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Florida’s VidaCann MMTC offers a wide range of cannabis products through their marijuana dispensary outlets and deliveries RX to serve the diverse needs of patients. From Low-THC to Full-THC Medical Cannabis as well as High CBD, Low THC, they have a product line that is right for Florida Medcard carrying patients in FL.

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VidaCann Flower | Bud

Vape Cartridges

Tikun Or Vape Cart - ID

Kush Cake Vape Cartridge

Pakistani Chitral Kush Vape

Tikun Eran Almog Vape - ID

Tikun Erez Vape Cart - ID

Tikun Avidekel 15:1 High CBD

VidaCann Indica 1 to 4

VidaCann Hybrid Vape

Mandarin Cookies Vape

VidaCann Indica Dominant

VidaCann Duct Tape Vape

VidaCann Concentrates

Mandarin Cookies Concentrate - SD

Pakistani Chitral Kush Syringe - I

Duct Tape Concentrate Syringe - ID

Kush Cake Concentrate Syringe - ID

CBD:THC Tinctures

Tikun Alaska Tincture Sativa

Tikun Avidekel 15 to 1 High CBD

Tikun Eran Almog - Indica Dominant

Charlotte’s Web 4:1 Tincture 300mg

Charlotte’s Web 20:1 600mg

Charlotte’s Web Balanced 1:1 300mg

VidaCann Indica Tincture 1000mg

VidaCann Sativa Tincture 300mg

VidaCann Indica 1:4 CBD to THC

VidaCann Hybrid-THC-Tincture-300mg

VidaCann Indica 1:10 CBD to THC Tincture

VidaCann Indica Tincture 300mg

Capsules & Topical

Charlotte’s Web 20 to 1

Charlotte’s Web 4 to 1

Hybrid Capsules 5mg

Indica Capsules 5mg

Indica Capsules 10mg

Indica Capsules 25mg

Sativa Capsules 5mg

Hybrid Topical Cream

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