***Doctors & Clinics do not sell or dispense cannabis/marijuana products or any other products. They are medical offices that strictly provide medical services.***

With Physicians you can trust specializing in Compassionate Care & All Natural Medicine, Green Health Doctors are the #1 Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors. Our skilled Doctors will evaluate your ailments for THC and CBD Medical Marijuana as a treatment plan for your conditions and provide options for an alternative to pharmaceuticals. Green Health closely follows all medical marijuana laws in Florida state and we assure you 100% privacy.

1749 NE 26th St – Suite E

Wilton Manors, FL 33305

Specialties: Cannabis Therapeutics

Hours: Mon – Sat 9am – 9pm

Phone: 727-329-8802

Fee Schedule:

Initial Visit $225

Follow-Up Visit: $95

Renewal Visit: $225

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Green Health - Fort Lauderdale
Average rating:  
 1 reviews
by Florida Dispensaries & Doctors on Green Health - Fort Lauderdale

Green Health in Fort Lauderdale is a medical marijuana doctor clinic that is now seeing patients in the Broward County area to qualify them for medical marijuana cards. We welcome them to Florida Dispensaries & Doctors. Please leave your review when you have visited this South Florida Green Health location.

13:30 14 Jun 18
My wife and I went to see the medical Marijuana doctor. The place gets packed & the workers are doing their best. We liked the office, assistants & loved the doctor.read more
Bart Herbert
Bart Herbert
16:49 13 Apr 17
They were quick and efficient. The check-in lady was extremely organized and helpful. Everyone one there was pretty on the ball and knew what they were talking about. It felt pretty reassuring that to have competent team to help with my enrolling for my card.read more
Chris Swanson
Chris Swanson
21:14 12 Dec 17
Absolutely awful company, terrible communication with their patients. No one ever returned my phone or email messages, and when I did get to speak with a representative named Lisa, she was incredibly rude. She assured me that I would receive a call back by the end of that day, but again, I never heard anything. They will placate you with lies and continue to do nothing to help.read more
10:40 14 Nov 17
Never got a phone call back from them regarding my paperwork or card they dropped me not caring worst company EVAR!!!
Jon Snell
Jon Snell
17:25 22 Jun 17
Got a call right away after first inquiry. Was told to fill out paperwork online and they would call to schedule an appointment. They never called. Didn't return my email. Just used online chat, they asked my name and DOB then left me waiting too long. Going to seek another Dr.read more
Christine Bujnicki
Christine Bujnicki
20:45 30 Aug 18
Front desk lady had no idea what she was doing. She may have been new, but it seemed she didn't even know how to use a computer at all. Dr. came in and could really care less about my symptoms. Clearly only in it for the money. Have not received any type of follow of any kind. Still waiting for news... This place will approve just about anybody. All they want its your money. In and out with Dr. Comsultation literally 5 min. Yep! And for $250.00. Find somwhere else to goread more
Marc Fisher
Marc Fisher
15:52 06 Oct 18
My advice: stick to the black market.No customer service whatsoever. This place cancelled on me twice. When I finally was seen they put an incorrect prescription in the system and the dispensary wouldn't fill the prescription. I'll stick to the black market. My pot dealer is much more reliable with just about the same prices.read more
Jerry Smith
Jerry Smith
07:23 10 Oct 18
Always courteous and quick to respond. They are as pleasurable to deal with as another medical facility.
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