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Dr Jeff Leimbacher is a qualified recommending doctor at Medical Marijuana Treatment Clinics in the Burg.

Dr Leimbacher maintains a primary focus of supporting patients seeking effective cannabis-based alternative treatments. The mission is accomplished in a manner which complies with state laws, local ordinances, and medical board guidelines.

Medical Marijuana Treatment Clinic core principals allow patients in Pinellas county continued access to Florida’s medical marijuana program while keeping service costs to a minimum.

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  • MMTC offers a 10% discount to veterans on all clinic services.
  • Applies to all MMTC clinic locations. This discount is available year-round.

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Unsatisfied with your current provider? MMTC can help!

  • $49 initial assessment for patients who already have a registry Florida ID card and are looking to switch medical cannabis doctors.
  • Applies only to select MMTC clinic locations. This discount is available year-round.

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What People Are Saying

Jimangjigee gonzalez
Jimangjigee G.
18:22 09 Sep 21
Wonderful experience. Being a first time enrollee,I could not have gotten through the process without Sarah’s help. She’s an angel. The Dr was also great. He was very informative. I would highly recommend this more
Ben Gibbs
Ben G.
19:16 02 Sep 21
Thanks to Sara and Dr. Leimbacher. Always pleasant to come in and chat with good people. Easy quick visit.
Lester Vazquez
Lester V.
18:34 27 Aug 21
My visit was very pleasant, just like every time I go to renew my permit. The personnel and the Doctor are the best I have encountered in all my Doctors appointments ever. Keep the great more
Joe Senicka
Joe S.
18:06 21 Aug 21
It was a truly enjoyable experience start to finish! The friendliest and nicest people I’ve ever met in a doctor’s office! Five stars all the way!!read more
Dean Rooney
Dean R.
00:28 16 Jul 21
Friendly and professional, slight snag with records initially that resolved. Very clean, modern, even ‘hip’. I would recommend them. I also might add, they strive for everything by the book etc, where others may not. Cheersread more
Jacob Wenc
Jacob W.
18:18 15 Jul 21
I went in knowing absolutely nothing about the process, medications, or pretty much anything regarding medical marijuana. But, after talking with Sarah and Dr. Leimbacher I feel like I have not only a better understanding of everything involved but a better idea of what to expect moving forward in this new medical chapter of my life.Dr Leimbacher and Sarah were incredibly helpful, personable, and knowledgeable in every aspect of the process and helped me with every question I could think of. I couldn’t not recommend these offices enough for a newcomer or a more
Elizabeth Leon
Elizabeth L.
19:26 24 Jun 21
My first time there and I felt so comfortable with the service, it was throughly explained how the process will be and tons of information was provided. They made me feel at more
Mike Cochrum
Mike C.
18:31 24 Jun 21
I was fortunate enough to be able to have my visit via telemed. It kept me from having to make the 45 minute trip to the doctor’s office. As always Dr. Leimbacher was very professional. He gathered information regarding my current health. He ask about my use of marijuana edibles as an alternative to smoking marijuana flower. I told him I have tried the edibles as an alternative and prefer to use them in the evening for pain relief. I also was able to tell the doctor that I have lost most of the weight I gained during the pandemic and I have stopped smoking cigarettes. I always appreciate Dr. Leimbacher professionalism and his ability to make me feel relaxed during our more
Norah Eileen
Norah E.
20:56 09 Jun 21
I have been seeing Dr. Leimbacher a few years now since MMTC opened and every visit he is exceptionally helpful, knowledgeable, and understanding. My quality of life is so much better thanks to the guidance I have received for my more
Sharon stern
Sharon S.
02:59 22 May 21
Very pleased. Not at all what I thought I would experience.They were very understanding. Explained what paperwork I needed to have. Took care of everything for me to get organized.Plethora of information. All the where’s how’s and what ifs answered without having to ask.Made me feel that there is hope. I dont have to live with pain. I can have my life back.I am forever grateful, its been so long since a doctor really heard more
Ann Gray
Ann G.
19:44 13 May 21
I didn’t know anything about medical marijuana and didn’t know what to expect. The doctor and his assistant were both very professional, very knowledgeable and explained everything, answering all my more
charles afflitto
charles A.
22:12 23 Mar 21
Always treated with caring and respect. My questions are answered and the staff is extremely helpful. A pleasure to be a patient more
Claire Robinson
Claire R.
16:23 18 Mar 21
My 6mth follow-up was great. The doctor sent a text 2 days prior to remind me. Short interview & on my way. As with first visit, all questions were answered completely.This is a kind, professional practice. Do not hesitate to make an more
Luke Skyywalker
Luke S.
16:51 17 Mar 21
