Miller Brothers: Bronx’s First Jamaican-Owned Cannabis Dispensary Opens Today –

In the heart of the Bronx, a tale of resilience and entrepreneurship unfolds as Howell and Chris Miller, born to Jamaican parents, break barriers to open the borough’s first Jamaican-owned cannabis dispensary. From their humble beginnings in Woodlawn to their groundbreaking venture, their journey epitomizes determination and triumph over adversity.

Raised amidst the vibrant culture of Jamaica, the Miller brothers imbibed the spirit of resilience early on. However, challenges loomed large as Howell faced educational hurdles, leading to his departure from high school in the 10th grade. Despite setbacks, his unwavering resolve led him to earn his GED while incarcerated, marking a turning point in his life.

Cannabis held a special place in the brothers’ lives, a familiarity cultivated since childhood. This connection paved the way for their entry into the industry, culminating in the issuance of the NYS CAURD retail license. Howell and Chris embarked on diverse entrepreneurial ventures, with Howell establishing a successful construction business and Chris overseeing import and export operations.

The road to success was not without obstacles. Legal troubles marred Howell’s path, resulting in incarceration twice. However, adversity fueled his determination, leading to the founding of a thriving construction company post-release. Fate intervened during his

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