Green Dragon Dispensary and Delivery in Boynton Beach

1660 S Congress Ave - Suite 3
Boynton Beach, FL 33426

Hours of Operation:

9am – 8:45pm Daily

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Dispensary – Open

A Boynton Beach Green Dragon dispensary is open to help Florida’s medical marijuana card patients in Ocean Ridge, Sun Valley, Gulf Stream and throughout Palm Beach County get the relief they need at a price they can afford.

“Premium Products, Not Premium Prices” is the Green Dragon promise to patients.

The staff at this Green Dragon cannabis store in Boynton Beach will be well trained and assist local recommending doctors to help provide the right cannabis products for qualified MMJ patients.

Green Dragon Dispensary Menu Products


Green Dragon dispensary menu products are available by delivery to your front door in Boynton Beach, Sun Valley, Gulf Stream, Ocean Ridge and throughout Palm Beach County. 

Patients with a qualifying condition that have seen the doctor will be able to order online or over the phone and have your medical marijuana products delivered.

Low-THC High CBD products are available for patients who need non-euphoric care. A Delivery Fee May Apply.

Green Dragon Cannabis Florida

What People Are Saying

stacey wissow
stacey W.
22:03 19 Jan 22
Been to a few dispensaries in my area and I had a great first experience with Green Dragon! Great customer service, knowledgeable staff.They only sell flower but that’s usually what I buy so I’m okay with that.Will definitely be going back!read more
Mikaela McLaughlin
Mikaela M.
23:42 08 Jan 22
Trish and Shawna provided amazing customer service for my first visit today. Trish checked me in and made me feel welcome right away during the check in process(shoutout fellow Aquarius queen!) Shawna helped me with my transaction was very patient while I asked questions. Wonderful in store experience! Glad to have them close by to continue to try them more
Danny Klingseisen
Danny K.
20:47 03 Dec 21
This was a huge disappointment. I got 8 different kinds of flower and it was all unacceptable, old, dry and very unpleasant to smoke. They have false advertising and pictures. Please don't be fooled. I called and talked to Scott, who did not really care. I also wrote an email to support a few days ago which I did not receive a response yet. I would never ever go back to this place or recommend to anyone. Be aware. Stay more
Jeremy Madison
Jeremy M.
03:13 19 Nov 21
Some of the best medical I’ve ever had. The shop is pretty cool. I like to be able to see what I’m consuming before purchase so that’s a plus. First timers get 50% off, make it worth it! Leave a review and get a free pre! Tune in!read more
Mark Lansburgh
Mark L.
02:15 05 Nov 21
I found out about this place through good sources and HIGHLY suggest stopping by. Staff was very polite and informative with meds that are priced fairly. I'll definitely be going back. 😤🤟✌read more
Yoshi Yamamoto
Yoshi Y.
16:08 04 Nov 21
Don’t be like and waste your entire recommendation here because you see 50% off the first order.Some of the worst flower I’ve come across in the entire medical program. I purchased a wide variety of strains including many of their “top tier”. Most of them are completely brittle and dry; the ones that aren’t, smell like hay and weren’t cured properly. Nearly all of them taste harsh. They range from “okay” at best to barely consumable. They don’t know how to trim the flower, so you get way too many crunchy sugar leaves that make it harsh. The effects “get the job done” but it’s extremely unpleasant getting there.Their two highest THC strains, Alpha Blue and Grape drank both supposedly at 27%, smell like hay and taste awful. I’ve attached pictures so you can see how airy, stringy and premature the buds are (Alpha Blue is the 2nd picture)By the way I don’t see the CoA readily available on their website so I’m a little weary about those percentages.I just read a review of the Lake Worth store and they say they’re a little more transparent about their current state and quality of their products, that was not the case here. I was encouraged to try everything and their descriptions of their flavor profiles and smells did not match the actual product. Perhaps in flower that’s grown properly.their product is embarrassing (especially considering this company has operated out of Colorado for years) and shouldn’t be part of any medical program in its current formread more
