VidaCann Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Tampa, FL

2007 West Kennedy Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33606

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday: 10-7
Saturday: 10-5

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted

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Dispensary – Open

Tampa – VidaCann now has a dispensary location at 2007 West Kennedy Blvd that offers qualified patients relief through a range of all-natural cannabis products, including low-THC, high-CBD cannabis and full-strength medical marijuana.

This Vidacann dispensary products menu in South Tampa can includes a variety CBD oils, THC oils, vape cartridges, tinctures, topicals, oral syringes, capsulesflower, and concentrates. Accessories like vaporizer pens, vaporizers and batteries are sold as well.

VidaCann is proud to offer Stanley Brothers MMJ Products including Charolette’s Web as well as Tikun Olum Products.


VidaCann delivery RX in Tampa Bay is now available. Enjoy the convenience of home delivery of your medical cannabis products delivered right to your front door along with the easy ability of ordering online or over the phone.

Depending on distance, a delivery charge may apply. Call VidaCann to order and schedule a home delivery at 1.800.977.1686 or visit their website to order online.

VidaCann Dispensaries

What People Are Saying

JulieAnne Dennis
JulieAnne D.
00:44 12 Mar 21
I’ve never actually been to the store but I get deliveries and the guys are awesome very friendly nice people products are greatread more
eric winn
eric W.
17:31 05 Mar 21
Great products. Helpful staff.
celeste cox
celeste C.
23:25 25 Jan 21
It’s like going to your friends house , everyone is extra welcoming. Their knowledge is much better, their cannabis does exactly what it says.Not a bad strain in the house. It’s my go to dispensary. I’ve tried them all. I’m sick and it absolutely is far superior than more
12:35 24 Jan 21
Online order pick up was very fast. In and out. Cannibis I got was pretty good decent first time discount
Christopher Reiser
Christopher R.
18:42 23 Jan 21
First time customerUpon entrance the lobby isn’t really welcoming or set up well , entering the dispensary I noticed it’s a very boring and lame atmosphere. I purchased cookie toast and Pakistani kush. I like that the jars are glass but the bud seems to be extremely dry , as a company you should strive for repeat business. Bud needs improvement so does the store. Don’t waste money here , don’t see myself returning anytime soonread more
Charles Harris
Charles H.
18:27 15 Jan 21
Great people, great prices, great customer service.
Jacina Sanchez
Jacina S.
21:22 13 Nov 20
2 calls & 1 visit later, I’m impressed with their customer service. I ask TONS of questions (plus) talk a lot so a great review is definitely earned 😁. Looking forward to ordering from them more
Jeannine Eberspacher
Jeannine E.
22:32 29 Oct 20
I love this place! The location isn’t my favorite but I’m not a fan of the Kennedy area anyway. But I do like that they are conveniently close to my job which makes it easier for me to shop since they’re open till 7 on weekdays. They are very friendly and knowledgeable. Justin and Eric are the guys to talk to if you want to know details, they are awesome. Amazing products, great prices, awesome staff. What more could you ask for!read more
Anna Trader
Anna T.
17:06 05 Oct 20
Wonderful experience. Great customer service Ave knowledge of the product. I’ll definitely be back
Alyssa Perry
Alyssa P.
21:09 03 Sep 20
I had such a great first time experience with Tom! He was so helpful and very kind!:) definitely will he going back!
Jack Pomes
Jack P.
17:43 30 Aug 20
The staff and location are great and most beautiful people in the world, they treat veterans with the upmost respect, .To me they are family and have my loyalty.They are very knowledgeable about your needs and products that work best for youTHE BEST 6 STARSread more
Travel Goon
Travel G.
20:02 28 Aug 20
Fast quick service. Staff was nice and friendly. Website easy to order from. Wish they had more flower options
Gurl Ruskin
Gurl R.
21:31 20 Aug 20
Great service the guys I talk To were really nice And helpful. I think the main guys name was William I seen on the receipt lol .and the glass Jar for The flower was amazing more
Joann Aponte
Joann A.
05:50 15 Aug 20
Really comfortable setting. The employees are helpful and very kind. My husband and Dad both love it there. They both said how welcoming they are at Vidacann. Looking forward to shopping there more
Christian Frazier
Christian F.
02:53 05 Aug 20
Great friendly staff and they have some strains that are absolutely amazing. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpfulread more
Jose Caraballo
Jose C.
22:09 31 Jul 20
Had a great experience but one of the flowers I purchased had no effects I’ve emailed them and nothing
Kristen Tilrico
Kristen T.
01:29 29 Jul 20
One of the top dispensaries in the area. This location has been steadily improving in the last year. Their Tikun Olam products are second to none. My only complaint is that sometimes the flower is a bit dry, but nothing a humidity pack can’t more
NIck Alcala
NIck A.
18:24 23 Jul 20
