wish they could stay better stocked. However I will say they still have a better selection then the other more
Bill Thomas
Bill T.
19:43 28 Jul 20
Incredibly busy location. They have a good system of texting you for entry and good social distancing in the waiting area. But the dispensary area is tiny and cramped. There are 5 employees running back and forth with zero social distancing even though they limit it to 2 or 3 customers. Having that many people in a tiny area did not feel more
Torry Holloman
Torry H.
22:25 25 Jul 20
I’ve been coming to trulieve for about 6 months and the service started out great and has gradually degraded as time has went on they rarely have any thing in stock. And i have had an horrible experience with the same bud tender on 2 different occasions. I can’t see myself spending money in a place i don’t feel more
S Eliot
S E.
11:24 14 Jul 20
Meant to post this yesterday. Dealt with a very nice and informative bud tender by the name of Alana she helped my husband and I find exactly what he was looking for and also assisted me in the caregiver card information. Thank you so much for your help more
cindy dutton
cindy D.
00:20 13 Jul 20
Drove 1 1/2 hours to this facility. Their is absolutely no parking. Circled this parking lot for 1 hour. Gave up. Went to Surterra dispensary in Bradenton. Plenty of parking. Staff very knowledgeable and in a much better more
mike straw
mike S.
23:00 12 Jul 20
My first visit was great here. Very courteous and helpful budtender Victoria and nice and informative front desk man. I’m trying the 50mg capsules and so far so good!read more
A Google User
A Google U.
01:54 09 Jul 20
I had a very nice experience. I was hesitant at first especially after reading some of the reviews but let me tell you this staff was tip top! The tall young lady with curly hair Alice I think her was her name was a charm. She took the time to make feel welcome. I will be coming back in the future!read more
Marie Sativa
Marie S.
20:45 06 Jul 20
What a great experience. The girl with the blue hair streak really took her time to ask me what I was dealing with and help me find exactly that I need. I love this location thank you so much for your help today Alana you were amazing!!!!!read more
Sam Fritz
Sam F.
14:32 06 Jul 20
Can not believe you make people stand outside in 95 degrees. I have been coming here for over 2 years now and they’ve finally lost me. The girl with curly hair and a streak of blue in it is HORRID and should not be in customer service she was rude to her patients and rude to other employees. Tried to tell people what to do and override the manager. She is unprofessional and really makes your location look horrible. This place has its ups and downs but now muv has opened and it’s worth the drive. Y’all are terribleread more
alicia Morris
alicia M.
14:25 03 Jul 20
There should have been a big sale today. Also when you go in there and you want to add something. They don’t like that. But when you go on the computer it says you’re out of more
Shannon Godin
Shannon G.
18:35 29 Jun 20
I go to the Lady Lake location like twice a week and the customer service is so much better than at this location here in Bradenton! Staff members unwilling to work with me on a $360.00 order – made me go outside and check back in without my second discount! I can honestly promise you I do not recommend this location. I will never be back! The only reason I did come here was because they were the only location that seemed to have what I need. I drove almost three hours to get here!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely no compassion or empathy here with the women working in this facility. Melissa I would have to say is the worst of them all!read more
Kaitlyn Kaser
Kaitlyn K.
12:51 04 Apr 20
Trulieve Bradenton is my go-to store, along with Sarasota. Bradenton’s location is closer and all the staff there is super friendly, I feel as if I’m going to visit some friends every time I walk into the dispensary. Such a great atmosphere and very friendly people all around, I love visiting the staff at Trulieve Bradenton and I love the products from Trulieve, as well as the discounts they offer. Trulieve is the best in my bookread more
Calculated Culture
Calculated C.
00:14 22 Feb 20
Really like this location a lot. The staff is super friendly and always helps me get in and out quickly. Alana helped me last time and was very friendly and helped me with such a positive attitude. Great job!read more
Simon Majno
Simon M.
23:41 21 Feb 20
This place is definitely worth checking out. They have top quality products and I was greeted by very professional staff members. Thank you so much Alana Martinez for the more
Robert Williams
Robert W.
05:45 19 Feb 20
Thank You Trulieve and Thank You Alana for understanding my needs. Alana took the time to discuss my options and asked the perfect questions to find what suited me the best. The entire staff was very courteous and the product options were exactly what I expected. I highly recommend Trulieve!read more
Carmen Martinez
Carmen M.
21:32 19 Jan 20
Trulieve in Bradenton is awesome. I am new to the area and my experience was great. The wait was not long and I was helped by Hannah. Even though Hannah is a manager she took the time to help me shop while informing me on products in the store when I was unsure of what I might need. All of the staff is very friendly and professional. I would definitely recommend shopping here for all of your cannabis needs!read more
Maggie D'Amato
Maggie D.
16:58 19 Jan 20
Everytime I have come to this location the team and the environment is amazing!!! I am immediately welcomed and attended efficiently and effectively. I have been to multiple other locations but nothing beats the incredible staff at the Bradenton location. They are all knowledgeable of anything and everything and immediately know all they need to know about the patient they are more
benjamin woods
benjamin W.
14:43 17 Jan 20
I have been coming to Trulieve Bradenton for a few years. I can not say thank you enough. The reception and security staff are always welcoming and kind. Everyone I have dealt with has been professional and knowledgeable. They have always answered any question I’ve had. Even when they are busy they are focused on you as an ‘individual patient’ not simply a ‘customer.’ Thank you Trulieve Bradenton. All the more
Ryan Parker
Ryan P.
01:15 13 Dec 19
Compared to just about every dispensary from Port Charlotte to Tampa this one is the worst. They’re over priced and rarely give deal days like many of the other dispensary do. The second vape cartridge I ever bought here was totally unusable, so I returned it. They supposedly replaced it with a better cart but the things was almost a 1/4 of the way low. They are definitely not giving the full gram or half gram when it comes to there vape cartridges. I have a picture of cartridges from VidaCann,Trulieve, and Medmen all are brand new and you can surely see the trulieve one since they don’t fill there’s up and are basically ripping people off on there medicine. Not to mention the place is tiny and feels cramped, it’s more like a place to buy insurance and not medical more
Williams Mcmanaman
Williams M.
10:47 24 Oct 19
Nice environment, clean facility and amazing staff
Melissa Leigh Peterson
Melissa Leigh P.
14:13 13 Aug 19
Angela Dana Kevin at the front desk not to be forgotten by any means are the key to get back and get what you want But to have a smiling face when you come in to the dispensary is the most warm felt and and amazing customer service they get me and checked in and ready to go quick and efficient!! Thank you Trulieve!! I had the best experience at Trulieve in Bradenton Florida. Mr. Devin helped me so much I was short on money and he let me know then I’ll never use the discount that I was waiting for me so that day my birthday twin Devin got me everything I needed plus some!! I am a happy customer! He was nothing short of the best to help me in my time of need! Since I’ve started medicating with Trulieve products I have not had to take a seizure medicine or anxiety medicine and my pain has diminished greatly and I can’t explain how overjoyed I am for our state to finally pass this law! The most I want to say is thank you to the staff at Trulieve Bradenton thank you for all do for the community! Matt is also a favorite he always seems to be there go home silly stop working so hard lol jk but, he is always a big help insuring me that I will be taken care of!! I can’t help but to mention everybody in there by name they need to know how they have all at one time or another have helped me in some way New Guy Collin and I can’t forget Beonica!! Thank you all so much!!read more
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