VidaCann Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Bonita Springs, FL

26251 S Tamiami Trail
Bonita Springs, FL 34135

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Dispensary – Open

Bonita Springs – VidaCann now has a dispensary location at 26251 S Tamiami Trail that offers qualified patients relief through a range of all-natural cannabis products, including low-THC, high-CBD cannabis and full-strength medical marijuana.

This Vidacann dispensary products menu in Bonita Springs can includes a variety CBD oils, THC oils, vape cartridges, tinctures, topicals, oral syringes, capsulesflower, and concentrates. Accessories like vaporizer pens, vaporizers and batteries are sold as well.

VidaCann is proud to offer Stanley Brothers MMJ Products including Charolette’s Web as well as Tikun Olum Products.


Bonita Springs – VidaCann delivery RX in the Bonita Springs area is now available. Enjoy the convenience of home delivery of your medical cannabis products delivered right to your front door along with the easy ability of ordering online or over the phone.

Depending on distance, a delivery charge may apply. Call VidaCann to order and schedule a home delivery at 1.800.977.1686 or visit their website to order online.

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What People Are Saying

Christian Moore
Christian M.
19:49 14 Jan 22
Excellent service by Mary and great selection.The Durban Poison budder she recommended is the best I’ve tried.
Kristin C
Kristin C
18:08 06 Jan 22
I’m so impressed by VidaCann. They’re very knowledgeable and they have great product. They’ve always got great sales and the first time patient discount was great!read more
Lara Pakiakis
Lara P.
15:44 29 Nov 21
So I have A. S and suffer from chronic edema and urticaria. My pain levels are always high. Love the selection and finally found the correct strain to keep me more more
Yvonne Troisi-Morgan
Yvonne T.
14:41 25 Nov 21
Great edibles & bud. Also great selection for all your medicinal needs.
Susan Cosby
Susan C.
17:40 17 Sep 21
So this is the first time I’ve been to this location because the product I was seeking was only available here in Bonita Springs. The staff here is just as wonderful and knowledgeable as the staff of the Cape Coral office. My consultant today was Noelle, and he really had a lot of great information and knowledge about products available and what products I perhaps would be interested in more
Gary Whitcome
Gary W.
12:54 11 Aug 21
Friendly atmosphere! Very helpful!
A. B.
A. B.
00:55 04 Aug 21
Very good service! Good products! Any of the Tikun indica brand are very tasty and help me sleep all night.
17:54 19 Jul 21
A great place to get all your medical marijuana needs. Fast friendly service and excellent stock.
Tom VanTol
Tom V.
18:20 12 Jul 21
Great service and great product. First time coming to VidaCann and the management and team made me feel like family. This will be my only stops moving forward. Thank youread more
Clarence Smith
Clarence S.
14:29 07 Jul 21
Very nice 👍 place great people very helpful showed just what I needed good company
Kelly Nelson
Kelly N.
02:16 28 May 21
Everyone at the Bonita Springs store is great, very helpful and friendly. Delivery is a great experience every time, Isaiah is always very helpful and has a lot of knowledge about the product line which is not the case at “those other places”.read more
Nancy McDermott
Nancy M.
17:00 20 May 21
Really like their flower!
Chris Seals
Chris S.
16:42 11 Apr 21
Absolutely love this place some of the best flower and vape carts in lee county
Samantha Hunter
Samantha H.
15:07 27 Mar 21
I myself haven’t been in there. My husband says that they’re not really that bad, only due to the fact they don’t have a large choice. But my doctor’s office is next door which is a great more
Neil Alderman
Neil A.
17:18 21 Dec 20
This dispensary has fallen off dramatically. Used to enjoy coming here when I first was approved for my medical card they had great customer service and consistent quality strains. Neither of these things are true today, the mandarin cookies, duct tape and ghosts tape are dry, low in thc and not worth the price. Even the Tikun line which is their “premium strain” has fallen off. It’s a shame a once good dispensary is no longer more
edison tungpalan
edison T.
23:23 19 Dec 20
Very clean and professional business. The only place I buy my tincture for insomnia.
Elliott Roth
Elliott R.
21:08 08 Dec 20
Terrible customer service They do not know all of the laws in this industry I have gone to every dispensary I have been a medical patient now for three years and I have never came across such a bad customer service disrespectful and unknowledged dispensary ever avoid viddacann if you care about how your treated talked to ectread more
Yarelis Bermudez
Yarelis B.
02:20 01 Dec 20
Worst place ever and worst products ever didn’t get me nowhere and doesn’t look nowhere good recommend Trulieve or more
Wendy Cujas
Wendy C.
15:49 24 Oct 20
I just had the most relaxed, informational, non threatening(mask) visit at this store!My new GoTo Store!Thanks to all staff on Sat morning ~ I left smiling!read more
Mr Awezome One
Mr Awezome O.
16:13 23 Oct 20