Went in this morning, had a pick up order placed from the day before. It was my first time there, took a little drive from Lakeland. Used the new patient discount of $55 off $100 so I picked up an 1/8 of “King Dosi” & “Kush Cake” with 3 “Ghost Toast” Half gram pre-rolls and a dab tool all for $46! So I must start off by saying, thats a score. Tried out all 3, and man I was impressed by the quality of the flower and effects. Even though the Kush cake was coming in a little under 14% it still gets the job done and taste amazing! Very sweet on the inhale with some lime undertones. Over all. Very happy with the product! I will definitely be back and look forward to trying out the deliver service! Unfortunately im a tad bit out of rang out in Lakeland, but I will find a closer meeting spot in range! I appreciate the professionalism and quality of your product and more
20:19 01 Jul 20
Nice staff, nice store, good deals. Could use more parking spots but I managed to get a spot after circling the block more
16:48 22 Jun 20
Usually shop vidacann Gandy because, Pinellas County resident. Went here because I was close by on Kennedy Boulevard Tampa. Got the new customer discount 25% off really enjoyed thatread more
Shanteau Gregory
Shanteau G.
18:01 18 Jun 20
Fast! No waiting. My order was ready when I arrived
Adrian Dones
Adrian D.
17:54 18 Jun 20
I’ve been to Vidacann twice and both times I was extremely pleased. The customer service was first class both times and the flower was great. Only issue I have is that the closest location to myself is an hour away, but that’s not Vidacann’s fault. Thank you guys keep it more
Amy Bishop
Amy B.
22:01 05 Jun 20
If I could give this place a zero, I would! Third time going and 2 out of 3 were terrible experiences. Great products, terrible customer service!read more
Jardin La Fleur
Jardin La F.
17:09 05 May 20
Placed an Order Got the Verification Numbers Order to be delivered and NOTHING. I called and called no one is home I begged and begged no one cared gave them all the number they said “oh man” don’t know da da da. AWFUL SERVICE BUT HAVEN”T TRIED more
Charlie C
Charlie C
23:35 01 May 20
Placing my 1st order their ask the guy if he recommends any flower he recommended me the Pakistani Kush well it has seeds in it at $50 an 8th your flower should never have seeds in it but what gets me is why he would recommend this one to me I do know the difference between a good salesperson and a bad 1 a good sales person is trying to help the customer a bad sales person is trying to help his boss push a product out of the store that’s not selling well I rolled one joint out of the 8th you guys want the rest back I would definitely love to bring it back to you possibly have me a strain without seeds and I can change my reviewread more
Michael Bassett
Michael B.
01:14 25 Apr 20
Ok products but def not worth the price. They don’t even do mini nugs and I had a strain of flower with seeds in it. The jar of concentrate is extremely wet and not worth the hassle. Extremely low variety of more
ebonee dykes
ebonee D.
18:09 16 Apr 20
Can’t really give the 5 star rating i would like to give. I would absolutely love to purchase from vidacann as it seems to be a great place and popular, the staff seems laid back and chill.. but my biggest issue with vidacann is I’ve been trying to purchase flower for the last TWO months and EVERYTIME there is NO FLOWER available for purchase, for 2 months every week i call or visit the website there is no flower available, when I asked when I could expect some they said soon, here a month later and STILL no flower. Again, I would love to purchase but VERY disappointed in the lack of flower. So I guess I’ll ask again! does vidacann sell flower, like jars of flower 3.5g or better?read more
Michael Bassett
Michael B.
13:33 10 Apr 20
King dosi strain has seeds in it! Tastes like swag! Too overpriced and I’m not paying top dollar to have seeds in my bud! There are much better dispensary like trulieve or muv that are cheaper and much better products and i have never found 5 or six seeds in my flower!read more
Michael Bassett
Michael B.
13:31 10 Apr 20
King dosi strain has seeds in it! Tastes like swag! Too overpriced and I’m not paying top dollar to have seeds in my bud! There are much better dispensary like trulieve or muv that are cheaper and much better products and i have never found a seed in my flower!read more
Robert Prunn
Robert P.
00:33 06 Mar 20
Staff is knowledgeable… And I love the vidacann capsules they are very effective and are offered at a GREAT price… Highly recommend the capsulesread more
Robert Kildoo
Robert K.
16:12 18 Feb 20
Great place. Easy in easy out. Quick and convenient. Very very good products.
Joan Antonuccio
Joan A.
19:33 14 Feb 20
Very helpful! Very polite! Extremely knowledgeable! I’ll be back.
Second time coming to this location and I’m sure glad I did! I finally had the opportunity to try the Tikun brand line and I’m very impressed. Adreia Green was awesome and she made me feel at home. No rushing and had great recommendations! Thanks again to everybody, especially Adreia! Matt more
Michael Bassett
Michael B.
20:49 22 Jan 20
By far one of the best quality despensaries for carts and concentrates. Have not tried the flower yet but judging from the concentrates and edibles it’s got to be fire. Tikun brands are notoriously known for being high quality and high terpene profile. Only thing I really wish they will start doing is a bit more promotions. That’s about the only thing I can say, but good job guys and highly more
John Monteiro
John M.
16:26 20 Apr 19
Came here for my first time on April 20th which, as most know, is a holiday for cannabis consumers. They had a very nice gift bag with every purchase and I was also able to use my first timers discount which gave me 55 off of 100. Product is great and service is more
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