QDawg Neal
QDawg N.
07:36 01 Nov 21
Soon as I enter I was greeted right away with a smile and great customer service. For every product I had questions about employee was very helpful with assisting me. I left the green dragon really appreciated and happy 🙏🏾💪💯😎read more
tosted Nuggetz
tosted N.
00:33 01 Nov 21
Great hours and what they sell is flower. You know dude who gets top shelf but gets a lot and been sitting on it so long it just gets crumbly yellow…. Harsh out of glass. I’d focus on what’s fresh not the THC percentage unless you plan on rolling a jay or Vaping at a low tempread more
Michael Steinhauer
Michael S.
16:54 23 Oct 21
My first experience in a dispensary. I am 67 years old now. The staff was very understanding why there were tears in my eyes standing there. Staff super friendly. Many discount programs available. Special thanks to Trish, Derek and Faith. Great prices. I think I'll play the lottery today. THANK YOU, ALL!!!read more
Shaun Thomas
Shaun T.
22:08 19 Oct 21
J & J are very knowledgeable about the products and very helpful. I have never had an issue with product availability or them not knowing an answer to my questions. It is a great location and competitive prices. Will definitely visit again!read more
Hi There
Hi T.
11:19 08 Oct 21
I heard about Green Dragon being a Colorado Dispensary, so I decided to try. Their location is very easy to get to and parking didn't seem to be a problem. I walked in and Jared greeted and checked me in rather quickly.I was directed to the counter. I was greeted by Jermane and Jen. I would refer to them as very knowledgeable budtenders. With the 50% first time buyers discount, I was tempted to try a variety, so I did. I haven't gotten through enough to rate, but the buds are pretty. A bit dry, but does work effectively. Give them a try!read more
Brett Howard
Brett H.
14:06 29 Sep 21
I recognized this dispo from Colorado, and wanted to try it out. The flower was dry and not very good at all. However, Jared made my experience worth it. Jared helped me pick what strain would best suit me and explained everything in detail, he is by far the best! He answered all my questions, took his time, and really treated me like I was more
Jay Kahl
Jay K.
12:16 29 Sep 21
Super nice people. Not a lot of choices yet but give them time, sale prices on 1st two visits were great. They also have the Pax 3 and some nice glass.Get the Grape Drank!read more
W flakes
W F.
13:09 26 Sep 21
Staff was nice, and decent list of strains it's also only flower 🌱 . first timers get an insane discount though definitely would recommend!!💯read more
Mark Shaffer
Mark S.
20:40 22 Sep 21
Staff is Amazing, prices are great and all I can say is deathstar
Emma Clancy
Emma C.
20:48 18 Sep 21
Had a wonderful first experience at Green Dragon! 50% off the whole first purchase was a lovely surprise. All staff were very welcoming, knowledgeable and pleasant! Trisha checked me in very quickly and was very sweet, she also helped me pick out products that were just what I was looking for! Jared also assisted in picking out flower I was looking for and both were very knowledgeable with their recommendations. I will most definitely be back!read more
Jason Scott
Jason S.
15:28 13 Sep 21
Phenomenal staff. Great casual atmosphere, flower was 🔥I’ll be back
Emily Ochoa
Emily O.
02:01 24 Aug 21
Thanks to Scott and the team for helping with my purchase today! Excited to see new strains in the market!
Johnny Sims
Johnny S.
23:20 23 Aug 21
Friendly staff and Great weed!
Vitor A
Vitor A
20:05 18 Aug 21
Awesome experience once again thanks to Scott and the team .Highly recommend! Wonderful to see good product and service …Nice to see this in a dispensary that’s growingread more
22:06 15 Aug 21
What a waste of a license. Do not recommend shopping here. The last thing we need in this state is more poor/mid quality flower. $55 for this garbage is sad. Heard they are a laughing stock out in CO too. This will probably be covered with fake reviews once they realize no one will accept their mids but don’t say I didn’t warn you. The current medical marijuana system in Florida is sad. Quality is already consistently not great but this is below more
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