Amazing people. If they had an “unlimited stars” rating option Id select it. The nurse was super cool, doc was super cool. Highly recommended. Also Google I wrote three reviews for this business on the mobil version and each time they erased after a loading symbol appeared. Just wiped out like 2o minutes of typing so I had to switch to desktop mode to write this review, my 4th so far.I mean you cant even edit it when its in the mobil version, only desktop. And it would keep saying there was an error when i hit submit.But this business is awesome. Go there tell them Luke Skyywalker sent more
Rhonda Andersen
Rhonda A.
18:12 09 Mar 21
Dr Jeff is fabulous! Very knowledgeable and always makes time for me to answer my questions. Highly recommended!
R Consequences
R C.
22:05 04 Mar 21
Excellent expertise, from start to finish. The Assistant was very knowledgeable and helpful, and the MD provided me with very helpful information as to best options for managing my pain from rheumatoid arthritis. Exceeded my expectations. Thanks to more
Cassidy Noble
Cassidy N.
18:55 27 Feb 21
Staff was very friendly and compassionate. It was warm and welcoming. The Dr was patient and offered a lot of education!
Ed Dye
Ed D.
19:27 16 Feb 21
Very helpful. Very little waiting.
Rose Richie
Rose R.
21:28 03 Sep 20
The Dr was well informed and the process did not take long.
Luchen Glynn
Luchen G.
12:20 08 Aug 20
Great experience looking forward to my next visit. Great staff never a problem very knowledgeable about all procedures. Thanks for the helpread more
S Berger
S B.
20:03 07 Aug 20
Professional, polite and efficient. Answered all of my questions and provided me with information on local ‘stores’.
Joe Palmer
Joe P.
18:04 16 Jul 20
Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable, they get you in and out promptly while explaining responsibilities in comprehendable detail!read more
FallenAngel LeeLee
FallenAngel L.
18:45 14 Jul 20
If you qualify you do! After a while with MMTCFL you will see the kind of difference in life you are looking for.
Robert Hill
Robert H.
18:31 14 Jul 20
Friendly, relaxed process- complicated process made easy by the team atMedical Marijuana Treatment Clinics of Florida. more
Linda Reisinger
Linda R.
03:18 03 Jul 20
Very informative.nice greeting, explanations. thank you
Jay Karsevar
Jay K.
09:15 26 Jun 20
Professional and friendly. Everything was explained to me about the whole process and what to expect. Very informative and helpfulread more
Jenny Collins
Jenny C.
11:23 11 Jun 20
Great office to go to, expain everything step by step. I would recomend anyone who need a medical marijuana assistance to go more
Jenny Collins
Jenny C.
11:14 04 Jun 20
Great office to go to, expain everything step by step. I would recomend anyone who need a medical marijuana assistance to go more
02:11 29 May 20
Got appointment quickly, nice office, professional and friendly staff, very knowledgeable and informative.
Derek Guenther
Derek G.
14:54 23 Apr 20
Excellent experience from setting up the appointment to talking with the doctor. The process is communicated very clearly and the staff is highly more
14:57 09 Apr 20
Anytime I’ve been here, it has been a pleasant experience. The doctor is knowledgeable and compassionate. Happy with my experiences here so more
David Preston
David P.
12:55 08 Apr 20
Did a virtual visit. Fast and easy! Doctor was great! Would definitely recommend!
Rhonda Andersen
Rhonda A.
18:04 26 Mar 20
The Doctors and staff and are extremely pleasant and most importantly, knowledgeable. I fell very comfortable asking questions that concern me and have felt tremendous relief since I have been a patient here. Highly recommended!read more
Steve Smith
Steve S.
18:19 10 Mar 20
People were very knowledgeable and helpful. Extremely pleasant experience and I would recommend Dr. Leimbacher to anyone needing assistance. Thank you, Dr. Leimbacher!read more
Stevie Hannah
Stevie H.
18:27 13 Feb 20
Dr. Leimbacher is helpful and kind. He’s a great doctor and I highly recommend you go here for your Florida medical cannabis card needs. His assistant is also very kind. Medical cannabis is so helpful for so many health issues. Give them a call and schedule here with Dr. L.! ❤read more
Karen Chancey
Karen C.
18:08 08 Jan 20
St Petersburg location ….(with Sara and Dr Jeffery Leimbacher) is simply THE BEST! I drive 1.5 hours one way to see them. The care, concern and compassion they have for each patient makes you feel as though you are their ONLY concern! They answer all of your questions and walk you step by step through the approval more
Robert Cleaver
Robert C.
18:00 17 Dec 19
Very knowledgeable doctor, with quick and easy processing steps. They ensure that you have everything needed to find what works best for you. Highly more
Denise Friend
Denise F.
18:22 21 Nov 19
I have the medical marijuana very very helpful when I can afford it. The cost is so expensive that I’m having to really cut back on everything just to get by to get $60 worth of medication well marijuana medication. When I say I have two cut back I don’t mean in frivolous items but items like your water bill your electric bill I have no cable I have the bare minimums and I’m barely making it I’ve been on total disability and the money I make from there barely covers anything so when you add $150 a month to it makes it very more
Peggy Spoor
Peggy S.
19:25 20 Nov 19
A great, positive experience. The entire staff was very professional. Everyone was available and open to educating us on medical marijuana. Dr. Leimbacher was exceptionally professional and helpful. I walked away feeling very confident and pleased with my more
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