Got interviewed 2 months ago. Called once every 2 weeks & they told me they were still doing interview, went in today & was told they filled all the positions, yet they’re still hiring on Indeed. Wasn’t even told why I was not hired or why they had me wait 2 months to get rejected. Went in person & they said I wasn’t fit for the Job, I have a Nursing Degree, GED, Certification from a Cannabis College & experience from Trulieve. But I was blackballed by Trulieve to every local companyread more
Anthony Rojas
Anthony R.
23:01 17 Sep 20
Best dispensary in Naples. Not like other places where you order your products and when you get there they tell you they don’t have it. A waste of time and gas. By far this is the more
Advanced Fishing
Advanced F.
11:07 11 Sep 20
I walked in for first time purchased 3 flower jar got home 2 jars were unsealed and had 2.4 instead of 3.5 i called back all they said is i can give you 10% on next visit ,I sure will not go in there no moreread more
Chris Burgess
Chris B.
18:03 05 Sep 20
Always great service and quick.
16:13 30 Aug 20
Everyone was polite and very helpful! Helped me learn new ways to use products, fill my own vape cartridges when they’re not available!read more
Sean Eboch
Sean E.
21:51 26 Aug 20
Great products, good dispensary chain, but VERY unprofessional management at this location. Still good medicine, but my last experience was a little too off-putting for me to return. At least at this more
MissMarlee Rivers
MissMarlee R.
20:42 25 Aug 20
I’m always proud to say that they are awsome/
Dee Blodnick
Dee B.
21:34 17 Aug 20
Very friendly staff who are happy to explain the details! Great first time purchase discount!
Angela Ferguson
Angela F.
16:18 30 Jul 20
Be a smart consumer! Be cautious of the SC RSO! Tried to provide feedback and reason for concern and management nor corporate office could have cared less! Offered to bring product back and explain further details as to my concern and there was absolutely no interest of Vida Cann’s behalf!read more
20:45 20 Jul 20
They helped me, by getting better stuff than I had already ordered. And a better deal. Thank you.
Daniel Murr
Daniel M.
17:41 01 Jul 20
Tried VidaCann for the first time the other day. Wonderful store atmosphere/vibe and nice bud tenders with nice product. Definitely go and see Mimi for everything you need 👌👌👌. Duct Tape and Cookie Toast Flower is more
Dree Melzer
Dree M.
15:47 23 May 20
My first time shopping here was an absolute pleasure. Staff is amazing super friendly informative and efficient. Extremely clean and the wait time is little to non. I’ve been to other dispensaries in swfl and I’m so glad I finally stopped by vidacann. The products are phenomenal- wonderful flower too! I absolutely would recommend. I hope to build a strong relationship with everyone that works here. You guy are amazing!!!!read more
joe gua
joe G.
16:31 10 May 20
THIS IS FLORIDA GROWN MIDS lol for 50 a 8th truelieve had WAY better buds
William DAntuono
William D.
01:19 09 May 20
Very caring people. I enjoy the quality of their products.
Neil Alderman
Neil A.
22:14 21 Apr 20
First time in today, very friendly & professional staff. The building was clean and pretty easy to locate. The selection of flower is really solid and they have good variety depending on what you are searching for. Definitely would recommend especially if you’re a newer more
Tracee Smith
Tracee S.
16:36 12 Apr 20
This was the BEST dispensary that I have ever visited thus far.I have not experienced any of this at any other dispensary that I have visited.The staff was Amazing, Friendly, Knowledgeable about all products, and Patient. THANK ALL OF U!!!!#GREATEXPERIENCE!!!!!read more
Cory Williams
Cory W.
00:31 01 Feb 20
Medical Marijuana at Vidacann! This was my first visit to this store. Excellent product line, reasonably priced. Friendly, helpful staff make it an enjoyable more
Jenny Martin
Jenny M.
16:00 27 Jan 20
This place is the best! Product is always high quality and the people who work there are professional, knowledgeable and provide amazing customer service! Highly recommendread more
Vincent Notaro
Vincent N.
19:15 23 Jan 20
Went here for the first time yesterday. Extremely courteous staff , great selection of product. The medication is FL grown , love local business. I hope to see a location in Cape Coral soon! In the meantime they have delivery service. Thank you Jenny , and thank you Dave for a good experience, princess Thanks you more
15:24 18 Jan 20
Received two Tikun products, and I know what the taste and profile is supposed to be for each. One is extremely burnt and even smells like it. I cannot use this because the effects on my throat. Talked to the store and the manager Ruth would not even speak with me over the phone she went through the front receptionist. Truly dropped the ball here. This store will not be receiving any of my future more
Dwayne Rosas
Dwayne R.
02:11 27 Nov 19
Went in for the first time ever as a medical marijuana patient and had a great experience. They have a great staff ,David helped me with my selection making it super easy and answering all my questions. I’ll definitely be more
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