Jimmy John’s Launches 4/20 “Dime Bag” Promotion

In celebration of 4/20, the fast food chain Jimmy John’s has launched a cheeky promotion designed to appeal to cannabis consumers. Dubbed the “Deliciously Dope Dime Bag,” this special $10 meal deal features a curated combo that includes a sandwich, chips, and a brownie, explicitly designed to satisfy the munchies that often accompany cannabis consumption. Additionally, select customers may receive exclusive 4/20-themed merchandise, such as a Jimmy John’s branded rolling tray, enhancing the thematic celebration of the day.

Screenshot from a recent post on Jimmy John’s Instagram profile

This offer, available exclusively through online orders at participating locations from April 16 to April 21, is accessed by using the promo code DIMEBAG at checkout. The company is also selling an actual bag named the “Dime Bag” via their merch website, featuring the words “Deliciously Dope Dime Bag,” although the bag costs $16.

Leading up to its 4/20 marketing ploy, Jimmy John’s has also been recently been engaging in social media campaigns using the term “za,” a Gen-Z euphemism for marijuana. Other content posted to the company’s account has referenced “Penjamin,” a nickname for cannabis vape pens, and being “next in rotation,” a reference to passing a joint or blunt.


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